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Models            Description       Replacement   Models          Description       Replacement   Models            Description         Replacement

ACOUSTIC RESEARCH                                 RC-637-2/A/B       Belt             FR2.0       A-40Z               Belt                  FRX15.2
                                                  RC-638-2B          Belt             FR2.0       A-60Z               Belt                  FRX15.2
A/R Late Models     Belt              FRY23.6
                                                  RC-647             Belt             FR2.0       A-80Z               Belt
                    Belt              SCY6.7
                                                  RC-647-2D          Belt             FR2.0       D-10                Belt                  FRM14.0
AR-XA               Belt              FRY23.6
                                                  RC-647-3B/C/F      Belt             FR2.0       SL-3200             Belt                  FRX23.6
AR-XA-91            Belt              FRY23.6
                                                  RC-950             Belt             FR2.0       SP-65               Belt                  FRX15.2
AR-XB               Belt              FRY23.6
                                                                     Belt             FR2.9       SP-80               Belt                  FRM14.7
AR-XB-91            Belt              FRY23.6
                                                                     Idler,Wheel      IW02        SP-85               Belt                  FRM14.7
Manual              Belt              FRY23.6
                                                   STC-1561M         Belt             FRM10.5     SP-920              Belt                  FRX15.2
                    Belt              SCY6.7
                                                   STC-1571          Belt             FRM10.5     SP-940              Belt                  FRX15.2
X5 Turntable        Belt              FRY23.6.
                                                                     Idler,Wheel      IW11        SP-960              Belt                  FRX15.2
ADMIRAL                                           AIRLINE                                         BOGEN
4ST-6033             Belt             FRM9.7
                                                                                                                      Tire,Special Order    STC2.58
                                                  6227               Belt             0A1.2       B50-15
4ST-6055             Belt             FRM9.7
                                                                                                  B61                 Tire,Special Order    STC2.58
4ST-6066 •           Belt             FRM9.7
5L-5561              Belt             FRM11.2     AIWA                                            B62                 Tire,Special Order    STC2.58
                                                  AF-5050            Belt             FRX25.0     B-61,862,VP-25A     Tire,Special Order    STC2.58
5L-5565              Belt             FRM11.2
                                                  F-5080             Belt             SCX4.3      TT-4                Belt                  FR30.0
5L-5568              Belt             FRM11.2
                                                                     Belt             SCX8.0      TT-5                Belt                  FR30.0
6SR-6056             Belt             FRM9.7
                                                                     Belt             SCY10.5     VP-17               Tire,Special Order    STC2.58
7F's                 Belt             FR2.0
                                                                                                  VP-20               Tire, Special Order   STC2.58
                     Belt             FR2.2
                                                  AKA/                                            VP-25A              Tire,Special Order    STC2.58
                     Belt             FR2.9
98B15-121            Idler,VVheel     IWO5        AP-10-C            Belt             FR23.6
98C15-59             Belt             FR2.0       AP-620/C           Belt             FRX25.0     BSR
                                      FR2.2                          Belt             FRX8.0      011-090             Belt                  FR14.1
98C15-107            Belt                         CS-F14
                                      FRM11.2     GX-77              Belt             FRX22.4     20B/BP/BPX          Belt                  FRM15.2
700-A858-273         Belt
                                                                     Belt             FRX25.0     62SX                Belt                  FRM15.2
700-Al200-406        Idler, Wheel     IW05        X-100D
                                      FR2.2                                                       65SX                Belt                  FRM15.2
1959 Stereo          Belt
4500                 Idler,Wheel      IW05        AMBASSADOR (Allied)                             100BAX              Belt                  FRM15.2
                                      FR7.7                                                       100BPX              Belt                  FRM15.2
45000                Belt                          614                                IW05
                     Idler, Wheel     IW05         625               Idler,Wheel      IW05        200BA               Belt                  FRM15.2
                     Belt             FR2.0                                           IWO5        200BAX              Belt                  FRM15.2
All A2400-001's                                    657A              Idler,Wheel
                                      FR2.2                                           IWO5        320B                Belt                  FRM15.2
                     Belt                          930A              Idler,Wheel
                                      FR2.9                                           IWO5        400                 Belt                  FRM15.2
                     Belt                          A-7766            Idler, Wheel
                                      FR2.0                                                       450                 Belt                  FRM15.2
H-18D                Belt
                                      FR2.9       AM/                                             500                 Belt                  FRM15.2
                                      IW05                                                        550                 Belt                  FRM15.2
KS-71                Idler, Wheel                  D-80 .Belt                         0C9.4
                     Idler,Wheel      IW05                                                        550SX               Belt                  FRM15.2
KS-78                                              E-8      Belt                      0C9.4
                                                                                                  1200                Belt                  FR21.5
KS-481M              Idler, Wheel     IWO5         E-120    Belt                      OC9.4
                                                                                                  4000                Belt                  FRM15.2
KS-488M              Idler, Wheel     IWO5
                                                                                                  AA-50               Belt                  SCX2.6
KS-693               Idler, Wheel     IW05        AR/STAN                                                             Belt                  SCX4.0
RC-60A               Belt             FR2.0        RD-11             Belt             FRZ19.6
                                                                                                  ADC-1500            Belt                  FRX25.0
                     Belt             FR2.9
                                                                                                  AT-100              Belt                  FRY10.7
                     Idler,Wheel      IWO2        AR/STAN AUDIO                                   Accutrac 4000       Belt                  FRM15.2
RC-61/A              Belt             FR2.0                          Belt             SCB21.2
                                                   RD-40                                          C-129               Belt                  FRM10.5
                     Belt             FR2.9
                                                                                                  C-129R1             Belt                  SCX10.7
                     Idler, Wheel     IW02        ARVIN                                           C-141R1             Belt                  FRM11.5
RC-70/A              Belt             FR2.0        37-130-04         Belt             FRX15.2     C-154               Belt                  FRX9.7
                     Belt             FR2.9
                                                                                                  C-163               Belt                  FRM15.2
                     Idler, Wheel     IWO2        AUDIO REFLEX                                    C-164               Belt                  FRM15.2
RC-108               Belt             FR2.0
                                                   MR-110            Belt             F.R23.6     C-165               Belt                  FRM15.2
                     Belt             FR2.9
                                                                                                  C-166               Belt                  FRM15.2
                     Idler, Wheel     IW02
RC-150               Belt             FR2.0       AUDIOTRONICS (ATC)                              C-205               Belt                  FRM15.2
                                                                                                  C-205-4P            Belt                  FRM15.2
                     Belt             FR2.9
                                                   130               Belt             PR10        C-205-24P           Belt                  FRM15.2
                     Idler,Wheel      IW02
                                                                                                  C-206               Belt                  FRM15.2
RC-181               Belt             FR2.0
                     Belt             FR2.9       BANG OLFSEN (BO                                 C-218               Belt                  FRM15.2
                                                                                      FRM12.7     C-234               Belt                  FRM15.2
                     Idler,Wheel      IW02        )1900              Belt
                                                                     Belt (2)         SCX6.7      C-235               Belt                  FRM15.2
RC-200               Bek               FR2.0
                                                                                      FRX35.1     C-248               Belt                  FRM15.2
                     Belt             FR2.9        4002              Belt
                                                                                      SCX4.0      C-350               Belt                  FRM15.2
                     Idler, Wheel     IWO2                           Belt
                                                                                      0A10.1      C-3505X             Belt                  FRM15.2
RC-210               Belt (2)         FR2.0        5000              Belt
                                                                     Belt             0A6.1       ES-11166            Belt                  FRM11.5
RC-211               Belt (2)         FR2.0
                                                                                      FRX11.0     ES-15219            Belt                  FRM12.1
RC-212               Belt (2)         FR2.0        Beocord 8000      Belt
                                                                                      SCX8.6      ES-15719            Belt                  FRM12.1
RC-220               Belt (2)          FR2.0                         Belt
                                                                                      FRX35.1     MCDonald 28A        Belt                  FRM12.1
RC-221               Belt              FR2.0       Beogram 4004    • Belt
                                                                                                  MCDonald RD-8S      Belt                  FRM12.7
RC-222               Belt (2)          FR2.0
                                                  BELL & HOWELL                                   Mark IV             Belt                  FRM15.2
RC-274               Belt              FR2.0
                                                                                                  P-157               Belt                  FRM14.7
                     Belt              FR2.9       B                 Belt             SCA8.9
                                                                                                  P-183               Belt                  FRM15.2
                      Idler,Wheel      IW02
                                                                                                  P-184               Belt                  FRM15.2
RC-300                Belt             FR2.0      BIC                                                                                       FRM15.2
                      Belt             FR2.9                                          FRX15.2     P-186               Belt
                                                   911               Belt
                                                                                                  P-187               Belt                  FRM15.2
                     Idler,Wheel       IWO2        912/C             Belt             FRX15.2
                                                                                                  P-200               Belt                  FRM15.2
RC-322               Belt (2)          FR2.0       914/C             Belt             FRX15.2
                                       FR2.0                                                      P-300               Belt                  FRM14.7
RC-500                Belt (2)'                    916-MP/MPC        Belt             FRX15.2
                                                                                                  P-300-KAX           Belt                  FRM15.2
RC-550                Belt (2)         FR2.0       920               Belt             FRM15.2
                                       FR2.0                                                      P-460               Belt                  FRM14.7
RC-600              - Belt (2)                     960               Belt             FRX15.2
                                       FR2.0                                                      Quanta 60MX         Belt                  FRM15.2
RC-607                Belt                         980               Belt             FRX15.2
                                       FR2.0                                                      Quanta 70MX         Belt                  FRM15.2
RC-607-1A            Belt                          981               Belt             FRX15.2
                                       FR2.0                                                      Quanta 240MX        Belt                  FRM15.2
RC-607-1 B            Belt                         1000              Belt             FRX15.2
                                                                                                  Quanta 255SX        Belt                  FRM15.2
RC-607-4A             Belt             FR2.0       1403              Belt             FRX15.2
                                       FR2.0                                                      Quanta 720          Belt                  FRM15.2
RC-607-6A             Belt                         A-7               Belt             FRX15.2
                                       FR2.0                                                      RTS-28A             Belt                   FRM12.1
RC-637                Belt                         A-8               Belt             FRX15.2
                                       FR2.0                                                      RTS-29              Belt                  FRM12.1
RC-637-1/B/E         Belt                          A-20Z             Belt             FRX15.2
                                                                                                  T-15T               Belt                  FRM15.2

                                                                                                                • = Replacement Belt
                                                                                 BSR            GENERAL ELECTRIC
Make-                               PRB       Make-                                 PRB       Make-                               PRB
Models        Description       Replacement   Models              Description   Replacement   Models         Description       Replacement

