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									INFORMATION 2011

                                                                        OUR CAMPUS                                                                    By the end of November an instruction will be found on the
A multidisciplinary experience
                                                                        The perfect creative environment                                              first-year student’s academic report that will confirm whether the
The Open Window promotes a multidisciplinary approach in design,                                                                                      student should continue his/her studies on diploma or degree level.
                                                                        Our new Southdowns campus boasts high-tech production studios,                This decision is made based on the number of degree courses the
and students gain a diversity of skills, practical experience and
                                                                        computer labs with industry-standard equipment, spacious creative stu-        student has passed. Students must complete 120 credits before they
knowledge during their studies. The objective is to find a range of
                                                                        dios, a modern research centre, huge lecturing halls, wide open spaces,       may proceed to the 2nd year degree or diploma.
appropriate solutions by accurately scoping visual communication
                                                                        access to a fully-equipped gym, ample parking and an on-site cafeteria
problems, interpreting research results and integrating developed
                                                                        … the perfect environment in which to start your life in design.              PROGRAMME CONTENT
competencies in various media. This approach has ensured an excel-
lent employment rate of The Open Window graduates over the past                                                                                       All subjects are compulsory
                                                                        FOUNDATION YEAR                                                               Animation: Spatial concepts and 3D drafting; 3D software (modelling
                                                                        Minimum duration: 1 year.                                                     & interface 3D Studio Max*); 3D software (character modelling);
                                                                        The foundation year is not an exit level and no qualification is offered at   material and form.
Accredited qualifications
                                                                        the end of the first year.                                                    Drawing: Observational drawing; Illustrator* as vector drawing me-
Department of Education accreditation reference number:
No 2000/HE07/016.                                                                                                                                     dium; figure drawing; composition and multiple objects; techniques.
                                                                        The first year forms the foundation of the degree and the diploma, and        Design Studies: Reproduction and print theory, Indesign* software
                                                                        courses are specifically structured to develop strong technical skills,       training; design theory; typography; layout design.
The Open Window offers three qualifications that are accredited
                                                                        encourage basic creative problem-solving abilities, and strengthen con-       Research & Narrative Studies: Academic research; academic writing
by the Council on Higher Education (CHE) and registered with the
                                                                        ceptual drive. At the end of the foundation year, students are selected       and reading; creative writing; marketing theory and applied research.
South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA): a two-year Diplo-
                                                                        to continue with either the degree or diploma level. Students may             Principles of audiovisual narrative; movement and expression; cam-
ma, a three-year Degree and a four-year Honours Degree in               continue on diploma level if they choose to do so. Students who wish
Visual Communication. Students who graduate with any relevant                                                                                         era, sound & lighting; storyboarding.
                                                                        to continue their studies on degree level must ensure that they pass the      Interactive Studies: Computing: formats, compression, sound files;
and accredited Degree may apply for the Honours Degree.
                                                                        degree course work/projects. From the second semester onwards, the            planning & writing for interactive design; page & site design; Illustra-
                                                                        student may choose whether he/she wants to complete the degree or             tor, Photoshop, Fireworks & Flash*.
Students may choose to enrol on a full-time or part-time basis on
                                                                        diploma course work/projects.                                                 Visual Culture: History; philosophy, logic, aesthetics and creative
all levels.
                                                                                                                                                      thinking; semiotics; design appreciation.
                                                                        Students who pass all the degree-orientated projects may continue             Photography: The photographic image; Photoshop* as a software
The Diploma outcomes aim to cultivate a high level of profes-
                                                                        their studies on degree level, while students who pass the majority of        program; camera; lighting techniques.
sional technical competency, supported by an academic foundation.
                                                                        projects on diploma level, will continue on diploma level.
However, the diploma requires less academic involvement than the
degree and offers students focused training in the following spe-                                                                                     * Software programs that will be taught as part of the course.
cialisation fields: Photography, Animation, Web Design and Creative
Techniques.                                                                                                                                             Part-time students should enrol for the following subjects in the
                                                                                                                                                        1st part of their foundation studies:
Degree students have a wider choice of electives and a balance of                                                                                       •         Visual Culture
academic and technical proficiency is expected. The degree offers                                                                                       •         Interactive Studies
specialisation in Design (graphic design, photography, illustration),                                                                                   •         Drawing
Audiovisual (animation, video and gaming), Interactive (interactive                                                                                     •         Photography
media and motion graphics) and Form and Space (spatial and 3D                                                                                           and do the remaining subjects :
design).                                                                                                                                                (Research & Narrative Studies, Design Studies and 3D Animation)
                                                                                                                                                        during the 2nd part of their foundation studies.

