Mother Teresa Catholic School
                520 Saginaw Parkway
                 Cambridge, Ontario
                      N1T 1W9

               Phone: (519) 624 – 7115
               Fax: (519) 624 – 7159

    “Bright as her spirit….faith, service, academics”

              The God of Blessings

   The God of blessings is a child in a cradle.
   Give us strength to give the child a future.
    The God of blessings has wounded hands.
        Give us courage to be vulnerable.
The God of blessings is the way, the truth and the
   Give us strength to walk the way of truth.

                   Per Harling
                                    TABLE OF CONTENTS

Welcome Students and Parents ............................................... 1
Mission Statement.............................................................. 2
Mother Teresa School Council ........................................... 3
Mother Teresa Catholic School Staff.................................. 4
Waterloo Catholic District School Board............................. 5
Community Resources ...................................................... 5
Daily Routines ................................................................... 6
       Lateness................................................................... 6
Safe Arrival/Departure Attendance Check & Expectations. 7
Partnerships ....................................................................... 8
Continuing Expectations
 For School Staff........................................................................... 8
 For Parents ....................................................................... 8
       For Students............................................................. 8
       For The Parish.......................................................... 8
Mother Teresa Catholic School Parish ............................... 9
Safety Issues
 Access to School.............................................................. 10
        Bicycle Safety                                                                      10
  Bus Transportation........................................................... 10
Co-Curricular Activities Emergency.................................... 11
Emergency School Closing ................................................ 11
Emergency Response Team.............................................. 11
Health Forms & Medication ............................................... 12
Playground Safety ............................................................. 12
WCDSB. Elementary Schools Food and Nutrition Policy…13-14
Electronic Devices on School Property……………………..15
School Excursions............................................................. 15
Traffic and Parking Safety ................................................. 15
Ministry, Board and School: Student Conduct:
Safe and Secure School............................................……..16-17
Mother Teresa Catholic School Code of Behaviour……….18
Summary of Offences & Consequences ............................ 19-21
Mother Teresa Catholic School Dress Code ...................... 21
Parental Consent & Waivers .............................................. 22
Reporting and Communication……………………………….22
Achievement Reports and Interviews ................................. 22
School Use of Computer and Internet……………………….23
Have a Concern? ............................................................... 23
Textbooks & Resources ..................................................... 24
Library Materials................................................................. 24
WCDSB Communications Guidelines……………………….25
School Life: Agendas and Volunteers……………………….26
Tips for Being a Successful Student…………………………27
School Year Calendar at a Glance 2010-2011……………..28
Appendix ............................................................................ 29
Notice of Intent To Be Absent ............................................ 30
Volunteer Drivers................................................................ 31
Summary of Insurance Coverage...................................... 32
Administration of Oral Medication ...................................... 33-34
Volunteer Offence Declaration ........................................... 35
Seat Belt Safety.................................................................. 36
                       WELCOME STUDENTS AND PARENTS!
To All Members of our School Community…


On behalf of the Staff of Mother Teresa Catholic School, I wish to extend a warm welcome to all
those enrolled at our school and a special greeting to our Junior Kindergarten children and other
newcomers especially families who have just joined our community. Despite being off to an
interesting start, the 2010-2011 school year is well on its way and we look forward to providing
and creating ongoing initiatives in our school community.

We at Mother Teresa Catholic School endeavor to foster an environment that allows for a
positive strengthening of self-esteem, risk-taking in learning, perseverance to tasks and
excellence in academic and co-curricular pursuits. At Mother Teresa Catholic School, students
will be encouraged to achieve their personal best in all activities they pursue and as a staff we
will help students cope with success as well as difficulty. Students will be strongly encouraged
to become responsible and take ownership for their decisions, actions and learning to continue
to strengthen their faith journey. In my seventh year as Principal at Mother Teresa Catholic
School, I again continue to be encouraged by the ways in which our students grow each day
and of the gains we continue to make in academic achievement for all our students. I continue
to be proud of a vibrant Catholic school community with the support of a caring staff, supportive
parent community and energetic Catholic School Council.

Please review this booklet with your child/children and refer to it throughout the year as needed.
Your cooperation in following these procedures and guidelines is very important. The staff and I
will continue to promote an atmosphere of open communication to better serve your child’s
pursuits and the overall academic achievement and cultural health of our school community.

I look forward to working with you during the upcoming school year.


Mr. L. Pellizzari

                               MISSION STATEMENT

                      “With the gift of the Catholic Faith, Our Mission is:
      Learning, growing and transforming the world as faithful disciples of the Risen Lord.”

To accomplish this compelling mission, The Waterloo Catholic District School System exists to provide a
Catholic education whereby the graduate is expected to be:

   1. A discerning believer formed in the Catholic Faith community who celebrate the signs and sacred
      mystery of God’s presence through work, sacrament, prayer, forgiveness, reflection and moral

   2. An effective communicator, who speaks, writes and listens honestly and sensitively responding
      critically in light of gospel values.

   3. A reflective, creative and holistic thinker who solves problems and makes responsible decisions
      with an informed moral conscience for the common good.

   4. A self-directed, responsible, lifelong learner who develops and demonstrates their God-given

   5. A collaborative contributor who finds meaning, dignity and vocation in work that respects the
      rights of all and contributes to the common good.

   6. A caring family member who attends to family, school, parish and the wider community.

   7. A responsible citizen who gives witness to Catholic social teaching by promoting peace and the
      sacredness of human life.
                              SCHOOL COMMUNITY INFORMATION


The primary purpose of a Catholic School Council is to focus the resources of an entire community on
the well being and effective learning of our young people. Membership of our school council consists of,
but may not be limited to:

       -   Parents/guardians of students enrolled in the school
       -   Community representative(s)
       -   Parish representative(s)
       -   The school principal
       -   A teacher
       -   A non-teaching staff member

School Council acts in an advisory capacity to the principal on matters such as school curriculum,
support for the marginalized, support of charities, the preservation of our Catholic way of teaching and
code of behaviour. Other issues can include the preparation of school profiles, school safety measures,
the discussion and development of our school improvement plan, extracurricular activities and fund
raising projects and initiatives.

Anyone in the school or broader community is welcome to attend and to observe School Council
meetings. These meetings deal with many issues important to the school community; however, they are
not forums for the discussion of parent-teacher-student issues. These concerns will be referred to the

Our school council is always looking for dynamic individuals in our community to be part of the team. All
are welcome.

                                     MEETING DATES AND
                                     TIMES FOR 2008-2009

                                  Mother Teresa Catholic
                                  School Library

                                            19, 2010
                                  October 7, 2008        6:30 p.m.
                                              23, 2010
                                  November 4, 2008       6:30 p.m.
                                            11, 2011
                                  January 13, 2009       6:30 p.m.
                                             24, 2011
                                  February 15, 2009      6:30 p.m.
                                  April 12, 2011
                                        7, 2009          6:30 p.m.
                                        17, 2011
                                  May 12, 2009           6:30 p.m.
                                  June Meeting (TBD)

Page 3

Custodians                 Mr. Richard Normore
                           Mrs. Lina Trim
                           Mrs. Kriste McArdle

Early Years Staff          Mrs. Cheryl Reinhart
                           Mrs. Susan Borges
                           Mrs. Kelly Ryan
                           Mrs. Helena Shouftas

Educational Assistants     Ms. Sheila Cooke          Mrs. Lisa Richard
                           Mrs. Deb Randall          Mrs. Barb Smith
                           Mrs. Lori Oliveira        Mrs. Robin Moore
                           Mrs. Jude Little          Mrs. Maureen Perry Kings

French Teachers            Mr. Frank DeLorenzis
                           Mrs. Susan O’Hagan

Intermediate Staff         Mrs. Jennifer MacKinnon   Mrs. Jane Streppel
                           Mr. Jamie Simpson         Mr. Chris Luciani
                           Mr. Michael Patterson

