HOP Donation Requests by suchenfz


									                                An Hour of Power

                             Our Donation Requests

     Please Think Of St. Rose Of Lima School When You Are Shopping.

Office/Classroom Supplies                          Computer Related Items
Envelopes                                          Inexpensive Flash Drives
Reams of white or colored copy paper               Computer Software
Sharpie pens and/or markers                        Computer Hardware
Electric pencil sharpeners                         HP 74 Black Ink Printer Cartridge
Dry Erase Markers                                  HP 75 TriColor Ink Printer Cartridge
Construction Paper                                 HP 94 Black Ink Printer Cartridge
Pencils                                            HP 95 TriColor Ink Printer Cartridge
Books/Rolls of Postage Stamps                      HP 96 Black Ink Printer Cartridge
Rubber Bands                                       HP 97 TriColor Ink Printer Cartridge

Maintenance/Cleaning Supplies                      Miscellaneous Supplies
Trash Liners 40-45 Gallon 40X48                    Band-Aids (non-latex if poss.)Larger
Trash Liners 33 Gallon 33X40                         sizes especially needed
Black Liners 23X10X39 XHV                          Boxes of Tissues
Towel Roll 6X230 White 2Ply
Toilet Tissue 2Ply & 1Ply
Vinyl Powdered Gloves – Medium
Towel Multifold
Bathroom Cleaning Foam (must be
   Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal)
General Cleaning Supplies
Painting Supplies

** Supply donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law and a receipt will
be provided.

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