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A3 Broadmoor Farm Leaflet Outside

A3 Broadmoor Farm Leaflet Inside

Power point presentation, proposals and options for the Development of
Broadmoor Farm meeting chaired by Colin Breed MP 27th September 2005
Key Components of the Proposal                                                                                                ‘
                                                                                                                              The Land lying to the East of Eden’ Community School                                   Sports / Leisure Facilities                                    ‘Broadmoor Farm’ is local short-hand for an area of up        actually states “considerable variation in elevation and
                                                                                                                              to 167 hectares (approx 400 acres) owned by up to 14          slope means there can be an interesting range of
                            Needs a rebuild; taken together                                                                   different owners lying to the north west of Saltash, the      landscape design solutions”. The 1995 planning brief
                            space with the new principles of                                                                  heart of which is the Broadmoor Farm (owned by the            appears to envisage 30% (50 hectares) development
                            ‘Extended schools’ and                                                                            Bond family). It is usually described as the land that sits   coverage within the site not including leisure and park
                            ‘Lifelong Learning’ this                                                                          between the A38 from Carkeel to Stoketon Cross; the           and ride, but other plans seem to envisage using 55%
                            creates the heart of a                                                                            C125 from Stoketon Cross to the A388 towards Hatt;            (94 hectares) including infrastructure and the park and
                            ‘community campus’, offering                                                                      and from that junction back to the Carkeel roundabout.        ride.
learning and leisure facilities to be used jointly by the
                                                                                                                              In the early 1990s it was designated as a strategic site      The site is reasonably well served by the basic utilities
school and the community, including shared auditorium
                                                                                                                              for 1-3 major inward investors. Subsequent suggestions        but all would need upgrading and expanding.
and sports facilities. The value of the land released by
                                                                                                                              for uses including housing and retail development were
school relocation would part-fund the rebuild.                                                                                rejected. It is currently not designated for development.     Surface water drainage is a key issue as an increased
                                                                                                                                                                                            amount of run off would threaten Forder and Burraton
Cornwall College Saltash                                                                                                      The principal land use (142 hectares) is agriculture and      Coombe. This has not previously been seen as a
Has also reached effective capacity on its present site,       Saltash has a number of well supported sports                  particularly arable farming with the agricultural land        deterrent to development however. Caradon’s 1993 Plan
and will need an expansion site within 10 years                organisations scattered around the town mostly                 quality described as moderate (grade 3b). The site is         states “the current drainage pattern is not in itself seen
                                                               occupying facilities owned by Caradon District Council.        gently undulating and slopes from some 98 metres above        as a constraining factor upon the design and siting of
                                                               There is a drastic shortage of pitch space, and most           sea level in the northwest to 50 metres in the southeast      new development. Indeed…the existence of a water
                                                               groups report inadequate changing and social facilities.       corner. There is a significant wooded area that has been      source offers considerable design opportunities.” The
                                                               MCTi consultation revealed strong interest in sharing multi-   designated as a Cornwall Nature Conservation site but         most favoured option was that of keeping the water on
                                                               sports facilities, which could also be used by the school.     there are no other designations such as AONB, Ancient         site and managing the flow through a single large
                                                               The value of land released would part-fund.                    Monuments, archaeological interest or historical value        balancing pond either on or off line to the Latchbrook
                                                               Leisure uses of the remainder of the site including a lake,    to affect development.                                        Leat.
                                                               or footpaths and cycle tracks would serve to connect the       All the previous development proposals have been              This issue does however reinforce the need for
                                                               two local AONB areas and bring tourism benefits, and           designed in a campus style with separate plots using          environmental management to be integral to the design
A combined purpose-built campus would offer shared             would support the government’s commitment to promoting         the natural topography, keeping the woods and as many         and management both of the overall site and the
education, training, and vocational facilities for all ages    healthier life-styles.                                         of the hedgerows as possible. The 1993 Local Plan             individual components from the outset.

