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									                     Computer Fundamental
1). Write a short note on computer generation.
2). List out and explain some of the important characteristic of a computer.
3). Write a short note on types of computer.
4). Explain in brief: EDVAC, EDSAC, UNIVAC, ENIAC.
5). Write a note on super computer.
6). List the different pointing device and explain detail any two.
7). Write a note on keyboard.
8). Differentiate OMR and OCR.
9). Write a short note on:
       a). Microphone
       b). Touch screen
       c). Bar code reader
       d). Trackball
       e). Joystick
10). List the different output devices and explain any two.
11). What is CRT? Explain its working with diagram.
12). Differentiate impact and non-important printers?
13). Write a short note on:
       a). Laser printer           b). Plotter
       c). Dot-matrix printer      d). Ink-jet printer      e). LCD monitors
14). What is the difference between character printer, line printer and page printer?
     Give the example of each.
15). Give the full form of the following:
       a). LCD       b). CRT       c). PDP       d). DPI    e). EGA      f). VGA
       g). SVGA h). VDU
16). Give the advantages and limitation of magnetic tape.
17). Describe primary memory in detail.
18). Give the difference of the following:
       a). Volatile memory – non-volatile memory.
       b). Primary memory – secondary memory.
       c). Optical disk – Magnetic disk
       d). Serial port – Parallel port
19). Write a short notes on:
       a). CD
       b). DVD
       c). Zip disk
      d). Floppy disk
      e). Pen drive
      f). USB

20). Give the full form of the following:
      a). FDD               b). DVD            c). HVD           d). RAM
      e). EPROM             f). EEPROM         g). RAM           h). USB
21). What are the advantages and limitation of machine languages?
22). What is an assembly languages? What are its advantages over machine language?
23). What are high-level languages? Describe some high-level languages.
24). Give the difference of compiler and interpreter.
25). What is an operating system? List out the various function of operating system.
26). Mentioned the advantages and limitations of batch processing.
27). Give the difference between multiprogramming and multitasking system.
28). Write a note on language processors.
29). What is Remote sensing? Where it is used?
30). Write a detail notes on GIS.
31). Why GPS is most popular? Give the details about its components and applications.
32). Write a short note:
      a). Infrared Technology            b). GPS          c). Blue tooth
33). Differentiate the Blue-tooth with Wi-Fi technology.
34). Write merits and demerits of Wi-Fi and Blue-tooth.
35). List out the different wireless technologies.

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