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									    CSE Senior Project Topics - August 31, 2009
                            Who are we?

Ky Good                                 Nate Penrod
Founding Partner, iN3 Partners          Sr Software Engr, Eye-Com
Tel: 775-287-3484                       Tel:
ky-g@iN3Partners.com                    NPenrod@eyecomworld.com

Lived/worked throughout US and Asia.    UNR Grad 2008
Founder: Fuelcell Startup, Sold in 2008 Software Developer
Founder: Armor/camou startup,
Acting CEO: Biosensor Controller
Managing Director: C4CUBE Investment Fund
Partner: CENTER - Business Incubator
Partner: CTI Venture Fund (planned)

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     CSE Senior Project Topics - August 31, 2009
                         Why are we here?

Objectives for Today:
Provide possible Topics for consideration for:
   • developing CSE teams for 2010 Governor’s Cup,
   • developing support for Senior Projects, Selecting a Topic will
   • identify intern opportunities, and      depend upon what
                                             you want to do.
   • identify new startup opportunities.
Brief view of what is needed after you select your Topic.

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CSE Senior Project Topics - August 31, 2009
             Potential Topics
UNR Technologies: (Available technologies to License)
  Renewable Energy:           Coffee Biofuel
  Life Sciences:              Male Bovine Fertility SNP
  Physical Sciences:          Magnetic Encryption for Security

DRI Technologies: (Available technologies to License)
   Physical Sciences:          Mixed-Phase Cloud Simulation
   Physical Sciences:          FracMAP Aggregate Simulation

Industry Startups:
   3D Armor Systems:           Dynamic Camouflage
   Eye-Com Corp.:              MEPS for Biosensor Positioning
   Others:                     If nothing motivates you…..

Create your own:
   Be entrepreneurial and create your own idea.
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Success is more than …..
           …. just writing a great Business Plan!

       Elevator Pitch                          Your business starts
       (the “bait”)
                                               with an idea……………
       Business Plan “brief”
                                                  …..your topic!
       (setting the hook)

       Business Plan
       (landing the fish)

       Live Presentation
                                     Due Diligence
       (skinning & filleting)

       Term Sheet               Achieve Objective$$$!
       (frying & eating)
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  CSE Senior Project Topics - August 31, 2009
     “Economic Recovery: Entrepreneurs Lead the Way” –
                  Bootcamp C4CUBE:001
Bootcamp Seminars:               September 12 – at C4CUBE
                                 September 19 – at UNR
                                 September 25 – at TMCC
Angel Investing Seminar:         September 25 – at TMCC
Bootcamp Investor Day:           September 26 – at Sierra Nevada College

       Student with valid ID             $ 55.00
       General Admission                 $175.00

See http://www.c4cube.com/c4cube-bootcamp

            Entrepreneur: “Someone who creates and builds a new way of
            doing business with an unreasonable expectation of success.”

            Bootcamp: How to take a TOPIC and create a business.
Boot Camp
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CSE Senior Project Topics - August 31, 2009
Coffee Biofuel
UNR ID #: UNR08-002
Title: Methods, Systems, and Apparatus for Obtaining Biofuel from Coffee and Fuels
Produced Therefrom
Dr. Manoranjan Misra
Patent Pending
      Spent coffee grounds are converted into biodiesel yielding 10-15% oil that can
      be used to make a high quality biodiesel. Coffee biodiesel is stable and burns
      more quickly than vegetable oil based biodiesel. The two-step extraction
      process is simple and more economical compared to standard processes. This
      provides a low-cost, renewable source of biofuel helping to reduce the carbon
      footprint without borrowing from food stock. It is estimated that 340 million
      gallons of biodiesel could be produced from coffee ground waste worldwide
      using 2008 data. The fuel stock is growing as well. World coffee production is
      estimated to increase 2 billion pounds in 2009 to 18.3 billion pounds, up from
      roughly 16.3 billion pounds. After oil is extracted, coffee grounds and by-
      products have additional market uses. The coffee grounds can be formed into
      fuel pellets or remain an effective composting agent. In addition, glycerin by-
      products can be used in the manufacture of soap products.
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CSE Senior Project Topics - August 31, 2009
Male Bovine Fertility SNP
UNR ID #: UNR07-012
Title: Sire Early Selection for Male Fertility Using Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms
(SNPs) of the DAZL Gene
Dr. Wansheng Liu
Patent Pending
      This technology surrounds a test detecting improved fertility of male bovine and
      can be used for both dairy and ranch cattle. Dairy cattle fertility declined steadily
      for both cows and sires from 1959 to 1995 and only started slowing in the late
      1990s. With this, much attention has been focused on improving the Sire
      Conception Rate which documents confirmed pregnancies. Improving the 21-day
      pregnancy rate by even 1% has been shown to have the economic equivalence of
      improving milk yield by roughly 200 pounds per cow/year. Dr. Liu has discovered
      Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) genetic markers from Y-chromosome-
      related genes that allow animal breeders/producers to haplotype high fertility, low
      fertility and sub-/in-fertility bulls. This DNA-based technology will significantly
      improve the design of new marker-assisted selection (MAS) strategies using Y
      haplotypes as an aid in selecting sires at an earlier age prior to entering a breeding
      program and eliminate potential genetic defects associated with reduced fertility.
      This, in turn, has the potential to significantly reduce maintenance costs, prior to
      breeding either as yearlings or mature bulls.                                 Slide 7
 CSE Senior Project Topics - August 31, 2009
Magnetic Encryption for Security Documents and Smart Cards
UNR ID #: UNR07-004
Title: Devices and Methods for Storing Data
Dr. Jim Henson
Patent Pending
      This technology provides a means of producing secure, encoded, tamper-proof,
      non-erasable media. In addition, it uses higher resolution, uses less space and
      has a greater life span than current media options. Potential markets include
      the secure card data and currency encryption/encoding markets. The secure
      card market alone is estimated at over $10 billion. The key feature includes the
      ability to orient magnetized, directional particles which will store highly
      encrypted data on various mediums, including: currency, paper tickets, financial
      cards, security cards and identification documents (passports, drivers’ license,
      social security card, etc.). Particles can be oriented in three dimensions offering
      much higher encryption as compared with current magnetic encryption
      standards and the data can be read using an industry standard MR (Magnetic
      Resistive) sensor.

