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                                                             ASCE Illinois Section
 American Society
 of Civil Engineers
                                                                                                                  Vol. 46, No. 2
                                                                                                                  February 2005

                        CUP-McCook Reservoir — Grout Test
      INSIDE:           William A. Rochford, P.E., Chief, Geotechnical Section, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,
                        Chicago District
 President’s Notes      Faruk Oksuz, P.E., Project Manager, Black & Veatch Corporation

                             he Chicago Underflow Plan (CUP) - McCook             The Grout Test included the construction and com-
                             Reservoir is one of three planned reservoirs of      parison of two 200-foot long double line grout cur-
Reconstruction of the        the Tunnel and Reservoir Plan (TARP) in the          tains and a shallow demonstration section. One
  Historic Animal       Chicago area. The CUP-McCook Reservoir is under           double line curtain was drilled using percussion
                        construction at the Metropolitan Water Reclamation        methods and the other was drilled using the rotary,
       Bridge           District of Greater Chicago (MWRDGC) Lawndale             diamond drilling method. A shallow demonstration
          3             Avenue Solids Management Area (LASMA) facility            curtain was constructed to study the connection
                        in Willow Springs, Illinois, and upon completion will     between the overburden cut-off wall and the grout
                        store combined sewer overflow (CSO) from the              curtain near the top of rock and will be further eval-
 Section Activities     TARP Mainstream and Des Plaines Deep Tunnel sys-          uated as the reservoir is excavated. The two lines of
         4              tems until treatment capacity becomes available at        the grout curtain straddled the existing overburden
                        the Stickney Water Reclamation Plant.                     cut-off wall to create an effective barrier to ground-
                                                                                  water flow. The grout holes were drilled in opposing
 News & Secretary       The reservoir, as shown in Figure 1, will be approxi- directions at a 15-degree inclination from vertical to
       Report           mately 300 feet deep with a perimeter of 13,000 feet form a lattice-like pattern to intercept the near verti-
                        and bounded by the Des Plaines River and I-55 to          cal joints. The grout holes were installed using the
                        the northwest and the Chicago Sanitary and Ship           split space method, as shown in Figure 2, with a pri-
                        Canal to the southeast. The reservoir features            mary hole spacing of 40 feet and extended to a max-
 Diversity Awards       include inlet structures, tunnels, shafts, chambers,      imum depth of approximately 400 feet below
                        gates and valves, aeration facilities, control buildings, ground surface.
                        and a perimeter overburden cut-off wall and grout
                        curtain.                                                  The results of the grouting test proved that a proper-
Calendar of Events                                                                ly designed and constructed grout curtain is an effec-
                        The purpose of the overburden cut-off wall and            tive way of reducing seepage by decreasing the per-
                        grout curtain is to minimize groundwater infiltration meability of the bedrock by 2 orders of magnitude
                        into and CSO exfiltration out of the reservoir.           from an initial average of about 10 Lugeons to a
                        Excessive infiltration of groundwater will result in      residual permeability of 0.10 Lugeons (approximate-
                        increased pumping and treatment costs and may             ly 10-4 cm/s to 10-6 cm/s). Some of the other signifi-
                        cause slope stability problems in the overburden.         cant findings from the test include:
 Advertise in the       Exfiltration of CSO is an environmental concern by        • The lattice of two lines of grout holes inclined in
  Illinois Section      causing adverse impacts to the beneficial use of the      opposing directions is very effective in intercepting
                        bedrock aquifer.                                          the near vertical joint sets in the bedrock as shown
     Newsletter                                                                   in Figure 3.
     and reach          The primary objective of the Grout Test Project was • Down-the-Hole water percussion drilling showed
 Civil Engineers in     to evaluate the effectiveness of the grouting while       great potential for drilling deep grout holes. The
                        determining the most appropriate drilling method          rotary drills were able to advance at a rate of 18 feet
the Chicago Area.       that should be selected to complete the perimeter         per hour versus 40 feet per hour for water percus-
                        grouting of the proposed reservoir. This included         sion with no apparent difference in the groutability
    Call Lara Sup,      grouting of the upper bedrock and integration with        of the holes.
      Director of       the overburden cut-off wall that was completed pre- • Balanced stabilized grouts composed of water,
      Advertising,      viously. The program was also conducted to evaluate Portland cement, pozzolans, admixtures (superplasti-
  at (615) 662-9463     drilling and grouting methods and develop grouting cizer and viscosity modifier), and bentonite in vary-
      for details.      parameters for construction of the perimeter reser-       ing proportions are needed to produce non-shrink
                        voir grout curtain.                                                                        (continued on page 6)
 President’s Notes                                     Thomas T. Burke, Jr.

