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History - secondary - Secondary History


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									History                                                                                 Secondary

                         To support Hampshire secondary schools in their ability to deliver
                          outstanding history. To ensure that Hampshire history prepares all children
                          and young people to live harmoniously, to take their place responsibly and
                          to participate thoughtfully in a plural democracy. We recognise the
                          contribution that history makes to community cohesion, identity development
                          and the well-being of all students. We support training which works to
                          narrow any existing attainment gap.

                         To support the on-going maintenance and formation of outstanding history
                          departments in order to support the enquiry methodology which has been
                          embedded into Hampshire schools over many years.

                         To support the continuing professional development (CPD) and initial
                          formation of outstanding leaders of history in Hampshire, which will include
                          raising awareness of the emotional as well as academic needs of all

                         To ensure all newly qualified teachers (NQTs) and early years practitioners
                          of history have access to appropriate CPD to ensure they are equipped for
                          progression to positions of leadership.

                         To work closely with local providers of initial teacher training.

                      History forms a significant part of the National Curriculum. It is important that all
Information for
                      history departments and individual teachers, at every stage in their professional
school leadership
                      development, are able to be access high-quality training and support for the
                      school-based work. The best way to do this will be to ensure that your school is
                      signed up as a member of the History Network Group. By attending this termly
                      group, your history department will receive training and be updated in any new

                      History is a topical subject in the national vision at the moment and there are
                      likely to be changes to history in the coming two years. The County Inspector/
                      Adviser is available to come into schools to offer initial advice and support
                      schools in implementing good practice, ensuring excellent assessment and
                      monitoring, and moving all departments in the direction of outstanding.

                      Support for history in Hampshire is traditionally strong. We are fortunate to be
Information for       working in a local authority where history has had outstanding leadership for
departments           several decades.

                      Support for department leaders is well established and accessible. We are
                      always looking for new people to be part of county initiatives.

                      We welcome teachers to Hampshire history. We are able to offer a very high
Information for
                      level of support for development as an outstanding practitioner of history. We
individual teachers
                      have contacts with several university departments and encourage all teachers
                      to engage in reflective practice. There are excellent pathways to Master’s Level

                    and other research opportunities. We are keen to support innovative and
                    enthusiastic teachers to work in more depth through the enquiry approach to
                    history. There are opportunities to share your practice in writing for the HIAS
                    History Matters newsletter published twice each year. There are also
                    opportunities for teachers to showcase work at network meetings and other
                    CPD as detailed below. There is CPD available at every stage of professional

                    History in Hampshire has for several decades been strong and at the cutting
Previous            edge of the national map. Evidence supporting this includes the fact that
                    numbers and standards of GCSE entries in Hampshire are still rising despite a
                    national fall. Furthermore, our current advanced skills teacher (AST) team
                    continue this – for example most recently two of our steering group were
                    flourishing Hampshire history at the National Secondary History Project (SHP)
                    conference in July in Leeds when they gave the keynote presentation. Other
                    members of our steering group have had articles published in national
                    publications. GCSE results in Hampshire are consistently above the national
                    average and uptake at GCSE is on the increase, bucking the trend of other
                    areas of England.

                    Teachers of secondary history in Hampshire are invited to attend a number of
CPD on offer in     different CPD opportunities. These have been carefully formulated to meet a
addition to
                    variety of needs at different stages of an individual teacher’s professional
in-school support
                    development or the development of your department. All CPD opportunities
                    include deepening understanding of the enquiry methodology developed in
                    Hampshire and have the benefit of working with the experienced and nationally
                    recognised practitioners who form our County Steering Group.

                       NQT Training
                        Three one-day courses are funded by county. All history NQTs should
                        attend all three days. Booking is made through the Hampshire Teaching
                        and Leadership College (HTLC).
                       Challenge group for those in their early years of teaching
                        For history teachers in their second and third years of practice, this
                        subscription course, of three half-days each academic year, gives you the
                        chance to meet with other enthusiastic teachers to develop your
                        understanding of the subject and develop outstanding practice in teaching,
                        lesson planning and assessment.
                       Development Group
                        For existing practitioners who feel they have got a little out of touch with
                        current trends and would appreciate the opportunity to work together with
                        experienced colleagues to develop their classroom practice and ensure
                        their theory and practice are informed by current thinking on historical
                       New heads of department
                        This subscription CPD, taking one full day each academic year, gives new
                        heads of department a chance to work with our secondary history ASTs
                        – all experienced practitioners and either currently, or in the recent past,

                         leaders of outstanding departments – to explore issues relating to
                         assessment and monitoring, and planning for outstanding departments.
                         Issues such as leadership and management, handling data and working
                         with non-specialists will be covered. It is possible to be part of this group for
                         more than one year. This group is recommended for all new heads of
                         departments to gain consistent support for forming an outstanding
                        County Network Group
                         This group takes place three times a year in the south of the County. This
                         is subscription CPD, and one subscription entitles a department to send as
                         many members of the department as you like to each meeting. These are
                         informal meetings bringing together experienced and less experienced
                         departments to share good practice. At each meeting outstanding lessons
                         are demonstrated and other examples of good practice (eg: assessment
                         and monitoring, GCSE, as well as KS3 development) are modelled. This
                         provides an excellent network and training opportunity and is
                         recommended for all departments.
                        Annual History Leadership Conference
                         Always held in July, and arranged through HTLC, it is the annual meeting
                         of those engaged in leadership of history in the county. A must for all
                         subject leaders or their representatives. This conference always deals with
                         the most significant issues of the moment bringing speakers of national
                         significance to Hampshire.
                        County Steering Group for History
                         A group of six to eight outstanding practitioners supporting the
                         development of Hampshire history. If you are interested in joining,
                         contact Patricia Hannam.

                     Other one-off CPD courses are arranged through HTLC as needed.

                     Our excellent and highly experienced history ASTs are available for support and
AST support          development of history in your school. Whatever your needs, please contact
                     Patricia Hannam in the first instance to arrange for an AST to come to your
                     school. Remember ASTs are free to all Hampshire schools.

                     We are most fortunate to have the use of an outstanding History Centre based
The County History   in Cosham. Artefacts are available for borrowing, and many deluxe lessons
Centre               have been developed and are available for purchase. This is only the tip of the
                     iceberg of what the History Centre has to offer!

                     Patricia Hannam                              Barbara McFadyen
Contacts             County Inspector/Adviser for RE/History      Hampshire History Centre
                     Children’s Services Department               E-mail: barbara.mcfadyen@hants.gov.uk
                     HIAS, Havant Local Office
                     River Way, Havant PO9 2EL

                     Tel:    023 9244 1521
                     E-mail: patricia.hannam@hants.gov.uk


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