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Want To Start Your Own Web Hosting Company But Don't Want To Spend Anything For Opening
Up Your Own Web Hosting Company. 4mcorporation Group Can Help You in Fulfilling Your
Dream. We Give You 100% Risk Free Reseller Web Hosting Program.

Web Hosting Reselling as a gaining process... and it's so easy to get started!. It's free! Customize
your own reseller web site and start reselling web hosting plans under your unique private label.
Resell domains and resell web hosting and get paid for every hosting plan you sell!

Discover - A new generation web hosting reseller program offering you new
opportunities and higher profits.

Other web hosting reseller programs have little opportunities to offer and might even cost
you money in the end:

       basic possibility to sell web hosting plans and get paid for it
       basic technical or sales support
       get paid for annual plan renewals
       poor marketing and promotion concepts require your own effort and money to promote the

Stop taking chances!!

More Opportunities - Less Responsibilities: 4m Corporation Group's new generation
reseller program:

       Get a FREE Reseller Account loaded with features to customize your brand
       Resell web hosting plans and domains and get paid for it
       Place optional advertising banners on your branded website and get paid for it
       Attract clients world-wide by offering FREE Web Hosting Accounts. Marketing and
        promotion - A breeze!
       No technical know-how or start-up financing needed
       We offer you a 24x7 technical and sales support
       Get paid for every annual plan renewal - year after year!

There's only one conclusion: Become a Web Hosting provider today and GET PAID for every
upgrade to a paid plan. Take your own management decisions to place advertisement on your
branded sites and GET PAID FOR IT again!

Don't miss out on this offer! It's free to start your own FREE hosting reseller web site and shop.
You are going to GET PAID for every single web hosting plan or domain you sell! No need to
invest money, no obligations of any kind, no hidden costs and no initial fees Register for FREE,
now! And start your career by reselling web hosting plans and domains.

Private Label Reseller

Private Label Reseller is the way your hosting domains reseller's site is presented over to your
visitors and why they become clients of yours

Being a Private Label Reseller, your reseller's site will have the look of a self-dependent web
hosting business. This is very important because of your customers' point of view, bearing out the
trust on your web hosting site they buy services from. Private Label Reseller has several essential

       Your site's name or DBA (doing business as) is displayed automatically on your site's
        pages and thus making it as an independent business entity. This includes but not limited
        to: payment pages, thank you (after purchase) pages, terms of services, privacy policy,
        welcome email notifications and others - all marked with your brand.
       The reseller hosting business process is completely automated and maintained by us. We
        even take care and issue all legal papers for web hosting orders over your web hosting
        site such as Invoices on your behalf. You are completely freed from any administrative
       Probably the most important part of the web hosting business is called Customer Care.
        Our well trained Sales, Billing and Technical Support staff is communicating with the end-
        consumer (using third party site's premises) on your behalf in a way your clients never
        even suspect you are a web hosting reseller.
       Not on the last place but very important is the Private DNS Cluster. It is the final element
        needed to have your reseller hosting anonymity completed and your web hosting site
Altogether the fragments above are essential part of the Private Label Reseller web hosting
program offered by 4m Corporation Group.

Private DNS Cluster

Every web hosting company as part of the web hosting service has its own DNS (Domain Name
System) where keeps and maintains the records for all of the hosted domain names (web sites).
The Domain Name System consists of a hierarchical set of DNS servers. Being a web hosting
company all your clients' domains are pointed and are using those DNS servers. Within the free
reseller hosting program we offer you two default DNS servers
However those DNS servers are not alike your domain name.

Usually the DNS servers coincide with the domain name of the hosting company mainly to help
make customers recognize your brand. Secondly the Private DNS Cluster allows you to have the
circle of your reseller anonymity closed by having your own DNS servers alike your domain name.
All your clients will use DNS with the name of your own domain of the kind ns1.your-hosting-,

Using the Private DNS Cluster you take advantage of the opportunity to build up a mutually
beneficial relationship with your customers by increasing your brand recognition and customers
trust. Within the Private DNS Cluster you get some other features no other web hosting reseller
program offers. See our Private DNS Cluster packages below.

                               FREE DNS SERVER       MINI DNS SERVER       DNS SERVER PLUS

 DOMAIN NAME                     Free Sub Domain            Free                  Free

 DNS                                 ns1.4m  
 OFFERED HOSTING                   Paid Service      Free & Paid Service   Free & Paid Service
 PRIVATE IP                             n/a                  n/a             1 dedicated IP
 REVERSE LOOKUP                         n/a                  n/a
 SUPER SITE                             n/a
 PRICE                                Free             Rs.1500/year          Rs.3000/year
If you want more control on your hosting then Paid Reseller are Also Available With Free DNS and
Dedicated IP,s

Power Full Servers:
First-class Linux-based web hosting resources available to you and your customers in the form of
highly competitive pre-configured plans, set up in accordance with the latest marketing trends, and
custom-built plans created entirely by you to match your customers' actual needs. They go with
World’s Leading Cpanel Control Panel.

       CPU Processor: Xeon 2 Quad 2.4 GHz with 4MB Cache
       RAM memory: 4GB
       Hard Drives: 2x500 GB SATA
       Back up: RAID 1
       Operating System: Linux

Control Panel:

For your customer’s convenience we have installed RVSkins and SimSkins. These two
packages have over 15 skins for Cpanel and will make the control panel more user
friendly. We hope that you and your clients will enjoy that customization.

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                         Hosting Plans
  Package          Beginner          Student                          Developer        Unlimited
Price              Rs. 200/m         Rs. 250         Rs. 195/m        Rs. 225/m        Rs. 275/m
(Free Reseller)    Rs. 2400/y       Rs. 3000/y       Rs. 2350/y       Rs. 2650/y       Rs. 3200/y
Price               Rs. 99/m        Rs. 199/m        Rs. 300/m        Rs. 350/m        Rs. 400/m
for Customer)
                   Rs. 1150/y       Rs. 2350/y       Rs. 3600/y       Rs. 4000/y       Rs. 4500/y
Free Domain
                       Yes              Yes               Yes              Yes              Yes
Name+ Setup
Disk Space           200 MB           1000 MB           10 GB            50 GB          Unlimited
                       3 GB            10GB             40 GB           200 GB          Unlimited
                   15 POP3/IMAP     50 POP3/IMAP    100 POP3/IMAP    200 POP3/IMAP      Unlimited
Sub Domains              3               10               50              100            Unlimited
                         2                5               10               50           Unlimited
PHP Support            Yes              Yes               Yes              Yes              Yes
ASP/            Yes              Yes               Yes              Yes              Yes
                       Yes              Yes               Yes              Yes              Yes
Privacy                Free             Free             Free             Free             Free
                        No              Yes               Yes              Yes              Yes
                       Yes              Yes               Yes              Yes              Yes

         Package can be Customized on your demand
         Your can Compare our rates with any hosting company in Pakistan
    For example: (,,, and more)
    you will find our rates are best then all.

    Special offer:
        Get 1 Free Package with purchase of 5 Packages (Developer& Unlimited Package)
        Free Gifts with Every Package

* To execute your order email us at

* Fastest Data Transfer Rates.

* 128 bit Secured Servers.

* 24 hours Monitoring and Spam Protection.

* Antivirus Management.

* 24 x 7 Customer Friendly Support.

Syed Muneeb Ali
4m Group

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