                                              1241                  Belt          FRA19.6     MT-6210          Belt              FR23.6
T-145            Belt             FRM13.3
                                              1242                  Belt          FRX20.7     MT-6211          Belt
TB-33            Belt             FRX23.6
                                              1245                  Belt          FRA19.6     MT-6310          Belt              FR23.6
TD-5             Belt             SCA14.1
                                              1246                  Belt          FRA19.6     MT-6410          Belt
TD-8Q-T-15T      Belt             FRM15.2
                                              1249                  Belt          FRA19.6     TT-4191-028      Belt              FRX25.0
TD-8Q-W          Belt             FRM15.2
                                              1256                  Belt          FRY13.1     TX-240           Belt
Tp-8S/W          Belt             FRM12.7
                                              1257                  Belt          FRY13.1     TX-420           Belt
TP-1020          Belt             SCA14.1
                                              1264                  Belt          FRY13.1
CAPEHART                                      C-1268                Belt          FRY13.1     FUJI
                 Belt                         CS-505/-1             Belt          FRY13.1     L-220            Belt              FRX23.6
7004TB                            FRM11.2
                 Belt                         CS-506/-1             Belt          FRY13.1
A-1003M                           FR2.0
                                              CS-528                Belt          FRY13.1     GARRARD
                                              CS-1258               Belt          FRY13.1     5-100            Idler, Wheel      IW11
CAPITOL                                                             Belt                                                         IW11
                 Idler, Wheel                 CS-5000                             FRY25.Q     5-200            Idler,Wheel
 BA-706RT                         IWO5
                                                                    Belt                                                         IW11
                                              M1281-12                            0C18.0      5-300            Idler,Wheel
 CS-421          Idler,Wheel      IW05
                                                                                              6-100C           Idler,Wheel       IW11
 CS-422          Idler,Wheel      IW05
 CT-422          Idler, Wheel     IW05        DYNAVOX                                         6-200C           Idler,Wheel       IW11
                                              835                   Belt          FRM12.7     6-300C           Idler, Wheel      IW11
 SA-406          Idler, Wheel     IW05
                                              DS-9000               Belt          SCX6.2      42-B/M/MP/PS     Idler, Wheel      IW11
 SA-407          Idler, Wheel     IWO5
                                                                                              62               Idler, Wheel      IW11
 SA-408          Idler, Wheel     IWO5
 SA-410          Idler, Wheel     1W05        ELAC                                            70               Idler,Wheel       IW11
                                              CD-43387                            FRX23.6     86-SB            Belt              FRY17.2
 SA-507          Idler, Wheel     1W05                               Belt
                                                                                              125-SB           Belt              FRY17.2
                                              EL EC TROPHONIC                                 440C/M           Idler, Wheel      IW11
CATALINA                                                                                      620S/SP          Idler, Wheel      IW11
 122-1650A       Idler, Wheel     IWQ5        T-17                   Belt         FRX25.0
                                              T-200                  Belt ,       FRX25.0     630S/SP          Idler, Wheel      IW11
 123-446         Idler,Wheel      IW05
                                                                                                               Idler,Wheel       IW11
                                              T-344                  Belt         FRM12.1     640S
 123-4830A       Idler,Wheel      IW05
                                                                                                               Idler,Wheel       IW11
CHANNEL MASTER                                ELECTROSONIC                                    730M/SP          Idler, Wheel       IW11,
                                                                     Belt                     770              Idler, Wheel
 6390            Idler, Wheel      IW05       ELS-200                             FRY23.6
                                                                     Belt                     CC-10            Idler, Wheel       IW11
 6464            Belt              FRX16.9    1-200                               FRY23.6
                                                                                              GT-10            Belt
 6674            Idler, Wheel     .1W05       T-200 Gyrosonic        Belt         FR2.0
                                                                                              GT-12            Belt               FRY17.2
COLUMBIA                                      EMERSON                                         GT-15            Belt
                                                                                                               Belt               FRY17.2
 8003-26         Belt              FR14.1     MC-1434                Belt         FRX20.7
                                                                                                               Belt               FRY17.2
                 Belt              FRM13.3    MC-1700                Belt         FRX20.0
                                                                                                               Belt               FRY17.2
                                              PD-306                 Belt         FR20.5
                                                                                                               Belt               FRY17.2
COLUMBUS                                                                                      GT-250/P/AP      Belt               FRY17.2
 360 Series      Idler, Wheel      IW02       EMPIRE                                          GT-350/A/AP      Belt               FRY17.2
                                              288                    Belt         FRX35.1     OT-355/AP        Belt               FRX16.8
CONCERTONE                                    298                    Belt         FRX35.1     0-100-SB         Belt               FRY17.2
 707             Belt              0A9.0      398A                   Belt         FRX35.1
                                                                                              SP-25MKVNI        Belt              FRY17.2
                                              698                    Belt         FR30.0
                                                                                              SR-2050C          Belt              FRX25.0
CONCORD                                       A-118                  Belt         FRY25.0
                                                                                              SX-60             Belt              FRX16.9
                                              DB-208                 Belt         FRX35.1     X-10              Idler, Wheel      IW11
 BA-300          Belt              FR23.6
                                              DB-408                 Belt         FRX35.1     X-11              Idler,Wheel        IW11
 B0-1000         Belt              FRX25.0
                                              DB-498                 Belt         FRX35.1
                                                                                              X-406             Belt               FRY17.2
                                              DB-508                 Belt         FRX35.1
CRAIG                                                                Belt
 5000            Belt              FR30.0
                                              DB-588                              FRX35.1     GENERAL ELECTRIC (GE)
                                              DB-598                 Belt         FRX35.1
                                                                                                                Idler, Whee       W05
 5101            Belt              FRX25.0                                                    2108A
                                              Dyna-Temp              Belt         FRX35.1
                                                                                                                Idler,Whee        WO5
 5102            Belt              FRX25.0                                                    3190A
                                              Troubador 598          Belt         FRX35.1
                                                                                                                Idler,Whee        W07
 5102-026        Belt              FRX25.0                                                    7596BPN
                                              Troubador 598/III      Belt         FR27.3
                                                                                                                Idler, Whee       W07
CRESCENT                                                                                      A-221             Idler, Whee       WO7
                                              ESQUIRE                                         A-231             Idler,Whee        W07
 250             Idler, Wheel      IWO2
                                               GEN-6230A             Belt
                 Idler, Wheel
                                                                                  FRM10.5     A-235             Idler, Whee       \A/07
 350                               IWO2
                 Idler,Wheel                                                                  A-236/M           Idler, Whee
 500                               IW02
                                              FAIRCHILD                                                                           W07
                                                                                              A-272G            Idler, Whee
                                               70 Stereo             Belt         FRM14.7     A-321             Idler,Whee        W07
 CURTIS MATHES                                 210A                  Belt                                                         W07
                                                                                  FRX35.1     A-332             Idler,Whee
 CM-40            Belt             FRX23.6
                                               333B                  Belt         FRX35.1     A-334             Idler, Whee       W07
 CM-41            Belt             FRX23.6
                                               410                   Belt                                                         W07
                                                                                  FRM14.7     A-335G            Idler, Whee
                                               412                   Belt         FRM14.7     A-337/0/H         Idler,Whee        W07
DA YTRON                                       440                   Belt         FRM14.7                       Idler,Whee        W07
 SX-1000          Belt             FRX35.1     755                   Belt         FRM14.7                       Idler, Whee       W07
                                                                                              A-471 G
                                                                                              A-531/H           Idler,Whee        W07
DUAL                                          FISHER                                          A-5320            Idler,Whee        W07
 502              Belt             FRA19.6     37-13001              Belt          FRX15.2    A-533G             Idler, Whee      W07
 504              Belt             FR20.0      320XA                 Belt          FRX15.2    A-611              Idler, Whee      W07
 506              Belt             FR20.0      MC-3015               Belt          FRX25.0    A-624              Idler,Whee       W07
 510              Belt             FR19.6      MC-4026               Belt          FRM14.7    A-634G             Idler, Whee      W07
 521              Belt             FR20.0      MT-32                 Belt          FRX25.0    A-721              Idler,Whee       W07
 522              Belt             FRY13.1     MT-35                 Belt          FRX23.6    A-722              Idler, Whee      W07
 601              Belt             FRA19.6     MT-100/C              Belt          FRY25.0    A-726              Idler, Whee       W07
 1009             Belt             FR20.0      MT-101                Belt          FRY25.0    A-728G             Idler, Whee       W07
 1010/A/S         Belt             FR20.0      MT-730                Belt          FRY23.6    A-815              Idler, Whee       W07
 1011             Belt             FR20.0                            Belt          SCX4.3     A-816              Idler,Whee        W07
 1014             Belt             FR20.0      MT-750                Belt          SCQ3.0     AA-372G            Idler,Whee        W07
 1015             Belt             FR20.0      MT-6010               Belt          FRX25.0     B-214             Idler, Whee       W07
 1016             Belt             FR20.0      MT-6020               Belt          FRX25.0     B-223             Idler,Whee        W07
 1019             Belt             FR20.0      MT-6030               Belt          FRX25.0     B-227             Idler,Whee        W07
 1209             Belt             FRY25.0     MT-6114               Belt          FR23.6      B-232             Idler,Whee        W07
 1212             Belt             FRY25.0     MT-6115               Belt          FRX23.6     B-233/N           Idler, Whee       W07
 1218             Belt             FRY25.0     MT-6117               Belt          FR23.6      B-321             Idler, Whee       W07
 1237             Belt             FRA19.6     MT-6118               Belt          FR23.6      B-367             Idler,Whee        W07

Make-                                  PRB       Make -                             PRB       Make-                                   PRB
Models             Description     Replacement   Models        Description      Replacement   Models         Description          Replacement

