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									                          November 2010
                          Volume 145                       LCC What’s On…
                      Hard to believe that the 2010      I hope the weather is great       It's a cuckoo." "Are you
                      season is almost over. It has      and safe travels.                 sure?"
                      been a great season but as
                      always, never long enough. I       In closing, from my mother        "I'm fookin sure."
                      hope that everyone uses the        in law (she loves us Irish).
                      last few weeks of the season                                         Mick hung up the phone
                      to get in a game.                  The Irish Millionaire.            and told Chris, "I'll go
                                                                                           with Cuckoo as my
                      We are just a week removed         Mick, from Dublin,                answer."
                      from the closing dinner and        appeared on 'Who Wants
                      awards, and it is amazing all      to Be a Millionaire' and          "Is that your final
                      the great events that occurred     towards the end of the            answer?" asked Chris.
                      this season, and what an           program had already won
                      incredible membership we           500,000 Euros.                    "Dat it is, Sir."
                                                         "You've done very well so         There was a long, long
                      November will be the start of      far," said Chris Tarrant, the     pause, and then the
                      our “winter season” for the        show's presenter, "but for        presenter screamed,
                      food and beverage operation.       a million Euros you've only       "Cuckoo is the correct
                      For those who are not aware,       got one life line left –          answer! Mick, you've
                      food and beverage will be           phone a friend. Everything       won one million Euros!"
                      open Fridays from 11:00am to       is riding on this
                      closing, and for special events    question.....will you go for      The next night, Mick
                      during the week.                   it?"                              invited Paddy to their
From the:             Our first pub night will be a                                        local pub to buy him a
                      special one, with the band,        "Sure," said Mick. "I'll have     drink.
 Operations Manager   “The Monarchs”, performing         a go!"                            "Tell me, Paddy? How in
 Ladies League        and Chef Josh offering an all-                                       Heaven's name did you
                      you-care-to-eat buffet. Be         "Which of the following           know it was da Cuckoo
 Couples League       sure to get your ticket early to   birds does NOT build its          that doesn't build its own
 Fairways Book Club   avoid being disappointed.          own nest?                         nest?"
                      There are many special                                               "Because he lives in a
 Men’s League         events planned for November        a) Sparrow                        Fookin clock!"
                      including: brunches, prime rib     b) Thrush
 Food & Beverage      night, and celebrity chef.         c) Magpie,                        I look forward to see
Proshop               Don’t miss out, sign-up early!     d) Cuckoo”                        everyone this fall.
Handicap Committee    The Backwards Scramble will        "I haven't got a clue." said      Jim Burlington
 Healthy Hearts       be held November 14. Be            Mick,                             Operations Manager
                      sure to call the pro-shop early    ''so I'll use last lifeline and
 Kitchen              and sign-up. As well as the        phone my friend Paddy
                      closing event, this will also be   back home in Dublin."
                      the last day the course will be    Mick called up his mate,
                      open for the season. Come          and told him the
                      out and enjoy some fun and         circumstances and
                      hopefully good weather.            repeated the question to
                      To those heading south early,      "Fookin hell, Mick!" cried
                      law (she loves us Irish).          Paddy. "Dat's simple......
                                                         It's a cuckoo." "Are you
                      The Irish Millionaire.             sure?"

                      Mick, from Dublin, appeared        "I'm fookin sure."
                      on 'Who Wants to Be a
                      Millionaire' and towards the       Mick hung up the phone
From the Ladies League….                                                          LCC What’s on Page 2 …