Junior Staff               Mrs. Terri Collins        Mrs. Zenalia Kroeger
                           Mr. Michael McIlveen      Ms. Constanza Gardeazabal
                           Mrs. Laura Jansen         Mrs. Cidalia Ventura

Library Technician      Mrs. Yvonne Day
Lunch Hours Supervisors Mrs. Virginia Cole
                        Mrs. Robin Moore
                        Mrs. Deb Randall
Planning Time           Ms. Julie Savage             Miss Danette Butter
                        Mrs. Karen Loik
Primary Staff           Miss Melissa Lehmann         Miss Tracy Egan             -
                        Mrs. Theresa MacDougall      Miss Jacqueline Hurst        -
                        Miss Laurie Kelly            Mrs. Colleen Pardo
                        Miss C. Vandervoort          Ms. Tara Sousa

Principal                  Mr. Leo Pellizzari
Vice Principal             Mr. Gerald Foran
School Secretarial Staff   Mrs. Helen Henderson
                           Ms. Jennifer Martin
Special Education Staff    Mrs. Tina Hache           Ms. Bridget Kuenzler

Page 4

Chair of the Board                             519-578-3660
Marion Thomson Howell

Vice-Chair of the Board                        519-578-3660
Manual da Silva

Director of Education:                         519-578-3660
Mr. Roger Lawler

Superintendent of Schools:                     519-578-3660
Ms. Maria Ivankovic

Cambridge Trustees:
Judy Nairn           519-578-3660
Joseph Gowing        519-578-3660
Manuel da Silva       519-578-3660

                                 COMMUNITY RESOURCES

Waterloo Region Community Health Department    519-621-6110

City of Cambridge: Community Services          519-740-4681

Big Brothers of Cambridge Inc.                 519-651-0404

Cambridge Big Sisters                          519-621-0614

Cambridge Family Resource Centre               519-740-8353

Family Awareness Centre                        519-623-5986

Cambridge Literacy Council                     519-622-3230

Kids Can Play Association of Cambridge         519-623-3408

Fiddlesticks Neighbourhood Association         519-621-4040
(for Clemens Mill area)

Family Crisis Shelter                          519-653-2422

Waterloo Catholic District School Board        519-578-3660

KIDS Help Phone                               1-800-668-6868

Page 5
                                           DAILY ROUTINES

        8:35 am        Bell rings for morning classes
        8:39 am        Late Warning Bell
        9:45 am        Morning recess
       11:20 am        Lunch dismissal
       12:20 pm        Bell rings for afternoon classes
       12:24 pm        Late Warning Bell
        1:40 pm        Afternoon recess
        3:05 pm        End of day dismissal


All students are expected to be punctual and to adhere to school hours. Our first bell occurs at 8:35 am.
Students are required to be in their classrooms by the warning bell at 8:39 am. After lunch, our bell
occurs at 12:20 pm. and all students are required to be in their classrooms by the warning bell at 12:24
pm. Please make every effort to instill in your children the life skill of punctuality. Attendance is taken
daily. Students who are late for a valid reason must bring a note. They are to report to the office where
their time of arrival and reason for being late will be recorded in the office. Teachers record lates in the
daily attendance register and on the report card.

Persistent tardiness and absences affect all involved in the learning process. Chronic, unexplained
lateness and absences within each month period may result in the following: verbal warning; detentions
assigned and served during recesses; parent notification letter. Chronic lateness and accumulating
absences throughout the school year may involve W.C.D.S.B. Attendance Counselors or Family of
School Social workers. Let’s put forth our best efforts in ensuring all our students are at school on time
each day.


Most students attending Mother Teresa Catholic School live within walking distance of the school. These
students are encouraged to go home for lunch.

When students eat their lunch at the school, they are expected to remain on school property
unless written permission to leave the school grounds is provided by a parent/guardian. Lunch
students who wish to go home, or periodically go out for lunch are still required to provide
written permission by a parent/guardian to leave the school grounds. Written permission will be
enclosed in the Daily Attendance registers. All students leaving school during the regular class
time are required to sign out at the office. Parents/guardians, who need to pick up or return their
child/ren during class instruction times, are also required to report to the office to sign students
in or out.

Page 6

Students are to be present at school unless absent with parent’s/guardians’ permission.
Parents/guardians must notify the school at 624-7115 before 8:35 a.m. and 12:20 p.m. An answering
machine is in service from 4:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. daily. A note explaining the absence and signed by
parents/guardians should be presented to the teacher when the student returns to school, even if the
absence has been previously reported to the school. Teachers record absences in the daily attendance
register and on the report card.

When the school has not been contacted regarding a student’s
absence, an effort will be made to check on the safe whereabouts of
the student. A student who is absent without parent permission shall be
referred to the Principal upon his/her return and the absence will also
be discussed with the parents/guardians.

If a student will be away from school for an extended period, it is
important to let the school know ahead of time. Please obtain a Notice
of Intent to be absent form from the school office.

When picking up or returning children for a variety of reasons during the school day, we are
requesting that parents check in at the office and enter appropriate information in our Sign
In/Sign Out Book. Children must have a note from their parents if they are to leave school at
times other than the regular dismissal time.

In the case of picking up your child, you must physically present yourself at the office to make
your presence known and to sign them out.
Please refrain from going to their classrooms. Contact will be made from the office for your child
to meet you at the office.
In a situation, where the child misses their cab/bus after school, the child is to report to the office
where alternate arrangements will be made for their passage home.

Page 7

Mother Teresa is a dynamic school community, which relies heavily on its partnership between staff,
students and parents. Each group has an important role to fulfill to make the school function effectively.


       -   To provide an appropriate learning environment for each student while developing good study
           and work habits;
       -   To be consistently firm, fair, friendly, and flexible;
       -   To be a model of acceptable social and academic standards;
       -   To strive for the development of positive self worth in each student entrusted in our care;
       -   To be attentive and to treat each student, parent and one another with respect and dignity.


       -   To ensure regular and punctual attendance of their children, sending them fully prepared for
           their day’s work;
       -   To encourage and support student growth by providing a home environment conducive to
       -   To support school staff as they attempt to foster the intellectual, physical, social, spiritual,
           emotional, cultural and moral development of each student;
       -   To contact school personnel and discuss student progress at regular intervals;
       -   To attend parent-teacher conferences as requested;
       -   To support staff in having students follow through with their responsibilities.


       -   To be responsible for their education and be actively involved;
       -   To be prepared for learning and receptive to new ideas and challenges;
       -   To exercise self control;
       -   To become a self directed learner;
       -   To possess a positive attitude;
       -   To have respect for authority;
       -   To treat others and their property with respect and dignity;
       -   To always do the very best of their ability.


       -   To serve as a link between home, school and the parish;
       -   To work toward the development of spiritual growth of students, staff and their families;
       -   To provide sacramental programs for students and assist in the development of their lives
           within the church.

Page 8

St. Patrick’s Catholic Church

53 Wellington St.
(Downtown Cambridge – Galt)
Cambridge, Ontario
N1R 3Y6
Phone: 623-3773 Fax: 623-6526

                                      Father Franjo Sprajc

                    Mass Times at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church:

                                   Saturday: 7:15 p.m.

                           Sunday: 9:00 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.
                     (Children’s Liturgy for ages 4 through 7 at 11:00 a.m.)

(For the sacraments of First Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation, the parish requires
                          a copy of the student’s baptismal certificate.)

Page 9
                                            SAFETY ISSUES


Access to school is controlled before school begins, during recesses and lunch hour and after school. If
students need to enter the school during these periods, they need to ask an adult supervisor on yard
supervision to assist them in obtaining an Entry Pass for the school. They are asked to use the rear
entrance to the school.

