Overcoming Email Marketing Legal Issues by tuananh1080


									There are certain legal issues connected with Email marketing that
prevents it from being used in an extensive manner. The data protection
act plays a big role in making sure that you manage your subscriber list
in a proper manner. There is a need to comply with the law and ensure
that you do not continuously send mails to people who are not interested
in your product or services.When you send emails to your subscribers make
it a point to avoid revealing recipient's details within the mail. Create
the mail group so that it can send a blind carbon copy to each of the
members in the subscribers list. While sending out the email marketing
mail, it is important to avoid revealing your own personal identity.
Certain e-commerce regulations are also in place whereby these email
marketing mails need to include information related to the business
including full name and contact details.If you are offering products and
services that can be purchased then the price has to be included in the
mail. It is also mandatory to have a link that allows subscribers to opt
out from the mailing list in case they are not interested in receiving
mails from you. Another important thing is that you cannot send
unsolicited marketing messages unless there is prior consent from the
subscriber.All these measures have been taken for protecting the interest
of the consumers. There will be no exemption if the address was collected
during sale or other events. Consent of the consumer is important to
avoid legal hassles in the future. When we talk about individual
subscribers then make sure to avoid including companies or individuals
within these companies.The e-commerce regulations have been specifically
put in place so that there is differentiation between commercial mails
and other mails being sent out through the email medium. The most
important thing that leads to legal issues has been the unavailability of
unsubscribe mechanism that allows people to 'opt-out' for getting hold of
further email marketing content through their mail.There is a need to
make sure that email marketing does not turn into spamming. Spam mails
are basically unsolicited commercial email that is sent to individuals
without their consent. Unrequested messages are considered as spam mails.
Therefore, to avoid legal issues make sure not to send them at all. The
only exception can be when you have a long-standing business relationship
with them.In case the customer keeps purchasing a lot of things from you
then it can be a possibility that you send out mails to inform them about
new products in a similar category of purchased products. It is also
important to let your subscriber have an idea regarding the number of
emails they will receive in a certain period. This is the differentiating
factor between regular emails and occasional ones. Occasional commercial
mails should not be sent in a frequent manner. There can be a situation
where your customer will be fed up of your daily mails and opt out of the
mailing list in a quick manner.

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