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CSE Senior Project Topics - August 31, 2009
Mixed-Phase Cloud Simulation
DRI ID#: DRI08-004
Title: Mixed-Phase Generator And Use Thereof
Dr. John Hallett
Patent Pending
      The mixed-phase cloud simulation technology covers a method for a
      creating and controlling a mixed-phase cloud environment. These
      mixed-phase clouds include both super-cooled water and ice particles
      that have been implicated in a higher incidence of lightening and
      aviation icing. Understanding of mixed-phase clouds provides
      quantifiable data concerning the combined ice crystal and water droplet
      content in the atmosphere allowing for a deeper understanding of
      atmospheric conditions. Applications include atmospheric research and
      aviation design and safety.

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CSE Senior Project Topics - August 31, 2009
FracMAP Aggregate Simulation
DRI ID #: DRI08-011
Title: Simulation and Orientation-Specific Morphology Analysis of Solid Nano-
Dr. Rajan K. Chakrabarty; Dr. Hans Moosmüller; Mr. Mark A. Garro; Dr. Chris Herald
Patent Pending
      Analysis of electron micrographs involves extraction of three dimensional (3-d)
      structural and geometrical properties of nanoparticles, which are commonly
      unknown, from their two dimensional (2-d) projected images. Studies so far
      have tried to formulate generalized recipes to help infer 3-d properties from the
      particle’s 2-d projected properties. These empirical findings, however, did not
      take into account the orientation effects of the particles collected on a filter
      medium for electron microscopy. Additionally, a FracMAP software package has
      been developed which numerically simulates the aggregation of primary
      monomers into monodispersive nanoparticles in 3-d space using the Monte
      Carlo method. Making use of a highly efficient algorithm, the code generates all
      the possible projections (similar to that of electron-microscopy) of the 3-d
      nanoparticle onto a 2-d plane by restricting them to stable orientations.
      Resulting 2-d images are analyzed for their projected morphological properties.
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CSE Senior Project Topics - August 31, 2009
Dynamic Camouflage
3D Armor Systems
David Orgill, Jason Heikenfeld, Lee Good (ky-g@3DArmorSystems.com)
Patent Pending
    Electrowetting displays provide a high white state reflectance of >50% and have attracted
    substantial world-wide interest, yet are primarily an industrially led effort with few details
    on preferred materials and fabrication processes. The description includes materials
    selection, purification and all fabrication steps from substrate selection to sealing.
    Challenging materials and fabrication processes include dielectric optimization,
    fluoropolymer selection, hydrophilic grid patterning, liquid dosing, dye purification and
    liquid ionic content. The process described herein has produced pixel arrays that were
    switched at <15 V on active-matrix backplanes, and which have individual sub-pixel areas
    of <50 × 150 μm2. The majority of fabrication processes can conform to liquid-crystal
    style manufacturing equipment, and therefore can be readily adopted by many display
    practitioners. Also presented are additional tips and techniques, such as controlling the
    onset of oil film break-up in an electrowetting display. This paper should enable anyone
    skilled in displays or micro-fabrication to quickly and successfully set up research and
    fabrication of electrowetting displays. Application is to determine and the integrate
    algorithms to dynamically implement this technology into soldier eye goggles.

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CSE Senior Project Topics - August 31, 2009
Eye-Com Corporation
Nathan Penrod (Npenrod@eyecomworld.com) , Jason Heffernan, Ian Caballero
Patent Pending
    In order to find more optimal hardware configurations for future product designs Eye-
    Com Corp plans to develop a modular, adjustable test platform called the MEPS.
    The goal of this project is to determine how the performance of the eye-com technology
    will be effected by variations in facial features and for determining strategies for coping
    with these variations. MEPS will also be used for optimizing component selection.

    In addition to the MEPS device, eye-com corp. would like to develop a software test
    simulator that could evaluate potential designs against a virtual head database.
    The simulation would be used to test and generate new designs prior to hardware testing,
    or to verify the results of preliminary hardware testing against a broader population of
    test subjects. In addition to testing hardware configurations the simulation would contain
    tools for transforming positions of individual components into instructions for positioning
    the MEPS device for real world verification of simulated results.

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  CSE Senior Project Topics - August 31, 2009

            Thank you!                      Questions?
                           Now it is up to you.

                 Selecting your topic is the beginning.

                   If we can help, please contact us.
Ky Good                                 Nate Penrod
Founding Partner, iN3 Partners          Sr Software Engr, Eye-Com
Tel: 775-287-3484                       Tel:
ky-g@iN3Partners.com                    NPenrod@eyecomworld.com

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