How To Gain More Energy By Eating Less Food - The Power of A 6 Day Vegetarian Fast

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					I must say this first and foremost, before starting any fast or diet plan, please consult
your physician. Okay, now that I have that out of the way; fasting is a great way to
jumpstart a diet plan, remove waste and toxins from your system, and transition to a
meat-free vegetarian lifestyle.

Cleansing your body of all the waste that processed foods and meat leaves behind in
your system before becoming vegetarian or starting healthier eating habits will help
your body reap the benefits of a healthier change in diet.

Fasting is one of those ways of cleansing your body. Don't be afraid of the word "fast"
because there is a gradual non-evasive way of fasting that you can start and complete
in less than 10 days.

Once you complete your fast, you will want to keep up the healthy and natural
momentum by adopting a plant-based, vegetarian diet and following diverse
vegetarian meal plans that will nourish your body and support your good health.

Here is an easy to follow 6 Day Fasting Regimen

1st Day - During the first day of your fast, you need to eliminate all meat (a big no-no
- even fish and chicken) caffeine, alcohol, junk food (you know, chocolate, sweets,
chips and dip, soda...the usual suspects) and drink a lot of water.; at least 64 oz of
water a day.

2nd Day - Since the junk food is gone, now you need to stop eating canned, frozen,
and other processed foods. No canned or frozen vegetables or fruits; only the natural
and fresh stuff. No canned beans either. If want to eat beans, use the dried beans that
usually come in a bag or that you can buy in bulk.

3rd Day - Now that you have eliminated all meat and junk food and process foods
from your diet, you will stop eating all animal products such as eggs, cheese, yogurt,
and animal milk. It is still okay to consume soy based products such as soy yogurt and
soy milk.

4th Day - On this day, you will need to exclude all grains and legumes from your diet.
This means beans, bread, rice cereal, oatmeal, couscous, and any other grain and bean
family members (don't worry; this is not a permanent elimination). You will be able to
enjoy these healthy and delicious foods once again. I promise. Remember, drink a lot
of water to facilitate the fasting and cleansing process.

5th Day - Remember this is a fast, so we must eventually eliminate all foods, no
matter how healthy they are for us so that our body can naturally cleanse itself. On
day five, you will need to stop eating vegetables. At this point in your fast almost all
food has been eliminated from your diet except for fruit. You can still enjoy all the
fresh, sweet, and juicy fruit your little heart desires on this day. Fruit is the last food to
be eliminated from your diet on this fast because fruit is the earth's natural cleanser
and is full of fiber that helps keep your body's digestive system performing at optimal
levels and helps removes waste that other foods leave behind in your body.

6th Day - On day six, you should not be eating any foods. That's right, not one drop of
food should be hitting your lips. You should only be drinking plenty of water and
fresh vegetable and fruit juices. When I say fresh vegetable and fruit juice, I mean the
real stuff. You will need to whip out the juicer and use fresh and pesticide-free fruits
and vegetables to make your own juices at home. This way, you ensure that the juices
you are drinking are not loaded with sugar and sodium; and you can feel good
drinking your fresh juices knowing that you are not reversing your fasting efforts.

If you don't have a juicer, that is okay, try to purchase juices that don't have any added
sugars and are organic. Try not to drink too much of the bottled juices during the fast.
You will need to continue this fresh juice and water fast for another three to five days.
How long you continue this fast is totally up to you. I would suggest not fasting any
more than five days.

You will not be living off fresh juice and water for the rest of your life. After you have
completed your fast, you will need to start incorporating healthy foods into your diet,
day by day, the correct way, so that you are not "shocking" your body with food.

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