How To Catch A Cheating Spouse by aihaozhe2


									Storybook romances are typically just that; a story. Some marriages can last, but those
that make it past a few years can count themselves as lucky. Maybe that's one reason
why certain anniversaries are newsworthy. All too often, this fine institution comes to
an end when one spouse looks for comfort outside of the marriage bong, that is, they
have an affair. If you think you are living with a guilty party, you are probably
wondering how to catch a cheating spouse.

Here are a few simple ways to find out if your spouse is cheating.

Odd behavior - If your spouse all of a sudden starts lavishing you with gifts and undue
affection, when they previously did not, they may be overcompensating for feelings of
guilt associated with being unfaithful. It can be hard to catch your spouse cheating
this way, because it is easy to think they are just being romantic.

Strange hours - Working late, going in early, or working weekends (again, when they
never did it before) is a sign that something else may be going on. How to find out if
your spouse is cheating this way may take a surprise visit, or telephoning them "at
work" under the guise of seeing how they're doing. Be careful, if your spouse is trying
to cover their tracks, they may be good at appearing to be "at work" when they are
really "in bed".

Physical evidence - Lipstick on the collar, a scrap of paper that says "call me", or odd
numbers that appear more than chance would allow on the cellphone bill are examples
of physical ways to catch a cheating spouse.

Internet use - Computers have made it almost too easy for a wayward spouse to find a
willing partner to participate in illicit activities. Chat rooms, websites, and dating sites
are prime examples. If you catch a cheating spouse online they will most likely make
excuses, deny it, or feign ignorance.

All of the above are ways to catch a cheating spouse; however, it is not always that
easy. For one thing, they could be accessing the Internet at work, or even the local
library. That doesn't mean it's impossible to track down the sites they belong to. You
can hire someone to do this for you. Supply your spouse's email address and they can
do a search for the websites your spouse has registered at.

Now is a good time to point out that any of these signs may be the result of
completely innocent actions, but it's smart to be aware of these indicators. It's better to
know for sure, then to live a lie or be suspicious when there is no reason to be.

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