How To Get The Best Piano Lessons For Beginners

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					If you are learning piano for the first time then you might be thinking of getting
yourself a piano teacher to deliver your piano lessons. But it 抯 sensible to think hard
about it first because there could be problems with this approach to piano lessons for
beginners in particular.

1. Not all piano teachers can teach. For generations, people who have learned piano as
a child and have become reasonably adept at it have turned to teaching piano as a way
of earning a living. And a very honourable profession it is too. If you can get a good
teacher to give you piano lessons then you are very lucky. For, the unfortunate fact is
that there are many people out there, who, no matter how good they are at playing
piano, are just not good teachers. Being able to impart information in an effective and
memorable way is a skill that has to be learned, and may piano teachers seem to focus
on the technicalities of piano playing to the exclusion of the educational aspect. The
result is that you might have a piano lesson every week for years and still feel you
haven 抰 learned very much at the end of it all.

2. You might not get on with your teacher. Everybody is different and I 抦 sure you 抳
e had the experience where you take an instant dislike to someone, even if you can 抰
put your finger on the actual reason. This happened to me some years ago when I
book some piano lessons with a young man piano teacher that had been recommended
by a friend. I was told that he was knowledgeable, friendly and polite. He was all
these things but I had an instant antipathy to him when he arrived at my house. I just
didn 抰 like his manner and couldn 抰 get on with him at all. Now this sort of
extreme example doesn 抰 happen very often, but if if does happen to any degree
then it 抯 bound to influence your learning the piano experience. It 抯 just something
to think about, that 抯 all.

3. Real live piano teachers don 抰 come cheap. It depends where you live of course
but you 抣 l probably find that most piano lessons for beginners come in at between
$35 and $75 per hour. If you 抮 e learning piano from scratch then the likelihood is
that you 抣 l need at least one piano lesson per week for a year. It soon adds up, I can
tell you. You might end up spending two or three thousand dollars on employing a
piano teacher before you know it. It 抯 as well to be aware of this commitment before
you start because it 抯 not always easy to get rid of teachers once they start teaching
you. They 抣 l tell you that you need a few more lessons, then a few more, then a few
more. You don 抰 like to stop because you don 抰 want to buck their advice.

It sounds like I 抳 e got a real downer when it comes to real humans providing piano
lessons for beginners but that 抯 not the case. Many piano teachers provide a first
class service at a reasonable price, but they 抮 e not always easy to find. The truth is,
piano lessons for beginners don 抰 need to be very sophisticated, you 抮 e a beginner
after all and sometimes having a human piano teacher is just overkill when it comes to
your limited requirements at this early stage of your piano lessons.