 C-121/H              dler,Whee      W07         D-325G           dler,Whee        W07        PFRC-7681 BWD       dler,Whee         W07
C-161 •               dler,Whee      W07         D-423            dler,Whee        W07        PFRC-7682BMP        dler,Whee         W07
C-163                 dler,Whee      W07         D-424            dler,Whee        W07        PG-373G             dier,Whee         W07
C-168                 dler, Whee     W07         D-425G           dler,Whee        W07        PG-838G             dler,Whee         W07
C-213                 dler,Whee      W07         D-431            dler,Whee        W07        PH-1                dler,Whee         WO5
C-219/H               dler, Whee     W07         D-443            dler,Whee        W07        PH-2                dler,Whee         WO5
C-222                 dler,Whee      W07         D-525            dler,Whee        W07        PK-166              dler,Whee         W07
C-224                 dler,Whee      W07         D-526G           dler, Whee       W07        R-750               dler,Whee         W07
C-225                dler,Whee       W07         DC-943           dler,Whee        W07        R-751G              dler,Whee         W07
C-226/N               dler,Whee      W07         EB-262           diet*, Whee      W07        RB-1831             dler,Whee         W05
C-229                dler,Whee       W07         EC-265           dler,Whee        W07        RC-33A              dler,Whee         WO5
C-263                dler,Whee       W07         ET-2X195         dler,Whee        W07        RC-492BMP           dler,Whee         W07
C-271G               dler,Whee       W07         F-515            dler,Whee        W07        RC-631 BWD/A        dler,Whee         W07
C-314                dler, Whee      W07         F-535G/M         dler,Whee        W07        RC-1109G/H          dler,Whee         W07
C-315                dler,Whee       W07         F-635            dler,Whee        W07        RC-1830             dier, Whee        W05
C-316G               dler,Whee       W07         G-237/G/M        dler,Whee        W07        RC-1970             dler,Whee         WO5
C-322                dler,Whee       W07         G-321            dler,Whee        W07        RC-1990             dler,Whee         W07
C-336/G/H            dler,           W07         G-338/G/H        dler,Whee        W07        RC-3100/C           dier,Whee         WO5
C-343/H              dler,           W07         G-339/G/H        dler,Whee        W07        RC-3110/A/C/D       dler,Whee         W05
C-344/H              dler,Whee       W07         G-421            dler,Whee        W07        RC-3150             dler,Whee         WO5
C-351H               dler, Whee      W07         G-422            dler, Whee       W07        RC-3190A            dler,Whee         W05
C-352H               dler,Whee       W07         G-432            dler,Whee        W07        RC-3200             dler,Whee         W05
C-353/H              dler,Whee       W07         G-442/G/H        dler, Whee       W07        RC-3210C            dler,Whee         W07
C-354G               dler,Whee       W07         G-448G           dler,Whee        W07        RC-3230C            dler,Whee         W05
C-364G               dler, Whee      W07         G-512            dler,Whee        W07        RC-3330A            dler,Whee         W05
C-367                dler,           W07         G-513G           dler,Whee        W07        RC-3331A            dler,Whee         WO5
C-368G               dler,Whee       W07         G-517            dler,Whee        W07        RC-3332A            dler, Whee        W05
C-412                dler,Whee       W07         G-518G           dier,Whee        W07        RC-3430             dler,Whee         W05
C-413G               dler,Whee       W07         G-615            dler,Whee        W07        RC-3530             dler,Whee         WO5
C-414K               dler, Whee      W07         G-626            dler, Whee       W07        RC-4100             dler,Whee         W05
C-440/G              dler,Whee       W07         G-635            dler,Whee        W07        RC-4231A            dier,Whee         W05
C-443                dler,Whee       W07         G-733            dler,Whee        W07        RC-4335A            dler,Whee         WO5
C-465                dler,           W07         G-735G           dler,Whee        W07        RC-4339             dler,Whee         W05
C-493M               dler, Whee      W07         G-831            dler, Whee       W07        RC-4341 B           dler,Whee         WO5
C-521                dler,Whee       W07         G-832            dler,Whee        W07        RC-4531             dler, Whee        W05
C-522/K              dler,Whee       W07         G-835            dler,Whee        W07        RC-4534             dler,Whee         W05
C-523                dler,           W07         G-837            dler,Whee        W07        RC-4535             dler,Whee         WO5
C-524G               dler,           W07         G-846G           dler, Whee       W07        RC-4539             dler,Whee         W05
C-545                dler, Whee      W07         G-908G           dler,Whee        W07        RC-4811             dler,Whee         W05
C-561                dler,Whee       W07         G-909G           dler,Whee        W07        RC-4812             dler,Whee         WO5
C-612/K              dler,Whee       W07         G-922G           dler,Whee        W07        RC-4821             dler,Whee         W05
C-625                dler,Whee       W07         G-923G           dler, Whee       W07        RC-4822             dler,Whee         W05
C-626                dler,Whee       W07         G-925G           dler,Whee        W07        RC-4831             dler,Whee         WO5
C-645                dler,           W07         G-926G           dler, Whee       W07        RC-4832             dler,Whee         W05
C-662/H              dler,Whee       W07         G-927G           dler,Whee        W07        RC-4891A            dler,Whee         W05
C-711                  ler, Whee     W07         G-928/G/H        der Whee         W07        RC-4892A            dler,Whee         WO5
C-712                dler,Whee       W07         G-929/G/H        dler,Whee        W07        RC-5442A            dler, Whee        W07
C-716                dler,Whee       W07         MA-441/G/H       dler,Whee       W07         RC-6531 BWD         dler,Whee         W07
C-717G               dler,Whee       W07         MC-9430A/AB      dler,Whee        W07        RC-6731A/AG/BWD     dler,Whee         W07
C-745/H              dler,           W07         MC-9630          der, Whee       W07         RC-6732A/BMP        dler,Whee         W07
C-777G               dler,Whee       W07         MC-9631 BWD      dler,Whee       W07         RC-6791 BWD         dler, Whee        W07
C-812                dler,Whee       W07         MC-9632BMP       dler,Whee       W07         RC-7000             dler,Whee         W07
C-813                dler,Whee      W07          P-6             Belt             FR2.0       RC-7001/A           dler,Whee         W07
C-818                dler,Whee       W07                         Belt             FR2.2       RC-7130A            dler,Whee         W07
C-823                dler, Whee     W07                          Belt             FR2.9       RC-7200BMD          dler,             W07
C-920G               dler,Whee      WO7          P-14            Belt             FR2.0       RC-7201 BWD         dler,Whee         W07
C-924G               dler,Whee      W07                          Belt             FR2.2       RC-7202BMP          dler,             W07
C-935G               dler,Whee      W07                          Belt             FR2.9       RC-7210BWD          dler,Whee         W07
C-9131BWO            dler,Whee      W07          P-15            Belt             FR2.0       RC-7211BWD          dler,Whee         W07
C-9132BMP            dler,Whee      W07                          Belt             FR2.2       RC-7217BMP          dler,Whee         W07
C-9531BWD            dler,Whee      WO7                          Belt             FR2.9       RC-7230BMP          dler,Whee         W07
C-9731A              dler,Whee      W07          P-16            Belt             FR2.0       RC-7231 BWD           ler, Whee       W07
C-9931A              dler,Whee      W07                          Belt             FR2.2       RC-7232BMP          dler,Whee         W07
C-9939A              dler,Whee      W07                          Belt             FR2.9       RC-73000M P         dler,             W07
CH-44                dler,Whee      W05          P451            Idler,Wheel      W07         RC-7301 CWD         dler,Whee         W07
CH-54 thru CH-67     dler,Whee      W05          P-551           Idler, Wheel     W07         RC-7302CMP .        dler,             W07
CH-70                dler, Whee     W05          P-552           Idler, Wheel     W07         RC-7310CMD/CMP      dler,Whee         W07
CH-72                dler,Whee      W05          P-553G/H        Idler, Wheel     W07         RC-7311CWD          dler,Whee         W07
CH-73                dler, Whee     W05          P-554G/H        Idler, Wheel     W07         RC-7312CMP          dler,Whee         W07
CH-76                dler,Whee      W05          P-591           Idler,Wheel      W07         RC-7330C MD         dler,             WO7
CH-77                dler,Whee      W05          P-741           Idler, Wheel     W07         RC-7331CWD      •   dler,Whee         W07
CH-80                dler,Whee      W05          P-742           Idler,Wheel      W07         RC-7332CMP          dler,Whee         W07
CH-81                dler,Whee      WO5          P-743G/H/J      Idler, Wheel     W07         RC-7431 BWD/A       dler,             W07
CH-82                dler,Whee      WO5          P-744G/H/S      Idler,Wheel      W07         RC-7432BMP/A        dler,Whee         W07
CH-83                dler,Whee      W05          P-760G/H        Idler, Wheel     W07         RC-7436BPN/A        dler,Whee         W07
CH-84                dler, Whee     W05          P-765G          Idler, Wheel     W07         RC-7440A            dler, Whee        W07
CH-90                dler,Whee      W05          P-851           Idler,Wheel      W07         RC-7441/A/AB        dler,Whee         W07
CH-91                dler, Whee     W05          P-852G          Idler, Wheel     W07         RC-7490BML          dler, Whee        W07
CH-92                dler,Whee      W05          P-9600          Idler,Wheel      W07         RC-7491 BWD         dler,Whee         W07
CH-93                dler, Whee     W05          P-971G          Idler, Wheel     W07         RC-7492B M D/BM P    ler, Whee        W07
CH-96                dler, Whee     W05          PA-818G         Idler,Wheel      W07         RC-7530A/AB         dler,             W07
COP-808C             3elt           FRM10.5      PC-462G         Idler,Wheel      W07         RC-7531 BWD/A       dler,Whee         W07
D-264                dler,Whee      W07          PC-562G         Idler,Wheel      W07         RC-7532BM P/A       dler,Whee         W07
D-265                dler,Whee      W07          PC-563          Idler,Wheel      W07         RC-7539BCUA         dler,Whee         W07
D-323                dler,Whee      W07          PC-731 G        Idler, Wheel     W07         RC-7554BCUA         dler,Whee         W07
D-324                dler,Whee      W07          PC-879G         Idler, Wheel     W07         RC-7591/A/BWD       dler, Whee        W07

                                                                                                           * = Replacement Belt
                                                     GENERAL ELECTRIC ... HARMON-KARDON
Make-                                  PRB       Make-                                 PRB       Make -                                PRB
Models           Description       Replacement   Models            Description     Replacement   Models          Description       Replacement

RC-7592BMP          Idler, Whee       W07        RD-41Q-5             dler,Whee      W07         RPX-472GR         Idler,Wheel       W07
RC-75968PN          Idler, Whee       W07        RD-410-6             dler,Whee      W07         S-675/0           Idler,Wheel       W07
RC-7620/0WD         Idler,Whee        W07        RD-410-7             dler,Whee      W07         S-6760            Idler, Wheel      W07
RC-7630A/AB         Idler,Whee        W07        RD-410-8             dler,Whee      W07         S-677G            Idler, Wheel      W07
RC-7631BWD          Idler, Whee       W07        RD-425-1             dler,Whee      W07         SC-876            Idler, Wheel      W07
RC-7632BMP          Idler, Whee       W07        RD-425-2             dler, Whee     W07         SC-971            Idler, Wheel      W07
RC-76518WD          Idler,Whee        W07        RD-425-3             dler,Whee      W07         SC-20058/D        Idler, Wheel      WQ7
RC-7690A            Idler,Whee        W07        RD-425-6             dler,Whee      W07         SC-321013         Idler, Wheel      W07
RC-7691BWD          Idler, Whee       W07        RD-425-7             dler,Whee      W07         SO-32116/C        Idler, Wheel      W07
RC-7692BMP          Idler, Whee       W07        RD-425-8             dler,Whee      W07         SK-3210           Idler, Wheel      W07
RC-7696BPN          Idler, Whee       W07        RD-425-9             dler,Whee      W07         T-262/J           Idler, Wheel      W07
RC-7699BCL          Idler, Whee       W07        RD-425-10            dler,Whee      W07         T-341             Idler, Wheel      W07
RC-7730A/AB         Idler, Whee       W07        RD-500-1             dler,Whee      W07         T-342             Idler. Wheel      W07
RO-7731BWD/A        Idler, Whee       W07        RD-500-2             dler, Whee     W07         T-440/H           Idler, Wheel      W07
RC-7735BWL/A        Idler, Whee       W07        RD-500-3             dler,Whee      W07         T-441/H           Idler, Wheel      W07
RC-7830/A/AB        Idler,Whee        W07        RD-500-4             dler,Whee      W07         T-481             Idler, Wheel      W07
RC-7831BWD/A        Idler,Whee        W07        RD-500-5             dler,Whee      W07         T-641             Idler, Wheel      W07
RC-7836 B PN/A      Idler, Whee       W07        RD-500-7             dler,Whee      W07         T-642             Idler,Wheel       W07
RC-7839BCL/A        Idler,Whee        W07        RD-500-8             dler,Whee      W07         T-643             Idler, Wheel      W07
RC-7899A/AB         Idler, Whee       W07        RD-510-1             dler,Whee      W07         T-6450/H/J        Idler, Wheel      W07
RC-8370A/AB         Idler, Whee       W07        RD-510-5             dler,Whee      W07         1-6460/H          Idler, Wheel      W07
RC-8570A/AB         Idler, Whee       W07        RD-510-6             dler,Whee      W07         T-647J            Idler, Wheel      W07
RD-100B-5A          Idler, Whee       W07        RD-510-7             dler,Whee      W07         1-660             Idler,Wheel       W07
RD-101B             Idler, Whee       W07        RD-525-1             dler,Whee      W07         1-781             Idler,Wheel       W07
RD-102/B            Idler, Whee       W07        RD-525-2             dler,Whee      W07         T-841             Idler, Wheel      W07
RD-103/B            Idler, Whee       W07        RD-525-3             dler,Whee      W07         1-8420/H          Idler, Wheel      W07
RD-104B             Idler,Whee        W07        RD-525-4             dler,Whee      W07         T-845G            Idler, Wheel      W07
RD-105              Idler,Whee        WQ7        RD-525-5             dler,Whee      W07         T-950G/H          Idler, Wheel      W07
RD-111              Idler,Whee        W07        RD-525-6             dler,Whee      W07         T-975G            Idler, Wheel      W07
RD-112              Idler,Whee        W07        RD-525-7             dler,Whee      W07         TC-5441BWD        Idler, Wheel      W07
RD-113              Idler, Whee       W07        RD-525-8             dler,Whee      W07         TC-5442BM P       Idler,Wheel       WO7
RD-115              Idler, Whee       W07        RD-610               dler,Whee      W07         TC-5741/BWD/A     Idler, Wheel      W07
RD-117              Idler,Whee        W07        RD-620               dler,Whee      W07         TO-5749BCLJA      Idler, Wheel      W07
RD-121-1/A/AP       Idler,Whee        W07        RD-630 Series        dler,Whee      W07         TJ-45J            Idler, Wheel      W07
RD-125-2/P          Idler,Whee        W07        RD-640               dler,Whee      W07         TU-45J            Idler, Wheel      W07
RD-125-3/AP         Idler, Whee       W07        RD-720               dler,Whee      W07         V-6300/J/W        Idler, Wheel      WO7
RD-125-4/AP         Idler, Whee       W07        RD-730               dler,Whee      W07         V-631/J/K         Idler, Wheel      W07
RD-200-2            Idler, Whee       W07        RD-740 Series        dler,Whee      W07         V-632             Idler,Wheel       W07
RD-200-4            Idler, Whee       W07        RP-237/WD            dler,Whee      W07         V-633             Idler,Wheel       W07
RD-210-1            Idler, Whee       W07        RP-1114              dler,Whee      W05         V-634             Idler, Wheel      W07
RD-210-2            Idler, Whee       WQ7        RP-1520              dler,Whee      W05         V-637             Idler,Wheel       W07
RD-210-3            Idler, Whee       W07        RP-1530A             dler,Whee      W05         V-666             Idler, Wheel      W07
RD-210-4            Idler, Whee       W07        RP-1531A             dler,Whee      W05         V-681             Idler, Wheel      W07
RD-210-6            Idler, Whee       W07        RP-1550D/E/P         dler,Whee      W05         V-731             Idler, Wheel      W07
Rp-210-7            Idler, Whee       W07        RP-1590C Series      dler,Whee      W05         V-732             Idler, Wheel      W07
RD-210-8            Idler, Whee       W07        RP-1836EV/P          dler,Whee      W07         V-766G            Idler, Wheel      W07
RD-210-9            Idler, Whee       W07        RP-1837BG/BW         dler,Whee      W07         V-831             Idler,Wheel       WO7
Rp-225              Idler, Whee       W07        RP-2020A/B           dler,Whee      WO5         V-832             Idler, Wheel      W07
RD-225-1            Idler, Whee       W07        RP-2040              dler,Whee      W05         V-861             Idler, Wheel      W07
RD-225-2            Idler,Whee        W07        RP-2050.             dler,Whee      W05         V-930             Idler, Wheel      W07
RD-225-3            Id ler, Whee      WQ7        RP-2060              dler,Whee      W05         V-931/H           Idler, Wheel      W07
RD-225-4            Idler, Whee       W07        RP-2100              dler,Whee      W05         V-932             Idler, Wheel      WO7
RD-225-5            Idler, Whee       W07        RP-2101A             dler,Whee      W05         V-933G            Idler, Wheel      W07
RD-225-6            Idler,Whee        W07        RP-2108A             dler,Whee      W05         V-941H/K          Idler. Wheel      W07
RD-225-7            Idler,Whee        W07        RP-2110              dler,Whee      W05         V-942H            Idler, Wheel      W07
RP-300-2            Idler, Whee       W07        RP-2111A             dler,Whee      W05         V-943H            Idler, Wheel      W07
RP-300-3            Idler, Whee       W07        RP-2113A             dler,Whee      W05         YK-028            Id ler, Wheel     W07
RD-300-4            Idler,Whee        W07        RP-2128              dler,Whee      W05
RD-310              Idler,Whee        W07        RP-2131A             dler,Whee      W05         GOLDMUND
RD-310-1            Idler,Whee        W07        RP-2138A             dler,Whee      W05         T-3               Belt              0A19.5
RD-310-2            Idler, Whee       W07        RP-2140              dler,Whee      W05
RD-310-3/A          Idler, Whee       W07        RP-2143A             dler,Whee      W05         GRANT,W.T.
RD-310-4            Idler, Whee       W07        RP-2150              dler,Whee      W05         Most Models       Idler, Wheel      IWO5
RD-310-5            Idler,Whee        W07        RP-2153A             dler,Whee      W05
RD-310-6            Idler,Whee        W07        RP-2158              dler,Whee      W05         GRA Y
RI)-310-7           Idler,Whee        W07        RP-2160              dler,Whee      WO5         PK-33             Belt              FRX35.1
RD-310-8            Idler, Whee       W07        RP-2161A             dler,Whee      WO5
RD-310-9/A          Idler, Whee       W07        RP-2246A/B           dler,Whee      W07         HARMON-KARDON
RD-310-10           Idler,Whee        W07        RP-2266A             dler,Whee      W07                           Belt              FRY22.4
RD-310-11           Idler, Whee       W07        RP-2290              dler,Whee      W07                           Belt              OB14.0
RD-310-12           Idler, Whee       W07        RP-2291A/C           dler,Whee      W07                           Belt              FRY22.4
RD-325              Idler, Whee       W07        RP-2320EB            dler,Whee      W07                                             FRX22.4
                                                                                                 ST-6              Belt
RP-325-1            Idler, Whee       W07        RP-2321BN            dler,Whee      W07                           Belt              OB14.0
RD-325-2            Idler, Whee       W07        RP-2330BN            dler,Whee      W07                           Belt              FRX22.4
RD-325-3            Idler, Whee       W07        RP-2331BG            dler,Whee      W07                                             FRX22.4
                                                                                                 ST-8              Belt
RD-325-4            Idler, Whee       W07        RP-2340EB            dler, Whee     W07                           Belt              0A7.0
RD-325-5            Idler,Whee        W07        RP-23418N            dler,Whee      W07                           Belt              FRY22.4
RD-325-6            Idler,Whee        W07        RP-2345EB            dler,Whee      W07                           Belt              FRY22.4
RD-325-7            Idler, Whee       W07        RP-2346WD            dler,Whee      W07                                             FRX25.0
                                                                                                 1-20              Belt
RD-400-1            Idler, Whee       W07        RP-2360EB            dler,Whee      W07         1-40              Belt              FRX25.0
RD-400-2            Idler,Whee        W07        RP-2361BW            dler,Whee      W07                           Belt              FRX25.0
RD-400-3            Idler, Whee       W07        RP-3346A/B           dler,Whee      W07
RD-400-4            Idler, Whee       W07        RP-3360A/J           dler,Whee      W07
RD-400-5            Idler, Whee       W07        RP-21242A            dler, Whee     W05
RD-400-6            Idler,Whee        W07        RPA-314GN            dler,Whee      W07
RD-410-1            Idler,Whee        W07        RPA-321BN •          dler,Whee      W07
RD-410-2            Idler, Whee       W07        RPA-331BW            dler,Whee      W07

