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									How to use FondX - Rolled Fondant
   1. Cut all cakes to level and well trimmed. Crumb coat all the cakes with
        sufficient amount of butter cream. Placed all cakes on the board.
   2. Best to cool the cake in the refrigerator if your work area is warm during
        summer months. Or freeze iced cakes for 10 minutes to form hardness.
   3. Prepare your work area free of crumb, clean rolling pin from any unwanted
   4. Cut FondX in portion to the amount you need to cover the whole project,
       see table below.
   5. Rolled the amount of FondX that you think is easy to handle, kneading too
       much of rolled fondant all at once will only cause fatigue and uneven
       kneading. The size of your 2 fists of Fondx is recommended for easy
   6. Add 1/4 - 1/2 tsp of Shortening or Crisco for best body. Rub Crisco first on
       your palms.
   7. Knead FondX until relax and smooth like baby bottom.
   8. Dust table surface with powdered sugar or corn starch in a nylon stocking
       pouch, roll FondX evenly about 3/16 inches thick.
   9. Apply rolled FondX on iced cake, push towards cake.
   10. Rub gently with your palm (not fingers), use cake smoother if necessary to
       obtain fine surface.
   11. Cut excess FondX, keep excess in tight bag and sealed container.

   •    Fondx can be colored with gel or paste color. Liquid air brush color is not
   •    FondX can be flavored best with oil base candy flavoring.
   •    FondX can be mixed with Sweet Inspiration White Chocolate Rolled Fondant
        for more supple white chocolate taste.
   •    FondX works best with textured rolling pins and lace molds.
   •    Boxed rolled fondant cake if need to be refrigerated, avoid moisture contact
        from open and shut refrigerator doors situation. Temperature different
        creates condensation inside refrigerator.
   •    Add DRY Sweet Inspiration CMC and corn starch with FondX to make gum
        paste like.

                           Frequently Asked Questions
   Where is FondX made?
   FondX is made in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A.
   What is the flavor of FondX?
   Vanilla flavored with rich marshmallow taste.
   What are the difference between FondX and other Brands?
   Fondx is more forgiving rolled fondant. It is easier to knead, to roll out and no
   cracking when applied on the cake.
   How many pounds does FondX come in a pail?
   FondX packed in a 10 lb plastic pail.
   How many months will FondX last?
   FondX will last 12 months or longer in an un-opened pail.
How should FondX be stored?
FondX should be stored in a room temperature with bag sealed and lid tight.
Can I refrigerate un-used FondX?
Yes, you can refrigerate some of un-used FondX.
Can I refrigerate cake covered FondX?
Yes, you can refrigerate cake covered FondX, however it is best to box the cake
to avoid condensation build up from shut and open door situation.
Is FondX Kosher?
FondX is a Kosher Dairy product.
Is FondX contained Nuts or Gluten?
FondX does not contain either ingredient.
What is FondX made of?
FondX is made of powdered sugar, corn syrup, assorted gums, shortening,
vanilla flavor, glycerin, citric acid and preservative.
Can FondX be colored?
Yes, FondX will absorb color very nicely. Please use oil base color or gel color.
DO NOT use airbrush color.
Can FondX be mixed with White Chocolate Rolled Fondant?
Yes, FondX will mix well with Sweet Inspiration White Chocolate rolled fondant.
Try it to tell the different, you will love it!
How much FondX do I need to wrap a cake?
This will depend on the thickness of FondX that you would like to wrap the cake
with. We recommended to be 3/16 inch thick is the best thickness. Here are
some suggestions:
Table for 3/16" thick of FondX:
4" Round Cake - 1.50 lb.
6" Round Cake - 2.25 lb.
9" Round Cake - 3.00 lb.
12" Round Cake - 5.00 lb.
14" Round Cake - 7.00 lb.
16" Round Cake - 8.50 lb.
18" Round Cake - 11.00 lb.
1/4 Sheet Cake - 3.50 lb.
1/2 Sheet Cake - 8.00 lb.
Full Sheet Cake - 15.00 lb.
Why does rolled fondant often cracks and tearing?
   •   There are several different reason why it cracks, here are some ideas:
       Not enough kneading time, what this means that the rolled fondant is
       still in stiff status. Give it more kneading time. Don't knead too much
       all at one time.
   •   The fondant is already aged due to time in transit or sitting on some
   •   It may be just not a good quality rolled fondant to begin with.

For more information about FondX and Rolled Fondant in general, feel free to
contact Flour Confections at (905) 492-2692 or

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