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									                                                                                                                               ANOTO CASE STORY

Source: ADAC

Digital Pen and Paper used by ADAC rescue service
Fast entry and analysis of patient data
Customer: ADAC-Luftrettung gGmbH,                 “After a brief training, the solution              Paper technology, were closely examined.
Germany’s largest air rescue service.                                                                The digital pen and paper solution from
                                                  was quickly accepted by the res-                   Diagramm Halbach was the most convincing
Challenge: Every ADAC air rescue                  cue staff. We were able to keep                    choice due to reasons of ergonomics and
operation must be documented in detail –          our accustomed way of working                      practicality. The company developed the digital
with an emphasis on speed, precision and                                                             emergency doctors’ log – “dotforms® rescue”
efficiency. All the attempts at improving
                                                  with pen and paper and didn’t
                                                                                                     – in collaboration with ADAC-Luftrettung
data entry during ADAC emergency doc-             need to change the workflow.”                      and the German army hospital Bundes-
tors’ deployment of PDAs or tablet PCs                                                               wehrkrankenhaus Ulm (BWK Ulm). Verifica-
failed due to reasons of ergonomics and           Marcus Beckmann, project manager at                tion software with handwriting recognition
practicality. In addition, ADAC wanted to         ADAC-Luftrettung                                   was also developed. This solution also met
be able to graphically illustrate and digitally                                                      one of ADAC’s main requirements – the
analyse the correlation between different         Every year, ADAC takes off on thousands of         possibility to graphically illustrate and digitally
medical factors.This was not possible with        rescue flights in Germany. The documentation       analyse the correlation between different
PDAs and tablet PCs.                              is of particular importance on each operation:     medical factors during the time period of the
                                                  location, time and patient data, including vital   medical treatment.
Solution: “dotforms® rescue” from                 signs, must be carefully recorded.This informa-       “Meeting the key demand for documenta-
Diagramm Halbach is a digital emergency           tion is needed for follow-up treatment in the      tion content, documentation quality, practi-
doctors’ log and a digital pen based on           hospital after rescue operations, for adminis-     cality and efficiency seemed like a ‘mission
Anoto Digital Pen and Paper technology.           tration purposes and to settle charges with        impossible’ when the development of the
Diagramm Halbach also developed veri-             the various service providers, such as health      documentation system began”, says Dr.
fication software with integrated hand-           insurance funds and insurance companies. Un-       Matthias Helm, initiator of the project, OTA,
writing recognition.                              til now, all data was recorded manually, which     from the Department of Anaesthesiology and
                                                  took a great deal of time and effort. ADAC-        Intensive Care at the BWK Ulm and senior
Benefits: The dotforms application en-            Luftrettung wanted to find an efficient and        helicopter doctor at the air rescue centre
ables fast and error-free data entry without      practical solution to speed up the documenta-      “Christoph 22” in Ulm.
any additional effort while retaining paper       tion process and make all of the data available
forms which accompany patients to the             for other use.                                     Mission possible
hospital. Data capture has become 4-5                                                                During a three-month pilot phase, the “dot-
times faster than before. Comprehensive           Mission impossible                                 forms rescue” solution was assessed to deter-
analysis helps to improve medical quality         For this reason, various electronic data           mine its functionality, practicality, robustness,
management, since the captured data can           entry devices, such as PDAs, tablet PCs and        stability and the quality of data entry.
be used as a basis for medical research.          a solution based on Anoto Digital Pen and

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                                                  Anoto Group AB                    Anoto Incorporated                Anoto-Maxell K.K.
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                                                                                                                                                                                 ANOTO CASE STORY

