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                                             The Breed
                                         MG Car Club, Cape Town Centre, Suite 276, Private Bag X16, Constantia, 7848

 Issue 2006/7                                                                                                                      JULY 2006 a
             Club Officials 2006/2007
                                                                                     FROM THE CHAIR
                      Frank Peché
                                                              For all that attended the weekend away in Napier, will agree that this event was a
       Ph: 028 423-3018 ; Email:
                                                             very MaGic affair. The hospitality of the community was overwhelming; within minutes
                   Vice-Presidents                           of arrival at any venue you were made to feel as if you belonged, in many ways a time
                       Susan Tuck                            trip back to the days when a community consisted of people, not just a body of rate
                     Charles Batham                          payers.
                       Trustees                              Napier certainly has many go ahead and proactive individuals. On the brochure stand
              Ralph Clarke and Brian Hogg                    that we find at most venues these days was the listing of local properties, the cover of
                                                             which pictured Frank’s TF and a welcome to the MG members.
                       Roger Lewis                            The beer from the local brewery was labelled with MG’s, not just one MG, a fairly
                    Ph: 021-712-4806                         comprehensive selection covering most of the more familiar models. Table menus,
                                                             wine list, all MG notated, even big screen’s TV’s usually reserved for sport were
                 Honorary Secretary
                                                             turned into MG picture walls.
                    Margaret von Zeil
      Ph: 021-531-9370;           The local traffic police were also in on the action. On the Saturday morning as we
                 Honorary Treasurer                          gathered to head off for a tractor trail, the fully equipped camera trapping vehicle
                  Mervyn Corbishley
                                                             pulled along side and advised that if any of us were caught speeding we would be
   Ph: 082 824-5440; Email:         sent the customary picture and two tickets to the next Stormers game, punishment for
                                                             some no doubt.
                  Social Secretariy
                                                             Napier has much to offer, so idle time during the weekend was minimal, just enough
                     Rosalie Plows
                   Ph 021 762 4748                           to catch 40 winks between meals.
                                                             To all the people of Napier our sincere thanks, we would love to be back soon.
               Competition Secretary
                                                             Elsewhere, if not edited out, is a picture of our diligent editor caught during the
                    James Reinhardt                          weekend heading to her thinking room in preparation for this months Breed.
Ph: 082 821-9157; Email:
                                                             To Frank and his team in Napier thanks,
                 Register Secretary
                                                             See at the next event
                     Peter Napier
     Ph: 021-712-1552; Email:          Roger.                                                         Picture on page 6
          Editor / Publications Secretary
                      Rosalie Plows
                                                                         EDITORIAL                                 IN THIS ISSUE
                Ph: 021-762-4748; Email:
                                                                                                Page 11
                                                             OK I haven’t edited the photo out I had no       Classifieds
                 Veterans’ Secretary                         space for it on this page so look else-
                      Jo Hitchcock
                                                             where in the Breed.                              Club Calendar                  Page 2
             Ph: 021-939-3803; 082-4461092                                                                    Hex Express                         6
                                                             The weekend away at Napier was excel-
                      Ex Officio                             lent—I don’t know when last I have woken
                                                             to the crowing of cocks and the sound of         General Meeting Minutes        Page 9
                         Club PRO                            geese —it was a great weekend enjoyed
            Robin Rich - Ph/fax: 021 903-3426
                                                             by all.                                          KZN Indaba                     Page 4
                Membership Secretary
        Hildegarde Rich – Ph/fax: 021 903-3426;              We shared our accommodation with a
               Email:                     couple from McGregor -Keith & Marilyn            Past Events
                                                             Poole - who own an MGSA hopefully we             Journey to Indaba              Page 4
                  Clubhouse Manager                                                                           Mountain & Valley Rally             8
          George Dommisse - Ph: 021 685-3489
                                                             will see more of them in the future.
                                                                                                              Napier Weekend                      8
                         Spares                              On Saturday we had a wine tasting from a         Overberg Run                        3
             Mike Plows - Ph: 021 762-4748;                                                                   Veterans Run                        5
                                                             winery whose wine was called Slowine.
                                                             Their Slogan says
                       Regalia                               Slowine is a about a way of living life
            June Stoddart—Ph 021 791 3343
                                                             About taking rather than look        Secretary’s Corner
                                                             To savour rather than to taste—to caress                                        Page 3
                  Register Captains:
                                                             rather than touch
  MMM and T-Types: Joan Parker Ph: 021 671-8379              To Absorb rather than smell—to listen
                                                             rather than hear on this miraculous planet       Social News                    Page 3
  MGA: George Davey 021 797 7954
                                                             we share.               Rosalie
  MGB and Moderns: Peter James Ph: 083 448-2679                                                               Yellow Peril                   Page 7
The Breed July 2006

