Differences in Caribbean Cruise destinations

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					Differences in Caribbean Cruise Destinations

All Caribbean cruise destinations offer the same types
of things, right? Wrong!

If you know what you want in your Caribbean cruise,
you can use this guide to help you choose the perfect
destination for your Caribbean cruise.

It’s important that you know what different parts of
the Caribbean have to offer, and what you will find if
you take a cruise there.

Eastern Caribbean

- This is a great destination for those cruisers who
enjoy shopping. The eastern Caribbean includes ports
like St. Thomas and St. Martin, and they offer a
plethora of shops and boutiques.

Western Caribbean

- If you are looking for adventure, this is the place
to go. You can go to places that are less traveled,
and trek through jungles or explore other cultures.
These ports include places like Honduras and Belize.

Mexican cruises

- If you enjoy the party life, this is the type of
cruise for you. They are also perfect for those who
would enjoy exploring the ruins of the Maya.

Southern Caribbean

- Want to hit the beach   and get a tan? The beautiful
beaches of Barbados and   Aruba are waiting for you.
Sun, sand, and a golden   tan is what you will come away
with when you go to the   southern Caribbean.

Everyone has something different in mind when they are
thinking of taking a cruise, so take into
consideration your party’s interests.

Think about the different places in the Caribbean and
what they have to offer. Once you have consulted with
all the members of your traveling party, you can
choose a destination that everyone is going to enjoy.

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