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Vol. 26, No.2, Mar. 26, 2006
                                                                              Times          ISSN 1712 - 2799
Next Meeting                                                 Last Meeting
The next meeting will be held on Sunday March 26 at          The last meeting was held on Sunday January 22 at
the Qualicum and Graham Park Community Centre on             the Qualicum and Graham Park Community Centre in
Esquimault Avenue in Graham Park, commencing at              Graham Park. 40 members were present.
1:30 pm. (Doors open at 1:00 pm)                             President Maynard Dokken opened the meeting by
The scheduled program item will be a presentation            introducing visitor Jakob Bourdeau. Jakobʼs main
by Ben Roberts on Smiths Industries in the UK. It            interest is mechanical watches.
will make things more interesting if members who             Several administration items were dealt with, and this
have Smiths or Enfield clocks bring them along to the         was followed by Show and Tell items by individual
meeting for display, discussion, and possible dating         members.
and identification.                                           John Ruhland spoke about warping problems with
The remainder of the program will consist of infor-          wooden dials. He discussed several methods aimed
mal Show and Tell items by members, so please bring          at avoiding this, starting from the way the wood was
along any horological items you have - we really             originally cut, to various sealing and painting methods
would like to see and hear about them.                       aimed at avoiding unequal drying out of the wood.
There will of course be Mart and Display tables, so if       Allan Symons showed a jewelry box in the form of a
you have anything to sell, or just to show, please bring     grand piano. This was one of the early items sold by
them along also.                                             the Harry Snider Company before he established his
                                                             clock company in 1950.
Workshop & Course Updates                                    The scheduled and final item on the program was the
by Dan Hudon                                                 annual Chapter auction which was very successful. It
1. The course on “Care and Maintenance of Wood               resulted in a large number of horological items chang-
Clock Cases” is now full. Participants are asked to          ing hands, ranging from individual parts and tools to
make arrangements to pay Allan Sobieralski the $25           complete clocks and watches.
for supplies as soon as possible. He can be reached at
841-8428. Additional applicants for this course will
be placed on a waiting list.
                                                             Adminstration Items
                                                             Charles Beddoe is stepping down as Chapter Treas-
2. There are still vacancies for the course on re-pivot-
                                                             urer. The Chapter thanks Charles for his more than
ing. Remember that either a watchmakers or micro
                                                             ten years of valuable and dedicated service as Treas-
lathe with a steady rest are mandatory for this course,
                                                             urer. Charles has agreed to remain on the executive as
and participants are expected to be familiar with their
                                                             Membership Secretary.
                                                             By a show of hands, Bill Pullen was voted to the posi-
3. There are still plenty of spaces available for the fall
                                                             tion of Chapter Treasurer.
course ʻIntroduction to Clock Repairʼ.
                                                             As requested at the January meeting, Dan Hudon had
NOTE: Please see Dan at the March meeting regard-
                                                             investigated the horological school in Trois Rivieres,
ing details and tools needed for both 2 and 3.
                                                             Quebec. He spoke in great detail about the school and
4. The NAWCC Clock Repair course to be held in
                                                             its curriculum, and provided a hand-out for interested
Toronto is now full.
5. A sign up sheet will be provided at the March
                                                             Dan also gave updates about the courses and work-
meeting to determine the extent of interest in a basic
                                                             shops being held this year, and in addition, Al Sobi-
pocket watch workshop.
                                                             eralski gave more detail about the course he will be
 The Bytown Times is published five times a year              presenting on “The Care and Maintenance of Wood
 by the Ottawa Chapter 111, National Association of          Clock Cases”.
 Watch and Clock Collectors.                                 The NAWCC Field workshop on Clock repair will be
 President: Maynard Dokken, 16 Brian Cres. Nepean,
 Ontario. K2H 6X3. Telephone (613) 829-1565.                 held in Toronto. Eight people have already registered,
 Vice President and Treasurer: Bill Pullen.                  and there may possibly be room for up to 12. There
 Secretary: Ben Roberts.                                     will be a cost of $500 for space rental for this course,
 Membership Secretary: Charles Beddoe.                       and President Maynard Dokken proposed that the
 Recording Secretary: Erin Fox
 Immediate Past President: Dan Hudon.                        Chapter contribute $280 towards this. This motion
 Program Director: Allan Symons.                             was seconded and carried at the meeting.
 Education and Workshop Chairman: Dan Hudon                  Chapter Librarian Wally Clemens handed out a de-
 Librarian: Wally Clemens. Telephone (613) 832-3085.         tailed list of the books and magazines presently held
 E-Mail Address.
 Bytown Times Editor: Ben Roberts. Telephone (613)           in our library. The listing of these publications and
 828-9271 Email Address:                their authors appears on page 5.
 The Chapter meets five times a year on the fourth            Peter Kushnir announced that Montreal Chapter 187
 Sunday of the months of Jan., March, May, Sept., and        will be holding its annual Montreal Horological Show
 Nov., at 1:00 pm. Annual dues $16.
 Membership in the NAWCC is obligatory.                      this year on Sunday October 1. See page 6.
Page 2                                                                 VOL. 26, No.2, Mar. 26, 2006
Seen at the Last Meeting