This month July…….
    12        Wednesday    20h00 - General Meeting at the Clubhouse.—Gluhwein evening

    16        Sunday       10h45 for 11h00 departure. Meet at the Engen N2 1-stop. Leisurely drive to
                           Morgenhof Wine Estate on the R44 (Paarl side of Stellenbosch). After entering
                           the gate into Morgenhof, turn immediately left and follow road which bends right
                           to the parking area. Wine tasting room is directly in front as you approach the
                           parking area (up the steps) and we are expected there at 11h45. If you don’t
                           meet at the Engen garage, meet us at Morgenhof. Lunch is at 12h30. Cost
                           R110pp (incl the wine tasting). Closing date for bookings is Monday 10th July –
                           e-mail or phone Joan Parker: or 021-6718379 or 082-

    27        Thursday     Veterans: Tour on the Breede Kloof Wine Route in the Slanghoek—Rawsonville
 Next month July with wine tasting and lunch at the Opstal winery and restaurant—both for
                           R55.00. Meet at the Engen-One Stop on the N1 at 9.45 for departure at
                           10.00sharp. For more information see page 3
                           Contact person Jo Hitchcock tel 021 939 3803 or 082 446 1092

 ….next        month—August
    9         Wednesday    20h00 - General Meeting at the Clubhouse

                           Killarney kart track, meet at 9:00. Cost R100. Scrutineering and practice ses-
    27        Sunday       sions in the morning. 1 car on the kart track at a time. Timed sessions in the
                           afternoon. Please bring a picnic lunch and note that bottled courage is only to
                           be consumed AFTER the event. Volunteer timekeepers required. Contact
                           James Reinhardt (021 975 1854 or 082 821 9157) for further information.
                           Veterans A Unique Historical Railroad Experience in the Hexpass Express
     31       Thursday     rail trolley at R80.00p.p. Picnic lunches can be ordered in advance at R40.00pp.
                           But feel free to take your own picnic lunch. This promises to be a memorable
                           trip and a once in a lifetime experience. For more information on background
                           history see page 6. Meet at Engen-One-Stop on the N1 at 8.30 for departure
                           strictly at 8.45 sharp.Deposit of R40.00 pp required by the August meeting.
                           Contact person: Jo Hitchcock Tel 021 939 3803 or 082 446 1092.

 ….and the next month – September

         10     Sunday      MG/Sunbeam/Jaguar/Triumph/Morris Minor Run more details next month

         13     Wednesday General Meeting at the Clubhouse
         28     Thursday    Lunch on board the Cable Restorer in Simonstown dockyard in the Roaring For-
                            ties Restaurant. More details in the next breed Contact Person John Lock—
                            021 851 5878 or Jo Hitchcock Tel 021 939 3803 or 082 446 1092

Page 2
                                                                                                                   The Breed July 2006


  Willie and Carole (Engeldow) we would like you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and
  the medical staff who are taking care of Willie at this time. God bless.

  Michael Borgstrom 14 Thania Way, Meadowridge 7806

  #1167Gustav & AnnaMarie de Vries, Vredendal, CFM –MG Magnette
  #1168 Roger Martin & Paige, Marina da Gama FM—1969 MGC GT
  #1169 Larry & Margot Collins, Greyton. CM—1948 MG TC; 1970 MGB GT

 Birthdays in July                                                            21 Margaret Aubrey, Vernon Terrapon, Belinda
2 George Stoddart                                                                   Robinson
3 Mike Khan                                                                   22 Mike Plows, Andries Jooste
4 Duncan Robertson                                                            24 Mervyn Kushner
5 Pam Saunders                                                                30 Brian Snell
8 Joy Marais                                                                  31 Dinky Braun
9 Nico Montauban
12 Richard van Riet                                                         August
13 Liesel Winter                                                            1 Michael Borgstrom
14 Zane Erasmus                                                       2 Peter Jack
16 Toni Leach                                                         3 Mike Watkins
17 Margaret Van Zyl                                                          8 Karen Champion
18 Dawn Snell                                                                9 Barbara Collins
19 Gordon Howard

                                                Overberg News.
                                                                                                                    By Frank Peche
The weekend of 16th, 17th June, in Napier saw the annual Patatfees Country Fair, with a half marathon and cross-country cycles race
and the usual fair activities. The Overberg Car group had been invited to put on a show of Classic cars. We assembled fourteen vehi-
cles, mostly MGs and had a smattering (scattering) of Austin Healeys, Wolesley, BMW and a very old Landrover.

We had approached the organizers of the Wheels Festival in Hermanus for assistance with a few cars, but with the short notice only
one car was available. We hope for more next year. We will scratch their backs by assisting at their show in September (on behalf of
the MG Club in Cape Town) and they will help out at the Napier Fair in 2007.

