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Lorenz Food Distributor Ltd. Product List



                           Lorenz Food Distributor Ltd. Product List

                HAM                           MISCELLANEOUS            POPULAR SALADS
Black Forest Ham C. Deli              Beef Patties Mild         Potato
Cooked Ham C. Deli                    Beef Patties Hot          Macaroni
Rosemary Ham                          Chicken Patties           Kentucky Coleslaw
Ovenbaked Ham                         Vegetable Patties         Potato & Egg
                                      Chicken Pie               Coleslaw O/V
              BEEF/PORK               Beef Pie                  Creamy Coleslaw
Roast Beef                            Beef Sausage Rolls        Vegetable
Garlic Roast Beef
Inside Roast Beef                                  SALAMI              CANADIAN CHEESE
Corned Beef                           All Beef Salami           Cheddar Mild
Tin Corned Beef                       All Beef Salami C. Deli   Cheddar Medium
Pastrami                              Cervelat Salami           Cheddar Old
Eye Pastrami                          Caliente Salami           Cheddar X-Old
Montreal Smoked Meat                  Dry Salami                Cheddar Marble
Roast Pork Mild                       German Salami             Shredded Cheddar 2.5kg
Roast Pork Hot                        Gypsy Salami              Shredded Cheddar Small
Montreal Brisket                      Ham Salami                Shredded Blend 2.5kg
                                      Hungarian Salami          Shredded Blend Small
             LIVER SAUSAGE            Hungarian Hot             Brick Cheese
Liver   Sausage Fine                  Mexican Salami            Cream Cheese Plain
Liver   Sausage Gold                  Old Forest Salami         Edam Cheese
Liver   Sausage Fine Chubs            Pepperseed Salami         Lappi Low Fat
Liver   Sausage Gold Chubs            Portugese Salami Hot      Monterey Jack
Liver   Sausage Coarse Chubs          Portugese Salami Mild     Havarti
                                      Square Salami             Havarti Caraway
               TURKEY                 Szegedi Salami or Chubs   Havarti Herb & Spice
Turkey Breast Cooked C. Deli          Vienna Cooked Salami      Havarti Dill
Turkey Breast Smoked C. Deli                                    Havarti Jalapeno
Oven Roasted Turkey                              SNACK FOOD     Havarti Light
Spicy Oven Roasted Turkey             Samosa Beef               Old Nippy
Sundried Tomato & Basil               Samosa Vegetable          Submarine Sliced (2x2kg)
Dijon OvnRst. Turkey                  Samosa Chicken            Swiss Cheese
Turkey Low Fat                        Spring Rolls Beef         Swiss Original
Turkey Roll                           Spring Rolls Chicken      Swiss Low Fat
Turkey Salami                         Spring Rolls Vegetable
Turkey Kolbassa                       Pizza Pockets                      ITALIAN CHEESE
Montreal Smoked Turkey                Spinach & Feta            Bocconcini 3kg
                                      Ham & Cheese              Crotonese
               CHICKEN                Broccoli & Cheese         Friulano
Chicken Breast Cooked C. Deli         Samosa Retail             Friulano Quarters
Chicken Breast Smoked C. Deli                                   Mozzarella
BBQ Chicken Breast C. Deli                        OLIVES        Mozzarella Balls Tre Stella
Cajun Chicken                         Calamata 12kg             Mozzarella Balls Grande
Carribbean Chicken                    Black 13kg                Mozzarella Balls International
Chicken Ham                           Green Cracked 12kg        Mozzarella Low Fat
Oven Roast Chicken Breast             Calamata 2kg              Shredded Mozzarella 2.5kg
Chicken Black Forest                  Green 2kg                 Shredded Mozzareall Small
Chicken Bologna                                                 Parmesan Reggiano
Chicken Salami                                                  Parmesan Padano
                                                                Grated Parmesan
                                                                Provolone Saputo
                                                                Provolone Int'l
                                                                Provolone T/Stelle
                                                                Grated Romano
                                                                Ricotta Grande
                                                                Ricotta International
                                                                Feta 4kg
                                                                Feta 1Kg

