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					Quick Tips for NameCheap Site Setups and Management:
NameCheap staff are always ready with prompt email replies to queries, most will read the request, and, reply
without just clicking the ticket and sending you to ‘Knowledgebase’, which is the latest Help Desk Fad on the

Sadly, extra and often needless levels of complication are also the general Internet/IT trend, so, finding the
quickest, easiest way to configure sites and site access is important to avoid wasting time wherever you need to
go. All praise to Google, their Search Page is what any Web page should be, uncluttered, and straight to the point.

Here are some quick tips for configuring in NameCheap Hosting, and email
configuration, at least these are the ones that caused confusion for Nofrillstech:
1) The DOMAN NAME must be configured correctly. In order to see the required option at Transfer DNS to Web
Host, you need to click on the domain name from the domain list. Then refer to the left-side menu, section

So, in order to point your domain to our hosting nameservers, please do the following:

- login to your NameCheap Account


- click on domain you want to change settings for; TICK BOX BEFORE CLICKING ON D/N,

then look to left side:


- select Use Namecheap Hosting DNS Servers option and click on SAVE CHANGES.

2) Email Address Changes via Modify Profile, look to left side.

Configure in email in cPanel, including passwords, and, note that only the email for any given domain is
usable, custom email names are not possible. New/custom emails are only possible with new/extra
domains being added.

3) Web Mail uses the cPanel and website login details. Go to Secure Webmail Login, this particular
password is the cPanel Password sent in the Web Access details, see example below. Once in cPanel, find
and then use the Webmail Login.

“Webmail allows you to check your email from a web browser as opposed to a desktop mail application such as
Outlook Express or Thunderbird. This means that you can check your email from any web browser. Please make
sure to log out when checking your email on public computers so that other people cannot read your email.

You can check the webmail for any account by logging into https://..........:xxxx with the full username, set in
Modify Profile, ( and, then the password for the email account”

The default cPanel password is a bit cumbersome, both to carry and apply, whilst traveling. You can change
your cPanel password or the password of your email account to something more memorable at cPanel >>
Preferences >> change password, or, in cPanel >> email accounts >> change password.

4) Mail Client Configuration:

Mail Server Username: ….
Incoming Mail Server: mail……
Incoming Mail Server: (SSL)
Outgoing Mail Server: mail……… (server requires authentication) port 26
Outgoing Mail Server: (SSL) (server requires authentication) port 465
Supported Incoming Mail Protocols: POP3, POP3S (SSL/TLS), IMAP, IMAPS (SSL/TLS)
Supported Outgoing Mail Protocols: SMTP, SMTPS (SSL/TLS)
Note that the specific email username and email password must always be used. The two versions of login
configuration offered are confusing, you will just have to test consecutively until you are successful. BE SURE to
independently check Incoming and Outgoing Server Configurations in any Account Options.

5) Thunderbird Email Instructions: Thunderbird will set up accounts automatically, with manual tweaks
possible, and required, especially the SERVERS, viz, SSL/TLS in Incoming, and, recheck the Username in
both Servers, (ie, your full email title), this will need to be re-entered in full, which the automatic configuration
does not do.

Alarming security warnings may ensue during Account Setup, just OK them, as them there is no other simple
option, or, if you wish, to avoid such messages you should configure your email client to use secure connection to the email
server. Some configuration parameters need to be changed:

Tools -> Account Settings -> Server Settings

- outgoing and incoming mail servers should be changed to

- POP3 port should be changed to 955

- Under Security Settings, Check SSL

Click Tools -> Account Settings -> Outgoing Server (SMTP)

- SMTP port should be changed to 465

- Check the SSL box

- Under Security Authentication, "Check User name and Password".

Note that Thunderbird Portable is similarly configured.

6) Sample of Login Details, as of August 2010:

             Welcome to Hosting
             (Sadly, concise, quick Email Configuration info is missing from this bulletin.)

         Welcome ………..!
                                                                                Date: Sunday, August 1,
         Thank you for signing up with                            2010 10:14:31 AM
         Hosting. Your hosting account has been successfully
         created on the server. Your account information is
         provided below.
            ACCOUNT INFORMATION:                                                Billing Login
          Plan: Basic Hosting
          Price: $39.95
          Domain: …………
                                                                                11400 W. Olympic Blvd.,
          IP Address:                                             Suite 200
                                                                                Los Angeles, CA, 90064
         Before starting to work with your website, please,
change the nameservers for your domain to the
following, otherwise your site will be inaccessible        1.3233752822
through the web:

NOTE: If your domain name is registered with another
company please contact your registrar for assistance.


Please have a look at our video tutorial Name Servers
Set Up if you need more help.

IMPORTANT! Please note that it can take up to 24-72
hours for the changes to propagate over the Internet.
During this period your site can be inaccessible
through browser.

  Now you can start uploading your site content. Please use the following login
   Domain: ………….
   Username: ……..
   Password: ……………………
   cPanel: http://............/cpanel or if DNS propagation has not been completed yet.


   Username: …..

   Password: …………………….

  In order to upload and manage your files you can make use of:

  - File Manager in your cPanel. Please refer to How to use the File Manager video
  - FTP client. For ftp client the following settings should be used:

   Server Address:

   Username: ………………….
   Password: ………………….

   Mode: passive

  * Files for your main domain have to be uploaded to /home/clswi/public_html/
* Files for addon domains to /home/clswi/public_html/addon_domain/

* Files placed directly into your home directory /home/clswi/ will not be visible on the

NOTE: Make sure you have uploaded index page into your public_html
directory. - Please use this link to test your site before DNS
propagation is completed

In order to build a website you can make use of Fantastico, Well-known one-click
software installer which allows to easy install wide rage of different scripts. You can
check and install them in cPanel > Software/Services > Fantastico De Luxe.

If you need any assistance in getting started with your hosting account we advise
you to check the following article: Getting Started
Login to our hosting billing system at the following URL to check your hosting
packages, view and pay your hosting invoices, change your payment type or billing
details, update contact information, and more!

In case you forgot your password please visit the following URL to
reset it
If you require any assistance please use the link below to submit a ticket or to
contact our online Live Support.

NOTE: Please use your login and password to login into the
support area before submitting a ticket.
Please take a moment to browse the following links which contain important
information related to your hosting account:

Hosting Account Billing Policies - Covering our billing policies for hosting accounts,
including invoice dates and suspension policies.

Service News - Find announcements on service and policy changes or latest
company's news.

Server Status - Important server specific announcements. Check here first for server
status questions.

Webhosting knowledge base – Articles and FAQs which cover common hosting

Webhosting Manuals - Detailed Cpanel instructions created for you.

Namecheap forum - Our forum is a great source of useful information about domain
names and hosting accounts.
       If you have any questions regarding your account, please contact us at your

       Thank you, Hosting

More tips are most welcome:
                      HOME email

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