Legal Career Development Advice by tuananh1080


									                                        The legal profession being one of
the most oldest and traditional professions in the history of mankind has
been glamorized a lot by media in T.V. shows, movies, and even the print
media. Since it is a profession with such an exposure, a lot of young
people aspire to become lawyers soon after completing high school
graduation. Law is one of the most conventional professions that has been
popularized and accepted as a respectful career choice since ages. The
students aspiring to become lawyers need to take up their training and
bear a sense of responsibility and commitment towards the society they
inhabit.Excellence needs to be cultivated says A. Harrison Barnes the CEO
of The legal knowledge and work experience will help to
excel in legal career. Before getting into the legal jobs, you can
function as an intern that will help you to gain first hand knowledge
about the legal profession. You can expand your business contacts by
coming in contact with the leading legal personalities both overseas and
in your own country. The internships also enable you to attend court
cases and proceedings. You can sharpen your interpersonal and
communicative skills as an intern. By following some simple steps, it is
possible for an attorney to gain absolute control over his profession
says A. Harrison Barnes. Do not make any hasty decisions; take out time
to analyze your skills and interests. Another important factor that you
need to have a good grasp about early in your formative years is a
compound knowledge of your weaknesses and a methodology designed to work
around them. If necessary you can fix up appointments with other lawyers
and have detailed discussions about the legal field. You must know that
dealing with clients require a lot of skill and patience. A. Harrison
Barnes suggests that you can get rid of fears by practicing public
speaking. You may also get in touch with Young Lawyers affiliates and bar
associations to gain further insight into the legal profession.You need
to plan and organize your career says A. Harrison Barnes. Make a short
list of your short and long term goals and if possible add in time slots
to formulate a target table. This will enable you to strategize your
plans in a better way. While in action, it will be beneficial for you, if
you look into your plans. This will help you to reach your targeted goals
with a fulfillment and sense of purpose. Make sure that your plans are
flexible enough and can be altered with changing scenarios and changing
priorities. The goal-setting will enable the candidates to enhance their
self confidence and undertake quick decisions and overcome hurdles. More
so, this will empower you with the ability to foresee and maneuver around
roadblocks easily. You must be resilient enough to handle problems that
arise time and again. People in the legal jobs must be open to
differences and must not hesitate to seek help from the right person at
the right time.A professional legal mentor can provide you with insights
by sharing his experiences and realities in the field of legal practice.
In case your present employer does not provide you with a professional
mentor, you can get in touch with the state bar or seek help from those,
whom you admire. Try to develop a long term relationship with your mentor
for excelling in your legal career says A. Harrison Barnes. The mentor
can assist you in determining your strengths and weaknesses. Active
participation with your legal firm activities can help you to stand out
in your legal career. Detailed inspection abilities, strong analytical
skills are the key to success in the legal profession.The legal firms
vary in their sizes. Each of the law firms follow a different pattern for
recruitment says A. Harrison Barnes. The large law firms spend huge
amount of money into the recruitment process. They choose among the best
candidates who are well versed with the legal profession. The candidates
are required to undergo vigorous training methods, and psychometric tests
to sharpen their skills. These examinations or screening methods also
help the law firms to recruit the most capable candidate.
provides detailed information about the recruitment processes adhered to
by the legal firms.An interview for legal professionals in the government
sector follow a very different code of conduct altogether says A.
Harrison Barnes. The government sectors, while recruiting lawyers and
attorneys, follow a more structural approach rather than conversational
procedures. The conversational procedures are more commonly followed in
the private sectors.There are a number of small law firms that may be
comprised of a single legal practitioner who has left a mark in the field
of commercial practice. These attorneys are required to carry out
thorough research before any interview, says A. Harrison Barnes.

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