Make -                              PRB       Make -                                    PRB        Make -                                      PRB
Models       Description        Replacement   Models          Description            Replacement   Models              Description          Replacement

HITACHI                                       KD-75F            Belt,Drive             SCX2.4      W-756                  Belt                FRX22.4
                                  FRY22.4     KD-76F            Belt,Drive             SCX2.4      W-757                  Belt                FRX22.4
 HT-20S        Belt
 HT-21         Belt               FRY22.4     KD-77F            Belt,Drive             SCX2.4
 HT-605        Belt               SCX5.1      KD-727            Belt,Drive             SCX7.0      MARANTZ
 HT-61S        Belt               SCX5.1      KD-850            Belt,Drive             SCX4.6      6025                  Belt                 FRX25.0
 HT-65S        Belt               SCX5.1      KO-1033           Belt                   FRY22.4     6050                  Belt                 FRX25.0
 HT-66S        Belt               SCX5.1      KD-1500           Belt                   FRX22.4     6100                  Belt                 FRX25.0
 HT-67         Belt               SCX5.1                        Belt,Drive             SCY5.7      6110                  Belt                 FRX25.0
 HT-68         Belt               SCX5.1      KD-1600/MKII      Belt                   FRY22.4     6200                  Belt                 FRX25.0
 HT-270        Belt               SCX4.6      KD-2000           Belt                   FRY22.4     6370-Q                Belt                 SCX4.6
 HT-320        Belt               FRY22.4     KD-2033           Belt                   FRX23.6     SLT-12                Belt                 FRX35.1
 HT-324        Idler, Wheel       FRY22.4     KD-2055           Belt                   FRX23 .6    SLT-65                Belt                 FRX35.1
 HT-464        Belt               SCX5.1      KD-2500           Belt                   FRX23.6     ST-7                  Belt                 FRX35.1
 HT-466        Belt               SCX5.1      KD-3033           Belt                   FRX23.6     TT-333                Belt                 SCX5.1
 HT-500        Belt               SCX5.1      KD-3055           Belt                   FRX23.6     TT-440                Belt                 FRZ12.1
 HT-860        Belt               SCX5.1      KP-2021           Belt                   FRX23.6                           Belt                 SCX3.5
 HT-C8102      Belt               FRM14.7     KP-3020           Belt                   FRX20.7                           Belt                 SCX4.6
 HT-G2         Belt               FRY22.4     KP-3021           Belt                   FRX23.6     TT-550                Belt                 SCX3.5
 MU-10         Belt               FRY23.6     KP-3022           Belt                   FRX23.6                           Belt                 SCX4.6
 PS-8          Belt               FRM13.3     KP-3120           Belt                   FR23.6
 PS-10 •       Belt               FRM13.3     KR-2035           Belt                   FRX23.6     MASTERWORK
 PS-12         Belt               FRM13.3     P-5D              Belt,Drive             SCX7.0      360 Series            Idler,Wheel          IW02
 PS-14         Belt               FRM13.3                       Belt,Tumtable          FR27.3      M-2308                Idler, Wheel         IW11
 PS-15         Belt               FRM13.3     P-5X              Belt,Drive             SCX7.0      Ready tone player     Belt                 FR15.9
 SDP-9150H     Belt               FRM9.7      P-7               Belt                   FRX25.0
 SD0-9922      Belt               FRX22.4     P-9               Belt                   SCY3.5      MATSUSHITA
 SDQ-9922H     Belt               FRX15.2     P-91              Belt,Drive             SCX2.4      V-330                 Belt                 FRX35.1
 SW-9932       Belt               FRX22.4     P-92              Belt,Drive             SCX7.0      V-540                 Belt                 FRX35.1
 SDT-9415      Belt               FRX22.4
 SDT-9430      Belt               FRX22.4     KORVETTE (Xam)                                       MERCURY
 SDT-9530      Belt               FRX22,4      56S              Idler, Wheel           IW05        662                   Belt                 SCB24.2
 SDT-9622      Belt               FRX15.2      57S              Idler,Wheel            IW05        A62230W               Belt                 SCB24.2
 SDI-9632      Belt               FRX22.4      58S              Idler, Wheel           IW05
 SDT-9633      Belt               FRX22.4      726S             Idler, Wheel           IW05        MGA
 SP-9510C      Belt               FRM9.7      .728S             Idler, Wheel           IW05        DP-11 "               Belt                 FRA25.0
                                               907-35429        Idler,Wheel            IW05        DP-200                Belt                 FRX23.6
JENSEN                                                                                             DP-330                Belt                 FRX23.6
 RE-920        Belt               SCX15.0     LENCO                                                DP-410                Belt                 FRX23.6
                                              B50-6             Tire,Special Order     STC2.58     DP-420                Belt                 FRX23.6
JULIETTE                                      L-85              Belt                   FRY14.0     DP-430                Belt                 FRX23.6
  60           Belt               FRX23.6     L-123-C           Tire,Special Order     STC2.58     LT-5V                 Belt                 FR23.6
• M-60         Belt               FRX23.6     L-130             Belt                   FRM13.3                           Belt                 SCX4.0
                                              L-133             Belt                   FRM13.3     LT-10V                Belt                 OX5.5
JVC                                           L-236             Belt                   FRM13.3     LT-22                 Belt                 SCX4.0
 5230          Belt              FRX35.1                                                           LT-640                Belt                 FR23.6
 5250/U        Belt              FRX23.6      LINNSONDEX                                                                 Belt                 SCX3.5
 EG-1050       Belt              FRX25.0      LP-12             Belt                   FRX21.6                           Belt                 SCX4.0
 JL-Al         Belt              FRX23.6                                                           V-330                 Belt                 FRX35.1
 JL-A15        Belt              FRX23.6      LLOYDS                                               V-540                 Belt                 FRX35.1
 JL-A20        Belt              FRX23.6      All CC Models     Belt                   FRM12.7     X-12                  Belt                 FR23.6
 JL-F30        Belt,Tumtable     FRX23.6      R-853             Belt                   FRX20.7                           Belt                 SCX3.5
 JL-F35        Belt              FRX23.6                                                                                 Belt                 SCX4.0
 JL-P30        Belt              FRX23.6      MACY
 LA-10         Belt              FRX23.6      6006              Idler,Wheel            IW05        MICRO SE/K/
 LA-11         Belt              FRX23.6                                                           MB-10                 Belt                 FRY23.6.
 LA-21         Belt              FRX23.6      MAGNAVOX                                             MB-14                 Belt                 FRX25.0
 LE-3          Belt              SCX4.6       6224               Belt                 FRM11.5      MV-15                 Belt                 FRY23.6
 LE-20B        Belt              SCX4.6       AH-57              Belt                 FRX20.7
 LL-1          Belt              SCX4.6                          Belt                 SCX8.6       MITSUBISHI
 LT-11         Belt              FRX22.4                         Belt                 SCY7.5       DP-11                 Belt                 FRX25.0
 PCW-330       Belt              SCX7.0       AH-81              Belt                 FRX20.7      DP-12                 Belt                 FRX25.0
 QL-L2         Belt              SCX4.6                          Belt                 SCX8.6       DP-200                Belt                 FRX22.4
 SRP-473E      Belt              FRX23.6                         Belt                 SCY7.5
 VL-5          Belt              FRX25.0      AH-197M37          Belt                 FR21.5       MONTGOMERY WARD
 VL-8          Belt              FRX23.6                         Belt                 SCQ6.2       A-110684/A            Belt                 FRM14.7
                                                                 Belt                 SCX8.9       GEN-6310              Belt                 FRY10.7
KENWOOD                                       AS-9418            Belt                 FR21.5                             Belt                 SCY6.5
 4033-TT       Belt              FRX23.6                         Belt                 SCX8.6       GEN-6318A             Belt                 FRM10.5
 JP-2021       Belt              FRX23.6                         Belt                 SCY7.5       GEN-6319A             Belt                 FRY10.7
 KD-9X         Belt,Motor        SCY3.2       AS-95163701        Belt                 FR21.5                             Belt                 SCY6.5
 KD-9XG        Belt,Motor        SCY3.2                        . Belt                 SCX8.6       GEN-6330A             Belt                 FRW8.5
 KD-21R        Belt,Tumtable     FR27.3                          Belt                 SCY7.5                             Belt                 FRX10.5
 KD-21RB       Belt,Turntable    FR27.3       AS-95173701        Belt                 FR21.5       GIM-2042A             Idler, Wheel         IW05
 KD-21RC       Belt,Turntable    FR27.3                          Belt                 SCX8.6       GMJ-2020A             Belt (2)             FRM9.7
 KD-22R/RC     Belt              FRY25.0                         Belt                 SCY7.5       GMJ-2023              Belt                 FRM9.7
 KD-31FC       Belt,Tumtable     FR27.3       BB-1846WA01        Belt                 FRX22.4      GMJ-2047D             Belt                 FRM9.7
 KO-33F/FC     Belt              FRY25.0      IP-205             Idler, Wheel         IW05         GMJ-2058D             Belt                 FRM9.7
 KD-47F        Belt,Turntable    FRY25.0      IP-233             Idler,Wheel          IWO5         GMJ-2087F             Belt                 FRM9.7
 KD-48F        Belt,Turntable    FRY23.6      MER-054SL01        Belt,Cassette        SCX8.4       GMJ-2130A             Belt                 FRM9.7
 KD-49F        Belt,Tumtable     FRY23.6      MT-2002            Belt                 FRX15.2      GMJ-2133B             Belt                 FRM9.7
 KO-64F        Belt,Drive        SCX7.0       S-45               Idler,Wheel          IW05.        GMJ-2209A             Belt                 FRM9.7
 KD-65F        Belt,Drive        SCX2.4       S-22515            Idler,Wheel          IW05         GMJ-2222B             Belt                 FRM9.7
 KD-67F        Belt,Drive        SCX7.0       S-22915            Idler,Wheel          IW05         GMJ-2223B             Belt                 FRM9.7
 KD-72F        Belt,Drive        SCX3.5       W-617              Idler,Wheel                       GMJ-2229              Belt                 FRM9.7
 KD-72FB       Belt,Drive        SCX3.5       W-754              Belt                 FRX22.4      GMJ-2230A             Belt (2)             FRM9.7
 KD-74F        Belt,Drive        SCX7.0       W-755              Belt                 FRX22.4

