How To Catch Your Spouse Cheating

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					Your spouse is coming home late without (or with a poor) explanation, they rush to
the phone to be the first to answer, and when you do answer the caller hangs up or
says "Sorry, wrong number". You're not sure, but you have a feeling they are cheating
on you. Your heart sinks, and you want to make excuses for them - you're not sure if
you want to face the truth. But, then those feelings turn to anger, and you decide you
are going to catch your spouse cheating.

There are a few different ways to catch a cheating spouse, here are a few.

Ask them - To be honest, this isn't the most effective nor the best way to catch your
spouse cheating. You will have to rely on them to tell you the truth, and this is after
they have probably lost any trust that was there. On the other hand, if you are able to
present them with strong evidence, they may have no choice but to admit that they're
having an affair.

Look for clues - Scraps of paper with phone numbers, odd appointments, working late,
or motel receipts all help to point to a possible affair. Use all of your senses to your
benefit. We already covered seeing. Overhearing odd names or secretive phone calls,
smelling someone else's perfume, or having a feeling that something isn't right with
your spouse are other potential clues.

Online - The computer is a part of our lives like never before. One of the downsides is
that it opens up many more possibilities to a wayward spouse. At the same time it is
possible to catch a cheating spouse online. There is also software you can install to
catch a cheater, but you will have to do it without them knowing, and install it on
every computer they have access to (read on for a solution to this).

Hire a professional - To many people this is a last resort, but it is one well-worth
considering. A private eye can trail them, gather evidence, or do an online search for
the sites they use for cheating. The latter is an easy way to do it, and without the fear
of getting caught. You provide your spouse's email and they, in turn, track down the
sites at which they are registered (dating, porn, or other such sites).

Following the above tips will help you find out if your spouse is cheating or not.
Hopefully not, but this is the real world and these things happen. Enlisting the help of
a professional can take the burden off of you, and provide you with concrete evidence
if it's there.