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					Some practical steps to improve Siebel performance

Written by SiebelDeveloper
Tuesday, 06 April 2010 04:31 -

Below are some of the steps that I usually take to troubleshoot Siebel performance        1.
Spool the sql using the /s switch on Dedicated Thick Client on the startup shortcut OR increase
logging level on the object manager SQL trace flags to high logging level and identify the sql
that is causing the performance issue. 2. Try running the problamatic SQL in your command
center (DB2) or sqlplus (Oracle) and see how the performance is. If the SQL returns faster then
you can confirm it is not a database problem and other areas of Siebel. 3. Try running an
explain plan (DBA) or if you have database experience run it yourself and determine which
index is used as the primary index (driving index) for the query. 4. Tweak Siebel through
Siebel Tools to generate a better SQL to the database, I am listing couple of things I had to do
     1. Try creating index if necessary.       2. Avoid using a boolean index if possible as a
driving index.        3. Try changing business component search spec or sort spec.           4.
Outer join specifications.     5. Have Siebel Server Cache on 6. Index all new Primary Keys
and Foreign keys. 7. Use aggregate navigation in Siebel Analytics 8. Use Bit Map Indexes
wherever applicable 9. Analytics optimizer makes decisions based on levels defined for
Hierarchies 10. Avoid going to a more detailed level in the Hierarchy Definition than necessary
to get information Source