      here is more good news to report this            national competition. There is a variety of math and       have been so well attended this past year. We
      month. The National State Public                 science programs, ranging from the Bridge Building         will continue to put on seminars throughout
      Affairs Grant Committee has awarded              Contest to MATH Counts, focused on middle to               the year but I thought it best to forewarn mem-
the Illinois Section $3,000 in grants to fund a        high school age students. The Chicagoland                  bers that the Illinois Section will not be putting
section activity and membership in two orga-           Engineering Awards Benefit on February 25, at the          on weeklong seminars in October for those
nizations. Speaking of activities, yet again we        Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, will be the con-            who have procrastinated. While the validity
gear up for the month of February when the             clusion of the National Engineers Week where 45 of         and worthiness of the continuing education
culmination of many activities lead to the cele-       the top achieving students from the various activities     may be debated, the intent is for the engineers
bration of National Engineers Week. This               will be recognized. Besides the students, the other        to complete them gradually and thus be more
year it takes place from February 20 – 26.             highlight of the benefit is the presentation of the        effective.
The local Future City Competition has just             prestigious Washington Award. The Washington
been completed and the winner will be                  Award is conferred upon an engineer whose profes-          As you may recall, the formation team for the
preparing to head to Washington D.C. for the           sional attainments have preeminently advanced the          NEW Region 3 met here in Chicago on
                                                       welfare of human kind. The 2005 Washington                 December 11, 2004. We are holding our next
                                                       Award recipient will be Robert Langer, Sc.D,               set of meetings on February 4 and 5. It is
                                                       Kenneth J. Germeshausen Professor of Chemical              expected that much of the work to forming the
                                                       Biomedical Engineering at the Massachusetts                Region 3 representatives and by-laws will be

                    ASCE Illinois Section
                                                       Institute of Technology. Further information on the        determined at the meeting. ASCE has setup an
                                                       Chicagoland Engineers Week can be found at                 e-room with plenty of information regarding
                                                               the new region, correspondence and minutes of
                                                                                                                  meetings. If anyone has a desire to find out
                                                       I remind all Professional Engineers that by                more information about the forming of Region
                                                       November 30, 2005 you must have the enough                 3, please contact me. 2005 NATIONAL ENGI-
     ILLINOIS SECTION NEWSLETTER                       continuing education credits for renewal of the            NEERS “National Engineers Week” celebrates
 Mailed to all ASCE-IS dues-paying members             license. Hopefully there are not too many cringing         with a weeklong celebration from February 20-
    American Society of Civil Engineers
   Illinois Section – Zone III – District 8            at the thought of getting all the necessary credits this   26, 2005 recognizing the engineering profes-
                                                       year. Inevitably there will likely be a mad scramble       sion, highlighting engineers and the contribu-
                                                       this summer and fall to get the remaining credits.         tions they have made to society. The first
           Editor – Darren Olson                       Most of the technical groups of the Illinois Section       National Engineers Week was organized in
      Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.
         9575 W. Higgins Road, Ste. 600                have made the extra effort of offering Professional        1951 by the National Society of Professional
      Rosemont, IL 60018 (847) 823-0500                Development Hours (PDHs) for their seminars and            Engineers to increase public awareness and
                                                       courses. Of course, that may be why some of them           understanding of the engineering profession.
      Assistant Editor – Glenn Clayton
       Illinois Concrete Pipe Association
 5 S. 710 Steeple Run Drive, Naperville, IL 60540
                 (630) 357-9327                                  Here is an opportunity to advance your career.
 Director of Advertising – Lara Sup                     If you are a Land Development Engineer, project manager with experience in grading, storm water
      Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.
         9575 W. Higgins Road, Ste. 600                                        Are you looking for a fresh start in 2005?
                                                        and utility planning for subdivisions and commercial / industrial sites, we have an attractive oppor-
      Rosemont, IL 60018 (847) 823-0500                 tunity for you.
    Pres. Thomas T. Burke, Jr. . . .(847) 823-0500
                                                         If you are a Land Development Engineer, project manager with experience in grading, storm
                                                           CE DESIGN, LTD. Is a for subdivisions and commercial / industrial with a talented staff of civil
                                                         water and utility planninggrowing, mid–sized professional design firm sites, we have an attractive
    Pres.-Elect Abdul Khan . . . . .(312) 930-5191
                                                         opportunity for you.
                                                        engineers and surveyors. Our team is committed to high quality standards with a goal to deliver
    Sec. P. Kay Whitlock . . . . . . .(847) 823-0500        CE DESIGN, LTD. is a growing, on–budget, and to provide a high with a service staff clients
                                                        projects on–time, to complete work mid–sized professional design firmlevel of talentedto ourof civil
    Treas. Joe Johnson . . . . . . . .(312) 831-3821     engineers and surveyors. Our team isjoin a team of exceptional people in a growing company.
                                                           This is an outstanding opportunity to committed to high quality standards with a goal to deliver
                                                         projects on–time, to complete work on–budget, and to provide a high level of service to our clients
         Please update your information at
                                                            This is an LTD. Offers a competitive salary, a strong benefits package that includes 100% com-
                                                        CE DESIGN,outstanding opportunity to join a team of exceptional people in a growing company.
                                                         CE DESIGN, LTD. and dental coveragesalary, 401(k) program. Ifpackage that includes 100% your
                                                        pany–paid medical offers a competitive and a a strong benefits you are interested, send us
                call 1-800-548-2723
                                                        resume today! medical and dental coverage and a 401(k) program. If you are interested, send us
                                                         your resume today!
          Web Site:

       ASCE National Information
              Phone: 1-800-548-ASCE
              Web Site:
               Zone III Administrator
               Michael Cook x6121                                                         
                                                         1875-D Rohlwing Road                                                      Tel: 847-392-3570
    Submittal deadline for the
                                                         Rolling Meadows, IL 60008                                                  Fax: 847392-8252
 Newsletter is the 10th of the month.