Dry Pepperonettes                     Prosciutto Salami              Asiago
Dry Hot Pepperonettes                 Cooked Prosciutto              Brie Cheese Canadian 3kg
Pepperonettes Hot Small               Cooked Prosciutto Hot          Brie Cheese French 3kg
Pepperonettes Mild Small              Prosciutto                     Bire Small 125kg
Pepstix - Hot or Mild                 Prosciutto Boneless X-lean     Cambazola
Suicide Pepperonettes                 Mortadella San Danielle        Camembret Canadian 1kg
Fire Hot Pepperonettes                Mortadella #10                 Camembret French 1kg
Beef Pepperonettes Hot                Mortadella Lean                Camembret Small 125kg
Beef Pepperonettes Mild               Mortadella Hot                 Danish Blue
Kolbassa Sausage                      Mortadella 1Kg                 Feta in Oil x 150gr
Kolbassa Chubs                        Capicollo Hot                  Fontina
Polish Sausage                        Capicollo Mild                 Goat Cheese
Polish Chubs                          Capicollo x-Lean Hot           Goat Cheese Small
Pepperoni Long to Slice               Capicollo X-Lean Mild          Gouda Mild
Pepperoni Piller's                    Capicollo X-Hot                Gouda Medium
Pepperoni Pizza (2/Pkg)               Genoa Mild                     Gouda Old
Sliced Pepperoni Bulk                 Genoa Hot                      Gouda Spicy
Sliced Pepperoni V.P.                 Casalingo Hot                  Gouda Smoked
Landjaeger                            Casalingo Mild                 Jarlsburg Loaf
Smoked Farmers Sausage                Calabrese Salami               Jarlsburg Light
Hungarian SMK. Sausage                Soppresata Salami              Smoked Gruyere
Summer Sausage Jumbo                  Prosciuttino Mild              St. Jorge
Bag Summer Sausage                    Prosciuttino Hot               Kiri
Beerwurst Sausage                     Pancetta Mild                  Baby Bels
Krakovska Sausage                     Pancetta Hot                   Baby Bels Cheddar
Spiced Ham Sausage                    Dry Sausage Mild               La Vache Qui Rit
Head Cheese                           Dry Sausage Hot                Pinocchio
Pepperoni Salami                      Fresh Sausage Hot
Blue Ribbon                           Friulano Salami                    ELITE SWEETS PASTRIES
All Beef Bologna                      Veneto Salami                  Apollini Small
Wax Bologna                                                          Baba Small
Garlic Bologna                               CAKERIE PASTRIES        Cream Horns Large
Veal Bologna                          Slab Bannana Nanna's Cake      Cream Horns Small
All Veal Lyoner                       Slab Butter Pecan Fudge        Dessert Filling
                                      Slab Buttertart Bars           Mini Cheesecakes
               PASTRIES               Slab Country Carrot Cake       Mini Chocolate Mousse
Almond Tarte                          Slab Date Square               Siclian Cannoli Large
Pecan Crostata                        Slab Deep Dutch Brownies       Siclian Cannoli Small
Raspberry Crostata                    Apple Crumble                  Sfogliatelle Large
Chocolated Dipped Macaroon            Slab Macaroon Madness          Sfogliatelle Small
Chocolated Macaroon                   Slab Nanaimo                   Tiramisu Cup 125g
Coconut Macaroon                      Slab Pecan Streusel Cake
Two Bite Brownies                     Slab Tiger Brownie                   PREPARED PASTRIES
Two Bite Blondies                     Slab Tripleberry Crumble       Black Forest
Two Bite Choc. Chip                   Slab Triple Choc. Chunk        Cream Horns
Two Bite Oatmeal Raisin               Slab Triple Choc. Fudge        Eclairs
Caramel Coffee Cakes                  Butter Pecan Fudge Cake (12)   Rum Balls
Raspberry Coffee Cakes                Buttertart Bars (12)           Tiramisu
Carrot Cakes                          Country Carrot Cake (12)       Napoleon
Lil Cakes Original                    Date Square (12)               Raisin Butter Tarts
Lil Cakes Chocolate                   Deep Dutch Brownies (12)       Pecan Butter Tarts
Mini Two Bite Brownies                Lemonburst Macaroon Br (12)    Walnut Butter Tarts
Mini Macaroon Choc. Dipped            Macaroon Madness Bar (12)      Cherry Tarts
Mini Choc. Chip Cookies               Nanaimo Bars (12)              Lemon Tarts
Mini Oatmeal Raisin                   Nanas Bannana Cake (12)        Cheese Cake Slices
Mini Butter Tarts - Raisin            Pecan Streusel Cake (12)       Custard Tarts
Mini Butter Tarts - Pecan             Tiger Brownie (12)
Mini Butter Tarts - Raspberry Maca.   Triple Choc. Chunk Bro (12)
Mini Butter Tarts - Walnut            Triple Choc. Fudge Cak (12)
Mini Butter Tarts - Assorted          Tripleberry Crumble (12)
Ind. Wrap Lemon Tarts
Ind. Wrap Raisin Tarts
Ind. Wrap Pecan Tarts

Deli Bags (Deli Fresh)
Deli Bags (Mastro)
Wax Paper
Pop-up Sheets
Price Tags
Number Assorted (100\pkg)
Deli Capret (Red or Green)
Salad Crocks Large
Salad Crocks Small
250ml Clear Containers
500ml Clear Containers
946ml Clear Containers
Clear Lids
Party Trays Large
Party Trays Medium
Party Trays Small
Crystal Domes
Cheese Cutter
Cheese Wires
12" Saran Wrap Boxed
18" Saran Wrap Boxed
12" Saran Wrap Refill
18" Saran Wrap Refill
Deli Lights 4',3',2'
Deli Gloves Disposable
Sub Bags
Sub Paper
Snack Bags

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