                                  The meeting is about to formally open.

                                                             Left: Gary Fox, Bill Pullen, Ben
                                                             Roberts and Tim Bryans.

                                                                       Previewing the Auction items.

                                               Left: Charles Beddoe collects
                                               members dues. Also seen are
                                               Tim Bryans, Peter Kushnir,
                                               Dan Hudon and visitor Jakob

                                                                                Wally Clemens ponders
                              Auctioneer Maynard Dokken was                     an item to be auctioned.
                              ably assisted by Georges Royer
Bill Pullen, Robert Lamothe
and Peter Kushnir

                                Allan Symons showed a grand-piano-
                                shaped musical jewellery box sold by
                                Harry Snider & Co. in the late 1940s, prior
                                to the establishment of the Snider Clock
                                Corporation. The jewellery compartment
                                is lined with red felt, and a Swiss music box
                                mechanism is located under the platform
                                beside it.
                                Above is shown the damaged rubber-
                                stamped label on the bottom of the piano
                                bearing the words: manufactured by HARRY
                                SNIDER & CO. TORONTO, CANADA
Vol. 26, No.2. Mar. 26, 2006                                                                          Page 3
Holiday Antique Auction Sale
    By Maynard Dokken        Held by Tim Potter Auction Services at the Napanee Lions Club Hall, Napanee,
                             on Wednesday December 28, 2005. Auctioneers: Tim Potter and Cec Knight.
NOTE: In the listing of these clocks on page 4.
              * indicates clocks sold at a previous Potter auction on October 15, 2005 (No picture)
              ** indicates clock details only (No picture)
              Numbers omitted from the list indicate clocks for which there was no information.
Page 4                                                             Vol. 26, No.2, Mar. 26, 2006
    Auction Cont.

