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									                            JOSEPH M. REIDELL, MCSD
                           47 West Manilla Avenue  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15220
                    412-458-0780  cell 412-398-5326

                Software Engineer • Consultant • Systems Architect

An uniquely talented team player with proven senior-level expertise in both Software Development and Systems
Architecture looking to become part of a successful software development team. Joe is a motivated self-starter with
over 15 years working experience in Information Technology ranging from Client-Server development to Web-
based Marketing and Data Management application development. He enjoys mentoring junior developers and
transitions well between technical and business environments. Joe is a hard working individual looking to be a part
of a team and to support achievement of overall corporate goals and objectives. Core competencies include:

        Microsoft C# .NET                    SQL Server (w/ DTS)               .NET Framework 1.x/2.0/3.x
        Microsoft VB .NET                    Microsoft Visual Studio           Internet Information Services
        Microsoft Visual Basic               Microsoft SharePoint              Windows Operating Systems
        XML/XSLT/Web Services                Microsoft Office                  Microsoft Active Directory
        OO Design/Development                SharePoint/MOSS/WSS               Microsoft Message Queue
        ASP/ASP.NET                          Requirements Gathering            Project Management
        Windows Workflow                     WCF/WPF                           PHP/MySQL Development

More technical competencies are available upon request.

                                          CAREER EXPERIENCE
Ferrum Consulting, LLC, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, November 2007 – Present
Owner/Principal Consultant

Provide IT Consulting Services ranging from Web Server/Network Security, Application Design and Architecture,
Software Development, Project Management and Systems Integration. My client-base includes Financial Services
Firms, Business and IT Consulting Firms, Placement Agencies and various Pennsylvania SMB’s.

        Designed the architecture, developed, deployed and manage a web application for a Pittsburgh, PA based
         Financial Advisory Firm that provides a web community application for investors to rate and review
         financial advisor performance allowing other community members to identify competent financial advisors.
         The application is developed using C# and the .NET 3.5 Framework, SQL Server 2005 and IIS 6.0 on a
         Windows 2003 Server. Full OO Domain Model, configurable data layer, custom membership and role
         providers against a custom integrated membership database schema.

        Developed a content management solution for a global Credit Card provider to manage and support their
         regional Operational Regulations publications and policies governing the content. The system was
         developed using C# and the .NET Framework 2.0 and 3.5 and consists of a Windows Desktop Application
         and ASP.NET Web Application utilizing AJAX and Web Services. The Web Application is hosted in IIS
         6.x and supported by a SQL Server 2005 database. Participated in all facets of the development phase
         providing support, design and development expertise where required.

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                                        CAREER EXPERIENCE CONTINUED

      Designed and developed entire web site from scratch including graphic design, content layout and
       taxonomy, database design and development, OO Domain Model, membership and role provider and
       integration with open source software packages providing Blogging and Content management functionality.

      Developed System Design, base OO Architecture and data schema for Pittsburgh area home builder. Laid
       out project templates, developed domain model, installed and configured development and staging
       environments, formulated strategy for publishing project to production server and configured server
       security. The base projects and code components were developed using C# and the .NET 2.0 Framework in
       Visual Studio 2008 utilizing a SQL Server 2005 database.

      Developed primary web site application for a national fast food chain. Developed web site using C# and
       Visual Basic.NET and the .NET 2.0 Framework. Required to integrate new web design and architecture to
       existing database schema and operational content management system. Added components to existing
       Content Management System to allow client to manage content for newly developed controls and
       functionality. Provided Web Server Security, SQL Server Performance and overall Server Health guidance
       to assure site performs as expected.

      Handle all business operations and accounting tasks. This includes sales calls, resource allocation and
       acquisition, contract negotiations, project estimates, project oversight and billing operations (payable and

DDI, Inc., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, March 2007 – November 2007
Senior Software Engineer

As a Senior Software Engineer and member of the Services Architecture Engineering group my focus was on
integrating DDI’s three product lines, each product line includes multiple software products. Using C#, .NET 3.0,
MOSS, WSS, Active Directory and MSSQL 2005 I was tasked to develop applications with a focus on centralizing
and sharing all software and services via the client facing SharePoint Portal and the SharePoint platform.