                                                                                                                       = Replacement Belt
                                                                 MONTGOMERY WARD ... PENNEY,JC
Make-                               PRB        Make-                                 PRB        Make -                          PRB
Models      Description          Replacement   Models          Description        Replacement   Models      Description      Replacement

GMJ-2290A      Belt                FRM10.5     NEWBERR Y                                        853-0404      Belt             FRY1Q.7
               Belt                FRM9.7      1982              Idler, Wheel       IWO5        853-0438      Belt             FRM10.5
GMJ-2341A      Belt                FRM9.7                        Idler,Wheel        IW05                      Belt             FRY10.7
GMJ-2941A      Belt                FRM9.7                        Idler, Wheel       IW05                      Belt             $CX10.7
                                               1988              Idler, Wheel       IWO5        853-0446      Belt             FRM10.5
MOTOROLA                                                                                        853-0487      Belt             FRM1Q.5
10QRC          dler,Whee           W05         PANASONIC                                                      Belt             FRY10.7
SK-56-2        dler,Whee           WO5                                              FRX23.6     853-0495      Belt             FRM10.5
                                               H-204             Belt                                                          FRY10.7
SK-57-2        dler,Whee           W05                                                                        Belt
                                               RD-3500           Belt               FRX23.6
SK-77-2        dler,Whee           WO5                                              FRX23.6     853-0529      Belt             FRM10.5
                                               RD-3600           Belt
SK-78-1        dler,Whee           W05                                                          853-0727      Belt             FRM11.2
                                               SC-1600B          Belt               FRX23.6
               dler,Whee           WO5                                                          853-1584      Belt             FRM14.7
SK-79-1                                        SG-TQ80           Belt               FRW6.1
               dler,Whee           WO5                                                          853-2921      Belt             FRM11.5
SK-103                                                           Belt               FRX23.6
                                                                                                              Idler, Wheel     IW05
SK-104         dler,Whee           WO5                           Belt               FRX9.5
               dler,Whee           WO5                                                          853-2954      Idler, Wheel     IW05
SK-105                                                           Belt               SCX5.8
               dler,Whee           W05                                                          853-2962      Belt             FRM11.5
SK-107                                         SC-T090           Belt               FRX9.5                                     IW05
               dler,Whee           W05                                                                        Idler, Wheel
SK-108                                                           Belt               SCX5.8
SK-109         dler,Whee           W05                                                          853-3002      Belt             FRM12.1
                                                                 Belt,Main          FRW6.1                                     IW05
               dler,Whee           W05                                                                        Idler, Wheel
SK-110                                                           Belt,Tumtable      FRX23.6
               dler,Whee           W05                                                          853-3004      Belt             FRM11.5
SK-111                                         SE-9500           Belt               FRX23.6
                                   WO5                                                                        Idler, Wheel     IW05
SK-112         dler,Whee                       SE-P7             Belt               FRX23.6
               dler,Whee           W05                                                          853-3127      Idler, Wheel     IWO5
SK-115                                         SF-620            Belt               FRX23.6
SK-116         dler,Whee           WO5                                              FRX23.6     853-3234      Idler, Wheel     IWO5
                                               SF-GB029-1        Belt
               dler,Whee           W05                                                          853-3442      Belt             FRM10.5
SP-29-1                                        SF-GB321-1        Belt               FRX23.6
               dler, Whee          WO5                                                          853-38Q5      Idler, Wheel     IW05
SP-30-1                                        SG-H10            Belt, Main         SCY9.2
               dler,Whee           W05                                                          859-1279      Idler,Wheel      IWO5
SP-44-1                                                          Belt,Tumtable      FRX23.6
               dler,Whee           W05                                                          1090-4548     Belt             FRX23.6
VM-54RC                                        SG-HM22           Belt               FRX9.5
               dler,Whee           WO5                                                          1144-7463     Belt             SCX10.0
VM-55RC                                                          Belt               SCY5.7
VM-56RC        dler,Whee           WO5                                                          1150-4735     Belt             FRX15.2
                                               SG-V03            Belt               FRX23.6
               dler,Whee           WQ5                                                          1706          Idler, Wheel     IW05
VM-57RC                                        SG-V05            Belt               FRX23.6
VM-58RC        dler, Whee          W05                                              FRX23.6     1732          Belt             $CX6.0
                                               SG-V11            Belt
VM-59RC        dler,Whee           W05                                                          1769          Belt             FRM10.5
                                               SL-20             Belt               FRX23.6
VM-60K         dler,Whee           WO5                                                          1785          Belt             FRM10.5
                                               SL-42             Belt               FRX23.6                                    FRW8.5
VM-62RC        dler,Whee           WO5                                                                        Belt
                                               SL-101            Belt               FRX23.6
                                   WO5                                                                        Belt             SCX6.2
VM-64RC        dler,Whee                       SL-210/A/M/MC     Belt               FRX23.6
VM-70K         dler,Whee           W05                                              FRX23.6     1789          Belt             FRM 10.5
                                               SL-220/A/M/MC     Belt
VM-71RC        dler,Whee           W05                                                          2052          Idler, Wheel     IW05
                                               $L-230            Belt               FRX23.6
VM-72RC        dler,Whee           WO5                                              FRX23.6     2252          Belt             SCY5.2
                                               SL-230A/M/MC      Belt
VM-73R0        dler,Whee           WO5                                                          3840          Belt             FRY10.7
                                               SL-235            Belt               FRX23.6
VM-74RC        dler,Whee           W05                                                          4450           dler,Whee       IW05
                                               SL-235A/M/MC      Belt               FRX23.6
VM-75RC        dler,Whee           WO5                                              FRX23.6     5140          Belt             FRM12.1
                                               SL-301 /M/MC      Belt                                                            WO5
               dler,Whee           W05                                                                         dler,Whee
VM-76RC                                        $L-303            Belt,Tumtable      FRX23.6
VM-8ORC        dler,Whee           W05                                              FRX23.6     5162           dler,Whee         W05
                                               SL-B1             Belt,Tumtable
VM-81RC        dler, Whee          WO5                                              FRX23.6     5206          Belt             FRX9.7
                                               SL-82             Belt,Turntable                                dler,Whee        WO5
VM-82RC        dler,Whee           WO5         SL-B3             Belt               FRX23.6
VM-8312C       dler,Whee           W05                                                          5311A          dler,Whee         WO5
                                                                 Belt               FRX23.6
VM-84RC        dler,Whee           WO5                                                          5333           dler,Whee         WO5
                                               SL-B5             Belt,Turntable     FRX23.6
               dler,Whee           WO5                                                          5402B          dler,Whee         WO5
VM-9ORC                                        SL-B10            Belt,Tumtable      FRX23.6
VM-91 RC       dler,Whee           WO5                                                          5455           dler,Whee         WO5
                                               SL-B20            Belt,Turntable     FRX23.6
VM-92RC        dler,Whee           WO5                                              FRX23.6     5485A          dler,Whee         WO5
                                               SL-B23            Belt
VM-93RC        dler,Whee           W05                                                          5486           dler,Whee         WO5
                                               SL-B30            Belt               FRX23.6
VM-94RC        dler,Whee           W05                                                          5487           dler,Whee         W05
                                               SL-B30A           Belt,Turntable     FRX23.6
               dler,Whee           WO5                                                          5496/A         dler,Whee         WO5
VM-95R0                                        SL-B35            Belt,Turntable     FRX23.6
VM-96K         dler,Whee                                                            FRX23.6     5497           dler,Whee         W05
                                               SL-B100           Belt,Turntable
               dler,V1thee          WO5                                                         5510           dler,Whee         W05
VM-97RC                                        SL-B101           Belt,Turntable     FRX23.6
VM-98RC        dler,Whee            W05                                             FRX23.6     5513A          dler,Whee         W05
                                               SL-B200           Belt,Tumtable
VM-99RC        dler,Whee            WO5                                                         5515A          dler,Whee         W05
                                               SL-B202           Belt,Turntable     FRX23.6
VM-100RC       dler Whee            W05                                                         5517           dler,Whee         WO5
                                               SL-B205           Belt               FRX23.6
VM-101 RC      dler,Whee            W05                                                         5520           dler,Whee         WO5
                                               SL-B210           Belt               FRX23.6
VM-102RC       dler,Whee            WO5                                             FRX23.6     5521           dler,Whee         W05
                                               SL-B220           Belt
VM-103RC       dler,Whee            WO5                                             FRX23.6     5538           dler,Whee         WO5
                                               SL-B300           Belt,Turntable
VM-104RC       dler,Whee            WO5                                                         5569           dler, Whee        W05
                                               SL-B303           Belt               FRX23.6
VM-105RC       dler,Whee            WO5                                                         5573           dler, Whee        W05
                                               SL-B31 OK         Belt,Turntable     FRX23.6
VM-106RC       dler,Whee            WO5                                             FRX23.6     5584           dler,Whee         WO5
                                               SL-B350           Belt,Turntable
VM-107RC       dler,Whee            W05                                                         5585           dler,Whee         W05
                                               SL-B500           Belt,Turntable     FRX23.6
VM-108RC       dler,Whee            W05                          Belt,Tumtable      FRX23.6     5589           dler,Whee         WO5
VM-109RC       dler,Whee            WO5                                                         5596           dler,Whee         WO5
                                               SL-BD270          Belt,Tumtable      FRX23.6
VM-11012C      dler,Whee            WO5                                             FRX15.2     5700          Belt              FR21.5
                                               SL-H201           Belt
VM-111RC       dler, Whee           WO5                                             FRM15.2     5880A         Belt              FRM12.1
                                               SL-H202           Belt                                                           IW05
VM-112RC       dler,Whee            WO5                                                                        dler,Wheel
                                               SL-H204           Belt               FRX23.6
VM-113RC       dler,Whee            WO5                                             FRX23.6     5880B          dler,Wheel       IWO5
                                               SL-H301           Belt
VM-114RC       dler,Whee            WO5                                             FRX23.6     5881           dler,Wheel       IW05
                                               SL-H304           Belt
VM-115RC       dler,Whee            W05                                             FRX23.6     5882           dler,Wheel       IW05
                                               SL-H305           Belt
VM-116RC       dler,Whee            WO5                                             FRX23.6     5888 .         dler,Wheel       IW05
                                               SL-Q202           Belt
VM-117RC       dler,Whee            WO5                                                         5908           dler,Wheel       IWO5
                                               SP-916            Belt               FRX23.6
VM-118RC       dler,Whee
                                    WO5                                                         5981/A         dler, Wheel      IW05
VM-119RC       dler,Whee            WO5                                                         5982           dler,Wheel       IW05
                                               PENNE Y, JC                                      5983           dler,Wheel       IW05
VM-12ORC       dler,Whee            W05        683-1751           Belt              FRY10.7
VM-121 RC      dler,Whee            WO5                                                         5988           dler,Wheel       IW05
                                               683-6710           Belt              FRX22.4     6134A48        dler,Wheel       IWO5
VM-122RC       dler,Whee            W05        853-0016           Belt              SCX10.7
VM-123RC       dler, Whee           WO5                                                         6140A46        dler,Wheel       IWO5
                                               853-0081           Belt              SCX4.0      6141           dler,Wheel        IW05
VM-124RC       dler,VVhee           W05                           Belt              SCX9.5
VM-126RC       dler,Whee            WO5                                                         6142           dler,Wheel       IW05
                                               853-0222           Belt              FRX9.7      6143           dler,Wheel       IW05
                                               853-0248           Belt              FRY10.7     6144           dler,Wheel       IW05
                                               853-0305           Belt              FRM11.2     6491           dler,Wheel        IW05
                                               853-0362           Belt              FRY10.7