The MGs ranged from Gavin McNaughton’s ’48 TC to my 2003 ‘TF. The car that sought the most attention from all the visitors was
Doug Peiser’s ‘YA, this due mainly to it being up on its hydraulic jacks. Most of the locals wished that their farm vehicles could be simi-
larly equipped. The cars on show attracted a lot of attention from young and old and we can expect the display to be a growing feature
at future fairs.

 We have decided to have our runs/outings on the last Thursday of each month making it easier for members to plan ahead. This
month we will be joining up with Jo Hitchcock’s Veteran Group on their visit to Bird’s Paradise in Robertson.

   Ever wanted to know what date your car rolled off the production line, or what its original engine number was?
   Well the MG Car Club T Register have recently placed the official TA/B/C production records online.

   Simply go to and type in your chassis number to bring up the details.

                                                                                                                                   Page 3
The Breed July 2006

                           JOURNEY TO KZN CHAMPAGNE RESORT
                           Continued by Brian Dallimore, Lionel Baird & June Stoddart

  After a pleasant night spent at The Villa D’Lockyer Guest House, we were all eager for day 2, with one slight delay to our depar-
 ture, Lionel had a puncture in his BGT and naturally did not want to travel without a spare. This was quickly sorted out and off we
 went at 9.30am, our route was Aberdeen to Graaff Reinet.
  We once again put the modern TFs (2) at the back, so they couldn’t unleash too many horses and wound our way through Perde
 Poort and past Beervlei Dam, which by the way has been empty since it was full. When they first built it . We arrived in Graaf
 Rienet at ll.30am, this gave us 2 hours to explore and admire “The Valley of Desolation” as none of our group had been there
 before. The camera’s were working overtime either at the group and the cars or the magnificient view one gets from the various
 view points.
  At 1.30 we were back in Graaf Rienet getting our supplies for the evening’s braai at Gariep Dam, it was a good scenic route to
 Middleburg, I decided to turn right to Steynsburg instead of going to Colesberg and on to the N1. this was a big mistake because
 it was further and the road was bumpy and pot holed. We turned left just before Venterstad at 5pm and found we were driving into
 a blinding setting sun for about 15kms
  Once again it was getting dark and our host for the braai kindly came and met us at the bridge departing from Eastern Cape
 across the orange river into the Free State.
  We all unpacked into our various accommodation and were soon washing down the dust with good wine, with a traditional braai to
 follow It had been a long day and one by one we drifted off to bed, except George Stoddart who stayed up to 1am drinking
 whisky with our good host Piet Myburgh.
 George Stoddart;s TF135 did a round trip of 3961 kms averaging 6.67lt per 100 kms. I wish he would trade it in for a MG that runs
 on petrol and not fresh Air B.D.
 Day 3 dawned crisp and bright and our team of 8 gathered for breakfast at Heila and Piet (our hosts from the previous night) in
 Gariep Dam Town.
 Because of the heavy rainfalls prior to our arrival the Gariep Dam was overflowing hence the sluice gates were open and tons of
 water came crashing down making it a spectacular sight. It was the first time in 8 years that this had been done and although the
 construction took 6 years to complete and a town of prefab houses was constructed to accommodate this project the town and
 surrounding areas have become an adventure tourism spot.
  This little excursion unfortunately took its toll of our traveling time and we had a late start at 11.30am. Nevertheless the 8 intrepid
 travelers “put voet in the hoek” and we did a startling 100km an hour to make up for lost time!
 At Smithfield we took a wrong turning and had to retrace our steps to Rouxville only to be delayed by 9 shepherds on horseback
 herding at least 1000 sheep from one farm to another across the road. What a sight!

 We bypassed Rouxville and then played dodgems with potholes all the way to Zastron. Another bypass at Zaston through very
 hilly terrain to Wepenaar which we also bypassed.
  By now nature was calling and tummies were rumbling so we made for the metropolis of Hobhouse. Well!!!! We found a kind of
 filling station and one trading store so we had to settle for NO plumbing No running water and a take-away lunch of bananas and
 yogi sip.        (Thank goodness for Lionel’s sandwiches left over from day 1)
  The last part of our journey was spent bypassing all the small towns on route to Golden Gate. Our cut off time was 6.00pm so our
 intrepid leader, Brian raced off at a rate of knots to secure our keys. We stayed in newish thatched rondavels at the Golden Gate
 National Park fully equiped with bar fridge, electric blankets and all one needs, less 40% for pensioners.