Students are assigned specific doorways to enter and to exit the school. This ensures efficient traffic flow
and personal safety for all age groups. Students are reminded not to use the front entrance of the school
building. All entry and exit doors besides the front entrance doors are kept locked during the day for the
safety of the students. Adult visitors are asked to use the front entrance of the school. Upon arrival, all
visitors are requested to advise staff of their presence in the main office and if necessary to sign their
name in our Sign In/ Sign Out Book. All visitors/volunteers and Board personnel to the school must
possess and display the proper identification, either a “Volunteer Button” or “Visitors Pass.” We are
encouraging parents and guardians to seek permission to enter our school playground while students are
out for lunch and recess breaks. Please make this request at the office or approach a yellow-vested,
supervisor on the school yard. Unidentified adults on the school yard without consent or permission
cause alarm for students and supervisors.


Students who ride their bicycles to school must observe the following rules:

       -   In an effort to ensure the safety of all students, cyclists must WALK their bikes from the
           sidewalk onto school property.
       -   When walking and parking the bike, students should remain on the sidewalks. They must
           observe general traffic safety and must avoid the parking lots.
       -   Park the bike in the bike rack and lock it. Do not leave the bike at school overnight. The
           school cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen bicycles
       -   Wear a CSA approved bicycle helmet.
       -   All bikes require a bell by law.
       -   All students using roller blades, skateboards, scooters and heelies must remove or dismount
           them when entering school property

                                       BUS TRANSPORTATION

                       Mother Teresa Catholic School is the designated school for the Mattamy Homes
                       Subdivision. Parents of these students are to regularly review and process the
                       “Bus Transportation Rules and Regulation Handbook” with their children. Bus
                       riding and transportation is considered a privilege and all rules and regulations for
                       bus safety must be strictly adhered to. Students should always be using their
assigned bus and sitting in their assigned seat. Any changes in the drop off and pick up points of
students must be forwarded to the Bus Transportation Department for approval. Any misuse of bus
transportation by students, may constitute removal from bus riding privileges and/or even suspension.
However, school buses are regularly required for class trips. Students riding the bus must observe the
rules as directed by the teacher and bus driver. Consequences will depend on the nature of the
student’s misbehaviour.

Page 10

             Students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of co-curricular activities. We
             extend appreciation to all staff and parents/guardians who freely volunteer their time and
                  talents to provide these opportunities for our students. Activities range from a variety of
                   sports, music, choir, drama, dance etc... This year we continue have the PALS
                  Program offered at our school which has PALS leaders engaging our younger students
                 in games of low organization on our playground during recess periods. “There’s
Always Room for One More”. Participating in these activities offers students the opportunity to increase
skills, enhance personal responsibility and also develop team and leadership skills. Students in grades 4
to 8 who wish to participate in co-curricular activities will agree to the commitment guidelines developed
by their coaches / teachers.


Severe weather conditions, disruption of essential services such as heat, light, water or
accidents such as fire could cause the closure of the school.

The following local radio stations are used to broadcast information about bus
cancellations and/or school closings. As well, our Board website, provides up to date
information on weather and school closures. You can tune into one of the following stations to obtain up-
dated information on possible closings. Please do not contact the school. The phone lines will be
needed to enact the “school closure procedures”.

               KOOL FM Kitchener                     FM 105.3
               ARE 109 Kitchener                     AM 1090
               CKGL Kitchener                        AM 570
               CHYM Kitchener                        FM 96.7
               AM 96 Cambridge                       AM 960
               The Zone Cambridge                    FM 92.9

Since telephone service is relied upon as a means of emergency communication for hundreds of
students, we request that all families make arrangements for supervision in advance and keep
emergency contacts and emergency phone numbers up to date with the school. All families are provided
with the Emergency Procedures and Dismissal Form in October. This form needs to be completed
and returned to the school as directed. Immediately inform the teachers of any changes to this form
throughout the year. Please ensure that the student, to the best of his/her ability, understands the
advance arrangements that have been made. In the situation of an Emergency school evacuation
for any reason, Saginaw Public School is our designated evacuation site.


Mother Teresa Catholic School has an Emergency Response Team made up of staff within the school.
They are designated to react and respond to emergency situations. These emergencies could include
student injury, intruders, dangerous animals, severe weather and emergency evacuations.
If the student becomes ill or injured at school, a parent or emergency contact will be called and asked to
give staff instructions on how to proceed. In the event that staff is unable to reach parents/guardians or
the designated emergency contact, and the situation appears serious, the student will be transported to
the hospital with staff accompaniment. Parents/guardians are asked to keep the school informed at any
time throughout the school year of any change in their telephone or emergency contact numbers.

Page 11
                                          HEALTH FORMS & MEDICATIONS

                   Each September a “Student Information Verification Form” containing a section for
                   any health related issue, is to be completed for each student and returned to the
                   school. Parents should inform the student’s teacher and the school secretary of any
                   changes affecting the child’s health during the school year.

                     The policy of the school board forbids the dispensing of medication to students
without the signed permission of the parent/guardian as well as a copy of the prescription. A medication
log will be kept at the school. This log will provide a record of when the medication is given and by
whom. The medication must be kept in the school office in its original pharmacy dispensing container
with proper identification, prescribed name of drug and dosage and doctor’s name.

If a student is well enough to attend school he/she will be asked to go outside for recess. As well,
the student will be required to participate in physical education classes. Please be aware of this policy
when sending children to school who are recovering from an illness. It is vital that you not send
ill children to school until they are fully recovered. Given our present vigilance around the H1N1
Virus and Flu, you are strongly encouraged not to send children who present flu symptoms to


Students may bring sports equipment to school for personal use during recess and lunch
hour. Certain items are considered unsafe and cannot be permitted on school property.

These items include: Skateboards, GT Racers, hard toboggans, squirt water ‘guns’, hockey
sticks, heelies, hard balls and hard rubber “bouncy balls”. Roller blades and “Roller shoes- Heelies”
must be removed while on school property. Scooters must not be ridden on school property and students
are asked to fold and store them properly. Students must avoid the staff parking lot and the visitor
parking lot at all times.

We abide by a Litter-less Lunch Policy here at our school where litter is not to accompany students
outside. They will be provided numerous opportunities to consume snacks and drink during nutrition
breaks in their classroom. Students are asked to take responsibility for their school property by keeping
the schoolyard clean. All students are strongly encouraged to deposit all food wrappers, food leftovers
and garbage in containers in their classrooms before they go outside. Please refrain from sending sugar
products i.e. pop, candy, as these attract bees and insects if not properly dispensed as well as the
potential to damage carpets if spilled. IT IS STRONGLY ENCOURAGED THAT POP NOT BE SENT

Adults are on yard duty supervision from 8:20 – 8:35 a.m., during AM and PM recess, during the lunch
hour and after school. During inclement weather, students will be allowed into the school at 8:20 am.
The school has a policy in place for indoor recesses as well. Students who go home for lunch on
inclement weather days are encouraged to stay at home until just before bell time. This helps to reduce
the number of students in classes that need to be supervised.

