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How To Blow Dry Your Hair Without Damaging It


									There's no getting away from it, blow drying and using other heated tools on your hair
will damage your hair over time. The trick is to only use them when you have to, and
when you do use them, taking care to minimise the damage in the process.

This means leaving your hair to dry naturally as often as you can but for special
occasions, blow drying, straightening and curling won't do your hair any harm
provided you are careful when handling your hair.

There's no doubt that the ability to blow dry your hair properly can make all the
difference to your overall appearance. You know what it's like when you step out of a
salon after you've had your hair styled, you feel fantastic, your hair is soft, silky and
smooth and it looks great, it's a real mood booster.

Well that's the feeling you can have when you learn how to blow dry your hair
yourself. Ok so it might not be quite as professional as when you've been to the salon
but it's a step in the right direction and it costs a whole lot less.

Step One

First of all of course you need to wash your hair and this is where the preparation
starts. Use warm water and a mild shampoo to wash your hair, as combined, hot water
and strong detergents can dry your hair out and leave it an ugly tangled mess.

Condition your hair using a product that has been formulated for your hair type. No
point in piling on a conditioner for dry hair if your hair is greasy, you'll only weigh
down the hair and it will look lank and lifeless.

After conditioning your hair, rinse it out with clear warm water and pat your hair
using a towel in order to soak up as much of the excess water as possible. Never be
tempted to rub your hair vigorously in order to dry it as much as you can, this will
encourage your hair to split and break.

If you are using a leave in conditioner, or perhaps a balm or serum, this is the time to
apply it. Start from the ends of the hair and work your way up, once you've done that,
gently comb it through and you're ready to go.

Step Two

Blast your hair with the hair dryer for a few minutes in order to remove some of the
moisture. At this stage use just your fingers to separate the hair. All you are doing here
is partly drying off your hair to make it easier to work with.

Step Three
Now this is where the skill comes in. Separate your hair into sections and pin the
sections up to keep them out of the way. Leave the section down that you are going to
work with first. You can start with as many or as few sections as you like, but if your
hair is particularly thick you may want more rather than less.

Step Four

If your hair is straight then using a natural boar bristle hair brush or a mix of boar and
synthetic bristles, gently pull the brush through the underside of your hair from the
roots to the ends whilst pointing the hair dryer downwards on the upper part of your
hair following the brush. Never blow dry up the way as this will encourage frizz. If
your hair is curly attach the diffuser to the hairdryer and use that.

You should be holding the hair dryer around six inches from your hair and it should
be on a medium setting. Don't keep the hair dryer still and pointed at a specific part of
your hair as you are likely to burn your scalp and we've all done that. Gently wave the
hair dryer across your hair. You can pull your hair out at an angle whilst you are
drying your hair as this will give more body to your hair. Continue in the same way
until you have completed all of the sections and your hair is completely dry.

Step Five

Now it's time to complete the finishing touches to get your desired look. This may be
by using hair straighteners to ensure a sleek smooth look, or curling tongs to perfect
your head of curls. You might want to apply a shine serum to give your hair a special
sheen or apply a spray to keep the style in place. Voila.

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