  Having spent a comfortable night at the Golden Gate Highlands National Park we left on thursday 11th May at 8h10 pm the last
 leg of our trip to Champagne Castle. The morning was crisp and clear with a nearby layer of frost all about. Before proceeding to
 our destination we did a little trip of plus minus 20kms to Clarens for breakfast and what a charming characterful little town this is.
 Well worth a visit. From Clarens we re-entered the Golden Gate National Park along the R712 and headed for Winterton.
 On the previous leg of our journey the “B’s” Suspension was put to a stern test when we were proceeding to traverse some badly
 pot-holed roads. – It came through with “flying colours”. On re-entering the Golden Gate Reserve I was awestruck by the beauty
 of the countryside and inadvertently put the “B” suspension to the ultimate test when I missed seeing the first speed hump in the
 park. – the “B” must have been airborne for some considerable distance and my passenger became the first (correction second)
 SA Citizen launched into space. The B’s suspension again held up well – a real ruggety little car.
 We passed through Sandstone Valley in the reserve and the rock formations were quite a sight to behold. Just before Harrismith
 we took the R74 route to Bergvile and along the way stopped to view the Sterkfontein Dam – a massive stretch of beautiful blue
 water. (Pity some of this cannot be piped down to the Cape)
  Later we passed over Olivierhoek pass (one of many on the journey up) and crossed the border into KZN. We made a brief stop
 for refreshments at the Little Switzerland Hotel and then passed through Bergville on our Way to Winterton. From Winterton we
 took the R600 route which finally brought us to the Champagne Castle Sports Resort a total journey of some 1500kms.
 Finally a big thank you to Brian our tour leader for all his organization and planning in connection with the trip. It was much appre-
 ciated by all

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                                                                                                    The Breed July 2006

                                    VETERANS RUN 25TH MAY
                                                                                                    By The Engledoes

Riebeek West/Kasteel here we come 8 MGs in total – 1 MGA 1 MGB 2 BGTS & 3 TFs

A bright sunny day, smiling faces congregated at the Engen Garage. Tony and Liz enlightened us over a warm cup
of coffee & an update regarding the Indaba. Certainly sounds as if everyone had a fabulous time, only complaint
“Too much to eat” Thanks Tony & Liz we enjoyed the chat.

Leaving the garage at 10.30am we headed along the N1, taking the Klapmuts turn off in the direction of Wellington.
Scenery was magnificent, the mountains were beautiful shade of blue. Baby lambs, sheep and cows were roaming
around along the route, the vines all looked so green and healthy.

Due to three overloaded lorries going at a very slow pace, the TFs were delayed for quite some time, but thanks to
John and Jennifer Lock who kindly waited for us we rejoined the group without taking a wrong turn.

 Unfortunately as we traveled on the R44 Hermon Road works were in progress with large pot holes for a few Km
and lose stones. “The MG cars were not impressed” . As we approached Riebeek West/Kasteel we missed not
seeing Brian & Eileen Dallimore, due to Brian being in hospital having a second knee replacement. We wish you a
speedy recovery Brian. Brian & Eileen have entertained the veterans for a braai last year when we visited the ar-
eas. Lunch venue De Meul at Philadelphia thanks to Jo was very impressive, apart from a super lunch, followed by
a delicious desert and great company we really enjoyed ourselves. Many thanks Jo once again for the tremendous
effort. Unfortunately William and I will be unable to join the Veterans on their outings for a few months due to Willie
going into Constantiaberg Hospital for a bone marrow transplant. We would like to thank friends in the MG Club for
their support over the past 2 and half years and look forward to seeing you again later in the year.

Best wishes to all        Cheers!!!!!! “The Engledows “

Here is a nifty piece of Interweb for owners of TA/B/C cars....

Ever wanted to know what date your car rolled off the production line, or what its original engine number was?
Well the MG Car Club T Register have recently placed the official TA/B/C production records online.

Simply go to and type in your chassis number to bring up the details.