Page 12

The WCDSB and Mother Teresa Catholic School have taken up the
challenge to adhere to a Legislated Nutrition Policy that promotes good
health and nutritional eating habits for our students. Classrooms are
committed to educating students about nutritional food choices so that
they will be armed with the knowledge to live a healthy life style. As
well, we will continue to monitor our practices at the school so that we
both model and promote nutritional eating habits. The food choices we
make range from Maximum Nutritional Value to Minimal Nutritional
Value as indicated by the following criteria:

   Maximum Nutritional             Moderate Nutritional             Minimal Nutritional Value
         Value                           Value
                                                                 Very low amounts of essential
 Part of Canada’s Food           Lower amounts of               nutrients and fibre
  Guide                            essential nutrients and       Too high in unhealthy fats
 Higher in essential              fibre                         High in added sugars and added
  nutrients and fibre             Higher in unhealthy fats       salt
 Lower in unhealthy fats          and contain added             Usually not part of the four food
 Little or no added sugar or      sugars or salt                 groups
  salt                                                             Examples: soft drinks, hot
Examples: fruit, milk,          Examples: bagel, orange            dogs, cup cakes, candies
sandwich (whole wheat           juice, pretzel
bread), vegetables

1. Our school will model eating only those foods that have maximal or moderate
nutritional value in our lunch and hot food day programs. We will be participating in a Milk
Program, Pizza Days and Hot Food Lunch program offered by Gateway Gourmet this year to be
run and monitored by School Council and School Administration.
2. We are permitted only 10 “identify school events” where “minimal nutritional value”
foods are being offered to our students (i.e. Classroom Christmas Celebrations the day
before the Christmas Break, Cake Walk for Kids Ability) and School Staff will have to identify
these dates and submit them to the WCDSB.
3. School Staff are not to reward students using food item treats of “minimal nutritional
value.” We are challenged to use many other wonderful means to affirm and reward students
(i.e. stickers, extra computer time, etc.)
4. Birthdays – Parents are not to deliver treats or “minimal nutritional value” food items
to their child’s classroom on their birthday. This practice is a sensitive one for many
reasons: First, the safety of all our students as it relates to anaphylaxis and life threatening food
allergies. Our school strives to build and model community and it is difficult to feel like a
community when a child must pass on treats delivered to the class in order to stay safe.

Page 13
Similarly, it is actually a small number of parents who deliver birthday treats to the school and it
is extremely difficult for the other children when their birthday comes around and because of
work schedules, lack of time or money, etc. – their birthday is not honored in the same way.
Thanks for your understanding on this issue.
5. You are welcome to pack a treat or “minimal nutritional value” food item in your child’s
lunch! The intent of the policy is to model and increase the nutritional habits and safety of our
children and have each family alone determine and guide the eating habits of that child.
Accordingly, we respect and welcome a family’s decision to pack a special treat or “minimal
nutritional value” food items in their child’s lunch if they so decide (Please continue to monitor
ingredients so that they are nut and peanut free- thanks).

6. Snack While You Work! Students at Mother Teresa Catholic School who get hungry
during instructional time will be encouraged to attack their hunger with a “maximal
nutritional value” snack in their lunch. Classroom teachers will monitor this practice and
provide ample opportunities for students to consume snacks in their classrooms. We adhere to
a Litter-Less Lunch Policy where snacks and thus wrappers do not accompany students outside
to the yard. All litter is to be deposited in the waste basket in their classrooms. There are no
waste bins outside on our playground which cuts down on the amount of litter on our yard, the
presence of bees and wasps hovering around them and furthermore reduces the possibility of
vandalism after school hours. Furthermore, students will be allowed to fill and re fill water
bottles for use in their classrooms.
Thanks for partnering with us to promote greater nutritional health - your support is greatly
appreciated and more information and nutritional tips are forthcoming each month in the

Page 14
Students are strongly encouraged not to bring electronic devices such as cell phones, I Pods and
electronic games to school. The use and possession of these devices on school property may prove to
be a distraction during instructional and non-instructional times. They should be contained in school
bags and not in classrooms and should not be used while on school property. Furthermore, the monetary
value of these devices makes them enticements to perhaps theft, damage and misuse. The school will
not assume liability or responsibility for what ever may happen. Students who need to use the school
phone to contact parents for any reason may do so with the permission of their teacher. Parents who
wish to make contact with students can do so through the office. We have always stressed as a school
community, that highly valued items and possessions are better left at home. Again, we will not assume
responsibility for the theft or damage of these expensive items which are better left at home. Their
existence and presence at school only compounds the responsibility and care needed to ensure their
security and safety. Use of cell phones during class hours on school property will constitute the item
being confiscated by staff and administration and then returned at the end of the day. Repeated failure
to adhere to these provisions will constitute parents being contacted to discuss the habitual neglect of
student duty to adhere to this policy.


                              Mother Teresa Catholic School believes that many valuable learning
                               experiences can and need to occur away from the usual classroom. On all
                                school excursions, behaviour expectations are the same as the expectations
                                at school. It is imperative that parents/guardians sign the proper excursion
                                form sent home by the teacher. Hand written notes and verbal
permission are not acceptable forms of permission for school excursions. If the form is not
returned, the student will not be permitted to participate in the excursion. In most cases, there are
costs involved for trips for transportation and admission. All efforts are made to keep these costs to a
minimum and we will strive to ensure that no child will ever miss out due to the lack of funds.
Occasionally, teachers will require parents to drive students. Volunteer drivers must fill out a WCDSB.
form stating they have a minimum of $1,000.000.00 in public liability insurance. If parents or guardians
have any concerns in this regard, they should contact the teacher or principal directly. In some
instances, volunteers will be asked to sign an “Offence Declaration Form” prior to the excursion.


Parking on school property is designated for WCDSB staff and Emergency
Service Personnel only between 8:20 am and 3:05 pm daily. Vehicles will not
have access to school property while students are arriving and departing from
school. This includes morning, lunchtime and afternoon dismissal. When
picking up or dropping off your child/ren, please use the safe areas located in
front and around the school. Please do not use the Emergency Zone located
directly in front of the school building. These areas are regulated by City of
Cambridge staff and must be kept clear for emergency vehicles and bus loading. City Bylaw Officers will
enforce this bylaw and issue tickets if necessary. The reduction of traffic on school grounds will ensure
the safety of our students during these busy periods. Please respect our gated entrance throughout the
school day and please respect the willingness of our patrols and gatekeepers to do their jobs well!!

Page 15
                              MINISTRY, BOARD AND SCHOOL

                                         STUDENT CONDUCT


In its Code of Student behaviour, The Waterloo Catholic District School Board expresses the philosophy
that “the faith environment of our schools provides a necessary ground for the development of genuine
Christian values, discipline and behaviour. Schools should be a preparation for life. As Catholic
educators, we have a moral and legal responsibility to help our students become mature Christians and
good Canadian citizens. Students must be exposed to the general principles of law, order and discipline,
which are necessary for life in society.

To establish a framework for principals and school staff to demonstrate non-tolerance for acts of violent
behaviour by taking positive, constructive, considerate and immediate action in compliance with the
Education Act, the Safe Schools Act, the Child and Family Services Act, The Young Offenders
Act and The Criminal Code of Canada.

Policy Statement:
In recognizing that violent behaviour is not only illegal but also contrary to the Gospel-based Catholic
values advocated in the Board’s belief statement, the Waterloo Catholic District School Board upholds
the position that no form of violent behaviour is acceptable on school property or in school-sponsored or
related activities. The Board, in cooperation with its staff and appropriate community agencies, will
design activities to promote a positive, safe and secure environment through the development of
strategies to improve self-esteem, self-discipline, non-violent conflict resolution and mutual respect.

Definition: Violent behaviour is defined as any aggressive behaviour that jeopardizes the safety of, or
climate for, an effective learning and working environment.

 1.    In order to foster and maintain a safe environment for its students, staff and community, the Board
      will implement effective measures to deal with violence and crises in schools. These measures will
      include the development of preventative procedures, early intervention procedures and the
      administration of disciplinary action in accordance with the Education Act, the Safe Schools Act,
      WCDSB Policy and other legislation.