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DIPLOMA IN VISUAL COMMUNICATION                                                                                                                   FACULTIES
Minimum duration: 2 years                                               a major subject in their final year together with four subjects of
SAQA registration number: 24514                                         which two are compulsory. The major entails a level of specialisation
                                                                        and requires more contact time with lecturers.
The diploma is a qualification of competence; a qualification provid-
ing students with the necessary technical and practical skills to       1st year: Foundation
enter the demanding design world. The programme will ensure
industry-related skills in most visual communication sectors. The       The first year forms the foundation of the degree and the diploma,
1st year programme forms the foundation of both the degree and          and courses are specifically structured to develop strong techni-
diploma.                                                                cal skills, encourage basic creative problem-solving abilities, and
                                                                        strengthen conceptual drive. At the end of the foundation year,
                                                                        students are selected to continue with either the 2nd year degree
                                                                        or diploma level. The application to continue studies on second year
                                                                        level will be considered on a basis of continuing good standard, class
                                                                        attendance and general commitment.

                                                                        2nd Year: Degree

                                                                        From the second year onwards the emphasis is on project execu-
                                                                        tion and problem solving. Students must show insight into the
                                                                        creative process, which includes the formation of ideas and the
                                                                        activation of the imagination, originality, initiative, spontaneity and
                                                                        self-discipline. The course is devoted to more advanced conceptu-
                                                                        alising and technical skills. Building on the well-developed sense of
                                                                        technical knowledge, creative solutions are found through analyti-
                                                                        cal and synthesising thought processes. Students deliver proof of
                                                                        artistic sensitivity and aesthetic ability.
                                                                        At the end of the second year, another selection process deter-
                                                                        mines admission to the degree. Should a student not be allowed
                                                                        into the degree level, he/she will qualify for a diploma and has to
                                                                        terminate his/her studies (even if such a student has been enrolled
                                                                        as a potential degree candidate).

                                                                        3rd Year: BA Visual Communication Design                                  DESIGN STUDIES
                                                                        In their third year, students integrate industry-based competencies       This faculty produces highly creative designers who deliver ap-
DIPLOMA FINAL YEAR PROGRAMME CONTENT                                    with scholarly and applied research methodology. Entrepreneurial          propriate visual solutions using typography, static images and motion
(2nd Year)                                                              skills are developed, as students have to show their ability to plan,     graphics to industries concerned with branding, publishing and
                                                                        operate and manage a project. Work-based learning characterises           information.
Students who enrol for the diploma or any second level subject          the third year when students are given the opportunity to direct
must have successfully completed the foundation level.                  and execute projects commissioned by actual clients. The student          Focus areas in Design Studies:
The student receives a Diploma in Visual Communication after            receives a BA Visual Communication Design degree after successful-
successfully completing at least 130 credits (including a Work-based    ly completing at least 120 credits on 3rd year degree level (including    Communication Design introduces students to the fundamentals of
learning session which is compulsory at exit level).                    a research skills workshop and a work-based learning session).            design principles & theories, typography, image & text integration,
                                                                                                                                                  basic print, reproduction processes and development of brand sys-
                                                                        The Open Window offers pre- and postgraduate courses in Visual            tems. Students must be able to conceive, plan and realise communi-
DEGREE IN VISUAL COMMUNICATION DESIGN                                   Communication within the following faculties: Design Studies,             cation design, by solving design problems presented as briefs.
Minimum duration: 3 years (NQF Level 7)                                 Audiovisual (Film & Animation), Multimedia and Form & Space. The
SAQA registration number: 60470                                         programmes are characterised by a broad foundation (see founda-           Photography students showcase technical competence in a variety
                                                                        tion year) that leads to specialisation in the senior years.              of photographic genres. Emphasis is placed on design principles, per-
The degree is a professional qualification aimed to produce design                                                                                sonal interpretation and approach to the subject, artistic sensitivity
experts who are also academically driven. The programme will                                                                                      of post-production and overall originality, creativity and diversity
ensure technical, academic and practice-related competencies in                                                                                   in the range of photographs delivered for the practical component.
traditional and new media. The degree may lead to postgraduate                                                                                    The objective is to deliver ‘thinking photographers’ who possess a
studies in Visual Communication Design. Degree students choose                                                                                    visual literacy as well as the required technical craft.

