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									Alfa 159
159 The Italian alternative
     The Alfa 159 marks a turning-point in the design of
     Alfa Romeo cars. A model that symbolises the very
     essence of the Italian car: a symbiosis of style,
     sporting spirit and technology. Guigiaro has penned
     an unmistakably original styling statement while
     state-of-the-art technology under the bodywork has
     given birth to a car characterised by class-beating
     performance and comfort. Built around the pulsating
     heart of all Alfa cars is a powerful, responsive
     engine aligned with the great tradition of the Brand.
     A suite of unique elements able to meet the
     requirements of the most demanding, sophisticated
     motorist. The Alfa 159 interprets these elements
     in a superior-class vehicle that delivers performance
     and dynamic behaviour worthy of a great sports car
     combined with comfort and five-star safety.
     In a nutshell, the temperament of a thoroughbred
     combined with the comfort of an executive sedan.
     Alfa 159 represents the strength and personality
     of a new generation of Alfa Romeo cars.
     The Italian alternative.
                                   159 Character
                                       Alfa 159 is the ultimate expression of the safety
                                       and strength of Alfa Romeo, a name that for many
                                       years has been synonymous with the outstanding
                                       performance and styling in the world of sporting
                                       sedans. Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, in
                                       collaboration with the Alfa Romeo Style Centre,
                                       the Alfa 159 has attractive, aggressive and sporty
                                       styling. The front features the classic vertical
                                       “shield”, which seems to be the starting point for
                                       the entire car, with all-new circular lights. The rear,
                                       tough and solid, has large pillars around the rear
                                       window, a twin exhaust pipe, and a small spoiler
                                       that gives the car a sense of style and practicality.




                                   159 Elegance
                                       The overall impression is one of elegance, power,
                                       sturdiness and dynamism, an impression enhanced
                                       by the use of 16”, 17” or 18” alloy wheels. The
                                       sloping front pillar gives the car a sleek look,
                                       emphasising the presence of the powerful engine
                                       under the bonnet. The elongated rear lights are
                                       split at the opening for the luggage compartment,
                                       and echo the front lights. The exterior dimensions:
                                       4660mm long; 1828mm wide; 1417mm high,
                                       with a wheelbase of 2700mm are class leading
                                       and provide loads of interior space.
                                       Solidity and class, then, are the qualities that
                                       strike you at first glance of the Alfa 159.




159 Style
    Alfa 159 is characterised by sleek, uncluttered
    lines from the front lighting clusters to the tailgate.
    A pencil-thin crease running along the side of the
    vehicle exalts its dimensions and emphasises its
    sleek shape. No add-ons, just top-class design.

                         159 Strength
                             The imposing fenders and wheels sit flush with
                             the body highlighting the Alfa 159’s sporty yet
                             perfectly safe character, crucial for all those who
                             want to experience the thrill of a sporty drive.




                             159 Technology
                                 The Alfa 159 passed extremely stringent performance
                                 tests, checks and inspections before flaunting the
                                 Alfa badge. In-depth studies were carried out to endow
                                 the vehicle with the performance and handling of a
                                 sports car while preserving the characteristic of a
                                 sporty sedan. Ride comfort and dynamic behaviour
                                 became the two top priorities of the project. The body,
                                 the use of high-strength steel and refined suspensions
                                 absorb any irregularities in the road to guarantee
                                 extremely precise steering (the most direct in it’s
                                 category with a very reduced steering diameter)
                                 - are all offshoots of highly evolved design. Without
                                 forgetting that Alfa 159 in the 3.2 V6 version also
                                 offers the evolution of 4x4 permanent drive.
                                 The ‘Alfa Romeo Q4 4WD’ system guarantees
                                 permanent, dynamic distribution of traction on all
                                 four wheels, allowing the Alfa 159 to achieve
                                 maximum levels of safety and sporty handling.
                                 With Alfa 159 Q4, Alfa Romeo has penned another
                 Evolved         page in the history of great automotive technology.



          159 Sturdiness
                   The torsional stiffness of the Alfa 159 is best-in-
                   class: a crucial element for outstanding sturdiness
                   and excellent road-holding, as well as total safety.
                   The bodyshell uses both high-strength, dual-phase
                   steels and multi-thickness metals welded in part
                   using laser technology. The high level of
                   chassis stiffness means that the steering and
                   suspension always perform well even under the
                   worst possible road conditions. The “premium”
                   floorplan combines with the bodyshell to form a
                   high-strength, compact structure. The Alfa 159, a
                   tremendous technological achievement that fuses
    Confident      safety, comfort and high performance for unrivalled
                   driving pleasure.



                  159 Confidence
                      When designing the Alfa 159, active and passive
                      safety systems were right at the top of the list of
                      priorities and have earned the Alfa 159 five
                      EuroNCAP safety rating stars. Use of high-strength
                      and dual-phase steel for the bodywork, the
                      non-deformable floor plan and a rugged engine
                      supporting structure guarantee maximum protection
                      for passengers, in the case of impact at high speed.
                      In addition to front, side and window air-bags, the car
                      is also equipped with innovative knee bags.
                      Isofix attachments are also available for child seats.



