Unit 4C Goals Exercise 8 Part 1 Section Summary by TGuiliani


									                                                   Section 1
              Unit 4C: Goals                                        Exercise 8 Part 1
• Discuss Exercise 8                                 • Identify the range of potential users
• Discuss “presupposition”                           • Describe the common ground
   – Another concept involving context               • Analyze: too much (including irrelevant
                                                       information) or too little information
• Schedule
                                                     • Analyze: false (or ridiculous, potentially
   – Apr. 20: Guest lecture by Prof. Ursula Wolz       offending, etc.) information
   – Apr. 23: Phase 4 peer evaluation                • Analyze: unclear or ambiguous
   – Apr. 27: Project showcase (individual           • If your web site does not meet certain criteria of
     presentation)                                     the "Principle of Cooperation," propose a way to
                                                       refine it.
 IMM220 4C               1                             IMM220 4C                   2

                                                   Section 2
             Section Summary                                          Presupposition
• Questions, concerns, etc.                          • What comes to your mind?
• Ready to proceed?

                                                               Again, connect web design and linguistics

 IMM220 4C               3                             IMM220 4C                   4

             Example Sentence                                               Analysis
• Is the following sentence true or false?           • “The King of France is bald.”
  “The King of France is bald.” Bertrand Russell     • If there exists the King of France,
                                                         – The sentence would be either true or false.
                                                     • If not,
                                                         – The sentence may not make sense.
                                                         – The sentence may still be considered false,
                                                           but never true.

 IMM220 4C               5                             IMM220 4C                   6
              Presupposition                                   Digression: Phenomenology
• Presupposition of a statement: Information                • Philosophical position to study
  that holds regardless of the truth value of                 phenomenal experience
  the statement                                             • Motto: Suspend presuppositions
   – Limitations?                                              – Find out what is appropriate under any
• (more broadly) The common ground that                          circumstance ~ truth
  would make the speaker’s utterance                           – Cf. lowering the bias in learning/adaptation
  appropriate                                               • Benefit
                                                               – One may discover things previously not
                                                                 visible or obvious.
 IMM220 4C                  7                                IMM220 4C                8

              Web Examples                                               Section Summary
• IMM220 course page                                        • We all make presuppositions concerning
   – Presuppositions of the author about the                  various things.
     layout, organization, etc. (non-linguistic)?           • It is often quite helpful to take the
   – Are they really in the common ground                     phenomenological approach to broaden
     between the instructor and students?                     our views.
                                                            • Are we in the right context?

                 • Empathy
                 • Cf. other web tools: ARTIE, TESS, SOCS

 IMM220 4C                  9                                IMM220 4C               10

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