2                                                                                                      ASCE NEWS           Vol. 46, No. 2 February 2005
Reconstruction of the Historic Animal Bridge
Dipal P. Vimawala, SE, PE, CTE Engineers, Inc.
Steve Leimer, PE, CTE Engineers, Inc.

      he City of Chicago Department of            precast/cast-in-place
     Transportation reconstructed 6 miles         concrete and stone
     of South Lake Shore Drive. Work              arch custom fabricat-
included complete reconstruction of the           ed to identically
Animal Bridge carrying the Drive over a           match the curvature
lagoon in historic Jackson Park. To accom-        of the historic arch
                                                  bridge. Each sand-
modate increased highway, pedestrian and
                                                  stone and granite
bicycle traffic in the park, the bridge was
                                                  piece was reinstalled
widened, realigned and moved from its
                                                  in its original location
original location.                                relative to the bridge
                                                  structure. The arches
Jackson Park was designed by Frederick            are supported on high
Law Olmstead in 1871 as a series of scenic        wall abutments that
lagoons with winding roadway and pic-             provide a 44 foot
turesque bridges, and was also the site of        wide and 24 foot deep
the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893.         navigation clearance.
The Animal Bridge was constructed in              The finished bridge
1904 and is listed as an historic structure       carries six lanes of
on the National Register of Historic Places.      highway traffic and
It is a single, 46 foot elliptical arch span of   40 feet of pedestrian
cast-in-place concrete and is faced with          walkways and bike
granite and sandstone. The bridge is orna-        lanes.
mented with obelisks and carved stones,
the most unique being hippopotamus and
rhinoceros heads which give the bridge its
name. The bridge was obscured with a
dark coating of grime, some of the stones
had cracked, many of the sculptures had
been damaged, and the old timber piling
supporting the foundations had decayed.

To restore the bridge, cofferdams were con-
structed to isolate it from the lagoon and
Lake Michigan; false work was installed;
and each sandstone and granite piece was
carefully removed, catalogued, mapped and
its condition recorded. The stones were
taken offsite, chemically cleaned and
repaired. Some of the original animal head
carvings had broken off and were lost, so
new ones were carved. Once all of the
stones were removed, the arch curvature
was recorded with a 3-D survey before the
rest of the concrete arch structure, includ-
ing foundations, was demolished.

The bridge was reconstructed 20 feet north
of the original location to accommodate a
new pedestrian underpass, which required
extensive realignment of the channel and
shorelines. The replacement structure is a

ASCE NEWS          Vol. 46, No. 2 February 2005                              3
    Section Activities

