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Crumb collector for table cloths

Four-color-process imprint
Choice of metal: gold, silver, bronze or white.
Packaging: bulk with protective film
Set-up: $40 (C)                               CRUMB-COLLECTOR
Artwork not included                         Code        Size                 50              100          250      500     1000    2500    5000
Supply logo and graphic elements            CRU-100    5” x 1-1/4”           2.97             2.44         2.25     2.15    2.05    1.98    1.91

For napkins, diplomas, menus, ...

Four-color-process imprint
Choice of metal: gold, silver, bronze or white.
Packaging: bulk with protective film
Set-up: $40 (C)                                 METALLIC RING
                                             Code          Size               50              100          250      500     1000    2500    5000
Artwork not included
Supply logo and graphic elements            ANN-100     4” x 1-1/4”          2.52             1.94         1.78     1.70    1.62    1.57    1.51

Attract attention at Shows,
Annual assemblies, any where
you want your team to stand out
from the rest of the crowd.

Four-color-process imprint                                                                            Angled
Choice of metal:
gold, silver, bronze                                                                  end

Packaging: individual box
Set-up: $40 (C)                                    METALLIC TIE
                                               Code          Size             6                12              24    48      72      96     144
Artwork not included
Supply logo and graphic elements               TIE-100   3” X 17-1/4”        50,08            46,23        42,93    41,45   40,07   35,55   34,88

     iSM participates in the development of custom made products for all your projects.
     Our team is available to find, create or duplicate your project, to your satisfaction. Prices on quotation.


Quality of imprint - Sublimation is a thermal process with a four color process imprint. It allows us to print unlimited colors of photographic quality. This
imprint is very resistant for multiple uses. Note that there is no white ink in this process and some colors may be slightly affected by the thermal process.
Colors may vary from one dye lot to another. The color of the material to be printed on can also affect the colors since this is a four-color process. Colors
can also be affected by UV rays if placed outside. For these reasons, iSM cannot guarantee that colors will be a sure match from order to order. Overruns
or underruns - An overrun or underrun of 5% will be considered a full order and will be billed accordingly. Suggested price - All our prices are suggested
prices. Our distributors are not obliged to accept these prices and can set their own. Doing so will not affect the relationship between the distributor and
iSM. • Our catalogue prices do not include applicable taxes. • We reserve the right to change our prices at any given time should circumstances out of our
control arise. Returns - All complaints must be registered within 10 business days of shipping date. All returns must be approved by our customer service.
In order to be credited, all returns with an approved credit must be received within 10 business days of the approval. Handling charges could apply. Terms
of payment - Approved and active accounts: net 30 days. New customers: 50% deposit with order and balance on delivery. We accept Visa and Mastercard.
Order forms - We cannot be held responsible for errors on hand written texts or e-mails. • All orders sent by fax or e-mail are considered original orders. No
orders will be taken by telephone. • We reserve the right to refuse any order if we judge that the order cannot be filled with our equipment. You will receive
an Order Confirmation upon receipt of your order. You must verify, sign and return it. If you do not receive your Order Confirmation within two business days,
please call Customer Service. Proofs - A first proof is always included with every order and will be sent by fax or e-mail for customer approval. Any further
proofs will be charged at $5.00 net a piece. • A signed and final approval is always required before production and relieves iSM of all responsibility for artistic
errors. • A finished proof for an order that will not be completed will be billed according to our standard costs. We do not do proofs on Release Programs; iSM
is responsible if a transcript error is made from the order-form to the badge. Release Programs must use appropriate order-form supplied by iSM. Proofs for
release are available at cost of $5.00 net. Pre-production Sample - A finished sample is available before production for the majority of our products at a cost
varying between $25.00 and $50.00 net plus artwork charges, transportation and taxes. Reproduction - Buyers and their customers are entirely responsible
for the reproduction of a logo or trademark that is subject to copyright. Delivery - UPS is our prefered courier. We can deliver on customer’s own trans-
portation account provided they submit their account number and details of the transportation company. Customer will be billed by their transportation
company. • All deliveries are F.O.B. Laval • All transportation costs are subject to change without notice. • Charges of $5.00 net are applicable for each change
of address on multiple-address deliveries. iSM does not deliver through regular mail. Illustrations - Regarding visual illustrations only, iSM tries to obtain
authorization for the reproductions in their catalogue or on their website of the products manufactured by our company. However, we reserve the right to
reproduce with or without this authorization.


Software Used: Illustrator CS4 - Photoshop - CS4 - InDesign CS4. Accepted media: CD - DVD - FTP - ISB
Logos and illustrations are preferred in vector format (.ai, .eps) or in high resolution (300 dpi - final format). Images and photographs must be in high resolu-
tion .eps, .tiff, .psd, .jpg (300 dpi - final format). We cannot be held responsible for low quality or non calibrated files. Files must be in a resolution of 300 dpi
of their printed size (100%). • All Microsoft software such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, are not compatible to supply artwork. However, text without layout or
names lists can be supplied in Word or Excel. • Supplied fonts are accepted in Macintosh format only ; we do not accept PC fonts. However, it is preferable to
convert all fonts to curves to avoid delays or errors. If the fonts are not supplied, they will be replaced with standard fonts. • It is the customer’s responsibility
to ensure his files comply with our production specifications. • If a complete supplied file is not ready for production and corrections are required, extra
charges may apply. • It is IMPORTANT to always supply a preview of the supplied file.

in digital printing
on metal,
also known as
For more
than10 years,
the team has made
it a priority
to provide
our clientele with
quality products
within the most
reasonable timeframe.
We are constantly
new products
to satisfy
the changing needs
of our customers.
We are proud
to have built
our reputation
on the quality of
both our products
and our customer service.
We have a dynamic,
and attentive team
on site to respond
to all our customers’ needs
and to complete projects
to their satisfaction.

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