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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 Customization


									                                              Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0
                                              At the end of the course the delegate will be able to complete the following:

                                              Microsoft CRM                                        Custom Entities
COMPUTER TRAINING                             Customization                                           Value of Custom Entities
                                                                                                     Custom entities and System Entities
 The key to a better future
                                                  Microsoft CRM Design Focus                          Planning a Custom Entity
                                                  Levels of Customization                             Ownership Type
                                                  Microsoft CRM Customization Architecture            Entity Relationships
                                                  Use of Supported Methods                            Relationship Behaviour
                                                  Available Customizations                            Supported Relationships
               CRM                            
                                                  Customization Tactics                               Entity Security and Customizations
                                                  Customization Method                                Working With Custom Entities
                                              Skills:                                                 Configuring a Custom Entity
     Course No. 8525                             Make appropriate choices about customization        Default Entity Attributes and Features
                                                  strategies.                                         Entity Icons
             3 Days                              Recognize which levels customizations can be        Deleting a Custom Entity
                                                  made and by whom.                                   Defining Relationships
                                                 Understand how the Microsoft Architecture           Entity Mapping
                                                  influences how and where you customize              Add a Mapping
Target Audience:                                  Microsoft CRM.                                      Lab: Create a Custom Entity
This course provides students with the
                                                 Recognize the importance of using supported         Lab: Creating Relationships
                                                  methods of customization.                           Lab: Add Mapping
knowledge and skills to plan, develop, and
apply Microsoft CRM 3.0 Customizations. It        Recognize some of the ways that Microsoft           Lab: Planning, Creating and Configuring a
is intended for Microsoft CRM                     CRM can be customized.                               Custom Entity
Implementation Consultants and System            Recognize different ways that you can apply      Skills:
Administrators who understand how to use
                                                  customizations.                                     Plan for custom entities.
Microsoft CRM. Participants will be working       Recognize some basic elements in an effective       Create custom entities.
with customizations developed in JScript          customization methodology.                          Define entity relationships.
and XML, but are not expected to be
                                                                                                      Define entity mapping.
experienced programmers.                      Basic Customizations                                    Delete a custom entity.
                                                 Customization Concepts
Pre-requisites:                                  Basic Customization Capabilities                 WorkFlow
Before attending this course, students must      Permissions Needed                                  Core Concepts
have the following pre-requisites:               Customization Process                               Creating a Workflow Rule
• A working knowledge of Microsoft CRM           Reusing Customizations                              Defining Workflow Rules
  3.0.                                           Form Customization                                  WorkFlow Limitations
• It is recommended, but not required, that      Customizing Attributes                              Defining Workflow Actions
  students have completed Microsoft CRM          Previews                                            Activity Creation Actions
  applications training and experience           View Customization                                  Object Update Actions
  working with Relational Databases, Web         Rename a Customizable Entity                        Flow Control Actions
  development, JavaScript (JScript), DHTML       Changing System Messages                            Using Dy namic Text in Workflow
  and XML.                                       Modify the on-line help                             Using Dynamic Values in Workflow
                                                 Lab: Form Customization                             Defining Workflow Conditions
Purpose:                                         Lab: Case Form Customization                        Sales Processes
After completing this course, students will      Lab: Create a Custom Attribute                      Organizing Workflow
be able to plan customizations for a             Lab: Create and Modify Views                        Managing Workflow
Microsoft CRM Implementation; apply Form         Lab: Changing the Name of an entity                 Imp orting and Exporting Workflow Rules
Customizations using the Microsoft CRM
Customization Tools; plan, create, and        Skills:                                                 Troubleshooting Workflow
configure Custom Entities in Microsoft CRM;      Describe basic Microsoft CRM Customizations.        Lab: Activity Creation Actions
plan, create, configure, and maintain            Understand the basic capabilities of the            Lab: Object Update Actions
Workflow Rules and Sales Processes;               Microsoft CRM Customization tools.                  Lab: Flow Control Actions
understand how client-side scripts are used      Understand the security privileges necessary        Lab: Check Conditions
on Form and Field events in Microsoft CRM;        to perform customizations.                          Lab: Wait for Conditions