Environmental Engineering &                     For information regarding the group please        This is an 8 week course on CD that covers
Water Resources Group                           contact Robert Gorski at robert_gorski@           the following 8 topics: Hydraulics and
                                       or (312) 939-1000                     Hydrology, Transportation, Surveying,
Monthly Group Meeting
                                                                                                  Economics, Structures, Geotechnical, and
Date:    Tuesday, February 8                    NHI Design and Operation of Work Zone             Sanitary. The class meets for 3 hours once a
Time:    5:30 p.m.                              Traffic Control sponsored by the ASCE Illinois    week from 5:30pm to 8:30pm (5:30-6pm
Place:   CDM Office                             Section Transportation Group                      Dinner with class beginning at 6pm). The
         125 S. Wacker Drive (northeast         Participants will earn six professional devel-    cost of the course includes: binder full of
         corner of Wacker and Adams)            opment hours, the course provides partici-        review material, sample problems with
         Suite 600 – Conference Room            pants with information on the safest and          solutions, and dinner. Space is limited, so if
         Chicago, IL 60606                      most efficient work zone traffic controls,        you are interested in taking part in this
For information regarding the EE&WR             including: the application of effective design    excellent review course, please contact
Group, please contact Group Chair Stephanie     and installation concepts; and using signs        Yvonne Dekayie at (312) 384-6329 or
Stewart at, (847) 823-       and markings for detours, construction zones ASAP.
0500.                                           and maintenance sites. The legal, administra-
                                                tive, and operational aspects also will be dis-   Monthly Group Meeting
Geotechnical Group                              cussed. Classroom presentations include lec-      Topic: The Bilingual Water Professional -
Monthly Group Meeting                           tures, case histories and workshops.                       - Learning to Translate
Topic: Grand Rapids Convention Center                                                                      Technispeak into English
         Design and Construction                Date:    Friday, March 4                          Speaker: Ann-Perry Witmer
Speaker: Curtis Fitzgerald, Nicholson           Time:    sign in at 7:15, class from 8 to 5       Date:    Thursday, February 17
         Construction                           Place:   Illinois Department of                   Time:    6:00 p.m.
Date:    February 8                                      Transportation                           Place:   Strand Associates, Inc.
Time:    5:30 p.m.                                       201 West Center Court                             1170 Houbolt Rd
Place:   Erie Cafe                                       Schaumburg, Illinois                              Joliet, IL 60431
         536 W. Erie Street, Chicago, IL        For more information contact                      Cost:    $12 ($6 for students)
         (312-266-2300)                or (773)              RSVP: Leo Morand at lmorand@
Cost:    $40 with reservations                  693-3809 by February 18th.                       
         $45 at the door OR if you call after
         RSVP date                              CIVIL ENGINEERING ACADEMIC                        Structural Group
                                                SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE
                                                                                                  Monthly Group Meeting
Minority Affairs Committee                      The Transportation Group is seeking candi-
                                                                                                  Topic: “An Innovative Approach to the
Monthly Group Meeting                           dates for academic scholarships in the
                                                                                                  Design of Arch Bridges”
Date:     February 1, 2005                      amount of $750 to an undergraduate and
                                                                                                            Steel Arch Bridge - Des Moines,
Time:     5:30 p.m.                             $750 to a graduate student to be awarded at
Place:    ARCADIS                               the ASCE annual president-elect dinner in
                                                                                                  Speakers: Salvatore Di Bernardo P.E., S.E.
          35 East Wacker Drive, Suite 1000      April 2005. To apply for a scholarship con-
                                                                                                  Date:     Wednesday, February16
          Chicago, IL 60601                     tact Bryan Luke at (847) 823-0500 or
                                                                                                  Time:     5:30 pm
For information regarding the MAC Group by March 4.
                                                                                                  Place:    Greek Islands Restaurant
please contact Group Chair Tim Scully                                                                       200 S. Halsted (corner of Halsted
Granzeier. ARCADIS, 35 E Wacker Dr., Ste        Younger Member Group
                                                                                                            & Adams)
1000, Chicago,,       Topic:   PE Review Course                                   Chicago, IL 60661
312-263-6703 ext 4109                           Date:    Beginning Date: Tuesday,                 Cost:     $35 (to be collected at dinner)
                                                         February 15th at 5:30 p.m.               RSVP: Via e-mail or phone by Friday,
Transportation Group                                     Ending Date: Tuesday, April 5th                    January 14th
Executive Committee Meeting                              at 6:00 p.m.                                       Art Nowak (,
Date:    Wednesday, February 9                  Place:   HDR Inc.                                           (312) 424-5447)
Time:    5:30 p.m.                                       8550 W. Bryn Mawr, Suite 900
Place:   Alfred Benesch & Company                        Chicago, IL 60631
         205 N. Michigan Avenue                 Cost:    $250                                                           (continued on page 8)
         Suite 2400, Chicago, IL                RSVP:    Yvonne Dekayie

4                                                                                        ASCE NEWS        Vol. 46, No. 2 February 2005
ASCE NEWS   Vol. 46, No. 2 February 2005   5
CUP-McCook Reservoir —
Grout Test (continued from page 1)
durable grout. The water to
cement ratios by weight for this
project ranged from 1.76 to
• An automated grouting con-
trol and data collection system
was essential for controlling
water pressure testing and
grouting operations and record-
ing the data needed evaluate the
performance of the grout cur-

The Grout Test construction                                                    Figure 2. Grout Hole Orientation – Plan View
began in November 2002 and
continued to March 2004. A
total of 207 Grout Holes were
                                     Figure 1. Proposed CUP-McCook Reservoir
drilled resulting in 11,823 feet
of Overburden drilling and
40,621 feet of Rock drilling
with 55,506 gallons of grout
being injected.

The U.S. Army Corps of
Engineers, Chicago District
developed the preliminary
design and awarded and provid-
ed oversight of the final design
and construction contracts.
Black & Veatch, along with
Donald A. Bruce, Ph.D., final-
ized the Grout Test design, pre-
pared the contract plans and
specifications, monitored the
grouting activities, and prepared
a ‘Lessons Learned Report’ that
documented the results of the
Grout Test. Advanced
Construction Techniques Ltd.
(ACT) of Maple, Ontario and
Gannett-Fleming, Inc. per-
formed the Grout Test Contract.
The project owner and local
sponsor is the Metropolitan
Water Reclamation District of
Greater Chicago.

The results of this Grout Test
will be used in developing future
grout designs and contract speci-                           Figure 3. Grout Hole Orientation – Profile View
fications for the remaining
perimeter of the CUP-McCook
Reservoir, as well as at CUP-
Thornton Reservoir and have
helped advanced the state-of-
the-art of grouting in the United

6                                                                              ASCE NEWS          Vol. 46, No. 2 February 2005
       NHI Design and Operation of Work Zone Traffic Control
      Sponsored By: ASCE Illinois Section Transportation Group

                            When:            Friday, March 4th, 2005
                                             Registration    7:15 – 8:00am
                                             Morning Presentation 8:00 – 11:30am
                                             Lunch (Included)        12:00 – 1:00pm
                                             Afternoon Presentation 1:00 – 5:00pm

                                             6 Professional Development Hours will be awarded to all attendees

                            Where:           Illinois Department of Transportation
                                             201 West Center Court
                                             Schaumburg, Illinois

   Design and Operation of Work Zone Traffic Control: The presenter is Mr. James A. Bragdon, an instructor for
   National Highway Institute. This course provides information on the safest and most efficient work zone traffic con-
   trols, including: the application of effective design and installation concepts; and using signs and markings for
   detours, construction zones and maintenance sites. The legal, administrative, and operational aspects also will be dis-
   cussed. Classroom presentations include lectures, case histories and workshops. The registration fee is $300 (includes
   material, presentation, lunch, and support to chapter activities). Space is limited, so please register early.
   Registrations need to be received by the 18th of February. Please fill out the registration form below and mail with
   check payable to “ASCE”.

