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									Developing a Cloud strategy, vision and roadmap
for successful Cloud deployment
Martijn Vlek
Sr Director Fusion Middleware
Oracle EMEA
The following is intended to outline our general
product direction. It is intended for information
purposes only, and may not be incorporated into
any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver
any material, code, or functionality, and should
not be relied upon in making purchasing
The development, release, and timing of any
features or functionality described for Oracle’s
products remain at the sole discretion of Oracle.
                Cloud Computing & Virtualization Are Top CIO Priorities

Source: Gartner. Leading in Times of Transition. The 2010 CIO Agenda
                 Cloud Is at the Peak of the Hype Curve

Source: Gartner "Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing, 2009" Research Note G00168780
  Cloud Computing – Definitions A’ Plenty…
                                  On-demand self-
                                  service Internet
              Pay-as-you-go and
            use only what you need                  A technology used to
                                                   access services offered
   Accessing                                           on the Internet
   computing         A model for enabling convenient,
resources owned
and operated by a
                     on-demand network access to a
                       shared pool of configurable
     provider             computing resources
                                                           The use of a Web
     Cloud computing
     is Internet based
                               A new generation of          services such as
                             computing that utilizes      Flickr, Google Docs,
     development and
     use of computer
                             distant servers for data             Jing…
                           storage and management,
       technology …
                         IaaS                           XaaS
Cloud Definitions Provide Good Working Models…

                    • Use the Cloud models & definitions
                      as working guidelines – they are
                      useful but not set in stone
                    • Be aware the lines between XaaS
                      are flexible and converging in some
                    • Define your Cloud using model(s)
                      that suit your environment
Service Models – IaaS, PaaS & SaaS…

                   Business                             User
                              App 1     App 2   App 3
 Self Service & Metering


 Technology                           PaaS


                   IaaS           DaaS           MaaS   SaaS
    Private vs Public                                        User

                              App 1   App 2   App 3

    Private / Community                                             Public

         • Private Cloud                          • Public Cloud
         • Community Cloud                        • Hybrid Cloud

 What is Cloud Computing?
National Institute of Standards and Technology Definition
  Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on demand network access
  to a shared pool of configurable computing resources that can be rapidly
  provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider
  3 Service       4 Deployment                   5 Essential
    Models            Models                    Characteristics
    • SaaS         • Private Cloud         Self-Service                        Multi-
                                           Provisioning                      Tenanted
    • PaaS      • Community Cloud
    • IaaS         • Public Cloud                          S         T
                   • Hybrid Cloud
                                                      M                  E      Elastic
                                        Resource                A
                                                          Access via the web
Cloud in a box

                                   App 1   App 2   App 3
 Self Service & Metering



                                      ExaData      Exalogic   Application
 Hardware                                                      Machine
                Storage/ Servers

                     IaaS              DaaS         MaaS        SaaS
 Oracle Cloud Capabilities
             Software (application) As a Service
                                                                      Cloud Management
 Horizontal Apps          Vertical Apps
                                                 Third Party and
  (EBS, PSFT,          (Financial, COMM,                             Oracle Enterprise Manager
                                                  Legacy Apps
      SBEL)             Health Science)
                                                                        Configuration Mgmt
                   Platform As a Service

  Integration:   Process Mgmt:     Security:     User Interaction:     Lifecycle Management
   SOA Suite       BPM Suite     Identity Mgmt     WebCenter
                                                                      Application Performance
Application Grid: WebLogic Server, Coherence, Tuxedo, JRockit               Management

                                                                        Application Quality
  Database Grid: Oracle Database, RAC, ASM, Partitioning,                 Management
     IMDB Cache, Active Data Guard, Database Security

                 Infrastructure As a Service                                Self-Service
         Operating Systems: Oracle Enterprise Linux                      Assembly Builder
                   Virtualization: Oracle VM                                Chargeback
                                                                      Policy-based Resource
                           Servers                                          Scheduling
                           Storage                                       Capacity Planning
Alter Your Approach & Mindset To Cloud

• Change the operating model : shift from everyone builds to their own
  spec to everyone builds to ‘common platforms’ using ‘shared services’
  and virtual images/assemblies
• The Application lifecycle is industrialised and in some aspects automated
• Infrastructure : Standardize, Build Once, Automate, Reuse

