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Hello Sheffield,                                                                                                                           Contents
As we approach the winter gifts season it is important to consider
not only who you are buying gifts for, but where you are buying
them from. One of the great strengths of Sheffield as a city is its
bounty of local traders, able to provide for all walks of life. We at Now
Then Magazine and Frooly would encourage you to buy local this
year and with your spending contribute to the wider local economy,
ensuring that money earned in Sheffield is spent in Sheffield.
                                                                                                                                           Food & Drink
                                                                                                                                           Featuring PJ Taste & Girl with the Golden Cup.
Within this catalogue is but a taste of what this city has to offer,
though we’re sure you’ll agree with us when we say there are some
real gems inside. The following pages are split into the categories
of Food & Drink, Fashion & Vintage and Gifts & Accessories to help                                                                         Vintage & Fashion
you find your way this Christmas. We’re positive you’ll be able to find
something for your nearest and dearest.                                                                                                    Featuring Aalto Moderna & The Button Tin.

And when you do...

It is very simple to order your gift online through the Frooly                                                                             Gifts & Accessories
marketplace, just go to
                                                                                                                                           Featuring The Old Sweet Shop & Pixie Designs.

James & Sara, and Gemma & Michael
                                                                                                                                           Home Wares
                                                                                                                                           Featuring Harrison Decorators

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Now Then Magazine and Frooly both share the ethos of working only with independent traders, charities
or community groups. You will not see franchises, PLC’s or corporate bandwagons in any of the following
pages. Help support your local economy with us.

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Food & Drink                                                                                                   1                                                 2

A local Taste...
PJ Taste.
Born out of a desire to provide creative, fresh and
mouth-watering food from locally sourced ingredients,
Sheffield based PJ Taste was founded by Peter and
John in 2006.

Based on Glossop Rd, PJ Taste makes their food freshly
each day using the best local produce. ‘We pride ourselves on being close to the producers and in our
ability to seek out interesting ingredients with real taste’.                                                                                                    4

Creating the most inspiring of recipes; fruit leather, handmade juice drinks, homemade Ferrero Rocher,
sour dough spelt bread, the list is endless... PJ Taste really has it nailed.

They cater from wedding banquets to intimate dinners and thrive on captivating the pallet whist making
sure they source their products both locally, and selectively. They even sell tantalising hampers, ideal
for a gift, picnicking, or just a lovely treat...

Buy online at

Chic, hedonistic tea blends to stir your senses...                                                             5                                 6                               7
Girl with the Golden Cup.
If you thought tea was twee, think again. Caroline Thompson is rocking our
world with her magically decedant teas.

Blended with enchanting white, green, black, and tisane infusions, exquisite
botanicals, herbs, spices, forbidden fruits and edible gold and silver
(seriously), tea, couldn’t get sexier.

‘The brand sells escapism with it’s imagery, using fantasy and nostalgia.                                       8                                                 9
I only use the highest quality, non gm, local, organic ingredients where possible, and have full provenance
for my teas. I have been lucky that I have not had to travel more than a ten mile radius for anything, this
has enabled me to build a lovely relationship with my suppliers, and support my local economy‘.

The new ‘Seven Deadly Teas‘ range includes Wrath, Gluttony, Pride, Lust, Greed, Sloth & Envy, they
are a must!

Buy online at

                                                                                                              1. Wrath Tea, Girl with the Golden Cup, £12.99 2. Compact Hamper, PJ Taste, £24.95 3. Coconut
                                                                                                              Ice, Darcys Sweets 4. Organic Fruit and Veg box, The Giant Peach, £16 5. Flying saucers, Darcys
                                                                                                              Sweets 6. Envy Tea, Girl with the Golden Cup, £12.99 7. Adventure Hamper, PJ Taste, £59.99
                                                                                                              8. Cocoa 9. Connoisseur’s Hamper, finest chocolate bars from around the world, Cocoa..

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Vintage & Fashion                                                                                                                           2


Want to find the very best vintage?
Aalto Moderna.
With a particular love of vintage fashion since her teenage years, Kirsty Basram
is bringing back vintage in a big way...think glamour, Jackie Kennedy, Audrey                                    3
Hepburn, and Marilyn Monroe.

Elegant creations edged with history and muted with time ‘antiques and
vintage items offer an ethical alternative to our throwaway culture, and are
often of a higher quality than items from the high street’, says Kirsty.

Passionate about promoting local artists and craftspeople in Sheffield, Kirsty also stocks new vintage
style items from local independent designers ‘it’s important to support local businesses in our region,                                            4                                      5
we work with two fantastic designers Melanie Jayne Brookes and Imogens Imagination, both make
wonderful new vintage items.’

Aalto Moderna’s products range from glamourous costume jewellery through to understated fashion
and one-off home ware pieces all of which are timeless.

Buy online at

The beauty of other peoples junk...                                                                                        6
The Button Tin.
Gemma Nemer is a true inspiration, with basic tools, needle
and thread; she makes stunning vintage textile jewellery from
scraps of memories, hand sewn together with love and care.                                                                                   7

Driven by the notion of finding and caring again for something discarded and lost, and the art of salvage
and recreation, each piece created is an individual work of personal art. Gemma’s jewellery is currently
showcasing at the Millennium Galleries, Sheffield.
We are now invited in to Gemma’s vintage craft studio at the Imperial Buildings, Rotherham. She runs
workshops for us mere mortals who are neither use nor ornament when using a needle and thread! From                                                        8
creating bunting, to patchwork quilts to nostalgic jewellery making – everything used is reclaimed and
recycled, with tea in vintage cups and saucers, and Dorris Day cooing over the gramophone.