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Illustration students produce market-related illustrations using         INTERACTIVE MEDIA DESIGN                                                digital displays and interactive installations),
traditional and experimental media. They create conceptually chal-                                                                               Corporate environment (exhibition design, signage, corporate
lenging illustrations for commercial purposes and understand the         The IMD students design interactive projects in digital media           interiors, corporate gifts and gadgets) and
fundamentals and principles of visual communication design with          format, by designing well-structured user interfaces, integrating mo-   Lifestyle environments (design of furniture, artefacts and utilities).
reference to the purpose and function of design.                         tion graphics and animation. They create online (WEB and mobile
                                                                         applications) and offline (CD ROM / kiosk) brand communication          BA (HONOURS) VISUAL COMMUNICATION
Students who completed a qualification in Design Studies found           solutions by solving problems presented as briefs.                      BA HONS VC
employment in the advertising industry, corporate environment,                                                                                   Minimum duration: 4 years (NQF Level 8)
packaging and publishing environments as art directors, layout           Interactive Design students create interactive solutions in digital     SAQA registration number: 62991
artists, copywriters, advertising executives, photographers, brand       media format. This subject is available to Design Studies and Au-
identity developers, illustrators, package designers and information     diovisual students as a non-major option. IMD students will major       This programme of postgraduate study complements the degree
managers, amongst others.                                                in this subject. The subject deals mainly with on-line and off-line     by providing graduates the opportunity to specialise in their
                                                                         interfaces for various applications. IMD Technology, Motion Graphics    major. The course will consist of a 60% practical and a 40%
                                                                         and Multimedia Development are supportive subjects for IMD and          theoretical component. The practical component consists of
AUDIOVISUAL STUDIES: FILM & ANIMATION                                    cannot be taken as major subjects.                                      industry projects executed under the supervision of a recognised
                                                                                                                                                 industry partner and one of the student’s choices. The theoretical
Film and Animation is about combining image and sound in the most        Multimedia Development: This subject teaches core technical skills      component will consist of a dissertation, visual culture modules
effective way for the project at hand, whether it is a music video, an   required for multimedia content development such as advanced            and business practice workshops.
advertisement, or a corporate, animation or experimental film. The       software applications, coding, interaction principles and the ability
student who successfully completes this course is an artist who is       to successfully apply the technical knowledge in computer-based         ADDITIONAL COURSES
also highly skilled on a technical level.                                interaction.                                                            BRIDGING COURSE

