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					Intro to PHP

Carl-Erik Svensson
            What is PHP?
• PHP is a widely-used general-purpose
  scripting language that is especially suited
  for Web development and can be
  embedded into HTML*

                   Why Use PHP?
• Simple, yet powerful
  scripting tool

• Easily format and
  display database

• It is popular

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The Basics
The Results
      • Output from a script
        goes directly into the
        HTML that is parsed
      • This is what is
        meant by a
        ‘dynamic’ webpage
             Some Syntax

• Generally C-like
• Variables are not strongly typed
        Web Applications
• Form processing
• Database manipulation

  – Blogs
  – Forums
  – Facebook
    PHP + MySQL = Sweet
• MySQL is an open source database
  software solution
• Enables rich web applications when
  combined with PHP

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         Rainfall Application
•   Read the contents of a database
•   Get the rainfall data
•   Parse the results
•   Display it
   Connecting to a Database
• PHP Has a set of functions that can be used
  with MySQL
• First step is to setup a link to the desired
           Making a Query
• Once a link is established, querying is easy
• Errors for any given function are returned by
         MySQL Result Set
• The value returned by mysql_query() is a
  reference to an internal data structure
• It can be parsed by various functions
         Associative Arrays
• An array that can be indexed by a string
• A set of key->value pairs
• Very similar to a hash in Perl
             PHP foreach
• Similar to the Perl equivalent
• Allows iterating through each element of an
Put it All Together
    The Results
      A Slight Improvement
• This was not the exact code we came
  up with
• I added some titles and a neat trick
  – Highlight every other row in the table
  – This makes information more readable
• USGS Example Rainfall
• EC Awards Committee Scholarship
   What Else Can PHP Do?
• Command line scripting
• Desktop applications
• Anything
• PHP Manual

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