                   159 Enjoyment
                         The Alfa 159 is driving pleasure at it’s best.
                         It is unique. It is thrilling. It is incredibly safe and
                         offers absolute control. The high double wishbone
                         suspension at the front and multilink setup at the
                         rear ensure perfect road-holding, guaranteeing
    Driving Pleasure     precise positioning of the wheels to keep them in
                         constant contact with the road. In addition, the
                         highly efficient braking system, fitted with ABS
                         and electronic brake force distribution, allows the
                         car to come to a stop in only 36m after travelling
                         at 100 km/h. The Alfa 159 uses the most
                         sophisticated electronic stability control systems,
                         such as VDC, while still leaving the driver free to
                         enjoy being in control of the car. In track tests, the
                         Alfa 159 recorded figures that compare with the
                         very best grand touring cars. Being at the wheel of
                         an Alfa 159 is a thrill you haven’t yet experienced.

                                159 Power
                                         The pulsating heart of any Alfa is it’s engine. The
                                         range of the Alfa 159 comprises three flexible, power-
                                         ful and environment-friendly petrol powerunits -

                         ENGINE          POWER KW             TORQUE            GEARBOX

                         3.2 V6 JTS Q4   191 kW               322 Nm            6-speed
                         2.2 JTS         136 kW               230 Nm            6-speed
                         1.9 JTS         118 kW               190 Nm            6-speed

                                         all combined with new six-speed manual
            Efficiency                   gearboxes characterised by short strokes and
                                         precise meshing. Technically sophisticated
                                         powerplants that deliver outstanding performance.
High Performance                         The three petrol engines (the 191kw 3.2 V6,
                                         136kw 2.2JTS and the 118kw 1.9 JTS) are state
                                         of the art technology employing the JTS combustion
                                         system, i.e. direct stoichiometric injection, which com-
                                         plies with Euro 4 emission specifications.
                                         The power units deliver exciting performance
                                         according to Alfa Romeo’s engineering heritage.

     159 Comfort
         The Alfa 159 is the utmost expression of Alfa Romeo
         comfort and elegance. It’s refined, spacious interior
         features a perfect balance between sportiness and
         elegance and ensures a tremendous amount of
         comfort. The dual-zone automatic climate control
         system ensures that you travel in great comfort,
         while the comfortable wraparound seats and quiet-
         ness of the passenger cabin recreate the pleasant
         atmosphere of a living room. In an Alfa 159, you
         want for nothing. The dashboard is shaped around
         the driver, and features elegant, highly legible ana-
         logue instrumentation and radio with CD.

159 Leather

              402     465
              Black   Leather

              403     445
              Blue    Beige

              406     401
              Grey    Red

159 Body Colours

              802            651              583
              Oceano Black   Stromboli Grey   Rubino Red

              568            565              601
              Titanio Grey   Alfa Silver      Black

              566            567              289
              Vesuvio Grey   Oltremare Blue   Alfa Red

159 Colour combination

                                                             Alfatex ® fabric                                                           Leather

 Instrument panel/                                                   Grey                                                                                      Grey
                                        Black   Black/Grey                      Black/Beige   Beige   Black   Black     Black   Black         Black/Grey                 Black/Beige   Beige
 under strument panel                                            Acquamarina                                                                               Acquamarina

 Fabric colour/leather                  Black     Grey                Grey        Beige       Beige   Black   Leather   Red     Blue              Grey        Grey         Beige       Beige

 Code                                    145       127                160          150        165*    402      465      401     403               439         406           445        447*


 601 Black                                •        •                  •             •          •       •        •        •       •                •            •             •          •

 289 Alfa Red                            •         •                  •             •          •       •        •        O       O                •            •             •          •
 METALLIC option 210

 565 Alfa Silver                         •         •                  •             •          •       •        •        •       •                •            •             •          •
 566 Vesuvio Grey                        •         •                  •             •          •       •        •        •       O                •            •             •          •
 568 Titanio Grey                        •         •                  •             •          •       O        •        •       O                •            •             •          •
 651 Stromboli Grey                      •         •                  •             •          •       •        •        •       •                •            •             •          •
 MICALIZED option 210

 567 Oltremare Blue                      •         •                  •             O          •       •        •        O       O                •            •             O          •
 583 Rubino Red                          •         •                  •             O          •       •        •        O       O                •            •             •          •
 802 Oceano Black                        •         •                  •             •          •       •        •        •       •                •            •             •          •

                                                                                                              • = Recommended combination o = Combination available
 Alfa Romeo products are distributed by Fiat Auto South Africa. Pictures are for illustrative purposes only and are not necessarily accurate. Fiat Auto South Africa reserves
 the right to change specifications and discontinue models and equipment without notice. Standard 5 year/100 000km Maintenance Plan and 1 year Roadside Assistance.

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