Focus areas in Audiovisual studies:                                      Motion Graphics:Video image compositing skills for special effects      The Bridging Course is aimed at students who show potential
                                                                         and motion graphics are the areas of focus. Animated broadcast          but did not meet The Open Window’s selection criteria and who
Animation: Animators are able to produce creative digitally ani-         graphics, using After Effects, are applied in title sequences, DVD      need to develop certain primary visual communication skills in
mated and 3D work that bears evidence of conceptual and technical        menus, advertising and kiosk-applications.                              order to reach the required entry-level skills. Students who are
proficiency. They also use 3D Animation to complement adjacent                                                                                   not confident about their drawing abilities and wish to prepare
disciplines and professions.                                             The faculty prepares students for careers as multimedia developers,     themselves for selection at The Open Window may enroll only
                                                                         web and interface designers and information managers, amongst           for Drawing 1 during the year prior to enrollment (e.g. during
Game Design: The student may only enroll for Game Design as part         others.                                                                 their Matric year).
of an Animation major. These students must be able to produce
creative 3D work that bears evidence of conceptual and technical         FORM & SPACE DESIGN                                                     Students will be guided to understand and utilise the English lan-
understanding of game engine specific requirements.                                                                                              guage, research skills, selected media and creativity in Drawing.
                                                                         The designer utilises a developed sense of aesthetics and technol-
Video:Video students demonstrate the ability to produce an               ogy to create purposeful and useful items and space. Conceptualis-      Students who pass the following subjects may apply for selection
audiovisual product from inception to completion in a manner that        ing and research skills, as well as material and structural knowledge   at the end of the course:
displays conceptual, planning and technical proficiency, in both a       are just as important as sensitivity towards applied shape and form
corporate and non-corporate environment.                                 in this discipline.                                                     Drawing Modules 1-4
                                                                                                                                                 Research Modules 1 & 2
Stop-frame animation is essentially the 2D component of Animation,       3D Design and Spatial Design:
with a stronger emphasis on the illustrative arts than 3D Anima-         The student, effectively and economically, applies his knowledge of
tion. It is therefore less ‘technical’ than 3D. Stop-frame Animation     materials, mechanical strengths, spatial interaction and processes to
explores traditional animation techniques, rhythm and timing in          design functional form and space within the following domains:
animation.                                                                                                                                         Creative Skills Courses
                                                                         •	   Retail environment (packaging, point of sale, shop design),
The faculty prepares students for careers in the animation, advertis-    •	   Corporate environment (exhibition design, signage, corporate         Short courses are offered at specific times during the year
ing, production, sound and film industries as an animator, animation          interiors, corporate gifts and gadgets) and                          for people wishing to develop their creative skills in pho-
production assistant, sound producer, game design developer, special     •	   Lifestyle environment (design of furniture, artifacts and utili-     tography, animation, design, web design, drawing, painting,
effects artist, motion graphics designer, storyboard artist, technical        ties).                                                               puppetry, creative software and more. For more information,
adviser, 3D-architectural illustrator, producer or director.                                                                                       schedule and costs, please visit our website at
                                                                         The faculty prepares students for careers in:                   
                                                                         Retail environment (packaging, point of sale, shop design, space,