Employment Facilities
All of the remaining industrial plots in Saltash will be
developed by early 2006. The majority of new units are
already allocated, and none are of suitable size to allow
the larger existing businesses to expand and remain in the
town. (There is proven demand for units from 25,000 –
40,000 square feet). Saltash, the 6th largest town in
Cornwall, also lacks an enterprise centre, incubator
space, and office accommodation.There is a general lack
in SE Cornwall of industrial units from 1500- 5000 sq ft.
The Employment Land Assessment by Baker Assocs
(May 2005) recommended the setting aside of 11 ha of
land on Broadmoor Farm for industrial development to
serve the immediate needs of the local economy.
Integrating this with the educational campus opens up new      Other Potential Uses include : -
possibilities for integrating work, training, and education.
                                                               Prototype/design support centre;; youth advisory
Transport Facilities                                           centre/‘Foyer’ scheme and other child/youth services;
                                                               hotel/student accommodation; pitch and putt/other
There are long-standing plans for a Park and Ride facility     leisure uses; cycle track, bridle tracks nature reserve
on Broadmoor Farm to reduce commuter traffic on the                                                                               Outline Proposal for the Sustainable Development of a
                                                                                                                                  Outline Proposal for the Sustainable Development of a
                                                                                                                                   Community Campus, Saltash
                                                                                                                                   Community Campus, Saltash
Tamar Bridge and the need for a second crossing. The           This document is produced by Saltash Gateway MCTi.
new plans call for this to be expanded into a ‘transport       Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy as
hub’ that would offer solutions for other local transport      of the date of publication November 2005, the authors cannot
                                                               be held liable for the information contained herein. Further
issues, such as the overnight parking of HGVs, as well as
a hub for public and community transport. Again this would     information may be obtained from John Evans, Community                     Innovation, Integration, Environment & Design
                                                                                                                                          Innovation, Integration, Environment & Design
integrate with educational and employment users.               Agent, 01752 823066 E-MAIL                                                                     Prepared by Saltash Gateway MCTi November 2005
                                                                                                                                                                               Prepared by Saltash Gateway MCTi November 2005
      The Saltash Gateway MCTi Community Development Plan calls for the development of a green ‘Community Campus’on Broadmoor Farm that will combine
      extensive public sport and recreational areas with new educational facilities, youth services, transport hub, industrial units and business support space -
      all to sustainable designs in a parkland setting.
Background                                                      The Market & Coastal Towns Initiative
Saltash, the sixth largest town in Cornwall, sits astride the   Recent extensive public consultations and research carried      The MCTi Community Strategic Development Plan
major communication routes of river, rail and road. This        out by the local MCTi has however demonstrated that the         (currently in draft) identifies the need for managed growth in
location has been the key to its historic success as a local    local population continue to firmly regard Saltash as a         order to support a sustainable local economy. Saltash can
centre for trade, commerce and industry.                        distinctively Cornish town, rather than a suburb of Plymouth.   however physically grow in only one direction it is bounded                            Pillaton
Since the construction of the Tamar Bridge in 1961,             It has also revealed that foundations for sustainable           on three sides by rivers, or Areas of Outstanding Natural                                          Landulph
however, the neighbouring City of Plymouth has exerted a        economic revival exist:                                         Beauty (AONB coloured pale green on the map).                                                  Botus
growing influence on the local economy. With over half the                                                                      Development plans have accordingly focussed on the
                                                                        Saltash serves a number of organisations such as                                                                                          Landrake     Fleming
estimated working population of the area now commuting                                                                          agricultural area lying to the west of Saltash,known as
                                                                   the RNLI and Peninsula Health Authority as a regional                                                                            t             & St Erney
‘over the bridge’ each day to work, and many looking to                                                                         Broadmoor Farm.(coloured pink on the map)                           St Germans
                                                                   base, capitalising on communications links. It remains
Plymouth for much of their shopping and entertainment, the
                                                                   a centre for local services.                                 It is a sensitive site, with high visual impact and close to two
economic leakage from SE Cornwall into the Plymouth
                                                                        Local employers praise the skill and commitment         areas of outstanding natural beauty, and environmental                                            Saltash
economy is high.
A dramatic increase in population since the building of the        of the local workforce. The major constraint to              management issues (including drainage) are central to the
bridge has not always been matched by the provision of             industrial growth is the present lack of affordable          plans.                                                                                                 River
                                                                   industrial land for expansion                                                                                                   River Lynher                        Tamar
adequate health, recreational and employment                                                                                    Linking the site into Saltash and the surrounding villages,
opportunities. For example there are so few facilities for              Educational facilities are excellent. All seven         including safety issues such as access to the site by car,
organised sport that some local teams’ ‘home pitches’ are          junior schools within the MCTi area enjoy high               bicycle and on foot, are also key considerations.
now in Plymouth; and there is an almost total lack of              reputations. The Community School,, has
                                                                   recently secured specialist status in Maths, Science         The MCTI Plan proposes that Broadmoor Farm be set aside for a planned mix of economic, educational
affordable industrial development land, with successful                                                                         and recreational development with good transport links that will re-invigorate the economy of SE Cornwall
local firms facing a need to re-locate out of the county in        and IT, one of only three in the country to achieve this.
                                                                   Cornwall College Saltash is also expanding and offers        and establish Saltash as a powerhouse of sustainable economic activity.
order to expand.                                                                                                                                                                                                     An artists impression of
The town centre has not prospered under this increasing            a range of vocational and other courses up to HND
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     how the site could be
‘dormitory’ status, and wards within Saltash display               level, attracting students from
considerable levels of deprivation.                                as far away as Bude.

