How To Cold Call Successfully In Call Center Sales by aihaozhe2


									I've never seen a call center sales training program that uses state of the art techniques
to set their participants up for success in the call center scenario.

As a sales coach I've had many people come to me for training, and it's sad to hear
that their employers have their own programs that won't allow them to change their
basic phone script. Some of these scripts have "Serious" flaws that are causing their
companies enormous loss, becuase they simply aren't effective.

The call center operators have told me, they know it's what they've been told is
causing respondents to hang up, swear at them, be resistant and shut down completely
towards the call.

I've also had some of the worst case scenario call center operators, who have been
allowed to change their script (or not allowed, but tried an alternate way anyway) and
acheived very positive results.

The flaws that are inherent with many thousands of call centers sales scripts that are
derivitives of scripts by sales champions from years ago, who are now sales managers
and call center owners are "no longer valid" in todays sales environment.

The reason why these scripts are so innefective is they prey on those who cannot "say
no" and utilize high-pressure tactics, that "push" the listener down a linear path
towards a close on the first call.

The amount of distrust and discomfort felt by recievers of these calls are enormous,
and most importantly, the unneasy feeling from call center employees is what's most
disturbing and call center management turns a blind eye to it stating "this is how it's
always been done, it worked for us it should work for you too!!"

I believe that it's becuase call center sales training administrators are so "rigid" in
employing or at least allowing the testing of new scripts, their failing their companies
big time.

There is unfortunately no hope for you, if your currently undergoing an old school
call center sales training program. And the best advice I could give you is "get out"
and find another call center that allows you some freedom in the way you make your

At this point you need to have a good hard look at alternate cold calling education
also, where you can learn a completely new mindset for building trust and opening a
conversation with prospects. The advantages of this I've found, both as a sales coach
(coaching 1000's of sales people in 100's of industries) and when I was a salesperson
myself is the way it sets you up to think differently.
You learn how to "let go" of the pressure in your own mind first, and this will transfer
to eliminating pressure with your prospects when on the phone with them.

Everyone I speak to who has used this unique (and not taught anywhere else mindset)
both for call center sales training and other industries recieved positive results. And
the ones who didn't recieve positive results initially, did have success after they
undertook live sales coaching with specialist trainers in this area.

I know this, because I'm the coach they used and I turned their situation around in
something like 10 minutes, they were ever so grateful and so was their company.

Please take a good look at doing something different if you're a sales person who's
"stuck" in a rut, or under the pressure of using an old script by your company. You
won't regret it!

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