   For further information, contact
   Srikanth Panguluri - Technical Programs Committee Chair
   8501 W. Higgins Road, Suite 300
   Chicago, IL 60631-2801
   Phone: 773-693-3800, Ext 266.
   Fax: (773) 693-3823

                  Design and Operation of Work Zone Traffic Control
                               Friday, March 4, 2005

   Name:___________________________________________________________                  Mail Check and completed form to:
                                                                                     Attn: Srikanth Panguluri
   Company:_______________________________________________________                   CH2MHill
                                                                                     8501 W. Higgins Road, Suite 300
   Number of Attendees:_____________________________________________                 Chicago, IL 60631-2801
                                                                                     Fax: 815-748-0961




ASCE NEWS      Vol. 46, No. 2 February 2005                                                                                  7
Chicagoland Engineers Week Activities
“Engineers – Turning Ideas into Reality”

         ational Engineers Week is celebrated each year at the time of George          plays and presentations that are fun and educational and are designed to
         Washington’s birthday. Our nation’s first president was a military            enhance children’s interest in math, science and engineering. Displays
         engineer and a land surveyor. Washington’s agricultural, military and         this year include the Civil Air Patrol, new forms of energy, cryogenics,
land surveying skills led to his acquiring the title of our nation’s first engineer.   polarized light, high-rise safety and hands-on SciTech activities. The
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers is the 2005 lead society and              events are held at the Illinois Institute of Technology's Rice Campus.
                                                                                       For more information contact Barbara Kozi at (630) 682-6040 or
BP is the 2005 lead corporation. For more information on National
                                                                              or visit their website at
Engineers Week, call (703) 684-2852, visit the website at or
email at The web page is full of many exciting ideas and               All engineers are invited to attend along with members of more than 30
opportunities that you share with students and the general public.                     engineering societies at the Chicago area’s signature Engineers Week
                                                                                       events, the Chicagoland Engineering Awards Benefit, that honor’s the
Locally, many activities fall under the umbrella of National Engineers Week.           profession, recognizes the student winners of the various competitions
Most of these are designed to reach out to local students of all ages, but every-      and allows you to network with other professionals and civic leaders on
one is welcome to participate. The week will culminate with the annual                 Friday, February 25, 2005 at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place. The
Chicagoland Engineering Awards Benefit on Friday, February 25. The follow-             reception begins at 5:30 pm and dinner begins at 6:30 pm.
ing activities are being planned or have taken place this year. Check out                                                              The 2005 Washington Award will be presented to Robert Langer, Sc.D,
                                                                                       the Kenneth J. Germeshausen Professor of Chemical Biomedical
Student Outreach & E-Week Activities                                                   Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for his extraor-
Future City Competition – Teams of 7th and 8th grade students representing             dinary contributions to biomedical engineering. The Washington Award
their school create their “City of the Future” including transportation, hous-         is conferred annually upon an engineer whose professional attainments
ing, police and other key components using the software SimCity 3000. The              have advanced the welfare of all peoples. The guest speaker after the
winning local team then competes at the National Competition in                        dinner will be John Mitola, chairman of the Illinois Tollway Board of
Washington D.C. against 31 other regional winners during National                      Directors.
Engineers Week. The competition was held on Saturday, January 29. If you
would like more information, sign up a school, or volunteer to help out next           For reservations, please call (312) 913-1730 or email
year, please contact Don Wittmer at (312) 930-9119 or email at                For more information, check out the website Check out the local website at                             or the national website at

IIT Bridge Design Competition – For the past twenty-nine years, thousands of
high school students have competed in the Bridge Building Contest. The stu-
dents design, build and test their bridge to destruction. The competition will
be held on February 8, 2005, at IIT’s main campus in Chicago. The winners
of the local competition will compete at the International Contest which will
be held on Saturday, April 23, 2005, in Chicago. For further information,               Section Activities
please contact Prof. John Kallend at The competition’s web-            (continued from page 4)
site can be found at
                                                                                        For information regarding the Structural Group please contact
Mathcounts – The MATHCOUNTS program is a nationwide combined                            Group Chair Art Nowak, Edwards and Kelcey, One North
effort of the education, business, government and technological communities
                                                                                        Franklin, Suite 500, Chicago, IL 60606 312
to promote math excellence among junior high school students and to bring
them together for prompt, lively exchange of the basic arithmetic skills and            424 5447
math logic, probability and statistics.. Annually, it impacts over 700 students
in the Chicagoland area. The Chicago competition will be held on Saturday,              Urban Planning and
February 5, 2005, at the University of Illinois – Chicago. The program is
sponsored by NSPE/ISPE. Contact Linda McGovern at 630-990-0302 (ext                     Development Group
225) if you would like to volunteer. Other chapters of ISPE in the Chicago              Monthly Group Meeting
area will also be holding local competitions as well. To find out contacts for          Date:     Thursday, February 10
these other competitions, go to
                                                                                        Time:     6:00 p.m.
DuPage Area Engineers Week – The Thursday evening Speaker’s Forum on                    Place:    Chandler's Chop House
February 24 is a panel discussion titled, "Alternate Energies: Where they are                     401 N. Roselle Road
and where they are going. Can we afford them? Can we afford to ignore                             Schaumburg, IL
them?" The presentation is from 7:00-9:00 PM and is free and open to the                For information regarding the UP&D Group please contact Group
public. Both BP and IIT will be represented on the panel. The Saturday event,           Chair Bill Cussen. Haeger Engineering, 1911 Rohlwing Road, Suite
The Annual Engineers Week Expo, will be held on February 26, and is free
                                                                                        A, Rolling Meadows, IL 60068 847
and open to the public from 11:00 AM to 3:30 PM. It features interactive dis-
                                                                                        394 6600

