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									The transfer of anything, it can be money or any other materialistic objects, which makes other
person contented and happy can be referred as gifts. It is not necessary that a gift should be any
expensive or extraordinary thing. An insignificant and worthless pebble can also be a gift.
Actually the real thing is the feelings and emotions which are expressed through a gift. It seems
that giving gifts to others to please them is embedded in us by nature. Gifts are present in every
civilization and culture, from the ancient times to the today’s modern world. People exchange
gifts among their loved ones. It’s a superlative way to express their love and affection. Gifts are
also made for charity and express piety. In this sense, giving a gift can undoubtedly referred as
an act of generosity and munificence. The packaging of gifts varies in different cultures. Usually
gifts are wrapped in splendid wrapping papers. And there is also a gift note in which there are the
names of the giver and recipient along with affectionate compliments.

Gifts are exchanged on various occasions and celebrations all over the world. A specific nature
of gifts is used for a specific occasion and there are gifts targeting individuals of different ages.
There are baby gift baskets especially designed for new born babies. These gift baskets are full
of baby gifts like gentle shampoos, soaps, towels and cute little rubber ducks and other toys
which keep the little fellow happy and busy. Among parents funny gifts are very popular because
such gifts make them laugh and enjoy with their children. Often parents give funny books and
movies to their children as Christmas gifts. Nowadays people try to give unique gifts to their
loved ones. Whether these are wedding gifts given on wedding ceremonies or anniversary gifts
exchanged on anniversaries. People want them unique and personalized. Because personalized
gifts make other person feel something very special and creates contentment. Valentine’s Day
gifts are chosen by employing great time and effort. Commonly valentines day gifts are flowers,
chocolates, stuffed animals but often luxury gifts are also used as valentine gifts to let your lover
know what he/she mean to you. As gifts are the best way to enhance relationships, corporate gifts
are used to address a single person or a department. Among golf loving individuals golf
tournament gifts are becoming very popular day by day. In fact, exchanging gifts is the
unmatched way to express emotions and celebrate occasions.

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