1      $130    GILBERT ROUND TOP SHELF          65      $275   INGRAHAM GALLERY
2*     $120    FAIRBANKS PILLAR                 66      $20    JUHRGENS TIN CAN MVMT
3      $10     FRENCH IVORY Small Beehive       68      $50    SETH THOMAS TIME RECORDER
4      $6      CUCKOO 2 WEIGHT                  69      $125   MISSION TALL CASE Cheap Mvnt
5      $35     ITALIAN MINIATURE WALL           70      $100   WELCH BEEHIVE SHELF
7*     $75     ANSONIA KITCHEN                  72      $75    INGRAHAM DORIC SHELF
9      $45     INGRAHAM BLACK                   73      $40    NEW HAVEN KITCHEN -No Top
10*    $65     SETH THOMAS                      74      $35    WELCH OG
12     $60     JUNGHANS REGULATOR TYPE          75*     $500   CANADA CLOCK CO LTD REG
13     $35     FORESTVILLE MANTEL               76*     $75    GERMAN SHORT DROP
14     $15     WESTCLOX BABY BEN Old style      77      $130   MORBIER MADE-UP WALL
15     $30     GILBERT TAMBOUR                  78      $90    MUNDERLOH & CO MONTREAL
16     $10     WESTCLOX BIG BEN Magic touch     80      $100   NEW HAVEN REGULATOR TYPE
17     $10     CERAMIC SCHOOL MADE SHELF        81*     $100   SEIKO WALL SHORT DROP
18     $35     ANSONIA COTTAGE Mvmnt Rep.       82      $10    WANNAMAKER 400 DAY
19     $35     INGRAHAM BLACK                   84      $35    ANSONIA PART CASE & MVMT
21     $18     GERMAN MANTEL                    86      $18    QUARTZ RETIREMENT CLOCK
22     $225    GILBERT SHELF                    87*     $100   HAMILTON 4 SIDED TOP - poor cond.
23     $25     INGRAHAM TAMBOUR                 88**    $25    GERMAN METAL SHELF
24**   $20     NEW HAVEN GOTHIC Case Only       89      $25    SESSIONS MISSION WALL
26     $40     GB 400 DAY                       90      $55    ANSONIA KITCHEN
28     $35     WATERBURY OG                     91      $55    INGRAHAM KITCHEN
30     $80     GERMAN POSTMAN ALARM             93      $90    TERRY PILLAR & SPLAT
31     $10     ENGLISH MANTEL                   94*     $80    B & W PILLAR & SPLAT
32     $80     NEW HAVEN KITCHEN                95      $45    INGRAHAM SHELF
35     $155    NEW HAVEN MIN. BANJO             96      $700   SETH THOMAS REGULATOR
36     $110    HAMBURG AMERICAN SHELF           97**    $5     KIENZLE CAR
37*    $60     FRENCH MARBLE SHELF              98      $25    SEIKO MARBLE ELECTRIC
38     $55     LUX RIBBON/TAPE MEASURE          99*     $70    WESTMINSTER PICTURE CLOCK
39     $500    WOODRUFF Tall case replcd dial   100     $70    NEW HAVEN METAL SHELF
40     $5      NEW HAVEN TAMBOUR Case only      102     $140   INGRAHAM NYANZA BANJO
41     $18     GERMAN MANTEL                    103     $65    PEQUEGNAT TORONTO CASE
42     $400    ENGLISH FUSEE GALLERY            105     $40    JEFFERSON GOLDEN MYSTERY
43     $25     FRENCH MARBLE SHELF              106     $25    WHITE MOUNTAIN WALL
44     $5      BENTIMA SMALL MANTEL             107     $65    ANSONIA KITCHEN
46*    $50     WATERBURY BLACK                  108     $40    SETH THOMAS SHELF BEEHIVE
48**   $1100   WALTHAM BANJO                    109     $10    COTTAGE CASE ONLY
49     $25     WATERBURY IRON ORNATE            110**   $20    KITCHEN CASE ONLY
50     $80     KOREN VIENNA STYLE               111     $18    JUNGHANS ALARM
51     $35     GERMAN TAMBOUR                   113     $50    UNKNOWN PILLAR SHELF
52     $140    SETH THOMAS COLUMN               114     $17    MINATURE ALARM
53     $825    SETH THOMAS Calendar shelf       115     $15    CUCKOO 2 WEIGHT
54*    $225    JEROME OCTAGONAL Short drop      117     $5     MANTEL SOLAR CASE ONLY
55**   $5      KERN MINATURE 400 DAY            118     $45    UNKN METAL ART DECO
57     $35     UNKN OG CASE & DIAL              121     $90    SMITHS ASTRAL SHIPS CLOCK
58     $550    JEROME & DARROW Transitional     122     $55    ELLIOTT SESTRAL SHIPS CLOCK
59     $300    JOHN BIRGE TRIPLE DECKER         123     $55    SHIPʼS CLOCK
60     $350    ATMOS RUNNING                    124     $35    “GOD BLESS OUR HOUSE” TABLET &
61     $80     ANSONIA TAMBOUR                                 CASE
62     $40     BOARDMAN FLAT OG                 125     $30    BLACK MANTEL
63**   $20     SCHMECHENBECHER                  126**   $20    DELFT DISH CLOCK FACE
64     $100    IBM TIME RECORDER                127**   $8     CANADA DRY
Vol. 26, No.2, Mar. 26, 2006                                                                           Page 5
                                    Chapter 111 Library List
By Wally Clemens - Chapter Librarian

