Legal Aspects of Managing Technology Textbook Review by tuananh1080


									Legal Aspects of Managing Technology written by Lee Burgunder is a fairly
good textbook geared towards a college classroom. Unlike many other
textbooks, it actually addresses legal cases that students are interested
in. Therefore, this book is recommended by the author to be taught in an
IT related business law class.This textbook covers cases such as Napster,
Grokster, and Live 2 Crew which are extremely applicable to this time
period's college students who grew up with these issues. In addition, it
thoroughly covers issues that will need to be understood when the average
college student reaches the business world such as sarbanes oxley.The
read itself is rather complex, but is still understandable by the average
English speaking person. Expect international students to have a bit more
issues especially when reading some of the cases and new terminology that
the average person may not be familiar with. However, it is still not an
ultra difficult read for an average college student which can be a real
deterrent to reading some of the other business law textbooks out there.
If you are a student, expect this textbook to be a semi-difficult read,
but nothing out of the ordinary.The examples they give in this textbook
are incredibly interesting. They even talk about Linkin Park's Hybrid
Theory CD which most college students will be able to relate to as this
is modern music that they probably hear in high school or college. The
author tries incredibly hard to relate to the students which makes this a
very worth while read.Overall, Legal Aspects of Managing Technology is
highly recommended over your average business law textbook. You will find
students getting much more involved and interested in the cases because
of how modern and technology based the examples are. As of 2009, this
textbook is still very applicable to both professors and students.

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