 2. The Board will not tolerate the following behaviour on school property, in school-sponsored or
    school-related activities irrespective of where they may occur:
    Under the influence, use, possession, or sale of alcohol or illicit drugs
    Possession, sale or use of weapons or imitations which are intended to be used to threaten harm
    Any physical assault, sexual assaults, threats of assault or intimidation of others, teachers or
      persons in a position of authority
    Any individual or group displaying a pattern of delinquent or disruptive activity deemed conduct
      injurious to the moral tone of school or others
    Any harassment or bullying (electronic included) and sexual, ethno cultural or racial abuse or
    Any use of profane or improper language or verbal abuse

Page 16
          Dissemination /publication of material (electronic or otherwise) impacting well being of students
           and staff or sexually explicit material
          Theft or Robbery
          Willful Destruction of School Property
          Habitual Neglect of Duty
          Persistent Opposition to Authority
          The school will respond in partnership with other agencies when appropriate.
    3.   The principal will consistently communicate these expectations and consequences to the school
         community through newsletters, student assemblies, announcements and School Council

                                 Safe Schools Act AND Student Discipline
On February 1st, 2008 the Safe Schools Act was replaced by an amendment to the Education Act
focused on Progressive Discipline and School Safety (Bill 212). The new act allows schools to continue
working with students, families and agencies in helping young people who have violated school rules.
Serious offences leading to criminal charges will continue to be dealt with through the School
Board/Police Protocol. For further information on the Progressive Discipline and School Safety Act you
can connect to the Ministry of Education website
( or learn more at regarding our board programs.

What does this Act mean for students and schools?
   Schools will continue to work with families and students to ensure a safe and inviting learning
   Schools will continue to use a full range of options to find the most effective way to help student
      correct behaviours that get in the way of their learning or that of other students.
   Schools will continue to focus on “progressive” discipline (that is, starting with the lower end of
      consequences and working up to more serious ones, depending on the offence).
   Bullying (including cyber bullying on the Internet) is now an infraction for which suspension must
      be considered.
   Students can be consequenced for actions or behaviours that take place off school property and
      outside of the regular school activities if they impact the climate of the school.
   Students must be offered a program if they are suspended for 6 days or longer (maximum of 20
      days). The program must have an academic component and, if it is for 10+ days, a component
      that helps the student with social-emotional issues.
   Students must be offered (and must complete) a program for expelled students before they can
      return to regular school attendance. Our expelled students will participate in an expulsion
      program in partnership with the WRDSB.

Overview of Bill 157: “Keeping Our Kids Safe at School : (New Legislation: 2010)
    Requires all board employees to report to the principal of any student activity that may lead to suspension or
     expulsion as soon as reasonably possible
    Requires all board employees who work directly with students to respond to incidents that may have a negative
     impact on school climate ie. racist or sexist comments
    Requires all board employees to report in a timely manner any student activity that may lead to suspension or
     expulsion through the Safe Schools Incident Reporting Form which may become part of a student’s record
    Overall intent is for all board employees to respond to incidents in timely fashion and to stem incidents of
     bullying defined as, “ a form of repeated and aggressive behaviour directed at an individual or individuals that is
     intended to cause (or should be known to cause) fear and distress and/or harm to another person’s body,
     feelings, self-esteem, or reputation. Bullying occurs in a context where there is a real or perceived power

Page 17
                                            SCHOOL, BOARD AND MINISTRY
                                        CODE OF CONDUCT: FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL
It is our goal at Mother Teresa Catholic School that students learn and grow in an environment in which they can develop self-
control and the ability to cooperate with others, model the example of Blessed Mother Teresa, and strive for academic excellence.
Our Mother Teresa Catholic School Code of Behaviour outlines specific expectations for our students.

                                                                                 NEGATIVE                         POSSIBLE
GENERAL EXPECTATION                                     REASON
                                                                                 BEHAVIOUR                        CONSEQUENCES
All students are expected to comply with      To ensure that all students can    Misbehaviour, which reflects        A variety of incremental
all policies and rules of the Waterloo        attend a safe and secure           disrespect for policies, rules       consequences depending on
Catholic District School Board, the           school that promotes faith,        and spirit of our school.            the nature of the
Education Act, Student Conduct Code           service and academic                                                    misbehaviour.
and the Provincial Code of Conduct.           excellence.                                                            Conflict Resolution strategies
                                                                                                                      will be included in all
                                                                                                                      behaviour processes.
Property Usage: Students are expected         To ensure that needed              Destruction of property such        Teacher/Student Interview
to treat school and property of others with   materials do not continue to be    that it (them) needs replacing      Parent Contact/Interview
respect.                                      lacking due to misuse and/or       and/or repair.                      Item Replacement or Repair
                                              vandalism.                                                             Service Hours in the School
                                                                                                                     Principal Involvement
                                                                                                                     Suspension
Treatment of People: Students are             To ensure that our school is a     Students, staff and/or others       Teacher/Student Interviews
expected to treat all people with dignity,    place where all feel respected     are made to feel devalued and       Parent Contact/Interview
respect and equitably.                        and that trust in fair treatment   hurt because of personal            Verbal Warning
                                              is valued.                         characteristics, i.e. race,         Loss of Privileges
                                                                                 gender, cultural bias, etc.         Suspension
                                                                                         NEGATIVE                 POSSIBLE
GENERAL EXPECTATION                                     REASON
                                                                                        BEHAVIOUR                 CONSEQUENCES
Service: Students at Mother Teresa are        To ensure that we offer            Poor attitude toward the            Community Service
expected to be of service in our              assistance and positive action     helping of fellow students,         Teacher/Student Interview
community.                                    for all members.                   staff and/or other community        Loss of Privileges
                                                                                 member, i.e. refusal to
                                                                                 participate in the service
                                                                                 aspect of our school.
Academic Excellence: Students are             To ensure that all students        Students whose work                 Detention
expected to strive for high academic          reach their highest level of       consistently reflect less           Loss of Privileges
achievement.                                  functioning.                       achievement than capability.        Parent/Teacher Interview
                                                                                                                     Principal Involvement
Excursions: Students are expected to          To ensure that all students        Students who endanger the           Return to School
apply the same rules of behaviour on all      benefit equally from               safety and/or learning process      Parent Contact
school-related outings.                       educational opportunities off      for others on school outings.       Suspension
                                              school property as well.
Playground: Students are expected to          To ensure that break times         Students who consistently           Student/Teacher Interview
act in a safe and participatory manner on     and less structured activities     play and act in an aggressive       Suspension
the schoolyard.                               are safe and fun for all           and/or threatening manner to        Involvement of Outside
                                              students.                          other students/staff.                Personnel
                                                                                                                     Parent Contact
                                                                                                                     Police Involvement
                                                                                                                     Loss of Privileges
Dress Code: Students are expected to          To ensure that Catholic values     Students whose appearance           Home to Change
dress in an appropriate way for               and respect for all are            and/or dress go against good        Suspension
attendance in a Catholic school.              demonstrated.                      Catholic values and/or              Student/Teacher Interview
                                                                                 community sensitivities.            Loss of Privileges
Language: Students are expected to            To ensure that all persons feel    Students who constantly and         Teacher/Student Interview
speak in a Christian manner to all in the     valued and respected by our        consistently use profane            Principal Involvement
school community.                             speech.                            and/or inequitable language to      Parent Contact
                                                                                 harass others.                      Suspension
Conflict Resolution: Students are             To ensure that a good problem      Students who continue to use        Suspension
expected to use the principles of good        solving model is used to           aggression, in word and             Loss of Privileges
Conflict Resolution to resolve disputes.      resolve conflict and creatively    action, to solve conflicts.         Parent Contact
                                              problem-solve solutions.                                               Police Involvement

Transportation: Students are expected         To ensure safety and a good        Students who endanger the           Parent Contact
to put into practise all school rules while   learning process for all.          safety and/or learning              Suspension
riding a school bus or other school                                              environment of others.              Student/Teacher Interview
sponsored form of transportation.