Photos taken by Lionel Baird on their way to the Indaba

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The Breed July 2006

HEXPASS EXPRESS—(Veteran’s Run on 31st August)
Train trolley trips on the railway line includes trips from Hexpass station to Tunnel station (4 hrs) at R80 / adult, to Kaffrarian Rifles
Monument (5h30min) R100 / adult and to Matroosberg Station (7hrs) R120 / adult. We have chosen the first option. Time for a
picnic at Tunnel station is included on our trip – please bring your own picnic basket. We shall depart from the Velskoen farm stall
just off the N1 where safe parking for our cars will be available. Unfortunately this trip is subject to weather conditions which will only
be known five days before the date of departure in which case this outing will be moved forward to September and plan B will come
into operation.
The Expanding Kimberley Diamond boom in the early 1870’s made it essential for the Cape Government to secure a rail link to the
North. An obstacle to achieving this was the lack of a suitable route through the Folded Belt Mountains of the Cape.
 After an earlier failed attempt to locate a route, the Hex River Pass route was re-examined in 1874. The appointed engineer, Wells
Hood, under the instruction of the railway engineer Thomas Brounger, found a potential route which snaked up 2 353 ft (735m) to
the top of the Matroosberg from Worcester, with gradients no more than 1:40 (which is very steep by modern standards). In addi-
tion, he proposed that a short tunnel would be required.
 Thomas Brounger’s route through the Hex River Pass was selected by 1876 with the line to follow the route from Worcester through
to De Doorns, Touwsriver, Matjiesfontein an on to Beaufort West.
As with most early railway lines in the country, the route served an important role in the development of these Karoo towns.
 The standard wide gauge track of 4’8” could not be accommodated economically on the tight bends of the Hex River Mountain
Pass. A decision was thus made by the Cape Government to install the track 3’6”. Subsequently a decision was taken to convert all
track to the Cape Gauge of 3’6”. In further efforts to construct the pass cheaply and quickly – sleepers were laid on the ground with-
out ballast in certain areas and had to be corrected later. The maximum possible gradient and tightest curves were used to avoid
extra work and expense.
Between 600 and 1000 English “Navvies” were brought out to work on the construction of the line under Brounger and his railway
contractor, Pauling. High wages had to be paid to these English labourers who specialised in road and rail construction. Construc-
tion to the pass went extremely smoothly. The route was prepared, cut and filled well in advance of rail being laid.
Permanent way materials were transported on a construction locomotive. Empty trucks, returning to Worcester, were used by locals
as a convenient means to transport products from the more remote mountain farms to town.
 Despite its quick and cheap construction the pass served for over 100 years. It was the starting point of the country’s first railway
line in the land and opened the way for Rhode’s colonization thrust of central Southern Africa.
The line was used to transport British soldiers during the Boer war – and was a strategic target. With respect to the Hex River Pass,
bridges were guarded by British soldiers – and the remains of the blockhouses at these points are still evident. In 1914 a large troop
train carrying a regiment of the Kaffrarian Rifles derailed on a steep downward bend on its way to Cape Town. Nine non-
commissioned officers were killed. A monument to the regiment has been erected at the point of derailment.
An additional main line between Kleinstraat and Matroosberg was constructed in 1931. The original line was since decommissioned
and all permanent way material removed.

 Shortly before the end of World War II, the South African Railways began to plan ways of shortening the route by tunnelling through
the mountains. The Hex River Tunnel scheme was started in 1945 but was abandoned 3 years later due to lack of funds. Instead
the pass was electrified and operated with Class E electric locomotives, which were amongst the most powerful electric locomotives
in the world at the time. These were used at the head of the heavy freights such as the old Blue train, the Trans Karoo and the Or-
ange Express Passenger Trains.
 On 27 November 1989 the new Hex River Tunnel was opened. It cut 8 km and 112 m of false rise off the old route with substantial
reduction in curvature. With the opening of this route, the old Hex River Pass line was closed and the electrification infrastructure
 No maintenance has been undertaken on the route since, and the line would require substantial and costly repair if it were to be
utilized once again.

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                                                                                                                      The Breed July 2006

                                                                                                      By James Reinhardt
Naturally my car suffered a head gasket failure. “Well, sir, they all do that!”. We won’t dwell on that here…mostly because we
have already dwelt on it elsewhere.
 The most annoying issue that I have had to deal with was the ‘radiator failure’. Garaging the car one evening, I noticed what
appeared to be a puddle of coolant in the driveway. There was that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, so well known to
those who drive English cars, but the reservoir coolant level looked normal. On my travels the next day, I sought out ‘clean’ park-
ing spots and, like a bad boy scout, left them slightly worse than I had found them. Worse yet, the coolant level was definitely
falling. An emergency top-up with mineral water (still) got me home where a quick investigation led to an eyeful of coolant and the
discovery of a steady drip off the bottom of the radiator. The radiator failure turned out to be nothing more than the plastic coolant
bleed screw on the top of the radiator, which had split. My suspicion is that somebody in the design department at MG Rover
raided their young son’s ‘Bob the Builder’ toolkit for inspiration.
 The more eagle-eyed among you will have spotted a recurrent theme, of bits of plastic breaking. It doesn’t rust like the MG’s of
yore, but that may well be because it’s only four years old.
 My decision to get rid of the standard exhaust for a more enthusiastic set-up was either an act of inspired genius (replace it befor-
fore it falls off) or utter lunacy (the money would have better been spent on repairing the next thing to break).
 When it rains there are veritable showers at the corners where the soft top header rail meets the windscreen. The roof of my
2002 TF lets in more water than I used to get from the roof of a ’72 Midget (which was an update of a 1958 design) that I drove for
two years. In England.
 Now maybe I am an idiot, but despite all of this, I still love my car to bits. Even though I didn’t fully realise how much of “this”
there was until I sat down to write it. When I open the garage door in the morning, an idiot grin spreads over my foolish face.
When I return after a business trip upcountry, put the roof down and fire up and go…..
 I have long held the belief, as a generally cheerful person, that a mild state of delusion is the key to happiness. Happy people are
usually happy in spite of what happens to them, not because of what life hands out. As a cheerful person, I will tell you that the
modern TF has a great deal going for it: the drive is involving, the cockpit is snug and the controls have a pleasantly solid feel to
them. A glass-half-empty sort of person would describe the ride as harsh, the cockpit as claustrophobic and the controls as
heavy. And that sort of person would not be able to stay happy with an MG.