 The Ladies ended their season           Several ladies were recognized for      The table centerpieces (flowers)
 with a luncheon on September 30.        reaching milestones throughout the      went to the oldest lady at the table
 Our year-end awards were handed         year. Sunny Kim had a hole-in one       and a coffee mug went to the
 out at that time. Congratulations to    and Elaine Jackson, Daphne              youngest lady at the table.
 our winners:                            Hellard and Bev Underhill, broke
                                         100 for the first time this year.       The lunch was delicious and we
 Putting contest - Sheila                                                        thank Josh and his staff for a great
 Chiarandini.                            Next year’s Executive was               meal. For dessert we had a special
 Match Play - Harolyn Shewfelt.          introduced and gifts were presented     cake donated by Paige Esford and
 Most Improved Player - Andi             to the ladies who are leaving the       made by Andi Labey.
 Labey.                                  Executive. Every lady belonging to
 Pin Day Winners - Doris Stock for       the Ladies League received a year-      It has been a great year. The
 9-holes and Mireille Fraser for 18-     end gift of a League towel and a        weather co- operated on all
 holes.        Most Birdies - Trish      sleeve of Loyalist balls. Also, every   Thursdays with one exception. We
 Dwyer.                                  lady that had a birdie or a chip-in     thank Marg Beck for being such a
 Most Chip-ins - Vernanne Ahern.         was presented with a chip-in or         great Captain this year and
                                         birdie pin.                             welcome Elaine Jackson to the
 Winners of the Ringer Board were                                                position of Ladies’ Captain for next
 “C” Flight – Mireille Fraser ( Low      Incentive prizes were won by Mary       year. We wish everyone a safe and
 Gross) and Barb Maheux ( Low            Brown, Yvonne Rose, Linda               happy winter and look forward to
 Net); “B” Flight - Linda Hartley        Hartley, Barb Maheux, Paulette          seeing you again next summer.
 (Low Gross) and Carolyn Shea            Towner, Barb Calvert and Daphne
 (Low Net); “A” Flight - Sheila          Hellard.                                Harolyn Shewfelt,
 Chiarandini ( Low Gross) and                                                    Games’ Convenor
 Harolyn Shewfelt ( Low Net); 9-         Share the wealth prizes were won
 holes - Doris Stock ( Low Gross)        by Madge Hartrick, Carol Keir and
 and Norma Ferguson ( Low Net).          Linda Hartley.

 From the Couple’s League…

 The sun was shining down on us          Josh and his crew outdid                participants. We would also like to
 for our final Couples’ event of the     themselves by preparing a great         thank Charlie and Cheryl Osborne
 year on Monday, September 20.           dinner for us.                          for their generous donation of an
 We had 56 golfers tee-off for a         Each month, we had the good             umbrella set to award on our last
 wonderful day at Loyalist. After a      fortune to have new people join us      evening. What a great time we
 fun day on the course, 61 of us met     for Couples’ golf. September was        have had hosting this great event
 at the Club for cocktails and a         no different in that we had seven       throughout the summer.
 turkey dinner with all the trimmings.   new players join us for fun and         Please join us in welcoming your
                                         friendship.                             hosts for 2011, Bruce and Linda
                                         We wish to thank the Loyalist           Richardson. We know they will do
                                         Country Club for their continued        a great job and look forward to
                                         support in providing us with            having fun with you all next year.
                                         incentive awards to distribute to the   Happy golfing!

                                                                                 Cheers: Rick and Sheila
From the Fairway’s Book Club…                                                            LCC What’s on Page 3…

Hello everyone.                                            Our book for            Monday, November 8 at 2:00pm.
We have started our fall season                            November is, “Eat.      Please contact Marg Campbell if
with two great discussions, and                            Pray. Love.” by         you are interested in the lunch and
are looking forward to another in                          Elizabeth Gilbert.      presentation by her daughter on
November.                                                  Joyce Friesen will      November 1, at noon, at the
Welcome to our two new                                     be the facilitator.     clubhouse.
members, Ann and Elaine.                                   The meeting will be
                                                           at the clubhouse on     Kathryn ffolliott

From the Men’s League…

Well, the golfing season is now            year. For those heading to warmer       I hope to see one and all back
winding down and on behalf the             climes for the winter have a safe       again next April.
Men’s committee I would like to            journey, and to those who will
thank all our members for their            remain here in Bath, may your           Pat Kennedy
excellent support throughout the           shovelling days be few and far          Men’s League Captain

From the F & B…

Well, I made it through my first full      As we go into the last two months       Well that’s all for this month. For
month here relatively unscathed!           of this year, we have scheduled a       those of you heading to warmer
We have had a very busy end of             number of events including opening      climates, I hope you all have a safe
season with lots of events that have       pub night, prime rib dinner night,      journey and best wishes for the
kept us on our toes. Overall, I think      ladies lunches, cooking classes,        holidays and the year ahead. For
that the department has managed            celebrity chefs, the Gift Giving, the   the rest of us who will need our
quite well through this transitional       Country Christmas, and a number         mittens within the next few weeks, I
stage. I have received a lot of            of Christmas parties. So despite        will be here to assist you with any
feedback and encouragement since           the restaurant closing on October       of your events or inquiries.
my arrival, and as a result, I have        31, we will still be very busy. I am
been able to share a lot of                looking forward to seeing the Club      Lisa Elliott-Laflamme
compliments with my food and               decorated for the holidays, and to      Food & Beverage Manager
beverage team. Thank you all for           finalizing the plans for our New
your support.                              Year’s Eve party.

