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									University of Louisville Undergraduate Catalog                                       Summer 2010 – Spring 2011

College Readiness Standards
University Policy                                   below college readiness will register for ENG
Foreign Language Placement                          101 during their first college year. Students
                                                    experiencing difficulty during the first weeks of
The study of a foreign language is encouraged       class will be required to attend an appointment
and required by some university majors. Students    with the University Writing Center for
may choose to begin with the first semester in a    supplemented support.
new language or may chose to determine
placement in language studies.                      College Reading Placement

To determine placement, students may complete       The state-wide, college readiness standard in
an online placement test in Spanish, French,        college reading is a 20 ACT Reading sub
German or Russian available at all times.           score. In compliance with state law, the
Language exams can be taken on any computer         university requires that all university first-
with an Internet connection. The Office of          year, degree-seeking students with less than
Testing Services administers the placement tests    24 credit hours who are admitted with
for Latin. First-time, first-year students must     reading deficiencies participate in placement
take a language exam before May 15 each             testing and course registration as determined
academic year to register for a language course     by their placement test results.
section during Freshman Summer Orientation.
[To receive course credit for foreign language,
                                                    Students with an ACT Reading sub score of
see the catalog section, "Awarding of Credit thru
                                                    less than 20 (or an SAT Critical Reading
Placement Tests."]
                                                    score of less than 470) MUST take the
                                                    Reading COMPASS exam. The exam serves
If a student has significant experience in a
                                                    as a second predictor of college reading
language other than Spanish, French, German,
                                                    readiness. Students whose scores on the
Russian or Latin, the student should contact the
                                                    Reading COMPASS exam are less than 84
Department of Classical and Modern Languages
for information on placement or exemption at        will be required to register for GEN 105,
502.852.6686.                                       “Special Topics in Supplemented College
                                                    Reading.” Advisors working with students
Kentucky Administrative Regulation                  are obliged to assist them in developing an
13 KAR 2:02                                         individual schedule of classes that meets this
                                                    state mandate and university requirement.
The Commonwealth of Kentucky has approved
legislation for college readiness standards in              GEN 105 provides an intervention for
writing, college reading and mathematics.                    college reading. Students who enroll
Admitted, degree-seeking students below 24                   in this course will receive 2 hours
credit hours who do not achieve the college                  each week of supplemented
readiness standards on the ACT sub scores in
                                                             instruction in college reading, critical
writing, college reading and mathematics (SAT
                                                             thinking, and study strategies.
equivalents) or on the COMPASS placement
                                                             Students receive 1 hour of college
exams (reading and mathematics) are required by
                                                             credit (elective credit only) for GEN
state-mandate to complete interventions during
                                                             105. Students will receive 3 hours of
their first college year. These interventions may
                                                             college credit for successful
include an appointment at the University Writing
                                                             completion of the general education
Center, the "Special Topics in Supplemented
College Reading" course linked to entry-level                course section linked to GEN 105.
content courses, Supplemented MATH 111, or                  Students enrolled in GEN 105 will
prerequisite JCTC developmental courses in                   attend the general education lecture
Mathematics.                                                 course for 3 hours each week and will
                                                             attend GEN 105 for 2 hours each
College Writing Placement                                    week. Students will attend a total
                                                             number of 5 hours of class each week
The college readiness standard in writing is less            for these linked courses.
than 18 on the ACT writing sub score. Students

University Policies                                                                 College Readiness Standards
University of Louisville Undergraduate Catalog                                        Summer 2010 – Spring 2011

                                                         encouraged to enroll in a Supplemented
The Reading COMPASS exam is available to                 Section of MATH 111.
take by appointment only at the UofL Testing            Students with an ACT sub-score of 19 will
Services at any time before course                       be initially placed in MT 080, Intermediate
registration. It is highly recommended that              Algebra, but may take the UofL Math
local students contact Testing Services and              Placement exam for possible higher
schedule an appointment for this exam. The               placement.
Reading COMPASS exam may also be available
at a testing center close to your place of           Students seeking a BA in the Social Sciences,
residence that would be willing to transfer          Humanities, Arts, or Music and who have a 19-
your COMPASS score to UofL Testing Services.         20 sub score are encouraged to enroll in a
For more information on this option, please          Supplemented Section of MATH 105, Intro to
contact UofL’s Testing Services.                     Contemporary Math, to satisfy the General
                                                     Education Mathematics Requirement.
If you are unable to be on campus to take the
Reading COMPASS exam before Summer                   Placement and University Testing Services
Orientation, you will have time during               All information regarding foreign language
Orientation to complete the exam before class        placement testing and college readiness
registration. Your Orientation confirmation          placement testing can be obtained from the
will include your college reading information        Office of Testing Services in Davidson Hall,
and the assigned time to take the exam.              502.852.6606.

Mathematics Placement:                               Students are encouraged to direct questions and
The college readiness standard in mathematics is     concerns to this office. Local students are
less than 19 on the ACT mathematics sub score.       encouraged to contact the Office of Testing
The university determines placement in all entry-    Services to schedule an appointment to take any
level mathematics based on the highest ACT           or all placement exams.
mathematics sub-score. If a student scores above
19 on the ACT mathematics sub score,                 First-year students are provided opportunities
placement will be in a credit-bearing course.        during Freshman Summer Orientation each year
                                                     to complete placement tests before registering
The following sub scores in mathematics              for classes. The Admissions Office notifies first-
determine placement:                                 year students if placement testing is required in
 Students with an ACT sub-score of 0 - 18           college reading and mathematics. Students
    are required to complete the COMPASS             receive an Orientation confirmation which
    exam in      mathematics. Placement will         includes testing information and assigned times.
    result in MT 055, 065, 080 or an entry-level
    college mathematics course.
 Students with an ACT sub-score of 19 - 24,
    but less than the score required for a desired
    entry-level mathematics course should
    complete the UofL Math Challenge
    Placement Exam (excluding engineering
 Engineering Students with an ACT sub-
    score at least 24 do not take the UofL Math
    Placement Exam.
 Students with an ACT sub-score of 25-26
    who need MATH 205 have the following
    options: complete the COMPASS exam ,
    complete the Calculus Readiness Test, enroll
    in the prerequisite MATH 190 or complete
    the CLEP Precalculus exam.
 Students with a ACT sub-score of 21 - 22
    who need MATH 111 are strongly

University Policies                                                                  College Readiness Standards

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