This was followed by a six-month pilot phase                                                                                                         Partner profile:
in which “dotforms rescue” was used to docu-                                                                                                         Diagramm Halbach was founded in 1832.
ment all rescue operations carried out by a                                                                                                          With over 300 employees the company is
helicopter station.                                                                                                                                  dedicated to forms solutions for automatic
   “After a brief training, the solution was                                                                                                         data capture and digital services. Being an
quickly accepted by the rescue staff. We were                                                                                                        Anoto partner right from the beginning,
able to keep our accustomed way of working                                                                                                           Diagramm Halbach is an experienced service
with pen and paper and didn’t need to change                                                                                                         provider for digital pen and paper solutions,
the workflow”, says Marcus Beckmann, project                                                                                                         offering smart and complex solutions under
manager at ADAC-Luftrettung.                                                                                                                         the brand “dotforms® “. dotforms® solutions
   According to Dr. Mattias Helm, “The system                                                                                                        are always harmonized regarding solution
proved to be highly stable overall – no dis-                                                                                                         efficiency and paper functionality, as Diagramm
ruptions or breakdowns of individual system                                                                                                          Halbach is a certified print provider too.
components or of the whole system were ob-                                                                                                           Based on proprietary handwriting recognition
served at any time. The digital pen, in particu-                                                                                                     with highly efficient verification front end, the
lar, proved to be practical – in terms of both                                                                                                       offering covers solutions for local, intranet
its mechanical stability and battery life and its                                                                                                    or Internet use. The dotforms® web portal
handling.”                                                                                                                                           enables ASP applications as well as new digital
   As a bonus, data capture with “dotforms res-                                                                                                      services for digital pen and paper.
cue” proved to be 4-5 times faster than when
it was being done manually. ADAC-Luftrettung                                                                                               
has now decided to use the “dotforms rescue”
application at all of its 33 centres based all                                                                                                       Customer profile:
over Germany.                                                                                                                                        ADAC-Luftrettung gGmbH was formed
                                                                                                                                                     1982, and has since become Germany’s
The new solution – how it works                                                                                                                      largest air rescue service. The helicopters of
The new solution consists of forms with                                                                                                              the non-profit-making organisation have over
Anoto’s dot pattern (the digital emergency                                                                                                           45,000 missions every year. Today, ADAC is
doctors’ log), a digital pen and verification                                                                                                        represented at 33 stations in Germany and
software, that has an integrated handwriting                                                                                                         has 45 of its own rescue and intensive care
recognition function. All information is entered                                                                                                     helicopters. Every day, the rescue teams are on
into the forms with a digital pen. The digital pen                                                                                                   standby in the densest air rescue network in
looks like a normal ballpoint pen, but contains                                                                                                      the world. The machines are ready for takeoff
a tiny infrared camera and processor, which                                                                                                          in less than two minutes. Their deployment
enables it to “read” and digitise information,                                                                                                       radius is generally 50 km. Medical treatment
as it is entered into the form. Information is                                                                                                       continues in flight. ADAC-Luftrettung gGmbH
transmitted from the pen to the computer by                                                                                                          offers exceptional quality of treatment. The
docking the pen. There, handwriting recogni-                                                                                                         company is also a creator of opinion in the
tion is performed, after which the data is                                                                                                           field of emergency rescue.
further transmitted to the hospital database.
   The solution offers a versatile option for                                                                                              
analysing the recorded data; a full picture is
given of the patient’s condition and his vital
functions. Links that previously remained
undetected are now becoming clear for the
first time; the correlation between several
factors, e.g. blood pressure, pulse and medica-
tion can be visualized. This knowledge is being
taken into account in treatment guidelines and
can thus improve the quality of treatment in
the long term. The recorded data is also used
as a basis for medical research.

Anoto Group AB is the company behind and world leading in the unique technology for digital pen and paper, which enables fast and relia-               Published in April 2009
ble transmission of handwritten text into a digital format. Anoto operates through a global partner network that focuses on user-friendly forms
solutions for efficient capture, transmission and storage of data within different business segments, e.g. healthcare, bank and finance, transport     For more information:
and logistics and education. The Anoto Group has around 110 employees, offices in Lund (head office), Boston and Tokyo.                      

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