      Developed Document Library Mirror application using Microsoft SharePoint Event Syncs. This application
       listened for events within a specified SharePoint Document Library Folder and kept an up-to-date copy of
       all documents and folders out on the network. This was a strong-named assembly written in C# using event
       delegates to monitor the activity in the folder.

      Developed Windows Workflow components and applications that support progressing a user through a
       sequence of dynamic content items and routing the user requests based on feedback and responses from the
       content items. Content was stored in a MSSQL 2005 database, Windows Workflow tracking and persistence
       services were implemented to track the progress and maintain the integrity of long running processes. User
       information was stored in a custom database, users were required to authenticate with the custom user store
       and respond to the assigned content items. Windows Workflow was integrated with custom ORM objects
       and Web Services to facilitate user progression.

      Developed HTTP Module to support Globalization across multiple projects. DDI develops software for a
       Global audience and content is stored in multiple languages. The HTTP Module controls the mapping of
       multilingual content to user preferences. Custom XML Configuration Sections in Web.Config are used to
       control the behavior of the HTTP Module. Interfaces were developed so that other applications within the
       enterprise could reuse the module anyway they need to by implanting the process contract. This application
       has been deployed with a custom application and a SharePoint Portal application with plans for more
       implementations in the future.
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                                         CAREER EXPERIENCE CONTINUED

       Developed Plug-in Architecture that imports tab delimited data into Active Directory, SharePoint and
        custom application data stored through a command line interface. The application is used to bulk-load user
        data into applications and update existing user data. Customization is made possible through the use of a
        common Plug-in API that allows developers to build their own Plug-in to import data into any store they
        wish. I developed an Active Directory Plug-in, a SharePoint Plug-in and a custom application Plug-in and
        all three Plug-ins are controlled in a specified sequence through a console application and app.config file.

CIBER, INC., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1999 – March 2007 (formerly Compuvisions and FullTilt Solutions)
Technical Architect/Senior Consultant

Lead and participated in multiple high-profile engagements designing and developing software components and
services in support of client requirements. Worked on numerous software projects through the entire development
life-cycle including requirements gathering, documentation, design, development, deployment and support. Wore
multiple hats when required and worked on Sales Teams, Management Teams, Infrastructure Teams and
Development Teams all in support of the common goal to grow the business. Served as Network Administrator,
Web Hosting Administrator, MSSQL DBA and Project Manager in addition to my project development
responsibilities from the day I started with the company. Helped grow the local office from 5 individuals to over 200
consultants and have positioned the environment to support continued growth.

       Designed the web services interface, developed the server object model and developed the client application
        for a Web Services application that performed CRUD functionality against a Microsoft SQL Server
        database. This application utilized ASP.NET, C#, XML and XSLT to transform data to-and-from text files
        and the database allowing external clients to securely issue SQL Request commands via the web services
        client, based on the commands sent to the web service the client can specify whether they are uploading data
        for create, updates and deletes. Clients can also retrieve data from the web service and save it to a local file
        format governed by XSLT.

       Designed and Implemented the Service Architecture of a Major Multi-Brand commercial client web
        marketing system that profiles users and tracks their actions across multiple domain properties. Performed
        analysis and proof-of-concept research on initial requirements to design the architecture, later worked on
        deploying and supporting the final service architecture. The system was built using ASP.NET, C#, Web
        Services, Custom Web/Server Controls and currently supports over 55 consumer brand web sites and
        supports approximately 6 million page views a month.

       Designed, developed and deployed a multi-user Active Directory integrated support request/helpdesk
        ASP.NET web application developed entirely in C# utilizing the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. The
        application interfaces with a SQL Server 2005 database with a robust object model based entirely off of the
        database schema. The application accepts user requests for software, hardware and support and routes those
        requests to the proper support teams and tracks the progress of the request. This application is used to
        streamline office requests and consolidates task tracking through completion into a single web-based
        interface available as an extranet application.