                                                   2010 Incentive Program

                                             Loyalist would like to thank those who
                                          supported the club by participating in the
                                           incentive program. However, Loyalist has
                                        decided not to continue with the program until
                                                         further notice.
From the Proshop…                                                                   LCC What’s on Page 4…

  The cold weather has arrived and          our final day of golf on Sunday,
  so comes the end to another               November 14. Everyone is invited         All the staff from the pro-shop
  wonderful season of golf. By now,         to join us for our annual backwards      would like to once again thank
  many of the Loyalist residents have       scramble, it is always a lot of fun      everyone for another remarkable
  already moved down south, and             and everyone gets to play the            season here at Loyalist Country
  many other of our fortunate               course from a perspective never          Club. No matter where life takes us
  neighbors are packing up their            seen before. Following golf, Chef        next, the people, the laughs and
  suitcases. We all look forward to         Josh will have his best homemade         the summer months at Loyalist will
  reuniting once again next spring.         chili to help everyone get the           always be something to cherish.
  The closing date for the golf course      feeling back in their hands and feet.    The staff would also like to wish
  is now official. The final day of golf    Sign-up for this event with Dan or       everyone the best of health and
  will be on Saturday, November 13,         Chris in the pro-shop as it is a         safe travels this winter wherever
  and the following day the course          wonderful event to end the current       your vacation destination may be.
  will be shut down for the Backwards       golfing season.
  Scramble.                                                                          With Best Regards,
                                            Everyone should keep an eye on
  For those of you who are still            the pro-shop throughout the winter       Dan Geran and the pro-shop staff.
  around for the month of November          months as Geoff James will still be      .
  and throughout the holiday season,        around the building with plenty of
  we would like to invite everyone for      good holiday sales in the shop.

                                           SINGERS SINGERS SINGERS

                   If you enjoy singing in the shower, how about changing the location
                        to the Club Ballroom at our Christmas-giving and dinner on
                    Saturday, December 4? Of course you would have to change your
                         attire from Birthday suit to a festive outfit! As part of the
                       entertaining I would like to have a few people sing Christmas
                      carols. There will be one or two practices, date and time to be
                   decided later. Please let me know ASAP if you are able and willing.
                                                 Erika Dilworth, 5551
From the Handicap Committee…                                                        LCC What’s on Page 5…

 The handicap committee convened            compliance check list and               Handicap purposes is October 31.
 a final meeting for the 2010 season        confirmed Loyalist is in full           If you want to maintain a record on
 on October 27 and are pleased to           compliance.                             all rounds played, the ones played
 report no major issues were                                                        after November 1         should be
 encountered or need to be                  3. Established a Loyalist               entered on-line rather the Club
 addressed. Essentially,                    handicap committee policy               computer.
 handicapping is working as it              document which is posted on             Rounds played in the Southern US
 supposed at Loyalist and the                                                       over winter months are still to be
                                            the GAO bulletin board
 committee summarized                                                               posted to the Handicap System on-
 accomplishments for the year which                                                 line at If
 are recorded below.                                                                on-line access is not available while
                                            4. Defined control established          you are away, you should retain the
 Accomplishments in 2010                    for access to Eagle System.             scores (including Slope and
                                                                                    Handicap Ratings) for your last 20
 1. Established a formal                    5. Gathered hole by hole data           rounds and these can be input on
 handicap committee chaired by              all year from regular games             our local computer when you
 John Nicholl. Other members                and several tournaments. This           return.
 of the committee are Elaine                data is required to re-evaluate
 Jackson, Ron Kristiansen, Ron              the ranking of holes which is           Have a great winter and good
 Lacey and Dale Henderson.                  planned this winter.                    golfing for those so fortunate to
                                                                                    keep playing.
 Geoff James represents Club
                                            And, a friendly reminder as we
 management.                                                                        Dale Henderson
                                            approach our season end and
                                            some folks head south.                  On behalf of        the    Handicap
 2. Assessed the club's                     The last day for posting scores for     Committee
 needs and reviewed the RCGA                rounds played in Ontario for official