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APPLICATION, SELECTION & ADMISSION                                      SELECTION
Admission requirements for exit level qualifications
                                                                        Students are initially selected for either degree or diploma studies on      Step 5: If you meet the requirements for an Open Window scholar-
A National Senior Certificate (issued from 2008)                        foundation level. Students who wish to continue their studies on de-         ship, complete the application form and submit it to The Open Win-
or a Grade 12 certificate.                                              gree level must ensure that they pass the degree course work/projects.       dow (together with the required documentation) before the dead-
                                                                        From the second semester onwards, the student may choose whether             line. Only the applications of selected students who are South African
Minimum APS requirements for:                                           he/she wants to complete the degree or diploma course work/projects.         citizens will be considered.
Degree studies: 22 (or p-count of at least 14)                          Students who pass all the degree-orientated projects may continue
Diploma studies: 15 (or p-count of at least 10)                         their studies on degree level. The student may fail the degree project,       Portfolio Requirements
Since English is the language of instruction at The Open Window         but pass on diploma level. The level on which the student has passed
English will be a required subject with a minimum APS of 4 (50%).       the project is indicated by ‘DE’ for degree and ‘DI’ for diploma. By the      You have to submit an A4-format portfolio containing the
                                                                        end of November an instruction will be found on first-year students’          following original artwork in any medium of your choice.
Even though Art or art-related subjects are not a requirement, ac-      academic reports that will confirm whether the student should con-            NO school art portfolio may be submitted.
quiring skills in drawing is of paramount importance for students to    tinue his/her studies on diploma or degree level. This decision is made
pass all levels.                                                        based on the number of degree courses the student has passed.                 • Still life
                                                                                                                                                      • Detailed object drawings of at least 6 separate objects
Pass The Open Window’s selection tests for learners who meet the                                                                                      • Portrait/self-portrait/figure drawing
minimum requirements.                                                                                                                                 • A drawing of your house or a building from the outside
                                                                        HOW TO APPLY                                                                  • Any original cartoon or caricature sketch.
All applicants must show creative potential, above average problem-
solving skills, basic drawing competency and observational abilities.   Step 1: Call 012 648 9200 to make an appointment for selection.
                                                                        The selection consists of a practical and a language test (which will take   HOW TO REGISTER
International Students                                                  about 3 hours) followed by an interview of about 15 minutes.
                                                                                                                                                     Step 1:
An international student’s application must include:                                                                                                 Registration for 2011 opens on 2 August 2010. The person respon-
                                                                             Selection Dates For 2011 Enrolment:                                     sible for paying your studies must complete and sign the registration
                                                                                                                                                     forms. Both the registration form and the debit order form MUST be
Certification and qualification endorsement (for qualifications ob-                                                                                  completed in full for a student to be registered.
tained outside South Africa) of all your qualifications.                     May:               21, 28
                                                                             June:              4, 10, 11, 14, 15
                                                                             July:              5-9                                                  Step 2:
Contact the Centre for the Evaluation of Education Qualifications                                                                                    The registration fee is payable on registration. The Open Window does
(CEEQ) through SAQA (the South African Qualifications Authority)             August:            13, 27
                                                                             September:         3, 17, 27-30                                         not have credit card facilities. Please pay by electronic transfer, cheque
at Tel: 012 431 5070 or email, or visit their website                                                                                or cash.
( to obtain further information.                      October:           1, 15, 29
                                                                             November:          5, 12, 19, 26, 29-30                                 Step 3:
A valid study permit or proof of permanent residency. A study permit         December:          1-9                                                  Should you prefer to pay the registration fee electronically,
is normally issued for a period not exceeding 12 (twelve) months,                                                                                    The Open Window’s banking details are: The Open Window, ABSA -
and therefore must be renewed after the expiry date. A study permit                                                                                  Sunnyside, Account No: 2310 172 521, Branch No: 63-03-45.
is only valid for the course of study for which the original approval
was intended. Should the student change his/her course of study, the    Step 2: On the day of selection, please bring along:                         Step 4:
student must notify the Department of Home Affairs thereof.                                                                                          Please state the student’s name and surname as the reference and fax
Transcripts of academic records completed at any other educational      •	     A copy of your latest Grade 12 marks. We will NOT consider            the proof of payment to 012 665 0253 or email to info@openwin-
institution (if any).                                                          any application without a copy of your most recent exam results or hand in personally.
Certified copies of certificates, diplomas or degrees previously ob-           available. You must submit the final National Senior Certificate as
tained (if any).                                                                                                                                     Step 5:
                                                                               soon as possible.                                                     On the day of registration, your class times will be selected. Class
A certified copy of your birth certificate or ID document (marriage                                                                                  numbers are limited and no classes will be reserved for students who
or divorce decree for different surnames).                              •	     A portfolio (see requirements below). We will NOT consider any
                                                                                                                                                     have not paid their registration fees.
A condensed curriculum vitae.                                                  application without a portfolio.
All academic applications for admission are subject to a selection                                                                                   Step 6:
process. (See procedures below).                                        Step 3: The Open Window will inform you within two weeks of the              Your registration confirmation with your student number and se-
Do not email your portfolio or any of the other documents, we need      outcome of the selection.                                                    lected class times will be mailed to you.
original work.
                                                                        Step 4: Only students who have been accepted will receive registration       Step 7:
Please mail the application and all related documents to:               documentation by mail.                                                       New first year students must attend the orientation sessions during
The Academic Director, The Open Window, PO Box 68371                                                                                                 the last week of January 2011. Classes commence on Monday 31
Centurion, South Africa 0169.                                                                                                                        January 2011.