 Page 18
Page 19
Page 20
                                (IN EFFECT FOR ALL STUDENTS IN GR 1-8)

We expect that all students will dress in clean, neat and practical clothing for their learning environment.
Students are to dress in a fashion that is modest and reflective of a member of a Catholic school
community. Good judgment and respect for others is the criteria for acceptable dress. While we
recognize the right of parents and students to express themselves through their dress, we must reserve
the right to have the final say regarding appropriateness of any clothing worn at school. The Mother
Teresa Catholic School Dress Code is in effect for class trips and other learning opportunities off school
property, unless instructed otherwise. Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately in the winter
months. This includes boots, mitts, hats, etc. STUDENTS MUST ALWAYS BE WEARING SOME FORM
OF FOOTWEAR INSIDE AND OUTSIDE SCHOOL. During the summer months, students are
encouraged to use sunscreen and wear caps or hats for outdoor
 play. Students must have shoes for inside use other than those worn outside during the winter. Parents
are asked to label vital articles of clothing and school bags.

The following guidelines will be useful when choosing clothing that help promote a positive, Christ-
centered educational environment:
   1. Clothing with any obscene, derogatory or inappropriate writing or pictures is prohibited. Clothing
        must not have improper slogans on them and they must cover the entire upper torso.
   2. Shirts or blouses must cover the torso completely (no spaghetti straps or halters, muscle shirts,
        tube tops, tummy tops and cut-off T-shirts). Clothing is not to be tight fitting and revealing.
        Sleeveless tops must be to the edge of the shoulder and have a respectful neckline.
   3. Hemmed shorts and skirts need to be modest (mid thigh or longer). No cut off shorts, ragged
        shorts, short shorts or spandex shorts is permitted.
   4. Pyjama flannel pants are to be worn at home only unless instructed otherwise i.e. theme days.
   5. Caps or bandannas are not to be worn inside our school or classrooms unless instructed
        otherwise i.e. theme days.
   6. Undergarments are not to be showing at anytime.
   7. All clothing accessories must be free from symbols and items that promote sex, drugs,
        violence/gangs, and profanity and not be deemed contrary to our Christian teaching. While we
        recognize the right of students to wear clothing accessories, we urge parents and students to
        keep valuables at home as we cannot be responsible for loss or theft.

Page 21
     8. For Physical Education classes, shorts, T-shirt and running shoes (with non–marking soles) are
        appropriate attire. All jewelry (rings, watches, earrings, necklaces, etc.) must be removed for
        physical education activities. Outdoor shoes cannot be worn in the gymnasium.

 Failure to comply with the dress code will result in one or more of the following actions determined by the
 severity of the situation:
      Discussion with student leading to cooperation and change of clothing.
      Phone call to parents/guardians to allow student to be sent home to change
      Parent phone call/meeting if habitual, non – compliance continues
      Suspension
 At all times, the final decision regarding the dress code will be at the discretion of the Principal or Vice

                                    PARENTAL CONSENT & WAIVERS
During any school year, students are photographed. These pictures could appear on bulletin board displays, for
special recognition, to accompany projects outside the school, etc. To allow us to use these pictures, we must have
parental consent. A permission form is sent home at the beginning of the school year. Please sign and return this
form to the school upon its receipt. As a school policy, we do not encourage the taking of student photographs for
the intent purpose of displaying them in class or school newsletters or our school website.

                                REPORTING AND COMMUNICATING
                             ACHIEVEMENT REPORTS AND INTERVIEWS
 The Ontario Ministry of Education has revised the format and timelines for reporting student achievement to parents
 and guardians. Provincial report cards will now be issued in February and June. An Interim Progress
 Report will be issued in November. The Elementary Progress Report issued in November will report on the
 development of learning skills and work habits as well as student general progress in working towards achievement
 of the curriculum expectations in all subjects.
 The Elementary Provincial Report Cards issued in February and June will report on student achievement of
 curriculum expectations in two time frames and as well will report on student development of learning skills and
 work habits during those periods. These reports provide parents/guardians and the students with an opportunity to
 celebrate successes and to set new goals. The comments on this page assist the student, teacher and
 parents/guardians in setting positive goals for the following term.

  The Ministry of Education and Training requires that a section of each Progress and Provincial Report Card be
 signed by a parent or guardian and student, and returned to the school promptly. Each report card allows an
 opportunity for parents and students to comment on their achievement and identify new goals. This copy is kept in
 the student’s OSR. The comments on this page assist the student, teacher and parent in setting positive goals for
 the following term.

 Mother Teresa Catholic School staff meets with the parents of students several times throughout the year. We feel
 that it is important for ALL parents to speak personally to the teachers about the progress of their child. These
 meetings can provide both parent and teacher with information that could be critical to the academic success of the
 child. Formal interviews are scheduled in November following the release of the Interim Progress Report. Each
 teacher sends home information as to the time and place of the parent/teacher interview.

 You may discuss your child’s work with the teacher at any time during the year. Please feel free to contact the
 teacher to make an appointment to meet or visit the classroom throughout the school year. Opportunities are also
 made to visit your child’s classroom and teacher during “Meet the Teacher Night” and “Education Week”.

 Page 22

Students in the upper junior and intermediate grades are encouraged to discuss issues with the teacher
themselves. This helps them to develop independence and it enhances their self-esteem.

Some issues may require a parent’s involvement. The following steps will assist you in communicating
your concerns in a positive and constructive way.

Note: Unscheduled, “off the cuff” type of interviews are discouraged particularly at the beginning of the day
as teachers are involved in classroom readiness activities. At this time we ask parents to refrain from
coming into the school without an appointment, thus, maximizing the best possible start to the school day
 for our students.

                          SCHOOL USE OF COMPUTER AND INTERNET

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board is committed to providing all users with access to
computers and the Internet. All students and personnel shall be responsible for appropriate use
and behaviour on Board computers and networks. They will observe standards of common
courtesy and respectful behaviour consistent with the practices and policies of the Board and
our school when sending or publishing messages or other information on the Internet. The use
of computers and the Internet shall be in support of educational endeavours and be consistent
with the curriculum objectives of the Board and school. Any activity deemed inappropriate or in
violation of Board and school standards and policy may lead to removal or suspension of
privileges. All students and personnel at Mother Teresa Catholic School will be required to sign
an Informed Consent Form to use school computers and have access to the Internet.

Page 23

Notebooks must be maintained in a neat, clean and organized manner. Textbooks must be cared for in
the same manner and must not be defaced in any way. Students who misplace or deface materials
provided by the school will be required to replace them. In the case of textbooks, this can be a costly
experience. Please handle all resources with care.


Students are given the privilege of using the library resources. All library resources
must be checked out and treated with respect. If there is an overdue book, students
may not take out more resources until the book has been returned or renewed.
Renewal can only be done if the book is brought directly to the library and given to the
Books that are lost or damaged must be paid for before students will be allowed to check out another
book. Unresolved items may result in loss of library privileges or computer use.

Students in Junior Kindergarten to Grade 2 are allowed one (1) book at a time. Students in Grade 3 - 8
are allowed two (2) books at a time.

Below are several rules for taking good care of library books.

                                                      3. Keep books           4. Keep books away from
    1. Don’t leave your     2. Keep your             away from pets!            babies and little kids!
    books in your car!      books inside!

                                                     7. Protect your books         8. Don’t mix your
   5. No EATING               6. Be sure your         from bad weather!            schoolbooks with
   while READING!!            hands are clean!                                     your books at home!

 9. Don’t take your book   10. Remember your        11. Never lay your book    12. Store your books in your
 out of your backpack on   library day and bring    face down. Always use a    backpack when you’re finished
 the school bus!           your books back on       bookmark to save your      reading them!
                           time!                    place.

Page 24
                                               Waterloo Catholic District School Board
                                                    COMMUNICATIONS GUIDELINES

 1. Trustee, supervisory officer, executive
 assistant receives an inquiry about an                       1. The trustee, supervisory officer, executive administrative assistant,
 incident, school related matter, et cetera.                  or the Principal receiving an inquiry will direct the person to contact the
                                                              teacher except as outlined in the notes below.