                                                                                                             Thi nhart
                                                                                                                s is
                                                                                                                                   ar f

                                                      MGA YEAR BOOK

The MGA 50th Anniversary Yearbook has now been received. The Cost of the book is 12 pounds
stirling plus carriage and packing (5.50 pounds) to the rest of the world. It might be worth orga-
nizing a bulk order with other members from our Centre to minimize the delivery costs. Person to
contact is Russel Hudson at

                                                                                                                                           Page 7
The Breed July 2006

                      Mountain and Valley’s Run with the Hereford MGOC: 4 June 2006
                                        Submitted by Peter James

 On Friday morning 9 May just before leaving for the UK, our MGOC “Enjoying MG” arrived and we noticed that an advert for the
 Mountains and Valleys Run which would take place during our visit to Mid-Wales. Immediately we emailed the organizer, Trevor
 Jarvis of the Hereford MG Owners Club, asking him to reply to our request to our son in Richmond, London.
  Waiting for our BA take-off, we were happily surprised to be joined by John Tudsbury who was also off to the UK.
 Our son Sean picked us up at Heathrow and handed over 2 emails from Trevor.
 Email 1: “The run had been booked out since February” but he would arrange for us to join.
 Email 2: He did not like the idea of us joining in while driving our hired Corsa so offered us the use of his ’74 BGT (BRG) called
 Marilyn, since he wanted the run to be “real” for us. All the arrangements were confirmed by telephone.
  On the eve of the run we were invited to Trevor’s home in Tenbury Wells where we met his super wife, Paddy, and the editor of
 “Enjoying MG” and his wife - Richard and Anna Ladds. There is nothing to beat Paddy’s typically English strawberries and cream
 which was enjoyed in warm sunshine. Trevor then escorted us to our B & B which he had organised for the four of us. That night
 we joined the Hereford Club’s barbeque at the home of the chairman Brian Pamment where we got to know his committee. The
 sun shone until 9:30 that night while we enjoyed our new friends’ company.

  After Sunday breakfast we left for the start at the Hereford Leisure Centre’s enormous car park. We were the last numbered MG
 on the run (No 140). It was pretty daunting to be among so many MGers. There were approximately 3 TC’s, 1TF, 2 A’s, a couple
 of Midgets (one with a brand new Heritage shell), 1 RV8, 4 modern F’s, 1 modern TF and 128 B’s which lined up at the start.
  VIP Richard Ladds flagged us all off with a large Union Jack. The run was a fantastic 86 miles up high mountain passes in the
 Black Mountains and down the narrowest of high-hedged lanes at a harrowing speed, much too fast for our navigation skills, so we
 tagged on to John and Elaine King’s B Roadster. If we hadn’t done so, we would probably still be there now, wondering where the
 hell we were The route wound along the East, West and Northern sides of the Black Mountains in Mid Wales.
  Morning tea was taken high up on the Gospel Pass plateau on fields that looked as though they had been newly mown. The
 plentiful sheep do an excellent job. The lunch venue was at Llangoed Hall where the original building was erected in 560AD. It is
 situated on 17 acres west of Hay-on-Wye and is considered to be “one of the finest hotels in Wales” . With a name like that is
 couldn’t be anything else!
 At the finish at Baskerville Hall we were presented with mementoes as a reminder of a successfully completed Run. The Rally
 Plate was kindly given to us by Trevor. It was a really super run.
  Back at Heathrow before our return to SA, while waiting for our 747, we were again joined by MG people, the Jagers ex EL and
 previous P owners who have retired to Cape Town.
 Through our Cape Town BREED we extend very, very grateful thanks to Trevor, Paddy and the Kings – for an experience which
 will never be forgotten

                                 THE NAPIER WEEKEND – FRIDAY AT GUNNERS
                                                     From Ray Butters.

