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CONFIDENTIAL                                   Prepared for: Open Angel Forum
CiviGuard is a reliable real-time service that
keeps people and organizations informed
and connected during an emergency.
What We Do
               -   Here’s what is happening.
               -   Where can people get help?
               -   Who needs help first?

               -   Are our people OK?
               -   What is the plan?
               -   How do we bounce back?
               -   How can we help?

 <CiviGuard>            <People>
               -   What’s happening?
               -   Where’s safety?
               -   I’m hurt / trapped / lost.
               -   Are my family and friends OK?
               -   Where can I get “x”?
The CiviGuard Platform

   For Organizations - A Multi-touch Rich Client

                                                   For People - HTML5 Mobile Client
Social Media Monitoring
Social Media + HTML5 = Consistent Distribution
Why CiviGuard Changes the Equation

                                                                + Social Media

                                            + Offline Caching

                             + Mobile Web
    Value                                                                          User
 Proposition                                                                     Adoption

               Voice + SMS

                 Industry                                       CiviGuard
         Thank you.

@civiguard | | 914-417-4443

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