Should you Include GPA and Coursework on your Resume

Should you Include GPA and Coursework on your Resume?

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Fresh out of university and you are looking for a suitable job. One of
the first things you must do is write a great resume. So how critical is
your Grade Point Average and details of major coursework on your new

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Your grade point in your resume speaks for your education and your level
of overall academic success. It is vital to note these details on your
resume; your interviewer will use it to determine your aptitude for
learning which is important for new jobs and internships. Omit your grade
point average and potential employers may wonder why. Generally speaking,
those that omit GPA do so because they have a low score. If your GPA is
above 3.0, make sure you include it on your resume. If you grade point
average is 3.8 to 4.0, make sure you include that information in your
cover letter also; it is something to be proud of.

You must also include a brief list of major coursework. This information
offers information to a potential employer about subjects and areas of
expertise that you have already been exposed to.

Your grade point average and major coursework speaks of your strengths
and will enable your employer to immediately understand your ability to
research, write and disseminate information. It is better to include your
grade point average in your resume, as it is important for them to gauge
you since you do not otherwise have any work experience so to say. It
also provides you with a very solid reference, which is always desirable
when you are first starting out in the working world.

It may look something like this:

<b>Master of International Management – 3.8 GPA    May 2005</b>
Name of College, City, ST
Specialty: International Marketing
<b>Major Coursework:</b> Business Management, Economics, Marketing,
Sales, Corporate Finance

However, you should not include your GPA if it is below 2.7. Wait until
the interview when you can discuss your reasoning face to face with the
It is particularly useful to mention your grade point average because
there are certain careers, which assign a lot of importance to your
grades and your academic performance. These would include, but are not
limited to, jobs that place a heavy emphasis on math and science
knowledge. Along with your grade point average, you must also make it a
point to elaborate on your other capabilities such as successful research
projects, internships or relevant community activities at school. All
this goes a long way in getting that sought after job.

Including your grade point average in a resume enables you to be
evaluated based on your future capabilities. This along with including
tangible transferable skills on your resume is what will land you a great
job. It is always advisable to present as much positive information on
your resume as possible, especially given the very competitive nature of
most jobs these days.

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