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Sciences and Mathematics - Science _ Maths


									Science & Maths
Welcome to PeNDletoN
Sixth Form ceNtre
Pendleton Sixth Form Centre is part of a successful, award-winning college.

We have been awarded Beacon Status, the highest accolade a college can achieve. Beacon
status recognises colleges that have achieved excellent results and are assessed as top

Our enthusiastic and dedicated team of staff will make sure you have the best college
experience possible. We are here to guide, support and encourage you through your time at
Pendleton and to make sure you have a challenging, rewarding and fun experience.

For an application form please visit our website –, call Admissions on
0161 631 5001 or you will find one at the back of the main course guide.

JOin OuR SuCCeSSful TeAM

Don’t just take our word for it – look   2010 Results                            • focus on interactive student-
at the results and awards we have                                                  centred learning e.g. practical
achieved!                                • An average A-Level pass rate of 99%     work and group work

Mercer’s Company Award                   • 100% pass rate on advanced            • provide a consistent pace and
In 2008 we received the Mercer’s           vocational science                      structure to lessons, taking into
Company Award for the exemplary                                                    account different learning styles
teaching of mathematics and              • High numbers of students
science. The award makes special           achieving high grades (A/B or         • make classes enjoyable as well
recognition of Pendleton’s ability to      Distinction/Merit)                      as informative
engage students in and excite them
about maths or science through           We achieve these fantastic results      • provide extra support for students
creative and imaginative teaching.       through our dedicated team of staff       e.g. revision sessions
                                         and the commitment and hard work
Ofsted Report - 2010                     of our students. In particular, the     • encourage students to participate
Ofsted graded mathematics and            staff in science and mathematics          in a range of enrichment activities
science at Pendleton as a “good”         do everything they can to make
department. The report states that       sure that your learning experience is
“success rates on A-Levels are           the best and most enjoyable it can
outstanding with students exceeding      be. We pride ourselves on being an
the grades expected from their prior     enthusiastic team who:
attainment” and that “teachers
provide much encouragement for           • have high expectations of our
students and have high expectations        students
of their success”.

We strongly encourage our students        Groups                                   university links
to become involved in enrichment
activities. These activities and events   • Peer mentoring scheme – allows         • Bioscience days at University of
will help you improve your skills and       first year mathematics students          Salford
increase your chances of being              to be mentored and supported by
accepted into employment or Higher          second year students                   • Spectroscopy studies at Liverpool
Education. You will also have loads                                                  John Moores University
of fun and make lots of new friends.      • Engineering / physics club
Below are just some of the enrichment                                              • Various lectures at Salford,
activities we have run in the past:       • Chemistry club                           Manchester and Manchester
                                                                                     Metropolitan Universities
Trips and Visits                          • Pre-medical group – to support
                                            students interested in university      • Regular revision days at various
• CERN in Geneva                            courses in medicine and health           universities
• Greece                                                                           Competitions
                                          • Oxbridge group – to support those
• Racing                                    with the potential to access Russell   • Young Analyst Competition for
                                            Group and Oxbridge universities          chemistry
• Flying lessons
                                          Visiting Speakers                        • Physics Olympiad
• Paintballing
                                          • Professor Richard Dawkins – The        • Maths roadshow
• Bowling                                   God Delusion

• Alton Towers                            • Professor Thomas Peacock, MIT –
                                            Harnessing Undersea Waves
• Astrophysics Conference
                                          • Professor Fred Loebinger –
                                            Particle Physics

                                          • Simon Singh – The Music of the

                                          • Rob Eastaway – The Mathematics
                                            of Everyday Life
ShAunnA MASSey
School: Bedford

Studying: Biology, Chemistry,
Psychology, Product Design

Trips: Chester Zoo

Next Step: Become a biology

“The teachers are friendly
and very helpful.”
KiMbeRley ShAw                    ben SuMMeRfield                    PAul RiChARdSOn
School: The Swinton High School   School: North Manchester High      School: Harper Green
                                  School for Boys
Studying: Vocational Science                                         Studying: Chemistry, Psychology,
                                  Studying: Biology, Psychology,     ICT, Medieval History
Trips: Alton Towers, Cargill,     Medieval History
Manchester Museum                                                    Enrichment: Drumming
                                  Trips: Ecology trip to Yorkshire
Dream job: Dental technologist                                       Dream job: Games designer
                                  Hobbies: Playing guitar
“The college has a good                                              “The college has a good
reputation and great              “It is a good college and          reputation.”
facilities.”                      I have met lots of new
we OffeR A GReAT RAnGe Of COuRSeS

we offer six A-levels:                   maths and Further                        PsyChology
                                         maths                                    The study of psychology enables us
Biology                                  Do you want to design computer           to gain a better understanding of
Are cheap flights going to lead to the   games? Live the high life as an          our own behaviour, as well as that
extinction of polar bears? How do you    investment banker? Develop life-         of other people. You will develop
feed people in areas with droughts?      saving drugs? Good maths skills          an understanding of different areas
Are there genes which can cause          underpin a multitude of careers in       of psychology such as cognition,
cancer? All of these questions and       diverse areas such as the physical       development, social and individual
many more are asked by biologists        sciences, engineering, social and        differences. You will also learn how
somewhere in the world every day         medical sciences, financial services     topical issues, such as eyewitness
and each time, the answer may be         and IT.                                  testimony, eating disorders and
different! New evidence is published                                              stress, can be better understood and
continuously which alters people’s       Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable       managed by looking at them from a
perspectives and moulds scientific       teachers are able to offer a wide        psychological perspective.
thought.                                 range of approaches, starting points
                                         and activities focused on individual     we offer one vocational
By studying biology, you will ensure     pupils’ needs and abilities.     This    course:
that you have the skills needed to       includes games, quizzes, challenges,
play your part in searching out the      investigative work and problem-
answers.                                 solving.                                 sCienCe
                                                                                  Some people find building a model of
                                                                                  an atom easier than writing about its
Chemistry                                PhysiCs                                  structure. Some people find devising a
Did you know that the human stomach      If you are someone who thinks about      play to show how blood glucose levels
produces two litres of hydrochloric      the world that surrounds you; if life    are controlled is easier than writing
acid every day or that the only thing    and thought and the waves, wind,         about it in an exam. If you are one of
that can destroy a diamond is intense    rainbow and blue sky raise questions     these students, the National Diploma
heat? If you love learning about what    in you; if the volcanoes on distant      in Applied Science is for you. The
everything in our world is made of       planets in far away galaxies and the     course covers many areas of biology,
and how it all reacts with each other,   rockets that could one day take you      chemistry and physics but there are
chemistry is the subject for you.        there make you dream: physics is the     no exams! Instead you will complete
                                         ideal subject choice for you. We will    a series of assignments, giving you the
Teaching is based around practical       teach you how to answer questions        chance to present your knowledge
work wherever possible to enable         that have bugged you since you were      and ideas in the ways that you feel
students to understand the subject       a kid and give you the training and      most comfortable. The BTEC will allow
through experience of bright colours,    knowledge that will help you with your   you to gain entry to many universities
fizzes, bangs and even bad smells.       future career.                           or prepare you for a career in the
                                                                                  science industry.
PhOne 0161 631 5001
eMAil CenTAd@SAlfORdCC.AC.uK

PendleTOn SixTh fORM CenTRe
dROnfield ROAd
M6 7fR

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