New workshops starting from October.

Buy online at                                                                                1. Dusky Rose Orchid Large Fascinator, Imogens Imagination 2. Vintage Spotty Fabric Neckalce,
                                                                                                            Gemma Nemer 3. American brand, Blood Is The New Black, Kuji Shop 4. 1950’s Style dress, Aalto
                                                                                                            Moderna, £120 5. Camera on Tripod, Julie Bradbury@Threads, £44.99 6. Darling Leigh Dress,
                                                                                                            Brodie, £79 7. Pallisy Maytime, set of 6 coffee cups and saucers, Aalto Moderna, £35 8. Recreation
                                                                                                            of Diana 1960’s cult camera, Kuji Shop. 9. Patricia of Miami Handbag, Aalto Moderna, £40.

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Gifts & Accessories                                                                                             1                                                  3

Supporters of local artists...                                                                                                  2
The Old Sweet Shop.
The Old Sweet Shop in Netheredge is one of our favourite
places in all the land of Sheffield. It’s cozy, it has character,
its supports local artists, sells anything from jewellery to
limited edition T-shirts and has a different artist exhibiting their work every three months. The Old Sweet
Shop is run by Emma Hudson who, like her shop, is also ace and will go out of her way to support you
if you’re any good. We think there is a connection here.
October’s exhibiting artist is called ‘Famous when Dead’ who’s work is described as a creative response
to industrial surrounding, sounds about perfect for Sheffield. Personally, the amount of birthday,
Christmas or ‘get out of trouble’ presents I’ve bought from TOSS (The Old Sweet Shop) is obscene. Oh
yes. Well worth a look this festive season if you fancy something local, handmade and beautiful.

                                                                                                                7                                                                  6
Unique handcrafted gifts, made with love.
Pixie Designs.
‘I have always loved drawing and making things, I was always the
kid sat in class daydreaming and doodling in the back of my books’
says Nicola Holmshaw of Pixie Designs.
Pixie Designs makes beautiful one of kind gifts for all occasions.
Handcrafted by Nicola with her own fair hand, her fascinating                                                                                    8
creations range from green boggled eye aliens, to tiny cherubs,
and individual wedding cake toppers made to look just like the bride and groom!

‘I love that everything I make or do is unique, I usually start out with an idea and it ends up totally
different. It gives me a huge buzz when someone wants to own or wear something that has come from
my imagination’.

Buy online at
                                                                                                              1. Little Green Alien, Pixie Designs, £25 2. Pearl and Ribbon bow tie bracelet, Precious Jools, £8
                                                                                                              3. Kid Acne ‘Dragon’, 2 colour silkscreen print, The Old Sweet Shop, £75 4. Emergence Cufflinks,
                                                                                                              Annette Petch, £46.50 5. Lord Bunn ‘Heads’, 2 colour silkscreen print, The Old Sweet Shop, £50
                                                                                                              6. 1970 Spherical Guzzini Plastic Ice Bucket, Aalto Moderna, £48 7. Phlegm ‘The Old Sweet Shop’,
                                                                                                              2 colour silkscreen print, The Old Sweet Shop, £40 8. Antique Brass Paperweight Clock, Julie
                                                                                                              Bradbury@threads, £26.99 9. Ooak Naive Angel, Pixie Designs, £12

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Home wares
Autumn Winter trends for your home...                                                                                        nd ilt
Harrison Decorators.
With over 40 years in the business, an exclusive client list as long as
                                                                                                               Frooly was born in our home town of Sheffield out of a commitment to support our favourite small business.
your arm and a knack for getting it right first time. We talk to founder
                                                                                                               We wanted to fill our lives with colour and bring back the ‘heart of community’ spirit.
Les Harrison about this season’s hottest trends for your home.
                                                                                                               That sensation of utter joy when we come across those little gems, one off items, and treasured hidden
‘Autumn this year sees bold contemporary walls with striking patterns,
                                                                                                               places is the very essence of what frooly is all about - everything we love about our city, all in one place.
often almost dowdy greys with electric bursts of colour. Designers
Guild has a range of stunning flocks and papers that we regularly work with, pairing simple greys and
                                                                                                               So, how do we do it? By giving away free websites that make it really easy for small businesses to get
beiges with a fusion of luminescent pinks and radiant greens.
                                                                                                               found and sell online. In turn, we make it simple for customers to find, connect and buy from their favourite
Keep it simple with one striking feature wall, but in balance by adding accents to the rest of the room – a
few statement pieces, maybe a heavy mirror, a tall standing lamp, a low slung coffee table. It’s about
                                                                                                               Frooly is still growing, day by day, but we are on a mission to help 10,000 small businesses by this time
pairing old with new, have a dig in your loft or garage – this season lets you cross the boundaries of era’.
                                                                                                               next year.
Contact Les at Harrison Decorators on 0114 2302210 or 07860 24 24 00
                                                                                                               Business owner? Register at or call us 0114 307 23 42.

                                            2                                                                  Happy shopping x
                                                                                                               Gemma Baldan
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1. Small Silver Peel Bowl, Julie Bradbury@threads, £42.99 2. Shell Mosaic Mirror, Julie Bradbury@              2216174 or Writer? Contact
Threads £324.99 3. Willow Large Lamp Silver Nickel with Pewter Shade, Julie Bradbury@Threads                   Find us on Facebook – search ‘Now Then Magazine’.
£329 4. Bespoke Kitchen, NorthStar Cabinet Makers 5. Wallpaper courtesy of Designers Guild.

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