STA 212 StatCrunch Example for Descriptive Statistics Summary by TGuiliani


									                       STA 212 StatCrunch Example for Descriptive Statistics

In this example we will demonstrate how to sort sampled data and obtain descriptive statistics. These procedures
will be useful for the materials discussed from Chapter 3. The data for this example come from Chapter 3 Review
Exercises, Exercise 8 on page 95.

To enter the data into the spread-sheet use:

        Data ► Load data ► From WWW
                     WWW address: ► OK

The data are now in the first column named “Budgets”.

SORTING DATA: To obtain a sorted list of the data in the spread-sheet use:

        Data ► Sort Column
               Select Columns: Budgets ► Sort Columns

The data are now sorted for the smallest to largest value. The sorted data are placed in the second column of the
spread-sheet, and are named “Sort(Budgets).”

DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS: To obtain descriptive statistics for the 82 budgets use:

        Stat ► Summary Statistics ► Columns
               Select Columns: Budgets ► Calculate

Summary statistics:

Column n          Mean       Variance Std. Dev.      Std. Err. Median Range Min Max Q1 Q3
Budgets 82 18.154879 298.5993 17.280025 1.9082596                   13.45     93.1    2.9     96 6.7 21.6

A Histogram of the 82 budgets is shown below.

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