 Our weekend away in Napier got off to a festive start with thirty two participants gathering at Gunners Mess res-
 taurant on the Friday evening. Those who arrived before sundown will have appreciated the stunningly beautiful
 Overberg scenery one traverses between Caledon and Napier, where undulating farmlands and lush green fields are
 framed by the surrounding hills. Gunners Mess is just one of the inviting places to eat in this charming little dorp
 with its old time buildings, where time appears to have stood still. A wood panelled bar with a cosy log fire soon
 got everybody suitably warmed up, prior to the delicious meal that was to follow. While we ate we were treated to
 a selection of the Jean Daneel wines that are produced in Napier, together with a brief description of their back-
 ground and production process from Jean and his friendly wife. An extremely pleasant evening was spent enjoy-
 ing the company of our fellow club members, albeit at the expense of a couple of fuzzy heads the following morn-
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                                                                                                                   The Breed July 2006

Napier, Saturday, June 24th                            by Dieter & Lorraine Reck

 As we drove down to Napier in the dark on Friday evening, we had no idea what the countryside looked like. So, it was with
great anticipation that we peeped out of our bedroom window early on Saturday morning to discover what Napier is all about. A
scene of gently rolling hills with the soft green of newly sowed wheat, fynbos covered mountains, blue skies and white fluffy clouds
unfolded itself. The sounds we heard were those of birds, chickens, sheep and horses - NO traffic noises!!! Frank, our host,
proudly described the prolific bird and wildlife that he has virtually on his doorstep.

Breakfast was a lively occasion as Jo and Phillip joined Roger and Andrea and ourselves who were staying with Moira and Frank.
Earlier Dieter had discovered that he had left his toilet bag at home and when it was later found under the seat of the B, Andrea
asked hopefully whether we had not also found Roger’s bag with his change of clothing lurking there as well!

 At 9.45 am all 15 cars met opposite the church to depart for the tractor ride venue. 40 people found seating on a trailer and had
a bumpy but hilarious ride to the highest point on Jannie’s farm (465m) which gave us a magnificent view across the wheatlands of
the Overberg and down to the coast at Arniston, Cape Agulhas and Gansbaai. A refreshing glass of fruit juice and biscuits was
served and a toilet for the convenience of visitors was very considerately placed up there. The toilet paper however, was brought
up from the farm and taken back again as the baboons on previous occasions had used up all the rolls left behind!

 Lunch at Van Brakels Store was 33 km away down the Peche Highway. The only casualties who did not make it to the restau-
rant were local residents Ray and Lorenzo who had to abandon their A with an ailing fuel pump. They missed some superb wine
tasting, delicious soups and homemade breads to die for.

 Free time in the afternoon was spent discovering the village: admiring candle powered steam boats at the toy museum, visiting
the fairy shop and the military museum, popping into estate agencies and finally, having coffee and biscuits on the Butters’ shady
verandah. Neville Cowan of Pam Golding, had prepared a portfolio for us, displaying Frank’s TF on the cover and extending a
very warm welcome to the Club.

 Dinner at Pascals rounded off the day’s activities and was enjoyed in a rustic atmosphere. We were all pleasantly surprised to
find a TC gracing the cover of the wine list and MGs through the ages being projected on a wide screen TV in the background.

 Dieter and I both felt that the philosophical words on the Slowine cartons expressed the essence of our Napier experience:
Slowine is a way of living life, about taking time to see rather than look, to savour rather than taste, to caress rather than touch, to
absorb rather than smell, to listen rather than hear, on this miraculous planet that we share.

Sunday 25th – John & Brenda Bulman
The plan was to meet at the local Engen garage late morning to allow the more reverend amongst us to attend church (or recover
from the previous nights excesses). We would then have a choice of outings to either Arniston or Agulhas to watch the oceans
meet or the shipwreck museum at Bredasdorp. However we awoke to grey skies, drizzle and a stiff cool breeze.

“Rain before seven – sun by eleven” said the locals. Not true – eleven o’clock arrived with little improvement in the weather and
the wind getting stronger. The enthusiasm for trips to the coast was rapidly evaporating except for three MG’s who decided to
make the trip to Agulhas for a fish& chip lunch. The remainder of the group took part in a MG photoshoot in front of the restaurants
we had supported whereupon we retired to the Gunners pub for coffee around the log fire and a viewing on Roger’s lap top of the
weekends photographs.

