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									                            JMUN 2007
                   EXAMPLE OF AN ISSUE SUMMARY

The question of implementation and support for national and international
development strategies to achieve agreed U.N. Millennium Development

       Poverty, diseases, inequality among genders, environmental crisis are
problems that face humanity in the present, which is why humanity has
started to look to the future for the consequences these bring if not
alleviated. Thus, the Millennium Development Goals established and agreed
by all UN member nations have to start becoming a reality among people if it
wants to meet its deadline in 2015.
       There is a desperate need to begin implementing and supporting
national and international strategies to achieve the internationally agreed
development goals. Therefore through debating and discussion nations may
come together in the best ways to achieve the goals which hope to eradicate
extreme poverty, achieve universal primary education, among other
       Such strategies can vary from deciding that national strategies should
reflect the conditions of the respective country. Meaning that in the same
road to these goals, each country should have personal regulations that will
help accomplish these goals within that country. Within these strategies
agree to prioritize what is most essential for development such as increasing
employment and enhancing social unity. Good governance along with political
will of authorities to help achieve the strategies is a key factor for
development as well. Other strategies can differ by having same basic
regulations to follow in each country, or perhaps placing different
regulations according to the development status of the country.
       In conclusion, there are numerous strategies that need to be
discussed as an international community to conclude in the matter as to how
implement and support national and international strategies the achievement
of more developed world.

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