Make-                              PRB       Make-                                   PRB       Make-                                      PRB
Models        Description      Replacement   Models            Description       Replacement   Models            Description          Replacement

6492/A           dler,Wheel       W05        S-1812               Idler,Whee       WO5         PL-117D             Belt                 FRX23.6
6502            Belt             FRX23.6     S-1825               Idler, Whee      WO5         PL-120              Belt                 FRX23.6
6694            dler,Wheel        W05        S-1835               Idler,Whee       WO5         P L-220             Belt                 FRX23.6
6710            Belt             FRX23.6     S-1850               Idler, Whee      WO5         PL-510              Belt                 FRX23.6
6881            dler,Wheel        WO5        S-1851               Idler, Whee      WO5         PL-514              Belt                 FRX23.6
6882             dler, Wheel      W05        S-1853               Idler, Whee      WO5         PL-516              Belt                 FRX23.6
6893D           Belt             FRM12.1     S-1858               Idler, Whee      WO5         PL-A25              Belt                 FRX23.6
                 dler, Wheel      WO5        S-1863               Idler, Whee      WO5         PL-A26              Belt                 FRX23.6
6894A/B         dler,Wheel       WO5         S-1871               Idler, Whee      WO5         PL-A35              Belt                 FRX23.6
6993            dler,Wheel        WO5        S-1874               Idler, Whee      WO5         PL-A4IA/F           Belt                 FRX35.1
6994            dler,Wheel       W05         S-1888               Idler, Whee      WO5         PL-A45              Belt                 FRX23.6
6996/A          dler,Wheel       W05         5-1934               Idler, Whee      WO5         PL-C7               Belt                 FRX22.4
7000 Series     dler, Wheel      WO5         S-1940               Idler, Whee      WO5                             Belt                 SCX4.3
8710A           dler,Wheel       WO5         S-1942               Idler, Whee      WO5         PL-L30              Belt                 FR21.5
8720A           dler,Wheel       W05         S-1946               Idler, Whee      WO5         PL-X2OZ             Belt                 FR21.5
8730A           dler, Wheel      WO5         S-1976               Idler, Whee      WO5         PL-X21 K            Belt                 FR21.5
33429           dler,Wheel       W05         S-1984               Idler, Whee      WO5         PL-X100             Belt                 FR21.5
35429           dler,Wheel       WO5         VN-4938              Idler,Whee       WO5         PL-X300             Belt                 FRX22.4
45000           dler,Wheel       WO5         VN-4940              Idler, Whee      WO5         SX-8400             Belt                 FRX23.6
A-110684/A      Belt             FRM14.7     VN-4942              Idler,Whee       WO5
CB-061860       Belt             FRX35.1     VN-4946              Idler, Whee      WO5         PROJECT 1
CB-073580       Belt             FRX22.4                                                       DR-2A               Belt                 FRX25.0
MSC-6200        Belt •           FRX15.2     PHILHARMONIC                                      DR-115              Belt                 FRX25.0
                                             4CF41                Idler, Wheel     IW05        DR-331              Belt                 FRX25.0
PERPETUUM ABNER                              1821                 Idler, Wheel     IW05        DRI                 Belt                 FRX25.0
7275            Belt (2)         FR2.0                                                         Project 1           Belt                 FR23.6
MK-4            Belt (2)         FR2.0       PHILIPS
REX-AA          Belt             FR2.0       22AF-685             Belt             FRY23.6     QUASAR
                                             22AF-729             Belt             SCX18.5     CS-9                Bett,Main            SCY9.2
PHANTONE                                     22AF-829             Belt             SCX18.5                         Belt,Turntable       FRX23.6
TA-33           Belt             FRX23.6     22AF-887             Belt             SCX18.5     CS-7033XQ           Belt                 FRX22.4
TA-55           Belt             FRX23.6     22GA-202             Belt             SCB14.6     CS-7133V)           Belt                 FRX22.4
                                             22GA-250Z            Belt             SCB14.6     GX-3694             Belt                 FRX22.4
PHIL CO                                      22GA-407             Belt             SCX14.7     SC-7220UW           Belt                 FRX22.4
C-1/SS          Idler, Whee      I WO5       308                  Belt             SCX14.7
C-2             Idler, Whee     IW05         1735                 Belt             FR21.5      RABCO
C-3             Idler, Whee      IWO5                             Belt             SCQ6.5      ST-4                Belt                 FRX35.1
C-10            Idler, Whee     IWO5                              Belt             SCX8.9                          Belt                 0A5.0
C-20            Idler, Whee      IWO5        4404                 Belt             SCB14.1     ST-6                Belt                 FRX22.4
C-30            Idler,Whee      IWO5         AF-977-44            Belt             SCX18.5     ST-7                Belt                 FRX22.4
C-50            Idler, Whee      IWO5        AS-9516              Belt             FR21.5      TC-4                Belt                 FRX35.1
C-110           Idler, Whee     I WO5                             Belt             SCX8.6                          Belt                 0A5.0
C-120           Idler, Whee     IWO5                              Belt             SCY7.5
C-155           Idler, Whee     IWO5         AS-9517              Belt             FR21.5      RCA
C-200           Idler, Whee     1111/05                           Belt             SCX8.6      11-2017A            Belt                 SCX7.0
C-210           Idler, Whee     10/05                             Belt             SCY7.5                          Belt                 SCY4.2
C-220           idler, Whee     11/)./05     CT-P710WR            Belt             FRW8.5      11-3017A            Belt                 SCX7.0
C-300           Idler, Whee     11/V05.      GA-212               Belt             FRX20.7                         Belt                 SCY4.2
C-320           Idler, Whee     IW05         GA-427               Belt             SCX15.0     11-4022B            Belt                 SCX7.0
C-420           Idler, Whee     IWO5         GAT-12               Belt             FRX20.7                         Belt                 SCY4.2
M-12C           Belt            FR2.2        NR-10719             Belt             SCB21.2     229                  dler,Whee           11.4/05
M-20C           Belt            FR2.2        TS-5961              Belt             FR21.5      230                  dler,Whee           IWO5
M-21C           Belt            FR2.2                             Belt             SCX8.6      231                  dler,Whee           IW05
M-24C           Belt            FR2.2                             Belt             SCY7.5      RP-211               dler,Whee           11/V05
M-26C           Belt            FR2.2                                                          RP-212               dler,Whee           IW05
M-28C           Belt            FR2.2        PHIL MORE                                         RP-212-107 Series    dler,Whee           I WO5
M-40C           Belt            FR2.2        HT-707               Belt             FRX35.1     RP-215              dler,Whee            11/1/05
M-61             dler,Whee      10/05        HT-800               Belt             FRX35.1     RP-216              dler,Whee            IWO5
M-934TWA         dler,Whee      11/1/05                                                        RP-220              dler,Whee            10/05
MP-590           dler,Whee      IW05         PILOT                                             RP-226              dler, Whee           I W05
N-1432           dler,Whee      IWO5         P-289                Belt            SCX10.7      RP-227              dler,Whee            11/1105
N-1624           dler,Whee                                                                     RP-228              dler, Whee           11/1/05
N-1705           dler,Whee      1111/05      PIONEER                                           RP-230              dler,Whee            IWO5
N-1708           dler,Whee      IW05         Most Models (except those listed)                 RP-231              dler, Whee           IWO5
N-1725           dler,Whee      1)/1/05                           Belt            FRX23.6      RP-232              dler,Whee            IWO5
N-1726           dler, Whee     11/V05       KEB-004              Belt            FRX23.6      RP-233              dler, Whee           IWO5
N-1727           dier, Whee     IW05         KEB-006              Belt            FRX23 .6     RP-233-3            dler,Whee            IWO5
N-1728           dler,Whee      IWO5         KH-8833              Belt            FRX23.6      VLP-34J             Tire                 ST1.86
N-1736           dler, Whee     10/05        KH-8855              Belt            FRX23.6      YJP-41 W/J/E        dler,Whee            1111/05
N-1740           dler,Whee      IW05         N28-612              Belt            FRX23.6
N-1751           dler, Whee     M/05         N28-616              Belt            FRX23.6      REALISTIC
N-1880           dler,Whee      11/1/05      PL-2                 Belt            FRX23.6      13-1045(RC0002)     Idler, Wheel         IW11
N-4946           dler,Whee      IW05         PL-12A/D/DII/E/PV Belt               FRX23.6      13-1130             Idler, Wheel         IW11
Q-1757PC         dler,Whee      11/1/05      PL-15C/0/111         Belt            FRX23.6      13-1175(RC0002)     Idler, Wheel         IW11
Q-1759PC         dler,Wheel     IWO5         PL-16                Belt            FRX23.6      13-1177             Idler, Wheel         IW11
Q-1763CH         dler,Whee      IWO5         PL-30                Belt            FRX35.1      42-2512             Idler, Wheel         IW11
S-5A             dler,Whee      IWO5         PL-33                Belt            FRX23.6      42-2572             Idler, Wheel         IW11
S-1675           dler Whee      IW05         PL-41 D/FV           Belt            FRX35.1      42-2901             Idler, Wheel         IW11
S-1710           dler,Whee      IWO5         PL-45D               Belt            FRX23.6      58220               Idler, Wheel         IW11
S-1762           dler,Whee      IW05         PL-50A/PV            Belt            FRX35.1      LAB-50              Belt                 FRM15.2
S-1772           dler,Whee      IWO5         PL-61                Belt            FRX23.6      LAB-65              Belt                 FRX15.2
S-1776           dler,Whee      11/1/05      PL-70                Belt            FRX35.1      LAB-100             Belt                 FRM15.2
S-1782           dler, Whee     IW05         PL-90                Belt            FRX35.1      LAB-220             Belt                 FRM14.7
S-1792           dler,Whee      IW05         PL-100/X             Belt            FRX23.6      LAB-250             Belt                 FR23.6
S-1802           dler,Whee      10/05        PL-112/D             Belt            FRX23.6      LAB-300             Belt                 FRX25.0
S-1808           dler,Whee      IW05         PL-115               Belt            FRX23.6

                                                                                                                 = Replacement Belt
                                                                                   RECOTONE                     SOUNDESIGN
Make -                              PRB        Make-                                  PRB       Make-                                  PRB
Models        Description        Replacement   Models         Description         Replacement   Models         Description          Replacement