8                                                                                                  ASCE NEWS            Vol. 46, No. 2 February 2005
 Illinois Section                             News & Secretary Report

                                                      J   A    N    U    A    R   Y       2    0   0       4

   n an effort to inform Illinois Section members         Schaumburg. The February meeting will be             be contacted at
  of the discussions at the monthly Board meet-           held on February 10, 2005 at Chandler’s
                                                                                                                  The Minority Affairs Committee discussed
  ings, the Section Secretary contributes this            Chop House in Schaumburg, topic to be
                                                                                                               interactions with Kenwood Academy at their
monthly article to the newsletter. Any ques-              announced. Upcoming activities include an
                                                                                                               January meeting. Jose Puente will lead the
tions or comments on the Board activities are             MWRD permitting workshop in the spring of
                                                                                                               Kenwood partnership effort and Tony Cerda
welcome and can be sent to the Section office at          2005, date and location to be determined.
                                                                                                               will lead the scholarship program. The
the address shown on Page 2.
                                                             In December, the Younger Member Group             January meeting will be held at ARCADIS at
                                                          the group held a joint holiday party with the        35 East Wacker Drive, Suite 1000, Chicago
     Treasurer’s Report                                   Transportation Group and the UP&D Group.             on January 18, 2005 at 5:30pm. The
                                                          Attendees contributed to Toys for Tots. The          January topic will focus on scholarships,
   Treasurer Johnson presented the monthly                December outreach / volunteer activity was           Kenwood involvement and a Chicago DBE
report, General Ledger Trial Balance, Income              held at the Onward Neighborhood House.               seminar. The committee will hold the
Statement and Aged Receivables Report as of               January’s meetings include a monthly group           February meeting at ARCADIS at 35 East
December 31, 2004. The Income Statement                   meeting on the Dan Ryan Reconstruction /             Wacker Drive, Suite 1000, Chicago on
was approved as presented to the Board                    CTA Coordination to be presented by Kevin            February 1, 2005, 5:30pm.
                                                          Seyko on January 20, 2005, 6:00pm at
    Group Reports                                         Edwards & Kelcey, 1 North Franklin, Suite              Old Business
                                                          500, Chicago. The January outreach/volun-
Each Section Group reported on their past                 teer activity will be preparing and serving             Zone III Conference, St. Louis February 25
month’s activities and future group meetings              food or painting at the Chicago Christian            – 27, 2005: The new directors are set to
as noted in the Section Activities portion of             Industrial League, 123 South Green Street,           attend this conference.
the newsletter. Highlights of the Group’s                 Chicago on January 22, 2005. Next month
                                                                                                                  New Committee Chairs: President Burke
activities are as follows:                                group members will serve as judges at the
                                                                                                               reported that most committee positions are
                                                          Future City Competition at UIC. The
   The Geotechnical Group’s December meet-                                                                     now set. He thanked the members volunteer-
                                                          February meeting topic will be Bilingual
ing’s topic was the U-Boat Earth Retention                                                                     ing for committee responsibilities.
                                                          Water Professional or Learning to Translate
Design/Construction at the Museum of                      the Technispeak into English. The speaker               Future City Competition: Preliminary
Science and Industry. The January meeting                 will be Ann-Perry Witmer and the meeting             judging is set for January 22, 2005 with the
will be held on January 10, 2005, 5:30 pm at              will be held at Strand Associates at 1170            full competition to be held on January 29,
the Erie Café. The topic will be Landfill                 Houbolt Road, Joliet at 6:00 pm on February          2005 at UIC. The fundraising is going OK.
Design as presented by Dr. Terry West PhD of              17, 2005 at 5:30pm. The group will sponsor
Purdue University. February’s meeting topic                                                                       Engineers Week: Numerous Engineers
                                                          an eight week PE Review Course beginning
will be the Grand Rapids, Michigan                                                                             Week activities are planned. The Engineers
                                                          on February 15th at 5:30 pm to be held at
Convention Center Design and Construction.                                                                     Week and Washington Awards dinner will be
                                                          HDR, Inc at 8550 West Bryn Mawr, Suite
                                                                                                               February 25, 2005 at the Hyatt at
   The December meeting of the Structural                 900, Chicago.
                                                                                                               McCormick Place with the Illinois Toll
Group was a holiday dinner. The January                      The Transportation group hosted a holiday         Highway Authority Chair as the featured
meeting will be held at the Greek Islands on              / executive committee meeting on December            speaker. Mathcounts competition will be
January 19, 2005 with a topic of “Cast Study              15th. In January, the group’s executive com-         Saturday February 5, 2005. The High School
– Design and Construction Issues for St. Luke’s           mittee will meet on January 12, 2005 at              Bridge building contest will be held at IIT.
Medical Center Cardiac Center and Patient                 Stanley Consultants at 8501 West Higgins             ASCE will host a table at the DuPage Zoom
Tower, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.” The speakers                Road, Suite 730, Chicago. The February               into Engineering program on February 26,
will be Robert Schumacher, PE and Daniel                  meeting will be held on February 9, 2005 at          2005 at IIT’s Rice Campus in Wheaton.
Kilbert, PE. The February meeting topic will              Alfred Benesch & Co., 205 North Michigan
be the design of Arch Bridges and will focus on                                                                   Report Card: Progress has been slow on
                                                          Avenue, Suite 2400, Chicago. The group’s
a Steel Arch Bridge. The Structural Group’s                                                                    the report card but will be stepped up next
                                                          March meeting will be a joint meeting with
lecture series is set and a schedule will be forth-                                                            month.
                                                          the Women’s Transportation Seminar with
coming. Registration fee will be $150 and will            Rosemarie Andolino, Executive Director of               2006 National Conference: Nick Textor
qualify for 10 PDH credits.                               the O’Hare Modernization Program, date               will be setting the schedule for coordination
   The Environmental Engineering & Water                  and location to be determined.                       activities and committees. The date of the
Resources Group held an annual holiday din-                                                                    conference has changed. Volunteers will be
ner on December 7th. The January meeting                    Committee Reports                                  needed over the next few months.
will be a monthly group meeting at CDM
office on January 11, 2005. The February                     The Communications Committee reported               New Business
meeting will be held on February 8, 2005 at               that the February newsletter deadline is
5:30pm at CDM on South Wacker; topic to                   January 10, 2005 with two feature articles to           Lake Co. DOT Funding: Joe Neal drafted a
be announced.                                             cover National Engineers Week and one to be          letter of support; the letter is being circulated.
                                                          written by the Geotechnical Group. The sec-
  In December the Urban Planning &                        ondary article will be contributed by the               Planning is underway for the President
Development Group held two meetings, a                    Structural Group. The transfer of the website        Elect Dinner to be held on April 6, 2005.
monthly group meeting and a holiday party.                to Lillian Prince at HNTB is complete with           ASCE President Elect Martenson has accept-
The January group meeting will be held on                 construction still underway. Lara Sup is serv-
January 13th at Chandler’s Chop House in                  ing as the Director of Advertising; Lara can                                (continued on page 12)