use IFrame to integrate other applications;      Apply customizations.                               Lab: Wait for Timer Conditions
add custom menus, navigation items and           Re-use customizations.                              Lab: Basic Sales Processes
buttons to Microsoft CRM; customize the          Customize forms.                                 Skills:
Microsoft CRM Navigation Pane; recognize         Create custom entity attributes.                    Create Workflows
opportunities to extend Microsoft CRM;           Modify Previews.                                    Define Workflows
locate ISV solutions; create and Customize       Customize Views.                                    Define Workflow Conditions
Microsoft CRM Reports using SQL Server           Re-name an existing entity.                         Define Workflow Actions
2000 Reporting Services.
                                                 Modify the on-line help.                            Configure Sales Processes
                                                                                                      Manage and Monitor Workflows
                                                                                                      Import and export Workflows
                                                                                                      Troubleshoot Workflow problems
Application Event                                      Skills:
                                                          Basic understanding of SQL Reporting Services.
Programming                                               Create a new Report.
   Core Concepts                                         Modify Existing Reports.
   Common uses for Client-side Code                      Organize Reports.
   Using Form Events                                     Deploy Reports.
   Using Field Events                                    Remove Reports.
   Configuring Event Detail Properties                   Schedule Reports.
   Referencing and Manipulating Form Values              Control who can view reports.
   Essential Jscript
   Microsoft CRM Document Object Model
   crmForm
   crmForm Fields
   General Field Properties and Methods
   Picklist field Properties and Methods
   Lookup Field Properties
   Troubleshooting
   Tips and Tricks
   DHTML use within Microsoft CRM                                                                             F1 COMPUTER
   Lab: Creating Simple Event Scripts
   Lab: Referencing Microsoft CRM Values                                                                    TRAINING SERVICES
   Recognize capability for client-side script to
    provide solutions.                                                                                             THE KEY TO A
   Create simple scripts.                                                                                        BETTER FUTURE
   Apply previously developed client-side scripts.
   Modify previously developed client-side script.
   Test client-side scripts.
   Troubleshoot client-side scripts.                                                                          for further information…
   Participate in informed discussion related to
    client-side scripts in Microsoft CRM 3.0.                                                                     call us on
Application Integration                                                                                       0800 169 1890
   Application Integration Features and Resources
   IFrame
   Dynamic IFrame
   URL Addressable Forms                                                                                        F1 COMPUTING
   Creating Custom Menus, Navigation items and                                                                   SYSTEMS LTD
   ISV. Config Integration Points                                                                                   3 Kelso Place
   Configuring Controls                                                                                           Upper Bristol Road
   Control Types                                                                                                   BATH BA1 3AU
   ISV.config structure
   SiteMap
   SiteMap Structure                                                                                             Fax: 01225 444728
   SDK Capabilities
   ISV Solutions
   Lab: Add an IFrame                                                                               
   Lab: Creating Custom Buttons, Navigation Items
    and Menus                                                                                        
   Lab: Implement the Clone Contact Feature
   Lab: Apply Site Map Customizations
   Use IFrame to integrate other applications.                                                              LONDON BATH OR ONSITE
   Add custom menus, side tabs and buttons to the
    Microsoft CRM application.
   Reference Microsoft CRM Forms from other
   Customize the Navigation Pane.
   Recognize opportunities to extend Microsoft
   Locate ISV solutions.

Report Customization                                                                                           PARTICULARS
   Reporting and CRM
   Core Concepts
   Transition to SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services                                                                  Cost:
   Reporting Services Overview                                                                                   £1185 plus VAT
   Microsoft CRM Reporting Features
   Creating Excel Reports                                                                                  Prices are subject to change without
   Edit and Organize Reports                                                                                prior notice. Please see the course
   Deploying and Removing Reporting Services                                                               page on, or call
    Reports                                                                                                 01225 336096, to verify the current
   Control Access to Reports                                                                                        price of this course.
   Reporting Services Report Designer
   Modify Existing Reporting Services Reports
   Microsoft CRM Pre-Filtering                                                                             Maximum of 6 people on each
   Scheduled Reports                                                                                       course at F1’s training facilities
   Lab: Create Excel Reports
                                                                                                                 in London and Bath
   Lab: Create a Simple Reporting Services Report

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