 Caradon District Area SE Cornwall
          Saltash Gatway Mcti
                                                                                                                                           Community                                               Hub
                                                                              Heat                                                                                               Sports
                                                                                               Light Industrial+                                                                Auditorium
                                                                              + Light

                                                                                                                                         Youth Facilities

    Innovative new ways of combining work, education and leisure facilities will thus be matched by an equally innovative approach to environmental design and
    management. The project will become a benchmark for genuinely ‘sustainable’ development, nationally and beyond.
    “Gateway to Cornwall”
Market & Coastal Town Initiative

Proposals and Options for the Development
       of Broadmoor Farm, Saltash

          27th September 2005

       Chaired by Colin Breed MP
    “Gateway to Cornwall”
Market & Coastal Town Initiative

        Saltash & PL12 Parishes
      Summary Slide

• “Gateway to Cornwall”
  Market & Coastal Town Initiative
        “Gateway to Cornwall”
    Market & Coastal Town Initiative

          “Gateway to Cornwall”
      Market & Coastal Town Initiative
            -Top Ten Projects -
        Putting Saltash and PL12 area back on the Cornish map & promoting
        Saltash as destination for visitors, shoppers, business users.
    “Gateway to Cornwall”
Market & Coastal Town Initiative
    “Gateway to Cornwall”
Market & Coastal Town Initiative
History of Broadmoor Farm
         “Gateway to Cornwall”
     Market & Coastal Town Initiative
• BROADMOOR FARM has been identified by
  the MCTi process as an area that could
  support a number of important projects.

• The proposal is that this site to the west of
  the town should, over the next 20 years, be
  developed as a green “Community Campus”
  that would combine extensive public sport and
  recreation areas with a parkland location for
  new school, youth services, employment,
  business support space and good transport
Aerial view of Broadmoor Farm
         “Gateway to Cornwall”
     Market & Coastal Town Initiative
                     - SUPPORTING PROJECTS -