ASCE NEWS            Vol. 46, No. 2 February 2005                                                                                                            9
     Tim Scully Granzeir was selected by the Committee
     on Diversity and Women in Civil Engineering
     (CDWCE) as a 2004 Diversity Champion in recogni-
     tion of the voluntary services he provided and contin-
     ues to provide, to make the profession more inclusive.
     He is currently the Chair of the Illinois Section’s
     Minority Affairs Committee. The Illinois Section of
     ASCE also won the 2004 Zone III Diversity Award.
     These awards will be presented at the 2005 Zonal
     Leadership Conference on February 26 in St Louis,
     MO. Congratulations to Tim and the Illinois Section!

                    SAVE THE DATE:

       President Elect / Student Awards Dinner

           Date: Wednesday, April 6, 2005

               Time: 5:30 PM Reception
                   6:30 PM Dinner

              Speaker: Dennis Martenson,
                National President Elect

              Place: Maggiano’s, Chicago

10       ASCE NEWS         Vol. 46, No. 2 February 2005
                       Concrete Pipe Design/Pipe Installation & Inspection
                                        Presented by the Illinois Concrete Pipe Association
                                            Two Seminars in One-8 PDH’s for Both!

On Thursday, February 24, 2005, at Ashton Place in Willowbrook, Illinois, the Illinois Concrete Pipe Association
will present two seminars in one. The morning session will focus on concrete pipe design with an emphasis on
selecting the proper pipe class for a wide variety of installation types and conditions, and will include material on
IDOT specifications. Attendees will receive a complimentary copy of our DASH design software and four PDH’s.
The afternoon session will focus on proper installation of both rigid and flexible pipe materials, emphasizing the
impact of installation on structural capacity and design life. Attendees will receive installation guidelines and
inspection checklists, an installation video and four PDH’s. Cost for either or both seminars is only $50. Lunch is
included with both seminars.