The group then went their separate ways – we decided to take a relaxed coastal route home (Stanford-Hermanus-Bettys Bay-Rooi
Els- N2). Many thanks to Frank and Moira for a wonderful weekend which was organised with military (or should that be naval)

                             MINUTES OF GENERAL MEETING HELD ON 14TH JUNE

Welcome (Roger Lewis pp Robin Rich):
           Welcome prospective members and visitors
      Welcome to visitor Des Price ( Roy Howard’s TC) and to Fay & Roy Smith, Derrick Smith’s parents from KZN centre; Spe-
           cial welcome to Barry Morton

G Davey; & M Peche; H & Rrich; R & H Clarke; P Napier; R Martin; V & V James; K Champion; G & J Stoddard; G Steven-
son; C Grove; B & J Mockford; J Reinhardt; R Heinze; P &M Newsham; G Dommisse

Minutes of the General Meeting held on 3 May 2006:
Matters arising - nil
              Proposed by  John Lock Seconded by John Mullen

Chairman’s Report (Roger Lewis):
Roger welcomed back all the members who had attended the 2006 Indaba.
PE Centre to organise the 2008 Indaba – brochures will be available soon.

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                                                                                                                                    Page 9
The Breed July 2006

Club Charity—St Georges Orphanage for Girls (M von Zeil ppGerri Stevenson): Donation tin was circulated.
Funds are being raised for maths tutorship. Donations of stationery items eg paper reams etc are required and most
Veteran’s (Jo Hitchcock):
29 June 2006: Visit to Bird’s Paradise in Robertson, leaving the N1 One Stop garage at 9h45 sharp. Board was circulated.
Plaque of the month : awarded to Willie & Carol Engeldow for the write up on previous event.
 Competitions (R Lewis pp James Reinhardt):
Proposed Track day on 27August 2006 at the Kart Circuit, Killarney. By show of
hands sufficient members indicated their interest in taking part for further
arrangements to go ahead.
 Ros Lawson, who lives in Knysna ( Brenton on Lake) contacted Roger to guage
interest of club members to take part in a weekend away to Brenton on Lake early
in October 2006, as a “mini” Cape Centres Gathering. More information to follow
 Social (Rosalie Plows):
23 – 25 June: weekend away to Napier. 36 people have responded. Board was circulated to confirm meal arrangements
16 July 2006 – mid winter wine tour to Morganhof. Details in the Breed - cost of R110 per person attending including cost of the
wine tasting. Board was circulated for show of interest.
 Register (M von Zeil pp Peter Napier):
18 June 2006 – 10h30 register meet at James Reinhardt’s home to see his 1962 midget. Attendance board was circulated
Treasurer (Mervyn Corbishley):
PC to be purchased for use by Breed Editor, Rosalie Plows
Safe Custody Box will be closed
Outstanding Subs : written off if not paid by now.
Publications (Rosalie Plows):
Breed : Articles required
Closing date for July Breed is 26 June 2006
Secretarial (Margie von Zeil):
#1167 Gustav & AnnaMarie de Vries, Vredendal. CFM – MG Magnette
#1168 Roger Martin & Paige, Marina de Gama. FM – 1969 MGC GT
#1169 Larry & Margot Collins, Greyton. CM – 1948 MG TC; 1970 MGB GT
#1170 Charmaine Ferreira, Melkbosstrand. SM – 1971 MGB
Applications emailed to D Marshall (MGB) and R Botha (MGB)
Application received from Graham Hibbin, Constantia (MGA)
Spares (Mike Plows):
The MG ZR advertised in the Breed is still for sale
Regalia (G & J Stoddart gave apologies):
Cup of the Month:
Awarded to Chris Champion for winning Car of the Day and the Concours d’Etat at the National Indaba in KZN.
Congratulations too, to Mervyn Corbishley for winning TOPS, and the the Plows family who came second in the Concours d’Comi-
“Win a Classic” competition on bottles of Chateau Libertas wine until the end of July
2006, has first prize of a 1955 MGA.
 Clubhouse: some information was given of changes to use of the Clubhouse. We are still
awaiting feedback from the Girl Guides movement, but they may stop using the venue in
the near future. The effect on our tenure is not known.
 A copy of the video made at the Indaba will be made available to the club shortly. This
video will be shown after a club meeting once received.
 Forthcoming events & sponsorship:
Some discussion on the 2008 & 2010 Indaba’s as well as the 2007 Cape Centres
Gathering. Sponsorship should be sought well in advance of the events and followed up
regularly. Recommendation was made to arrange the event without relying on
sponsorship and adjust costs if sponsorship requests are successful.
After the meeting, Chris Champion gave feedback on his experience of the KZN Indaba 2006
Meeting attended by 32      members, prospective members & guests in 5 MG’s
Next meeting will be held at the club house on Wednesday 12 July 2006. Apologies for this meeting received from M Corbishley; L

  The General Meeting of the MG Car Club, Cape Town Centre is held on the second Wednesday of every month at 20h00 at
  the M.G.C.C. Clubhouse in Cedar Avenue (off Howard Drive), Pinelands - exceptions in December & January.

  Club outings are usually held on the Sunday immediately after the General Meeting.

Page 10
                                                                                                        The Breed July 2006


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The Breed July 2006

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