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My views on the Diablo 3 character classes. Also, provides an answer to the question when will Diablo 3 be available? I originally uploaded this in the Word Document format but for some reason the links in the document are not working at docstoc so I created this pdf from that document and uploading it in hope it will fix the problem with the links. Well, it didn't work. I guess I'll leave it up here as a pdf too even though the links still aren't active someone may prefer the pdf format. I don't know why the links in the documents aren't working after uploading here. All you need to do is this... SIMPLY CLICK ON MY PROFILE NAME GarBenjamin and you can go to the page from there. THE LINK ON MY PROFILE PAGE WORKS!

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									Diablo 3 Available Soon
Article by Gar Benjamin – you can buy Diablo 3 now!

Diablo 3 features the following five character classes: Wizard, Witch Doctor,
Demon Hunter, Barbarian and Monk.

Which one of these new character classes are you most interested in?

Personally, the new Demon Hunter character sounds quite interesting to me.
Seems to be a combination of an Amazon and and an Assassin/

For example, one account of a battle I read described her wielding two crossbows
(somehow firing one with each hand I guess?). Yet, in the same battle, she threw
out three metallic-looking balls which rolled towards her enemies and blew up,
temporarily stunning them.

That sounds like a very interesting and formidable warrior.

The Monk also sounds very interesting. He actually reminds me in some ways of
the Palidan from Diablo 2.

Described as a Holy Warrior whose skin is as hard as iron. From what I have read
bout the Monk, he actually fights with a combination of hand-to-hand combat and
divine powers. Although his portrait shows him wielding a staff, a battle I read
about described him as wielding no weapons and yet he easily defeated his
opponents. The last of which he struck with some kind of “power” resulting from
some kind of chant... almost like channeling energy into his hands.

I am sure all of these characters will provide plenty of gaming enjoyment. I just
happen to find the Demon Hunter and Monk most interesting at this point.

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you can buy Diablo 3 right now.

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