Morning Program-Concrete Pipe Design                                   Afternoon Program-Pipe Installation &
Josh Beakley, P.E., Director of Technical Services for
the American Concrete Pipe Association, will speak on                  Bill Nesbeitt, consultant to the pipe industry and former
the history of research done in concrete pipe design,                  President and Executive Director of the Uni-Bell PVC
loads on concrete pipe, indirect design and proper                     Pipe Association, will speak on proper installation of
choice of pipe classes, direct design for special                      both rigid and flexible pipe materials, emphasizing the
applications and use of design software.                               impact of installation on structural capacity and design
                                                                       life. This seminar will benefit engineers, inspectors and
Marvin Traylor, Ph.D., P.E., Director of Engineering                   contractors in developing, implementing and verifying
and Research for the Illinois Concrete Pipe Association,               appropriate installation specifications considering pipe
will speak on IDOT specifications relating to the proper               materials, structural capacity, installation
selection of pipe materials and classes, and installation              requirements, and design life of the project.
                                                                       Attendees may come for lunch from 12:00 PM to 1:00
Continental breakfast will be served from 7:00 AM                      PM. The program will begin at 1:00 PM and conclude
until 8:00 AM, the program will run from 8:00 AM                       at 5:00 PM.
until 12:00 PM, and lunch will be served from 12:00
PM until 1:00 PM.

Ashton Place is conveniently located near the intersection of I-55 and Route 83 at 341 75th Street, Willowbrook,
Illinois, 630-789-3337. Space is limited, so please register early. The registration deadline is February 21, 2005.
Please fill out the registration form below and mail with check for $50 payable to “Illinois Concrete Pipe
Association”. Please mail to Illinois Concrete Pipe Association, 5 S. 710 Steeple Run Drive, Naperville, Illinois
60540. For further information, contact Glenn Clayton at 630-673-0140 or

Please circle all that apply. I will attend:

         Concrete Pipe Design (8:00 AM-12:00 PM)

         Lunch (12:00 PM-1:00 PM)              If attending lunch, please choose one:    Prime Rib Chicken Vegetable

         Pipe Installation and Inspection (1:00 PM-5:00 PM)

Name:____________________________________                             City/State/Zip:______________________________

Company:_________________________________                            Phone:_____________________________________

Address:__________________________________                            E-mail:_____________________________________

ASCE NEWS        Vol. 46, No. 2 February 2005                                                                                  11
            ASCE Illinois Section                                                                                                   FIRST CLASS MAIL
                                                                                                                                   U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                                                                       LOMBARD, IL
                                                                                                                                     PERMIT NO. 28

  645 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 540
  Chicago, Illinois 60611

News & Secretary Report (continued from page 9)
ed the Section’s invitation to attend the dinner and will be meeting with
                                                                                     Calendar of Events
Chicago area agencies involved in infrastructure during his Chicago          2 0 0 5
visit. The dinner will include scholarship awards and an Order of the       Feb. 1     Minority Affairs Committee Meeting at 5:30pm. at ARCADIS,
Engineer ring ceremony.                                                                35 East Wacker Drive, Suite 1000 Chicago, IL 60601
  There was a recent District 8 / Region 3 meeting about the gover-         Feb. 7     Geotechnical Dinner Meeting – Erie Street Café (Cocktails
nance switch. Also, there is an upcoming meeting on February 4, 2005.                  @5:30 PM) Topic: Grand Rapids Convention Center
An e-room has been established at the ASCE web site for Section                        Design and Construction by Curtis Fitzgerald, Nicholson
Members who are interested in the governance transition progress.                      Construction; Cost $40 with RSVP, $45 at the door
                                                                            Feb. 8     Environmental Engineering and Water Resources Group Monthly
   Office Relocation: President Burke reported that the move is com-                   Meeting, 5:30pm at CDM, 125 S. Wacker, Suite 600, Chicago, IL
plete and reminded members to please use the new letterhead with the
                                                                            Feb. 9     Transportation Group Executive Committee Meeting at Alfred
address at 645 North Michigan Avenue.                                                  Benesch & Company, 205 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 2400,
   Director Joe Neal reported on the League which is a civilian support                Chicago
are for the US sea services: Coast Guard, Navy, Marines and Maritime        Feb. 10    UP&D Monthly Meeting at 6:00pm, at Chandler’s
Administration. A brochure was circulated.                                             Chophouse, Schaumburg, IL
                                                                            Feb. 15    Beginning of PE Review Course at 8550 Bryn Mawr Ave.
   The work of the Underground Pipe Standard Specifications
                                                                                       Suite 900, Chicago, IL
Committee member is underway. The task force will be meeting
monthly. A report will be developed for the full committee. Five task       Feb. 16    Structural Group Dinner Meeting, February 16th at 5:30 P.M.
                                                                                        at the Greek Islands restaurant, 200 South Halsted. The title
forces have been established.
                                                                                       of the presentation is “An Innovative Approach to the Design
                                                                                       of Arch Bridges”.
                                                                            Feb. 17    YMG Dinner Meeting at Edwards and Kelcey, Inc.
                                                                                       1 North Franklin, Chicago, IL .
  The Architects-Engineers Softball League is looking for a team for
League Play which takes place through the summer at 5:30pm on               Feb. 18    Registration deadline for Work Zone Traffic Control course
                                                                                         PLEASE VISIT ISASCE.ORG FOR MORE
—By P. Kay Whitlock, Secretary                                                       INFORMATION REGARDING ILLINOIS SECTION
                                                                                              ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS

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