   From the Healthy Hearts…

 November 1 marks the beginning             any complications are encountered       10:00am     Penny Chianelli
 of the formal Healthy Heart group          will meet and explore alternatives.
 sessions and 105 CCC members               Again we are fortunate if having        There is always room for new
 have registered for this season.           continuity with the group leaders,      participants and the process starts
 This number compares to last year          either by being a previous leader or    with a registration form which may
 although some folks from last year         a past participant in the program.      be obtained from Sandra at the
 have left the community and have           At this time, it is appropriate to      Administration office. It may not be
 been replaced by some                      acknowledge them and extend             possible to get your preferred time
 newcomers, to whom we extend a             thanks for their contribution.          initially but with the “Snow Bird”
 warm welcome. The Group                              Monday, Wednesday,            departures in the New Year, this is
 Leaders met last week and finalized        Friday                                  usually plenty of space in all of the
 the groups and firmed up details of        8:00am              Ron Lacey           groups. Also, it is acknowledged
 the program. Group lists have              8:30am              Tom Hansen          some individuals prefer to exercise
 been posted downstairs and the             9:30am              Bruce Friesen       on their own and for this reason no
 leaders have contacted everyone to         10:00am             Don Barnes          group sessions are scheduled for
 confirm their times. A couple of the       10:45am             Pat Jackson         the afternoons.
 groups are a little larger than                      Tuesday, Thursday,
 preferred but the leaders have             Saturday                                Dale Henderson
 indicated they will give it a try and if   9:00am               Ian McClure
at the

    Loyalist Golf &
          Country Club                        Freshly baked muffins &
    November 14th                                      pastries
    11 am – 2 pm                                  Belgian Waffles
                                                     Fresh Fruit
                                                 Bacon & Sausages
                                                     Home fries
       $19.99++                                         Toast
      CCC Discount Applies                                &

  Reservations Required:

  Contact Sandra at 613-352-5152 ext.210 or
                                                        November 2010
          Sunday                  Monday               Tuesday          Wednesday           Thursday                 Friday              Saturday

                           1                     2                 3                   4                    5                       6
                                 Book Club                          Millhaven Buffet                            Opening Pub
                                 Luncheon                                                                         Night
                                                                    LLCRA Board
                            Happy Booker’s                            Meeting

                                                                     Line Dancing

7                          8                     9                 10 Ladies Lunch     11                   12                      13
 Prime Rib Night                                                                        Remembrance
                                                                        Millennium         Day


                                                                     Line Dancing

14                         15                    16                17                  18                   19                      20
          Brunch            Course Closure            Christmas         Christmas                                                     Cooking Class
                                                      Decorating        Decorating                                                   with Head Chef
                                                                                                                                       Josh Labelle

                                                                     Line Dancing

21                         22                    23                24                  25                   26                      27
 Celebrity Chef                                                      Line Dancing                                                     Cooking Class
                                                                                                                                     with Head Chef
                                                                                                                                       Josh Labelle

28                         29                    30

                          October                                                                                           December
     S       M
                   as T     W       T        F   S                                                     S        M      T       W     T     F        S
                                           1     2                                                                             1    2      3         4
  3           4       5      6      7      8     9                                                      5        6      7      8    9     10        11
 10          11      12     13      14     15    16                                                    12       13     14      15   16    17        18
 17          18      19     20      21     22    23                                                    19       20     21      22   23    24        25
 24          25      26     27      28     29    30                                                    26       27     28      29   30    31
       6:00 PM




    CCC Discount Applies

 For your reservations contact
      Sandra at ext.210 or
From the Kitchen…

                                   I just wanted to take the time to say to all the
                                   members that I have really enjoyed my first
                                   season here at Loyalist. I hope I have given
                                   you and idea of what I’m about and that I will
                                   be striving to always be better. I also wanted
                                   to take this time time to thank the staff and
                                   the Loyalist team who are my second family
                                   and have been a great support team
                                   throughout the season. We will be back next
                                   year stronger, faster and tastier. Our passion
                                   to serve you the client will never stop and we
                                   will put our whole hearts into the food we
  Loyalist Golf & Country          bring you. Next year, is also very exciting as
                                   well as Jim, Lisa and our local suppliers and
           Club                    myself will be working on new menus that will
                                   hopefully be the new standard for golf course
     Box 10, 1 Loyalist Blvd.      food. Expect some old favorites done in a
           Bath, ON                new and exciting way and a more refined
           K0H 1G0
                                   menu for the mature client.
      613-352-5152 ext. 210        Best regards,

           PROSHOP                 Josh J Labelle
      613-352-5152 ext. 212
                                   Head Chef
      613-352-5152 ext. 215


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