                                               PS-48A           Belt                FRX25.0     RP-114V          Belt                    FRX25.0
RECOTONE                                                        Belt                FRX25.0                      Belt                    SCX3.5
                                   FRX35.1     PS-57
V-601            Belt                                                                           RP-117           Belt                    FR20.0
V-700            Belt              FRX35.1                                                                       Belt                    SCX3.2
                                               132-91633600     Belt '                          RP-900           Belt                    FRM15.2
ROBERTS                                                         Idler, Wheel
                                                                                    IW05        SD-221           Belt •                  FRW10.7
MOD-90           Belt              FR13.4                                                       SG-1I3K          Belt                    FRX25.0
                                               132-91733600     Belt                FRY10.7
                 Belt              OB14.0*                                                      SG-3810          Belt                    FRM15.2
                                                                Belt                SCX10.7
                                               132-91752600     Belt                FRY10.7                      Belt                    FRM9.6
RO TEL                                         132-91763700     Belt                FRY10.7                      Belt                    SCX8.0
 RP-100          Belt              FRX25.0     132-91801600     Belt                FRY10.7     55-3910          Belt                    FRM10.5
 RP-1000         Belt              FRY25.0                      Belt                SCX10.7                      Belt                    FRM15.2
 RP-2500         Belt              FRY25.0     132-91811600     Belt                SCX10.5                      Belt                    FRM9.6
                                                                Belt                SCX4.3                       Belt                    SCX8.0
SAMPO                                                           Belt                SCX6.2      SG-F800          Belt                    FRX20.7
SA-1919          Belt              FRX23.6     132-91831700     Belt                FRY10.7                      Belt                    SCX7.0
SA-3030          Belt              FRX23.6     132-91831701     Belt                FRY10.7     SG-R300          Belt,FF/Rew             SCY4.2
                                               132-91851700     Belt                FRM1Q.5                      Belt, Main              SCX7.0
SAMSUNG                                        171-30755500     Belt                FRY10.7     SR-130           Belt                    FRM11.2
 MAX-980X        Belt              SCY4,2                       Belt                FRY10.7                      Belt                    FRM11.5
 PD-780H         Belt              SCQ5.6      171-33453500     Belt                FRY10.7     SR-152U          Belt                    FRM11.2
                 Belt              SQX7.4                       Belt                FRY10.7     SR-162           Belt                    FRM11.2
 SCM-6550                          SCX3.2                       Belt                            SR-172           Belt                    FRM11.2
                 Belt                          171-33455500                         FRY10.7
                 Belt              SQY4.2      171-33654500     Belt                FRY10.7     VZ-1600          Belt,FF/Rew             SCX4.0
                                   SCY7.5                       Belt                                             Belt,Main               SCX7.0
                 Belt                          171-33654501                         FRY10.7
 SCM-7450        Belt,Main (2)     SCY7.5      171-33655500     Belt                FRY10.7     VZ-2Q00/X/XA     Belt                    FRX25.0
                 Belt,Sub (2)      SCY4.2      171-33754500     Belt                FRY10.7                      Belt                    SCX4.0
 SM-3237         Belt              FRX21.6                      Belt                FRY10.7     VZ-3000          Belt                    FRX25.0
                                               171-33754502     Belt                 FRY10.7                     Belt                    SCX5.6
SANKYO                                         171-33756500     Belt                 FRY10:7
X-1000           Belt              FRX35.1     252              Belt                 FR2.0      SHERWOOD
X-2000           Belt              FRX35.1     277              Belt                 FR2.0      44003            Belt                    SCX6.7
                                               400-91605600     Belt                 FRM9.7     44036            Belt                    SCX6.7
SANSUI                                         488              Idler, Wheel         IW02       CD-2000P         Belt (2)                SCX6.7
                                   FRX25.0     528              Belt (2)             FR2.0      PD-502           Belt                    FRX23.6
 FR-1080         Belt
                 Belt              FR23.6      528-31001300     Belt                 FRM11.7    R Play           Belt                    FRX20.7
 FR-D25          Belt              FRX25.0                      Idler, Wheel         I W05
 P-50            Belt              FRX25.0     528-31023300     Belt                 FRM11.7    SHURE SOLOPHONE
 SR-13           Belt              FRX25.0                      Idler, Wheel         IW05       XA-121140        Belt                    FRY23.6
 SR-212          Belt              FRX25.0     528-31026300     Belt                 FRM11.7    XA-121270        Belt                    FRY23.6
 SR-222          Belt              FRY25.0                      Idler, Wheel         IWO5
 SR-232          Belt              FRX25.0     528-31643300     Belt                 FRM11.7    SONY
 SR-313          Belt              FRX25.0                      Idler, Wheel         IW05       AV-1700           Belt                   FR23.6
 SR-323          Belt              FRY25.0     563              Belt (2)             FR2.0      EX-1K             Belt                   FRX23.6
 SR-1050         Belt              FRX25.0     567              Belt (2)             FR2.0      EX-1M             Belt                   FRX23.6
 $R-2020/BC      Belt              FRX23.6     1236             Belt                 0610.9     EX-2K             Belt                   FRX23.6
 SR-2050C        Belt              FRX25.0     2230             Belt                 FF12.4     HME-228           Belt                   FRM1Q.5
 SR-3030BC       Belt              FRX23.6     2232             Belt                 FF12.4     HME-338           Belt                   FRM10.5
 SR-$060         Belt              FR23.6      2234             Belt                 FF12.4     HMF-334           Belt                   FRM10.5
 SR-404Q         Belt              FRX23.6     3070             Belt                 FF12.4                       Belt                   SCX5.6
 SR-4050         Belt              FRX23.6     4072             Belt                  FF12.4    HMK-313           Belt                   FRX23.6
 SR-B200/S       Belt              FRX25.0     4236             Belt                 QC10.9     HMK-3000          Belt                   FRX20.7
                                               4238              Belt                QC10.9     HST-H1750         Belt                   S006.0
SANYO                                          4500              Idler, Wheel         IW05      P-5550            Belt                   FR23.6
 DC-534          Belt   -,         FR25.0      6072              Belt                 FF12.4    PL-1050           Belt                   FRX35.1
 DXT-5004        Belt              FRM10.5     7237              Belt                 0Al2.4    PS-1000           Belt                   FR23.6
 M-9915K         Belt              FRX25.0     9243              Belt (2)             FR2.0                       Belt                   FRM12.7
 MW-580          Belt              SCX4.6      9252              Belt (2)             FR2.0     PS-1010           Belt                   FR23.6
 TP-80S/A/B      Belt              FRX25.0     PS-5100           Belt                 FRX20.7   PS-1700           Belt                   FR23.6
 TP-220          Belt              FRY25.0                                                      PS-2350           Belt                   FR23.6
 TP-242A         Belt              FRY25.0     SEEBURG                                          PS-2700           Belt                   FR23.6
 TP-243A         Belt              FRY25.0     API               Belt (2)0C21.9                                   Belt                   FRM12.7
 TP-600SA        Belt              FRX25.0     HSC-3             Belt               0C24.2      PS-5100           Belt                   FR23.6
 TP-626          Belt              FRX25.0                                                      PS-5520           Belt                   FR23.6
 TP-636          Belt              FRX25.0     SENTINEL                                         PS-FL77           Belt                   SQX2.6
 TP-660          Belt              FRY25.0     1SP-12C           Idler,Wheel        IW02        PS-LX500          Belt                   SCX2.6
 TP-700SA        Belt              FRX25.0     1ST-12C           Idler,Wheel        I W02       TC-787            Belt                   FRM9.6
 TP-727          Belt              FRY25.0     1ST-14C           Idler,Wheel        IW02        TP-6850           Belt                   FRX25.0
 TP-728          Belt              FRY25.0     1ST-16C           Idler, Wheel       IW02        TTS-3000          Belt                   FR23.6
 TP-747          Belt              FRX25.0     2ST-14C           Idler,Wheel        IW02        XO-7              Belt                   FRM8.0
 TP-805B         Belt              FR23.6      2ST-16C           Idler, Wheel       IW02
 TP-808          Belt              FRX25.0                                                      SOUNDESIGN
 TP-1005/A       Belt              FRX25.0     SHARP                                            545               Belt                   FR30.0
 TP-1010         Belt              FRX25.0      3050             Belt,Flywheel      FRY6.7      0984              Belt                   FRX15.2
 TP-3000A        Belt              FR23.6                        Belt,REW/FF        SCX4.6      4411              Belt                   FRM9.7
 TP-6850         Belt              FRX25.0      CMS-2            Belt               FR20.0      4448B             Belt                   FRM10.5
 TP-J10          Belt              FR25.0       CPF-800          Belt               FRX20.7     4719              Belt                   FRM10.5
                                                                 Belt               SCX7.0      4774B             Belt                   FRM9.7
SCOTT                                           RP-101           Belt               FR23.6      4786B             Belt                   FRY10.7
 610D            Belt               SCX3.5                       Belt               SCX3.2      6609BLK           Belt,RF                SCY4.2
                 Belt               SCY7.0      RP-103           Belt               FR20.0      6821              Belt,Main              SCX7.0
 671DM           Belt               SCX3.5                       Belt               SCX3.2                        Belt,RF                SCY4.2
                 Belt               SCY7.0      RP-104           Belt               FRX25.0                       Belt,Turntable         FR21.5
 PS-17A          Belt               FRX25.0                      Belt               SCX3.5       6821BKM          Belt,Main (Deck 1)     SCX7.0
 PS-18           Belt               FRY25.0     RP-107           Belt               FR20.0                        Belt,Main (Deck 2)     SCX9.5
 PS-22           Belt               FRY25.0                      Belt               SCX3.2                        Belt,RF (Dk18, ) (2)   SCY4.2

Make -                                PRB       Make -                          PRB       Make-                                        PRB
Models         Description        Replacement   Models     Description      Replacement   Models              Description          Replacement