CP 1 – Two successful education establishments –
   Community School and Cornwall College Saltash – will provide the
   catalyst for the development of the PL12 area identity, providing
   a wide catchment and building commitment to strong common links
CP 2 - Enhanced FE & HE opportunities will encourage young people to
   stay locally rather than move – linking education and training to
CP 19 & 20 – Feasibility study will examine the use of Broadmoor
   Farm as a Community Campus within the context of the emerging
   Regional Spatial Strategy (involving the Building Research
   Establishment for support and advice)
EC 11 - Develop business centre and support service
               - SUPPORTING PROJECTS (cont’d) -

CP 30 – Create and foster linkages between education, training,
   employment and industry on Broadmoor Farm with priority
   given to ecological and engineering excellence. (See Caradon
   Draft Local Plan)
CP 26 - Develop “foyer” scheme to provide housing and support
   to young people + provide a Youth Hostel
CP 11A - Create more accessible support to younger people for
   emotional and sexual health problems
TR 1, TR 5 & TR16 - As road links with Plymouth become more
   heavily congested, park and ride road and rail schemes will
   become more viable
TR 25 - Feasibility study for a heliport terminal
CC16 (TR) - Promote the case for A38 roundabout at Stoketon
Existing Saltash Community School
Last plots at Parkway Industrial Estate
              Extract from CDC
         Employment Land Assessment
            Final Report-May 2005
8.7 In conclusion, the site West of Carkeel Services represents the
   most suitable choice for further employment land at Saltash for the
   following reasons:

• Good access to major infrastructure - A38
• Close to existing employment areas
• Not constrained by significant international and
   national environmental designations
• Better landscape impact on the surrounding area
• More suitable topography and location that would
   appeal to the market
    Additional Employment facilities

•   Enterprise centre
•   Incubator space
•   Prototype centre?
•   Vocational/training provision – direct
    two way linkage between school/college
    and employers
             Sports Provision
• Shortage of playing fields etc in PL12 (teams with
  home pitches in Plymouth)
• Readiness on part of many sports organisations
  consulted to share facilities
• General lack of green space within town; identified
  need (e.g. Youth Survey) for more ‘informal’
  recreation space
• No running or cycle tracks in PL12
• link sports development to a training base for a
  foreign team for the 2012 Olympics?
  Accommodation/facilities that could be used by
  overseas teams until the Olympics in 2012, and then
  be used by the schools and local community
  afterwards – or as e.g. Foyer, Youth Hostel
• Youth hostel
• Cycle ways (link to Sustrans? Coastal
• Network of footpaths linking to
• Leisure use of site – e.g. lake, pitch and
  putt etc
          Youth Provision
• Site offers scope for purpose built
  youth support facilities to serve
• Youth hostel?
• Foyer?
• Youth Enquiry Service?
Carkeel Roundabout
 (A388 and A38 meet)
         OF THE AREA

 FORDER– Rain run off from   BROADMOOR FARM –
 Broadmoor runs through      bordered by two areas
 Burraton Coombe and ENDS    designated as AONB’s
 UP HERE at Forder Creek
Example of development at CUC
      South East Cornwall –
Centre of environmental excellence

 The East of Eden Experience
     “Gateway to Cornwall”
 Market & Coastal Town Initiative
          PROS                           CONS
• only major land site         • all water run-off exits via
available in PL12 without      Forder village
impacting on SSSI or AONB
                               • A38 already very congested
                               particularly at daily peak
• central location in PL12     times and holiday periods
• provides vital community     • Highways Agency has
infrastructure for long term   concerns due to proximity to
                               A38 as national trunk road
• prevents over-development
of housing in the area         • not in Cornwall Structure
Links to the rest of the UK and Europe
          “Gateway to Cornwall”
      Market & Coastal Town Initiative


 To achieve this, funding needs to be identified as early
                       as possible for
• a feasibility study in order to develop these proposals
                         to maturity
                  • Project management
     “Gateway to Cornwall”
 Market & Coastal Town Initiative

The “Gateway to Cornwall” MCTi Steering Group
         thank you for your interest
    “Gateway to Cornwall”
Market & Coastal Town Initiative

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