2. Trustee, supervisory officer,                                    1. Speak to                                       Issue
executive administrative assistant                                  the teacher.                                    resolved.
records the name of the individual
making the inquiry, the nature of the
inquiry and directs the person to follow                                                     And/or
                                                                   2. Speak to the                                    Issue
the communication
                                                                      Principal.                                    resolved.
inquiries/concerns process outlined
on the right side of this page..

                                                                   3. Issue not                               Contact the
                                                                   Resolved.                                  Supervisory Officer.

Notes: If the issue deals with transportation, the individual should contact the Transportation Consortium at 519-570-
  If the issue deals with Special Education the individual should contact the Principal first since Special Education
  programming decisions and allocation of Special Education staff are made at the school level. If the Principal cannot
  assist, contact the Superintendent of School Support Services.
If the issue concerns a teacher and the individual has not spoken to the teacher the Principal will ask the person to do
The Principal may request that the inquiry be put in writing.
The Principal may, at any time in the process, involve outside resources from the school board, parish, or community to help resolve
the issue.
School Councils are not forums to discuss teacher-Student-parent issues.
 In order to gather data for monitoring reports to the board, the trustee and executive administrative assistant forward to the
 supervisory officer a written record of the inquiry (either the email, letter or an email outlining the name of the individual who has
 telephoned and the nature of the inquiry the individual has made). The supervisory officer will maintain a list of data for subsequent
 monitoring reports. The supervisory officer will follow-up with trustees indicating the resolution to the inquiry.

  Page 25
                                              SCHOOL LIFE


The concept of a communication book is one that we have instituted to facilitate open and frequent
communication between HOME and SCHOOL.

Every student in the school will have the same type of notebook to use as a method to bring information
back and forth between home and the classroom. Each teacher will set up their individual routine with the
book and will inform you of this.

One of the most important aspects of this book is that when it is brought home, it is to be signed by a
parent and returned to the school the following day. This signature is most important as it signifies your
knowledge of the contents.


The administration at Mother Teresa School will be responsible for maintaining a list of volunteers who
have expressed an interest in helping with various tasks throughout the school. They will assist staff with
matching volunteers to their needs. All volunteers may be asked to attend an Orientation Workshop in
the fall of each school year.

Each classroom teacher may enlist a parent volunteer to act as room rep. The function of this volunteer
is to assist the teacher with activities such as, organizing volunteers for field trips. The room rep may be
asked to complete many of the activities that take teachers away from their classrooms and valuable
teaching time.

Involvement as a volunteer is open to any adult in our community. Adults can assist teachers in the
classroom, listen to children read, help with baking, typing, constructing teaching materials, assist at
sports events, and chaperone trips. The list is almost endless. Parents may wish to volunteer in their
children’s classroom but this is not always in the best interest of the student – especially in the Early
Years classes and occasionally in Primary and Intermediate classes. A child’s behaviour, anxiety level
and attention span may be dramatically affected when a parent is present in the classroom. If the
teacher feels that this may not be in the best interests of the students, the parent volunteer may be asked
to accept an assignment in another area of the school. Volunteers are required in almost every
classroom. No experience is necessary, just a love of children and a desire to volunteer some of your
time. The Waterloo Catholic District School Board will require on “Offence Declaration Form” to be
completed by all volunteers. Depending on the intensity of volunteer duties, a “Criminal Background
Check” may also be required. Time commitments and volunteer assignments are always worked out to
mutually meet the needs of the individual and the school.

All volunteers are asked to wear their name badge and to sign the volunteer
sheet, located in the office. A button that signifies to staff and students that
you are a volunteer must be worn while you are in the school. This ensures
that students are aware (especially Early Years and Primary) that you are a
‘safe’ person in the school.

Page 26
                        TIPS FOR BEING A SUCCESSFUL STUDENT:

1.   Do more than the bare minimum. Your interest in a subject will increase dramatically if you use
     some of the supplementary material recommended by teachers.

2.   Write it down. Putting homework and assignments on paper help you stick to them. Use the
     “Student Planner” for organizing your time.

3.   Ask questions and understand. Before you start your homework or an assignment, make sure
     you know exactly what you need to do. Trying to figure out in the evening what your teacher
     wanted from the assignment is no good.

4.   Always pick a quiet place to study. Turn off the radio or TV and if possible, close the door.

5.   Look at the way you take notes. The most successful students organize their notes
     immediately after taking them, rather than waiting a few days.

6.   Organize and prioritize. Make the most of your available time. Set aside a specific time to do
     homework each day and do it during the time allotted. Then you will have spare time for extra-
     curricular activities.

7.   Do one thing at a time. Focus on one assignment at a time. Jumping from one subject to
     another is distracting.

8.   Take a break. Don’t burn yourself out by waiting until the last minute to study for a test or finish a
     project. Add a few fifteen-minute breaks into your study time. A healthy snack, a quick walk or a
     good stretch will keep you alert and focused.

Page 27
                      SCHOOL YEAR CALENDAR

          September       07:        First Day of School
          October         11:        Thanksgiving Monday
          October         20:        School Picture Day
          November        04:        Interim Progress Report goes Home
          November        05:        Professional Activity Day
          November        9-10:      Reporting to Parents of Student Progress
          December 18—January 2:     Christmas Holidays


          January           03:      First Day Back after holidays
          January           12:      First Reconciliation: Grade 2’s: 7:00 pm.
          January           14:      Professional Activity Day
          February          18:      1st Term Provincial Report Card goes Home
          February          21:      Family Day (Provincial Statutory Holiday)
          February          25:      Holy Confirmation Mass: Grade 7’s
                                      St. Patrick 7:00pm
          March             09:      Ash Wednesday (Lent Begins)
          March             12-20:   Spring/March Break
          April             08:      Professional Activity Day
          April             22:      Good Friday
          April             24:      Easter Sunday
          April             25:      Easter Monday
          May               7        First Holy Communion: Grade 2’s: 3:00 pm
          May               23:      Victoria Day
          May 30- June 1:            Mount Mary/Camp Brebeuf Retreat
                                     Excursion: Grade 8’s
          June              03:      Professional Activity Day
          June              24:      2nd Term Provincial Report Card goes Home
          June              28:      Grade 8 Graduation: Portuguese Club
          June              30:      LAST SCHOOL DAY of CLASSES
                                     (2:05 pm Dismissal)

                             Have a Great School Year!

Page 28

          Notice of Intent to be Absent

          Volunteer Drivers

          Summary of Insurance Coverage

          Administration of Oral Medication

           (2 pages)

          Volunteer Offence Declaration

          Safe & Secure –A Safety Message for
           Parents and Child Care Providers

Page 29
                                     NOTICE OF INTENT TO BE ABSENT

Please note that I am withdrawing                                                  ,
                                            (child/children’s name)

for the period                         to
            (first school day of absence)           (last school day of absence)

for other than medical reasons.

I will take full responsibility for his/her absence from school, and for work or tests
missed during the period of absence.

It is my intent to have my child return to this school at the completion of the
timeline noted.

Date                            (Signature of Parent or Guardian)

(School)                        (Signature of Principal)

       Note: When the student returns, the total number of days he/she was
       withdrawn should be recorded below.