               Title                                                       Author
Practical Watch Repair                                                     Donald DeCarle
Price Guide to American Pocket Watches                                     George Townsend
Price Guide American Railroad Watches                                      George Townsend
Watchmakers Handy Manual                                                   C&E Marshell Co.
A. Army Watch Clock Course                                                 TM 9-1575
Quick Fit (Material Manual)                                                Quick Fit
The Watch Escapement                                                       Henry Fried
Watch Collectors Handbook                                                  M. Cutmore
Complicated Watches & Their Repair                                         Donald DeCarle
Modern Watch Repairing and Adjusting                                       John Bowman
Price Guide Clocks in Canada                                               Peter Unitt
Warner Collectors Guide American Clocks                                    Anita Schorsch
Watch Repairerʼs Manual                                                    Henry Fried
Watch & Clock Making & Repairing                                           W.J. Gazeley
Advanced Watch & Clock Repair                                              H.G. Harris
Collecting & Identifying Old Watches                                       H.G. Harris
Bench Practices                                                            Henry Fried
Hand Book of Watch & Clock Repairs                                         H.G. Harris
Watchmakers Lathe                                                          Ward Goodrich
Watch & Clock Encyclopaedic Dictionary                                     Donald DeCarle
Science of Watch Repairing Simplified                                       Thisell
Joseph Bulova School of Watchmaking                                        Joseph Bulova
The Modern Watchmakers Lathe & How To Use It                               Archie B. Perkins
Clock Case Refinishing & Restoration                                        Craig Burgress
Questions & Answers for the Watchmaking Profession                         AWI
Bestfit 111 Encyclopedia of Watch Material Part 1                           Best Fit
Bestfit 111A Encyclopedia of Watch Material Part 2                          Best Fit
History of Clocks & Watches                                                Eric Bruton
Clocks & Watches                                                           E.J. Tyler
The Watchmaker & His Lathe                                                 H. Jendritzki
American Pocket Watch Identification & Price Guide Book 2                   Roy Ehrhardt
Elgin Watch Company Grade & Serial #s                                      Roy Ehrhardt
Foreign & American Pocket Watch Identification & Price Guide Book 3         Roy Ehrhardt
Serial numbers with Description of Waltham Watch Movements                 Waltham Watch Co.
Rockford Watch Company Grade & Serial #s                `                  Roy Ehrhardt
Waltham Pocket Watch Identification, Grade & Price Guide                    Roy Ehrhardt
American Pocket Watches Encyclopedia & Price Guide                         Roy Ehrhardt
Illinois Watches Identification & Price Guide                               Roy Ehrhardt
Rolex Oyster                                                               Rolex
Patek Philippe Martin                                                      Huber & Alan Banbery
Pocket Watch Course                                                        6 VCR Tapes by Tacione
NAWCC Watch & Clock Museum                                                 VCR Tape by NAWCC
Hair Springing                                                             Watch Repairer
Master Retrieval Index of NAWCC Bulletins to end of 1988                   NAWCC
Complete Price Guide To Watches #16                                        Cooksey Shugart & R. E. Gilbert
Clocks (Billings)                                                          1 VCR Tape
Longitude                                                                   1 VCR Tape
NAWCC Master Bulletin Index                                                1 CD Disk

BORROWING Books may be borrowed and returned at our meetings by contacting Wally at 613-832-3085
or E-mail: (Please include NAWCC in subject). If you have an immediate need, material
can be mailed or delivered. We also have an almost complete set of all Bulletins and a Master Index (CD) for
researching their contents.

If you have books relating to Horology and would like to lend them for use in our library, or be willing to make
them available for direct personal loan to other members, please contact Wally.
Page 6                                                                     Vol. 26, No.2, Mar. 26, 2006
Clock Auction
 By Maynard Dokken

                                           Coming Events
Toronto Invitational 2006
The 2006 Toronto Invitational will be held at the Neilson Park Creative Centre, 56 Neilson Drive, Etobicoke,
Ontario, on Sunday May 7th. Seminars will include:
John Hubby - Anton Harder- Father of the 400 day clock; Allan Symons - Unique Quebec wooden works clock;
John Hubby - Dating your Jahresuhren-Fabrik 400 Day Clock 1902-1939.
The program also includes Displays, Mart and an Auction.
Mart Tables are available at a cost of $15 per table. It is suggested that you book early.
Ben Roberts has program details, reservation forms and directions available should you need them immedi-
ately. Otherwise they will be available at the March meeting.
Montreal Horological Show.
At the January meeting, Peter Kushnir announced that Montreal chapter 187 will be holding its annual Horo-
logical Show on Sunday 1 October. Mart Tables are renting quickly, and Peter suggested that potential sellers
reserve now.

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