       Designed and developed a service-based web application that links major commercial web sites to online
        retailers, tracks consumer click-through rates and purchases made at affiliate retailers. Designed and
        developed the database schema, the object model (VB6/COM), web site services (pre-SOAP/web services
        using VBScript and ASP) and reporting interface. Currently supports over 55 consumer brand web sites and
        tracks approximately 10,000 click-throughs per month.
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                                       CAREER EXPERIENCE CONTINUED

      Developed and deployed SharePoint intranet portal for major marketing manufacturer to facilitate expansion
       and roll-out of new products to retail stores across the country. The company manufactures Store Display
       Materials in support of their clients and required a portal to communicate the progress of their current roll-
       out. Developed multiple Web-Parts to support the dissemination of information with integration across the
       network including the SharePoint Portal, network shares and Exchange Server. Also installed and
       configured the Portal Server and supporting Software.

      Worked as lead Infrastructure Engineer designing and deploying the development network and web hosting
       environments. Managed and maintained the local development network and was responsible for growing the
       environment from a Windows NT 4.0 Workgroup-based network to a fully-integrated Windows 2003 (R2)
       multi-domain master Active Directory forest that supports more than 60 consultants on a daily basis.
       Consultants work on multiple projects utilizing diverse platforms servicing multiple clients requiring a
       reliable infrastructure.

SCDC INFORMATION DESIGN, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1996 – 1999
Senior Technical Lead

Designed and Developed client-server and web-based applications in support of client needs and requirements.
Supported a three network WAN via PPTP to facilitate collaboration across multiple branches. Started as a junior
programmer and quickly became the project lead on all company engagements. I was instrumental in moving the
company from a client-server development model to a more efficient web-based architecture that reduced
deployment time and effort and increased profits.

      Designed and developed a Visual Web-based Inventory Management application that allowed warehouse
       workers to manage the warehouse inventory and order fulfillment processes through a simple web-based
       interface. Designed the database schema, developed the web site and security architecture and developed the
       Visual Management component as an ActiveX control hosted on a secure network web server. Installed the
       software and deployed the application.

      Developed an n-tier client-server ERP application that aided the HR department of a foster care agency track
       client information and employee/volunteer information to ensure certification compliance with state and
       federal standards. Developed the application in Visual Basic 5/6 using Microsoft SQL Server 6.5/7.0 and
       used a middle tier set of components that facilitated communication with the data layer.

      Designed and implemented a wide-area network architecture that allowed three branch offices to collaborate
       on projects securely using Microsoft Remote Access Services and PPTP (early VPN).

      Managed a team of developers that developed, deployed and supported client requests as they came in to the
       sales staff. Reported directly to the President/CEO.

PITTSBURGH BUSINESS CONSULTANTS, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1995 – 1996
IT Consultant

Worked as an IT consultant specializing in web application and PERL script development. I was staffed at multiple
client sites working on project-based engagements ranging from Quality Assurance to command-line based search
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                                       CAREER EXPERIENCE CONTINUED

      Worked as a Quality Assurance Engineer on one of the very first Content Management Systems that was
       deployed at Michelin Tire Corp. The software was developed as a Windows-based desktop application that
       provided wizard-based content development, deployment and management. Responsible for testing overall
       system functionality to assure that it met the software requirement specification. Assisted developers in
       debugging source code releases and identifying specific suspect code by module and line number.

      Designed, developed and deployed a command-line search engine with a web interface that searched
       through multiple folder stores and returned CAD files and specifications.

CORALREEF DESIGN GROUP, Stuart, Florida, 1994 – 1995
Web Application Developer

Served as principal application developer for an advertising and marketing firm with clients ranging from Law
Firms to Manufacturing Companies. Developed multiple web applications based on client specifications.

      Developed PERL-based email, survey and guest book applications for multiple clients in support of web site

      Created dynamic CGI scripts that could be deployed on future projects without the need for a developer.

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