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COURSE FEES 2011                                                         THE OPEN WINDOW FIRST-YEAR                                             IMPORTANT DATES 2011
                                                                         SCHOLARSHIPS 2011
A registration fee is payable on registration and is deducted from                                                                              The Open Window Administration opens                                                   10 January
the course fee.                                                          The Open Window annually awards a number of scholarships to            New 1st years Orientation Week                                                         25 – 28 January
                                                                         deserving students who have passed the School’s selection. The         Classes commence                                                                       31 January
The class fees are payable ONLY by debit order interest free over        following scholarship schemes for new first-year students are spon-    The Open Window Administration closed                                                  2 – 10 July
10 months (from February to November), or in full before the end         sored by The Open Window:                                              The Open Window closes                                                                 9 December
of February 2011 at a settlement discount of 5%.
                                                                         •	   Merit scholarship                                                 Modules
Both the debit order form and the registration form must be com-         Learners who have obtained an APS of 39 and higher during their        Module 1                          31 January – 25 March
pleted in full for a student to be registered.                           Grade 12 studies or who show exceptional creative talent are con-      Module 2                          11 April – 10 June
                                                                         sidered for these scholarships. The marks achieved in the record       Module 3                          18 July – 16 September
                                                                         exam will be taken into consideration.                                 Module 4                          19 September – 11 November
 The Open Window’s banking details are:
                                                                         •	   Empowerment scholarship                                           Student holidays (1st years)
 The Open Window                                                         Learners from previously disadvantaged groups qualify for these        26 March – 10 April
 ABSA - Sunnyside                                                        scholarships.                                                          11 June – 17 July
 Account No: 2310 172 521                                                                                                                       24 September – 3 October
 Branch No: 63-03-45.                                                    Application conditions:                                                12 November –
                                                                         Applicants must be South African citizens.
                                                                         Applicants must have passed The Open Window’s selection.               ACCOMMODATION
                                                                         Students who have studied in a related field will not be considered.
FIRST YEAR                                                                                                                                      The Open Window doesn’t have student residences.
Full-time study: R57 000                 Registration fee: R10 000       Application procedures:                                                However, a list of available accommodation in the vicinity may be
Part-time study (year 1):R32 300         Registration fee: R5 000        •    Candidates who have passed The Open Window’s selection            requested from our reception.
                                                                              will receive a scholarship application form.
PLEASE NOTE                                                              •    Scholarship applications must reach the Academic Director on      MAP
Part-time students will pay the subject fees applicable to the year in        or before 18 November 2010.
which they enrol for those subjects.                                     •    Successful candidates will be informed of the outcome by the
Curriculum changes might occur which could affect part-time stu-              end of November 2010.
dents. They will be expected to adhere to the latest requirements.       •    Successful candidates must confirm whether or not they                                                                                                  Polokwane
                                                                              accept the scholarship by fax on 012 665 0253 or email to
Additional media expenses:                                           on or before 3 December 2010.                                                                                         Pretoria

Students must budget for additional consumable media expenses            •    Candidates who fail to confirm in time may forfeit the scholar-
that occur during the course of the year and vary according to their          ship.
assignments (about R8 000). At the beginning of each module lectur-      •    The Open Window management will have the discretion to
ers will supply students with detailed lists of what is required for          award the scholarship to another deserving applicant should a                              CENTURION
that module’s assignments. Minimum specifications for equipment               candidate decide not to accept the scholarship.                                           He

are available on a separate sheet.


                                                                         The Open Window Performance Scholarships:                                                                    ive

                                                                                                                                                                  r st

BRIDGING COURSE                                                          The Open Window annually awards scholarships to current stu-                                                                                                         Rietvlei


                                                                                                                                                                                                                        a pi
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               us Drive       Turnoff
Drawing and Research:         R12 350                                    dents on the grounds of their academic performance.                                                                                          lm
Registration fee:             R1500

                                                                                                                                                                                        Centurion                         Cornwall Hill
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    The Open Window (Pty) Ltd trading as The Open Window School of Visual Communication                                                                                                                                          Southdowns

    1297 John Vorster Drive, ext.east, Southdowns, Irene • PO Box 68371, Centurion, 0169
    Tel +27 (0)12 648 9200 • Fax +27 (0)12 665 0253 • •

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