Number of school days withdrawn:

(This form to be placed in the Principal’s files)

Page 30
                        VOLUNTEER DRIVERS

This will authorize
                                       (Name of teacher or other volunteer driver)
1. To transport students participating in the events listed on the attached school schedule:
2. To transport students participating in the following school activity:

3. Vehicle Information: Make            Year           License #
                         Date                                      School Name                 Principal’s Signature
All * “Trip Drivers” including Volunteer Drivers are advised that, in order to bring into effect the Board’s Excess
Insurance, they should:
           a) Use a licensed automobile, which carries valid third-party liability insurance as required under
                legislation in the Province of Ontario.
           b) Provide the Board prompt written notice, with all available particulars, of any accident arising out of the
                use of a licensed automobile during a trip on business of the Board.
           c) Be aware that the Board’s Excess liability insurance comes into effect only after the “Trip Drivers”
                insurance has been exhausted, to a combined total of $20,000,000.
           d) Volunteer drivers must have a minimum of $1,000,000 insurance liability.
N.B.       * A “Trip Driver” is defined as any person authorized by the Board who has agreed to be a driver for a certain trip while they
are driving their own or another licensed automobile (includes trustees, employees, teachers, parents, volunteers and officials of
the Board). Employees of the Board are not required to transport students nor should this be an expectation of staff that volunteer for co-
instructional activities.
1. Declaration to be signed by Driver:
I declare that I am 18 years of age or older and I am fully licensed:
- I am licensed to drive in Ontario and my vehicle is insured by valid automobile liability insurance as required by
      Ontario law.         Insurance Company / Policy Number
- The vehicle is mechanically fit and that there are seat belts in working condition for all passengers.
- Where the vehicle is equipped with passenger-side air bags, I will comply with the advice contained in the
      owner’s manual with respect to the safety of children seated in the front seat.
- When transporting children who weigh less than 18 kg (40 lbs.) appropriate car/booster seats are
      provided and properly secured per manufacturer’s instructions.

                                     Signature                                                       Date
2. Declaration to be signed by the owner of the vehicle (if the volunteer driver does not own the vehicle):
I declare that:
- I have authorized                                 to drive my vehicle
                                                                                         Vehicle make / License Number
    to transport students participating in the school event(s) listed on this form.
-   He/She is 18 years of age or older, properly licensed to carry passengers and is fully insured as a driver
    under the vehicle liability insurance as required by Ontario Legislation.
                                                                                        Insurance Company / Policy Number
-   The vehicle is mechanically fit and that there are seat belts in working condition for all passengers.
-   Where the vehicle is equipped with passenger-side air bags, he/she will comply with the advice contained in the
    owner’s manual with respect to the safety of children seated in the front seat.
-   When transporting children who weigh less than 18 kg (40 lbs.) appropriate car/booster seats are
    provided and properly secured per manufacturer’s instructions.

         Signature                                                   Date

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                               SUMMARY OF INSURANCE COVERAGE

   1. Volunteer Supervisors on School Outings

The Board’s Liability Insurance Policy protects both staff and volunteers who are working within
the scope of their duties for the Board. This coverage responds to lawsuits that are brought
against staff or volunteers who are supervising school events and provides protection up to the
$20 million policy limit.

   2. Volunteer Drivers for school Activities

Ontario Legislation makes Automobile Insurance compulsory in the Province of Ontario.
This same Legislation makes the vehicle insurance primary coverage. In other words,
the insurance on the vehicle responds to claims first.

The School Board’s Liability Policy contains an Endorsement, called the Non-Owned
Automobile Endorsement, which extends coverage to those who are using personal
vehicles on the business of the Board. In accordance with Legislation, this coverage is
excess to the insurance on the vehicle. For example, if an accident occurred while the
vehicle was being operated on a school outing, and the vehicle was insured for $1 million
of liability insurance, and there was a successful suite against the owner of the vehicle
for $3 million, the Board’s liability insurance would respond to the $2 million in excess of
the $1 million carried by the owner.

There is no coverage under this Endorsement for damage to the vehicle itself. It is
liability insurance only.

Passengers who are injured would recover Accident Benefits under their own automobile
policies. Thus, students injured in an automobile accident, would report the injuries to
their parents’ auto insurer. If there is no automobile insurance policy in the family, the
injured passenger would collect benefits under the liability policy in place on the vehicle
in which they were riding at the time of the accident.

   3. Personal Automobile Insurance Coverage

For the personal protection of volunteer drivers, all owners/drivers of private vehicles must carry
a minimum of $1 million of liability insurance. If there is any doubt about the insurance coverage
carried, or the use of the vehicle to transport students, volunteers should review their coverage
with their insurance Brokers.

Page 32
                                    WATERLOO CATHOLIC DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD
                                          STUDENT SERVICES HANDBOOK

                             ADMINISTRATION OF ORAL MEDICATION

                                                                                                        ADMIN. MED-1

Please Note:
1.      It is preferable that all medication be administered by the parent/guardian at home during non-school
hours. The parent/guardian should ask the student’s physician if the medication must be administered during
school hours and/or if an alternative medication could be prescribed that does not require administration during
school hours.

2.         This form, and related board policies, are supported by the Waterloo Region Medical Officer of Health.


         Name of Student:
         Home Address:
         Phone Number of Parent/Guardian: (Home)                           (Work)
         Name of Dispensing Pharmacy:
         Address:                                                         Phone:
         Name of Physician:
         Address:                                                         Phone:

     1. As the parent/guardian of the above-named student, I request and authorize the oral administration to said
     student of the prescribed medication referred to below, using the procedures outlined below, by school personnel,
     who I acknowledge are not medically trained to administer medication.

     2. I understand that no more than one month’s dosage is to be sent to the school at any one time.

3. I understand and accept that if questions arise about administering the medication, the school principal, or
his/her designate, will contact the dispensing pharmacy to clarify the issue; for example, (including without
limitation) whether there is a need to give the medication on an empty or full stomach. I also understand and accept
that if problems arise with the administration of the medication; for example, (including without limitation) refusal by
the student to take the medication, complaints of side effects, or possible allergic reactions, then the school will

Page 33
immediately discontinue further doses and inform the parent/guardian, at the earliest practical opportunity, as to the
nature of the problem. It is then the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to decide if the student’s physician needs to
be consulted to assess whether changes to the prescribed medication and/or administrative procedures referred to
below are necessary. A new copy of this medication form must be completed for any change in the medication
prescribed and/or the administrative procedure referred to below.

  4. I also understand and accept that the school principal can reserve the right to refuse to administer treatment
  to the student if the necessary information is not provided by the parent/guardian.

  5. I confirm that I have asked the student’s physician if the medication must be administered during school hours
  and he/she has so advised.

  6. The information gathered in this form is collected pursuant to the Education Act and the Municipal Freedom of
  Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

  7. The information will be used to assist with meeting the health needs of the student.

  8. If there are any questions about the information gathered on this form, please contact the principal of the
  student’s school

  9. This request will terminate on June 30 of each school year.

  10. I hereby release the school board, its employees and agents from all manner of actions, causes of action,
  suits, losses, damages, or injuries, however caused, arising out of the administration or failure to administer
  medication as provided herein, and I do also hereby indemnify the said school board, its employees or agents for
  any losses or damages sustained by them as a result of such actions or proceedings being commenced against
  them by myself or the student or any other parent or guardian of said student.

  11. I hereby acknowledge that I have read and fully understand the terms set out herein.


                                         Diagnosis/reason for medication:

            Medication(s) Prescribed                            Dosage                   Time of Administration


  Possible side effects (if any):

  Duration of continuing medication(s):

  Parent/Guardian Signature:


  Date Issued: September 1999

Page 34

                                     Volunteer Offence Declaration

I, ___________________________________________ hereby declare that:
                   Please Print

          I have no convictions for offences under the Criminal Code of Canada up to and including
          the date of this declaration for which a pardon has not been issued or granted under the
          Criminal Records Act (Canada).

          I have the following convictions for offences under the Criminal Code of Canada for
          which a pardon has not been issued or granted under the Criminal Records Act (Canada).

OFFENCE:                                                DATE:

OFFENCE:                                                DATE:

DATED this ___________day of ____________200__.

NAME (Print)                                           SIGNATURE


Personal information on this form is collected under the authority of the Education Act and will be
used for administrative purposes as determined in the Procedures for Volunteer Programs in Our
Schools and will be retained only for the current school year. Questions about the collection of this
Information should be directed to the Freedom of Information Officer at the Waterloo Catholic
District School Board 519-578-3660.

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