6821GYM           Belt,Main (Deck 1) SCX7.0     SYMPHONIC                                 SL-BD2OD              Belt                 FRX23.6
                  Belt,Main (Deck 2) SCX9.5                                               SLB-1                 Belt                 FRX23.6
                                                3PA-30        dler,Wheel       IW05
                  Belt,RF (Dk1&2) (2) SCY4.2                                              SLB-2                 Belt                 FRX23.6
                                                3PA-31        dler, Wheel      1W05
6821 MGY          Belt,RF (Dk1&2) (2) SCY4.2                                              SLB-303               Belt                 FR21.5
                                                3PA-36        dler,Wheel       1W05
6822              Belt                SCX7.0
                                                3PA-47VS      dler,Wheel       1W05
                  Belt                SCY4.2
                                                3PA-305V      dler,Wheel       1W05
6822-B-1          Belt                FR21.5                                              RP-100                Belt                 FRX23.6
                                                3PN-12        dler,VVheel      IW05
                  Belt                SCX7.0                                              RP-230                Belt                 FRX23.6
                                                3PN-14        dler,Wheel       IW05
                  Belt                SCY4.2
                                                3PN-15V       dler,Wheel       1W05
6822-B-A          Belt                FR21.5
                                                3PN-46VS      dler,Wheel       IWO5       TENVA
                  Belt                SCX7.0
                                                4CA-16       dler,Wheel        1W05       MT-202                Belt                 FRX15.2
                  Belt                SCY4.2
                                                4CA-70V      dler,Wheel        IW05       MT-301                Belt                 FRX15.2
6822-B-B          Belt                FR21.5
                                                4CA-71       dler,Wheel        1W05       MT-302                Belt                 FRX15.2
                  Belt                SCX7.0
                                                4CN-19V      dler,Wheel        1W05       SLH-201               Belt                 FRX15.2
                  Belt                SCY4.2
                                                4CN-24       dler,Wheel        IWO5       ST-202                Belt                 FRX15.2
6822-B-C          Belt                FR21.5
                                                4CN-40       dler,Wheel        IW05       ST-301                Belt                 FRX15.2
                  Belt                SCX7.0
                                                4CN-46       dler,Wheel        IW05       ST-302                Belt                 FRX15.2
                  Belt                SCY4.2
                                                4CX-44       dler,Wheel        IW05
6822-B-D          Belt                FR21.5
                                                4CX-94       dler,Wheel        IW05       THORENS
                  Belt                SCX7.0
                                                4P-F54       dler,Wheel        IW05       HX-8000               Belt                 FRX35.1
                  Belt                SCY4.2                                              TD-121                Belt                 FR5.9
                                                4PN-20       dler,Wheel        IWO5
6822-B-E          Belt                FR21.5
                                                4PN-21E      dler,Wheel        IW05                             Belt                 FRY12.0
                  Belt                SCX7.0                                               TD-124               Belt                 FRM12.1
                                                4PN-21V      dler,Wheel        IWO5
                  Belt                SCY4.2                                               TD-125               Belt                 FR20.0
                                                4PN-22V      dler,Wheel        IW05
6822-B-F          Belt                FR21.5                                               TD-134               Belt                 FRM12.7
                                                4PN-23V      dler,Wheel        IW05
                  Belt                SCX7.0                                               TD-135               Belt                 FRM12.7
                                                4PN-26/E     dler,Wheel        1W05
                  Belt                SCY4.2                                               TD-145               Belt                 FR20.0
                                                4PN-27       dler,Wheel        IW05
6822-B-G          Belt                FR21.5                                               TD-150/MKII/AB       Belt                 FRX20.7
                                                4PN-28/E     dler, Wheel       IWO5
                  Belt                SCY4.2                                               TD-160               Belt                 FR20.0
                                                4PN-35       dler,Wheel        IWO5
6822-B-H          Belt                FR21.5                                               TD-165/C             Belt                 FR20.0
                                                4PN-37       dler,Wheel        IW05
                  Belt                SCX7.0                                              .TD-166MKII           Belt                 FRZ19.6
                                                4PN-49V      dler,Wheel        1W05
                  Belt                SCY4.2                                               TD-184               Belt                 FRM11.7
                                                4PS33        dler,Wheel        IW05
6988BLK           Belt,RF             SCY4.2                                               TD-574               Belt                 FR20.0
                                                4PS-39       dler,Wheel       1W05
E-0004            Belt                FR30.0
                                                4PS-567      dler,Wheel       IW05
GSA-2540A         Belt                SCX9.5
                                                4S-F25       dler,Wheel       IWO5        TOSHIBA
GSA-2560A         Belt                SCX9.5
                                                4SC-17       dler,Wheel       IW05        AX-8                  Belt,Drive           FRW8.5
H-6039P           Belt                FRM9.7
                                                4SC-42       dler,Wheel       1W05        SL-5/C                Belt,Counter         SCX7.0
R-4022PR          Belt                FRM9.7
                                                4SC-43       dler,Wheel       IW05                              Belt,Drive           SCX8.0
REC-6780A-67      Belt                FRM10.5
                                                4SC-52       dler,Wheel       IW05        SL-50                 Belt,Counter         SCX7.0
S-5540FR          Belt                FRM10.5
                                                4SC-53       dler,Wheel       IW05                              Belt,Drive           SCX8.0
T-5488            Belt                FRM9.7
                                                4SC-54       dler,Wheel       IW05        SL-77                 Belt, Drive CD       SCQ3.2
STANTON                                         4SC-55       dler,Wheel       IW05        SL-3046/C             Belt,Drive A         SCY8.2
                                                4SC-73       dler,Wheel.      IW05                              Belt,Drive B         SCY6.0
800A.             Belt               FR20.0     4SC-75       dler,Wheel       IWO5        SL-3066/C             Belt,Drive A         SCY8.6
                                                4SC-76       dler,Wheel       IW05        SL-3127               Belt                 SCY4.2
STD                                             4SC-77       dler,Wheel       IW05                              Belt,Main            SCX7.4
305M              Belt              FRY19.6     4SC-78       dler,Wheel       IW05        SL-3147               Belt                 SCY4.2
                                                4SC-79       dler,Wheel       1W05                              Belt,Main            SCX7.4
STROMBERG CARL SON                              4SC-81       dler,Wheel       IW05        SM-200/M              Belt,Drive           SCX8.0
PR-499/B/PT       Belt              FR30.0      4SC-82       dler,Wheel       IWO5        SR-40/E               Belt                 FRX16.8
PR-500            Belt              FRY25.0     4SC-83       dler,Wheel       IWO5        SR-50                 Belt                 FRX16.8
                                                4SC-84       dler,Wheel       IW05        SR-80                 Belt                 FRX16.8
SUPERSCOPE                                      4SC-88/S     dler,Wheel       IWO5        SR-230                Belt                 FRX25.0
D-602             Belt              FRY10.7     4SC-94-1     dler,Wheel       IWO5        SR-250                Belt                 FRY23.6
                                                4SF-17/X     dler,Wheel       IW05        SR-305                Belt                 FRX25.0
SYLVANIA                                        4SF-25       dler,Wheel       IW05        SR-A100               Belt                 FRX25.0
CL-4432WH1/WHR   Idler,Wheel        1W11        4SF-38       dler, Wheel      IW05        SR-A102               Belt                 FRX25.0
CL-4553KR1        Idler,Wheel       IW11        4SF-39       dler, Wheel      IW05        SR-A270               Belt                 FRX25.0
CL-5203W          Idler,Wheel       1W11        4SF-41       dler,Wheel       IW05        SR-A272               Belt                 FRX25.0
CL-5263K          Idler, Wheel      IW11        4SF-48       dler,Wheel       IWO5        SR-B20                Belt                 FRX25.0
CL-5264N          Idler, Wheel      IW11        4SF-69       dler,Wheel                   SR-B150               Belt                 FRX25.0
CL-5266P          Idler,Wheel       IW11        1249         3elt             FR2.0       SR-8152               Belt                 FRX25.0
CL-5267DP         Idler, Wheel      1W11        1810         dler, Wheel      IW05        SR-F450               Belt                 FRY23.6
CL-5268P          Idler,Wheel       IW11        7030-S       dler,Wheel       IW05        SR-F451               Belt                 FRY23.6
CL-5269WH         Idler, Wheel      IW11        7535-S       dler,Wheel       IW05        SR-F452               Belt                 FRY23.6
CL-5271W          Idler,Wheel       IW11        S-7723       dler,Wheel       IW05        SRF-100               Belt                 FRX23.6
CL-5273K          Idler, Wheel      IW11        S-7794       dler,Wheel       IW05
CL-5276DP         Idler, Wheel      IW11        T-4CN92      dler,Wheel       IWO5        TOYO
CL-5278P          Idler,Wheel       IW11        T-4PN63      dler,Wheel       11N05       TA-101                Belt                 FRX23.6
CL-5305WR         Idler,Wheel       IW11                                                  TA-520                Belt                 FRX23.6
CL-5383KR         Idler,Wheel       IW11        TAMURA                                    TA-950                Belt                 FRX23.6
CL-5386DPR        Idler,Wheel       IW11        C-450        Belt             FRX23.6
CL-5388CR         Idler,Wheel       IW11        C-730        Belt             FRX23.6     VANTAGES
CL-5471W          Idler,Wheel       IW11                                                  3PA-305V Equals       Idler,Wheel          IW05
CL-5473K          Idler,Wheel       IW11        TANGLEWOOD
CL-5476DP         Idler,Wheel       IW11        4719T        Belt             FRY10.4     VISONIK
HV-640            Belt              OB19.5                                                VT-3300               Belt                 FRX23.6
TH-179S37         Belt              FR21.5      TECHNICS
                  Belt              SCQ6.5      A-70         Belt             FRX35.1     VOICE OF MUSIC (VM)
                  Belt              SCX8.9      A-6600       Belt             FRY22.4     151                   Belt (2)             FR2.0
TS-9611701        Belt              FR21.5      M-220        Belt             FRX23.6     169-338               Belt                 FRM11.2
                  Belt              SCX8.6      SL-23        Belt             FRX22.4     314                   Idler, Wheel         IW05
                  Belt              SCY7.5      SL-33        Belt             FRX23.6     804                   Idler,Wheel          IW05
                                                SL-210       Belt             FRX23.6     805                   Idler,Wheel          IW05
                                                SL-235       Belt             FRX22.4     1200 Series           Idler,Wheel          IW05

                                                                                                            * = Replacement Belt
                                                                              VOICE OF MUSIC (VM) ... ZENITH
Make -                                PRB        Make-                                 PRB        Make -                             PRB
Models           Description       Replacement   Models         Description         Replacement   Models        Description       Replacement

1223 Series         Idler, Wheel     IW05        M-2203P          Belt                FR21.5      F-587W          Belt              FRM11.5
1272-M83            Idler, Wheel     IWO5                         Belt                SCX9.5      G-941P          Idler,Wheel       IWO5
1273-L37            Idler, Wheel     IWO5                         Belt                SCY4.2      G-942M          Idler,Wheel       IW05
1283-J21            Idler,Wheel      IWO5        M-2612           Belt                FRM10.5     G-946AE/AES     Idler,Wheel       IW05
1283-L65            Idler, Wheel     IW05                         Belt                SCQ6.0      GR-901-P1       Belt              FRM9.7
1297                Idler,Wheel      IW05                         Belt                SCX8.9      GR-937P         Belt              FRM11.5
1552-1              Idler, Wheel     IW05        M-2676           Belt                FRX20.7     HPS-45          Belt              FRM11.2
1575-1              Idler,VVheel     IW05                         Belt                SCY4.2                      Idler,Wheel       IW05
1975                Belt             FR2.0                        Belt                SCY5.2      HR-596W         Belt              FRM9.7
2100 Series         ldler,Wheel      IW05                         Belt                SCY7.5      HR-966P         Belt              FR8.8
33429               Idler,VVheel     IW05                                                         IS-4021         Belt              FRM10.5
42136               Idler,VVheel     1W05        ZENITH                                           IS-4031         Belt              SCX9.5
Supreme Series      Idler,Wheel      IWO5        3WGR-50            Belt              0A7.0       IS-4041         Belt              FRM10.5
                                                 3WGR-52            Belt              0A7.0                       Belt              SCX9.5
WEL TRON                                         3WGR-54            Belt              0A7.0       IS-4081         Belt              FRX15.2
                  ' Belt             0A8.2       5WFR-50            Belt                          IS-4090         Belt              FRX15.2
 2007                                                                                 FRM11.2
                    Belt             SCX8.6      12WFR-51           Belt              FRM11.2     LR-902P/P 1     Belt              FRM10.5
                                                                    Idler,Wheel       IW05        LR-912AE        Belt              FRM10.5
                                                                                                  LR-915P         Belt              FRM10.5
WESTERN AUTO                                     169-149            Belt              FRX20.7
                                                                                                                  Belt              FRM10.5
                                     FRM10.5     169-154            Idler,VVheel      IW05        LR-915P1
 GPE-6005A-08       Belt
                                                 169-159                              FRX20.7                     Idler,Wheel       IW11
 GPE-6042A-08       Belt             FRM10.5                      • Belt
                                                 169-195            Belt               FRX21.6    LR-915P2        Belt              FRM10.5
                    Belt             FRW8.5
                                                 169-228            Belt               FRX21.6                    Idler,Wheel       IW11
                    Belt             SCX6.2
                                                 169-335            Belt               FRM11.2    LR-916PN        Belt              FRM10.5
 GPE-6805A-08       Belt             FRM10.5
                                                                    Idler,Wheel        IW05       LR-916PN1       Belt               FRM10.5
 IST-5470A-37       Belt             FRM12.7
                                                 169-336            Belt               FRM11.2                    Idler,Wheel       IW11
 MJE-6904A87        Belt             FRY10.7 •
                                                                    Idler, Wheel       IW05       LR-919P         Belt               FRM10.5
 REC-5610A57        Belt             FRY10.7
                                                 169-337            Belt               FRM11.2                     Belt              FRM15.2
 REC-5620A57        Belt             FRY10.7
                                                                    Idler,Wheel        IW05       LR-919P1         Belt              FRM10.5
 REG-5706887        Belt             FRY10.7
                                                 169-338            Idler,VVheel       IW05                        Idler, Wheel      IW11
                                                                    Belt                          LR-920AE         Belt      -       FRM10.5
WESTINGHOUSE                                     169-341                               FRM11.2
                                                                                                                   Belt              FRM15.2
                    Belt             FR21.5                         Idler,Wheel        IWO5
 ST-58WA70                                                                                        M-900P           Belt              FRM10.5
                    Belt             FRX20.7     169-342            Belt               FRM11.2
 TG-30C-27A                                                                                       M-902P           Belt              FRM10.5
                                                                    ldler,Wheel        IW05
                                                 169-343            Belt               FRM11.2    MC-9025          Belt              SCY12.7
WURLITZER                                                           Idler, Wheel      ,IW05       MC-9030          Belt              FRX16.8
 3100               Belt             OB18.0                                                       MC-9040          Belt              FRX16.8 •
                                                 169-485            Belt               FRM11.2
                                                                    Idler,Wheel        IW05       MD-912AE         Belt              FRM10.5
YAMAHA                                           169-486            Belt               FRM11.2    MD-919P          Belt              FRM10.5
 GT-25              Belt             FRX35.1                        Idler,Wheel        IWO5                        Belt              FRM15.2
 MC5OB              Belt             FRX35.1                        Belt               FRM11.2    ML-2670          Belt              FRX20.7
 P-05               Belt             FR23.6                         Idler,Wheel        IW05       MM-2670          Belt              FR23.6
 P-350              Belt             FRX23.6                        Belt               FRM11.2    MR-915P          Belt              FRM10.5
 P-375              Belt             FRX22.4                        Idler, Wheel       IW05       MR-916PN         Belt               FRM10.5
 SX-69006           Belt             FRX25.0                        Idler Wheel        IW05       MR-917M          Belt               FRM10.5
 YP-450             Belt             FRX22.4                        Idler Wheel        IWO5       MR-920AE         Belt               FRM10.5
 YP-600             Belt             FRX22.4                        Idler, Wheel       IW11                        Belt               FRM15.2
 YP-701             Belt             FRX35.1                        Idler, Wheel       IW11       S-14067          Belt               FRM9.2
 YP-B4              Belt             FRX25.0                        Idler, Wheel        IW11      S-14068          Belt               FRM9.2
 YP-B11             Belt             FRX25.0                         Belt              FRX15.2    S-53315          Belt               FRY20.5
                                                 • 169-579
                                                   169-566           Belt              FRM15.2    VM-24428         Idler, Wheel       IW05
 YORK                                              169-588           Belt              FRM10.5
 M-2202             Belt              FR21.5                         Belt               FRM15.2
                    Belt              SCX9.5     4175                Belt               FRM15.2
                    Belt              SCY4.2     Cobra-matic         Belt               FR8.8
 M-2202A            Belt              FR21.5     ET-915-P3           Idler,VVheel       IWO5
                    Belt              SCX9.5
                    Belt              SCY4.2


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