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					With contemporary touches and that old-world look and feel, the westbrass sink Solidstone 33" double
bowl farmhouse apron-front kitchen sink is sure to please the eye and support your hard work in the

This sink can stand up to just about anything you could possibly want or need.

The Westbrass sink is a uniquely fashioned farmhouse kitchen sink reminiscent of the apron-front sinks
from years ago.

Westbrass sink Item Profile
Westbrass Sink is a Double Bowl Sink. 33” across and made of solidstone design, this sink is
constructued from a mineral filled acrylic compound and its sink substrate is strong like Corian.

Westbrass Sink farmhouse design is skirted and includes both smooth and angled apron-type fronts.

Vertical sides allow this sink to be easy installed, and it is reversible, further increasing its easy

Westbrass Sink provides hightened aesthetic sensibilities with its sleek front, corners, and edges. This
gives the wonderful visual appearance and farmhouse-feel.

Westbrass Sink Item Specifications
33” width x 20” depth x 10” height
Included: A Reversible Farmhouse-style Sink with double bowl configuration
Style / Application: Kitchen Sink
Manufacturer Part Number: SOL33DB-WH
Finish: White|Westbrass Sink Dimensions: 33” width x 20” depth x 10” height,
Included: Reversible Double Bowl Farmhouse Sink,

Style/ Application: Kitchen Sink, Manufacturer Part Number: SOL33DB-WH, Finish: White

Jack and Aaron Kagan were the founders of Westbrass. They started in 1935. They wanted to serve the
needs and wants of all plumbing wholesalers on the West Coast and in the western states.

Westbrass products include items such as malleable fittings, valves, faucets, sinks, and a lot more.

Max Homami bought the company in 1985 at the height of the company’s success.

Products from Westbrass Sink are continuously manufactured to the highest quality standards and with
the greatest care and attention to detail.

This company is based in Los Angeles but they have a global market. They sell plumbing specialty
products, including kitchen and bath supplies, as well as decorative kitchen & bath accessories.

Westbrass Sink is perfect in form, beauty and functional design with its sleek sharp corners, attractive
lines and edges.

For more information about this Westbrass sink, visit Westbrass sink

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Description: With contemporary touches highlighting an old-world look and feel, the westbrass sink Solidstone 33" double bowl farmhouse apron-front kitchen sink is as sure to please the eye as it is to exceed every expectation. Learn more.