                                                                  & PaaS
Alter Your Approach & Mindset To Cloud

• Define your Cloud strategy from the needs of your Enterprise
  and not technical requirements
   – Service delivery becomes the mantra of the data-centre
   – Service integration with ‘existing platforms’ will maximise the value of Cloud

• Cloud is less about ‘neat layers of Infrastructure’ ( Iaas + PaaS + SaaS )
   – A platform(s) built to your architectural principles, which addresses
     the need(s) of your enterprise or customers
• For example PaaS to Credit Suisse is ;

“A platform is a set of integrated technical components and
processes built for efficient design, build, test and operation.”
  The Value Cloud Promises…

• Your Organisations likely interest in cloud are;

  – lowering or shifting of CAPEX using pay-per-usage models
  – Sustained lowering of OPEX through self-service, higher platform
    utilisation, IT efficiencies (automated patching etc.)
  – Control of the design-build-run lifecycle results in easier/lower Mgnt
  – Standardisation of platforms results in lower IT complexity
  – Fast launch – automation, dynamic provisioning & self-service result
    in rapid assembly & delivery of services
  – Leverages & support adoption of COTS, SOA, Grid & Virtualisation
  – Allows the business to focus on core areas – not IT admin
First, Consider Your Business Drivers
& Architectural Approach

        Common                 Common
        Business              Architectural
         Drivers              Approaches
          OPEX                   Shared
        Reduction            Services (SOA)

         Efficient              Canonical
        delivery of           Enterprise Data
         services                 Models

         Systems &              Evolve to
          Platform              Standard
       rationalisation         Applications

        Reduce               Adopt standardised
       Complexity             business process
Then, Assess Clouds Ability To Enable or Enhance
                       How Can Cloud Enable or Enhance?

   CAPEX/OPEX            Limit CAPEX through SaaS & IaaS
    Reduction        Reduce OPEX through PaaS & Private Cloud

    delivery of
                         Rapidly launch apps using pre-built
     services              ‘Virtual images & assemblies’

     Systems &
                           Centralise core systems in the
   rationalisation         Cloud & provide shared access

   360 View of        Expose enterprise data in Private Clouds
    Customer               using ‘canonical’ data models
   Example 1: Oracle IT: Oracle Dev/Test
   Self-Service Private Cloud

                                                     Job Mgmt         Virtualization

                                                                         Match           Enterprise
              Submit                                  Priority                            Manager
                             Self-Service                                               Grid Control
                             Application                         Resource

• 2600 physical servers,
  6000 VMs,
  3500 developers
                                      Metadata / Label Servers
• 80% utilization 7x24
• 4 IT admins


      Credit Suisse Achieves Efficiencies Using Private PaaS

Source : Credit Suisse, Oct 2009
      Credit Suisse PaaS Benefits

Source : Credit Suisse, Oct 2009
      OPEX Reduction – Beyond Virtualisation

Source : Credit Suisse, Oct 2009
     Establish Platform Management Roles Early
                                               Product Mgrs

                                           • Build consistency
                                           • Client facing
                                           • Functional design

                                                 Platform Mgrs

  Capability Mgrs

• Shared service                           • Shared Infrastructure
• Standard processes                       • Capacity Mgnt
• Pre-built components                     • Cost accounting
   Oracle in Public Clouds

• Oracle Database, Fusion Middleware    • Self-service Public PaaS based on
  & Enterprise Manager supported on       Oracle VM, Oracle Enterprise Linux,
  EC2                                     Oracle Database RAC and Oracle
• Amazon Machine Images (AMIs)            WebLogic Server
• Oracle Database Secure Backup to S3
250+ Cloud Service Providers Have Adopted
Oracle’s Cloud Platform

“8 out of 10 SaaS vendors delivering business-critical applications
run on Oracle.”                                – Nucleus Research

 To conclude

• Define your Cloud using model that suits your Environment
• Consider your Business Drivers and Architectural Approach
• Establish a Platform Management organization with clear
• Create a Funding Approach for Cloud
• Start!!!

  Cloud is the evolution of capabilities Oracle has been working
   on for more than a decade: grid computing, virtualization,
            shared services and management systems

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