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How to Increase Traffic to your Blog


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									Blogging started out as something fun that people did to keep each other informed
about their day to day lives.

However this is turning into big business for Internet marketers who have learned
how to do it correctly. To make money blogging you need to have traffic coming to
your blog on a regular basis.

Here's a few ways you can increase traffic to your blog.

1. Post content on a regular basis. One mistake amateur bloggers make is they are hot
and cold when working on the content they provide.

They will get on a hot streak and post content on a regular basis. Then they will cool
off and will not make a blog post for several weeks. If you have people come and visit
your blog you need to give them a reason to come back and posting on a regular basis
is one way to do that.

2. You must target keyword phrases in your title and in the blog article themselves.
This can serve as search engine bait and help rank you high on a search engine for
those specific keywords.

The traffic that you can get from a properly targeted keyword phrase on a search
engine such as Google can be astronomical.

3. Social bookmark your blog articles for traffic and search engine bait too. At the
very least you should social bookmark your articles into Digg, Technorati, and
Stumbleupon. You can also use to bookmark into multiple directories
with one click.

Bookmarking a blog article can give you traffic when you post the article bookmark,
and it can give you a backlink that leads to additional traffic in the future.

4. Put your RSS subscriber feed button right up where people can find it at the top of
your page. The more RSS subscribers you have the more potential traffic you can
receive every time you update your blog.

Another thing you can do is make it possible for people to subscribe to your RSS feed
via email so they can be notified instantly that you have made a blog update.

5. Viral marketing is another way to increase traffic to your blog. If you make your
blog exciting by adding things such as video, audio, graphics, and so on, people will
tell each other about it. This can lead to an additional increase in traffic and more
subscribers to your blog feed too.
These were just a few ideas on how to increase traffic to your blog. The nice thing
about blogging is it can bring traffic quickly and consistently if you do it the right

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