Delinquent Student Account Procedures Revised Feb 2010

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					                                  POLICY & PROCEDURE
                                     LAST REVISED 02-01-2010

I. Payment Deadlines

       Payment deadlines for 2010-2011 academic year are:
             Fall                  October 8th
             Spring                February 24th
             Summer 2011           May 18th

II. Delinquent Accounts

   1. Accounts are considered past due if it is not paid in full or no payment plan has
      been arranged by the due date.

   2. If tuition is not paid in full by the due date, a hold will be placed on the account
      and a $25 late fee will be assessed. Account flagged as past due.

   3. Another $25 fee will be assessed 30 days after the payment deadline. Account
      scheduled for Letter 1 in collection process.

   4. A final fee of $50 will be assessed 60 days after the payment deadline. Account
      scheduled for Letter 2 in collection process.

   5. After the final fee has been assessed, there will be a 30-day grace period for
      students to pay on their accounts or make reasonable payment arrangement.

   6. After 90 days of the payment deadline, the account will be turned over to our
      collections agency.

III. Payment Plan

   1. Students can set up payment plans with Tuition Management Systems. They will
      be able to set up payment plans for the year as well as per semester. Students need
      to contact Student Financial Services for more information.

   2. University deferred payment plans, processed through Student Financial Services,
      are available to students who no longer are enrolled. Students must contact the
      Student Financial Services offices to set up a payment plan.

*If a student contacts our office (before they are sent to collections) wanting to negotiate
the possibility of setting up a payment plan they must fill out and sign a promissory note
form. Payment Plans can only be initiated under these terms:

      A maximum plan of 4 payments or less
      A maximum plan not to exceed 12 months

Student Financial Services                                                                     1
Delinquent Account Procedures:
                                  POLICY & PROCEDURE
                                    LAST REVISED 02-01-2010

Proper receipt filing and mailings will be recorded and backed-up in students file.

All payment plans will be reviewed and signed by the Director.

If the student does not follow through with their payment plan, the SFS Office will
attempt to contact the student for payment. Two consecutive missed payments will be
considered a breach of contract and the collection process will continue.

In addition, any student requesting to be set up on a monthly auto pay with their credit or
debit cards, will be required to fill out a form to authorize the SFS Office to charge their
card. Students must contact the SFS Office for an authorization form.

Student Financial Services                                                                 2
Delinquent Account Procedures: