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HOLLYWOOD, HR8100 TRVLR 1-1/4 4BIKE, CAR RACK Stronger, more versatile version of the old
HR800 Bike separators with anti sway bar Arms fold down Rock tilts back for access to luggage
compartment No wobble treated hitch pin.
Featuring durable rubber cradles with anti-sway stabilizers, this heavy-duty rack mounts on a 1.25-inch
hitch and holds four bicycles. The rack tilts down for cargo-area access, and the arms fold down when
not in use. A "no-wobble" threaded hitch pin prevents rack sway. The rack carries a limited warranty
against defects. About Hollywood Racks
 Hollywood Racks started in 1973 when they began making trunk racks in the back of our bike shop in
Hollywood, CA. As a retailer, the company knew exactly what people needed: good quality products
that were easy to use. They earned a great reputation fast and began selling racks to other dealers,
and later to the bike companies. Today, Hollywood Racks builds racks the only way they know how:
simple, strong, and secure. Hollywood Racks are built with top-quality materials including
high-strength steel, aircraft-quality fasteners, and thick powder coats to withstand the elements.
Generous amounts of padding protect bikes and cars, and all of their products are fully covered with a
limited warranty. The company's products continue to receive accolades from all the major outdoor
sports magazines, and are in demand by everyone from recreational cycling families to weekend
warriors to race teams on the road and off.

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