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					April 2010
             SB 1788 of the 80th Legislature
             Established a State Virtual School
              Leverage courses already developed
              Ensure alignment to TEKS & iNACOL National
              No change to existing distance learning laws
         – Catalog of approved courses
              Fee-based for 2008-2009
             81st Texas Legislature change

                                                   Texas Education Agency
                                                             Administering Authority
  TEC § 30A.052. The commissioner shall: (1) employ a limited number of administrative employees in connection with the network

                                                   TxVSN Advisory Council
             TEC § 30A.051 To the extent practicable, the commissioner shall solicit advice from school districts concerning:
                            the administration of the state virtual school network and adoption of rules…

            TxVSN                                             TxVSN                                           Providers of
         Course Review                                  Central Operations                             TxVSN Approved Professional

             Region 4 ESC                                Region 10 ESC                             •   Education Development Center, Inc.
                                              Harris County Department of Education                •   ESC Region 1
                                                                                                   •   ESC Region 4
                                                                                                   •   ESC Region 11
                                                                                                   •   ESC Region 16
                                                                                                   •   Harris County Dept. of Education
                                                                                                   •   Texas A&M University CDLR
                                                                                                   •   University of Houston Clear Lake
                                                                                                   •   PBS TeacherLine of Texas
                                                                                                   •   LincoTower , LLC
                                                                                                   •   And more coming…
TEC §30A.102 requires electronic courses      TEC § 30A.052. (2)(c) contract with a regional           TEC §30A.111 Instructors must successfully
submitted by a provider school district or    education service center for the service center to       complete the appropriate professional development
school to be offered through the network to   operate the network.                                     course before teaching an electronic course offered
be reviewed                                                                                            through network.
                     Catalog, Registration, Finance, Help Desk

                                   Course Providers
                             •Districts, Open Enrollment Charter Schools,
                      Education Service Centers,    Higher Education Institutions
                               Have online instructors and courses
• Alief ISD                                                        Higher Education Pilot:
• Amarillo ISD                                                     •Lamar University
• ESC Region 6                                                     •University of Texas Arlington
• Mansfield ISD                                                    •Angelina College
• Mineral Wells ISD                                                •Howard College
• Pasadena ISD                                                     •St Philps of Alamo Colleges
• Plano ISD                                                        •TSTC- Harlingen
• SUPERNet (District Collaborative)                                ….. more coming
• Texas Virtual School
   (ESC Collaborative)
                                    Course Receivers
                             Districts or Open Enrollment Charter Schools
                                 Have students with academic needs
                           Grant credit for the course delivered by provider
All high school course are TEKS aligned and meet
iNACOL standards, but may:
• Vary in pacing
• Enrollment type
• Materials to be provided by student or district

All college courses have extra steps that are
explained in the course details
• Articulation agreement
• Student Application to the college or university
• Tuition, if applicable
• Textbooks
AP English Literature &   Aquatic Science
Composition               Art Appreciation
AP French I               Chemistry
AP US Government &        Applications
Politics                  Drivers Education
AP Calculus               Geometry
AP Physics                Integrated Physics
                          and Chemistry
AP Spanish                Precalculus
AP Physics                Physical Education
It’s the people that make it work!

It’s hard…   (aka rigorous)

…didn’t realize how much time it would

This course rocks!

Wish I could take all my classes this
Pre-assess student readiness for online
   • Personal Attributes – procrastination, motivation,
       willingness to ask for help, etc
   •   Learning Styles
   •   Technical Competency and Skills
   •   On-Screen Reading Rate and Recall
   •   Typing Speed and Accuracy

TxVSN provides to participating districts
          For each student who successfully
          completes an electronic course that:
               ‣ satisfies a curriculum requirement for graduation
               ‣ is provided through the TxVSN, and
               ‣ is part of a normal student course load*
               The school district or open enrollment charter
               school that provided the course is entitled to an
               allotment of $400
               The school district or open-enrollment charter
               school in which the student is enrolled is entitled
               to an allotment of $80

* Additional funding for courses outside the normal course load
identified by TEA
State Virtual School Allotment
Each semester the course providers report to successful,
        failures, and incompletes to the TxVSN

 TxVSN reports successful completions to TEA Finance

  TEA Finance Division electronically deposits funds in
                   district’s account
Participating Districts List
…but do not wait until the last minute….
TxVSN Registered Districts




  Spring 2009
                Spring 2010
Total Course Seats Available
        by Semester
   TxVSN Enrollments by Semester



                                                  598 627
 500                                234 237
              0             0
       Spring 09   Summer 09        Fall 09      Spring 10   Summer 10

                           High School    Dual Credit
Central Operations
 Barbara Smith, Project Director
 Angela Clark, Director of Central Operations
 Laura Hodges, Counselor / Outreach
 Jody Flowers, Academic Supervisor
 Help Desk
 ‣   1.866.938/9876
 ‣   TxVSN Listserv: See link under Important Info at

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