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Loading up your hitch rack and then having to get into your trunk can be a real drag with most other
bike hitch racks, but not with the Inno INH 302. Our new foot -pedal release makes it easy to tilt your
loaded rack back for access to your trunk! This lightweight hitch can hold up to 4 bikes and is made
from aluminum for better fuel economy. It's easy to install and comes with anti-sway cradles and both a
1 1/4 and a 2 inch receiver. Also included is a cable locking system with key locks to keep your
equipment secure when you're on the move. Soft touch rubber cradles and reaching straps are easy
on your bikes, and folding down the arms when they're not in use is easy on you with the novel one
touch release system. To take your fun on the go, you can trust Inno.
The traditional downside to hitch bike racks is that it can be a real pain to access your trunk after
loading up the rack. Enter the Inno Aero Light two-bike hitch carrier, which makes accessing your trunk
a breeze. The Aero Light is equipped with a foot-pedal release that tilts your loaded bike rack rearward.

The Aero Light hitch carrier holds up to 4 bikes at once. As the rack goes back, your trunk is
revealed, so you can easily fiddle with your luggage or find Cosmo's water dish at a moment's notice.
Once you arrive at your destination and remove your bikes, the rack's arms fold down via the
one-touch release system and store conveniently out of the way. It's the perfect bike rack for frequent
travelers who anticipate having to open the trunk at least once before reaching the campsite or
vacation cabin. The Aero Light carrier--which holds up to two bikes at once--is made of lightweight
aluminum for better fuel economy, and includes both 1-1/4- and 2-inch receivers for easy installation.
The rack is also gentle on your bikes, with soft-touch rubber cradles and reaching straps to protect the
frames from scratches, along with anti-sway cradles for added stability on the road. And to keep your
equipment safe from would-be thieves, the company added a secure cable locking system with key
locks. About Inno Advanced Car Racks
 A division of Car Mate USA, Inno has been designing and manufacturing innovative and
technologically advanced car racks for more than 30 years. Car Mate was founded in 1966 by Takaaki
Murata, the inventor of the car seat headrest, and is today the largest manufacturer of automotive
accessories in Japan. The company launched Inno 10 years later, eventually capturing a near-60
percent share of the Japanese car rack market before entering the U.S. market in 2003. Offering
lasting appeal to "weekend warriors" everywhere, Inno racks are tested in the most vigorous conditions
imaginable, including in the lab with UV-ray and salt spray exposure and on high-speed race tracks.
Inno is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

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